CORAH, IOWA – There was an Elvis sighting on President Obama’s tour of the midwest!P
President Obama kicked off his three-day Midwestern tour Monday.  It was the eve of the anniversary of Elvis’s death and numerous members of the town hall meetings spotted the ghost of Elvis – hovering around Obama
The President even saw Elvis.  “I think Elvis has entered the building,” Obama told the crowd in Decorah, Iowa.  There was wild applause.  President Obama acknowledged that Blue Hawaii was his favorite song and that as a kid on Oahu he would dance on the beach singing that song to girls he wanted to date.

Elvis reportedly sang a verse of “Blue Hawaii” for Obama when Obama was delivering his  speech.  The crowd was captivated.  Many reporters outside said that the Iowa crowd, and the President, were just “imagining” Elvis, but some folks strongly disagreed.
“I don’t give a damn what anybody says, Elvis was on stage with Obama.  I seen him with my own eyes,” said Mildred Naylor, 65.  “And he was looking as gorgeous as ever!”

The White House bills Obama’s bus tour it as an opportunity for the president to talk about job growth and economic policy, but some say it’s just a campaign tour.  Others say that the Elvis sighting was “staged” by Obama.  It may be true, because as Obama headed into Minnesota there were throngs of fans waiting to get a glimpse of Elvis.
“Just more Obamagic,” say Leonard Piper, of St. Paul, Minnesota.  “Obama is going to pull out all the stops to get re-elected.  And if he has to use the ghost of Elvis to get people to listen to him talk now, well, he’ll do it.”

“I’m gonna need your help to make it happen – you’ve got to send a message to Washington that it’s time for games to stop, it’s time to put country first,” Obama told the crowd in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.  Soon after, Elvis appeared and sang “Love Me Tender.”  Obama sang along until Elvis gave him a “stop that now” look.
Obama and Elvis are on the road right now… heading for Wisconsin.   Reports are they are singing “I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine.”

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