NEW YORK, NY — At an announcement at Trump Town in Manhattan today, Bill Clinton told the world that he has decided to endorse Donald Trump for President.
In a hastily arranged press conference, Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States and husband of Hillary Clinton, said that he felt in his heart that Donald Trump would make a better president than his own wife.
“I have nothing against Hillary. She has been a loyal public servant for over 30 years and she has stood by me personally for my whole life.  But, the country is a mess.  Barack Obama has left the economy in shambles, diplomatic relations around the world are crumbling, there are wars everywhere and this crazy Obamacare is destroying middle class Americans.  Hillary wants to continue Obama’s policies and I just don’t feel that is the right direction the country needs to go. Donald Trump is the change we need.”
Donald Trump was quick to tweet:  “I am humbled by Bill Clinton’s support. I may appoint him to my Cabinet.  #MAGA #Trump.”
Bill Clinton is a long time friend of Donald Trump.  “We have a lot of things in common, especially  our concern for women’s rights and women’s issues.  Donald and I see women in the same light.”
Hillary did not take the news well:
She did throw chairs, lamps and cellphones, but after she calmed down, she actually was pleased.  “You know, I think it will be better not to have Bill in the White House with me.  I’ll be able to get more done without his meddling. He can go off and play golf with Donald.”
And that’s just what Donald and Bill are doing this weekend.
Meanwhile, Bill Clinton has said that he intends to get more Democrats to support Donald Trump. “I will be campaigning hard in the last few weeks to elect a great man, and a great leader… Donald Trump.”
Bill Clinton reportedly tried to persuade this leader to endorse Trump:
Will Bill try to get Hillary to endorse Trump?  “I’ll give it a shot,” said Bill.

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