Global Cooling on Pluto?

Late last week, NASA received a desperate — and surprise — SOS from the planet Pluto. “They wanted us to send heat lamps immediately,” explained Communications Officer Sunny Cavalier. “They need them to combat global cooling.

Technological Marvels From the Animal Kingdom!

Birds inspired the airplane and rabbits’ ears helped designers improve TV reception. Now, a new study from biologist Carl Navrin reveals a host of little-known animal species responsible for the best ideas of other human inventors.

Couple Attacked by Goldfish!

Last month, following a lovely dinner at Japaneteria, David and Jane Bennett were celebrating their honeymoon in the middle of Weller Lagoon when David’s amorous advances became a little more than the boat could handle.

Charlie of "Charlie Bit My Finger Again" Is Now Fingered as British Bat Boy

Shocking development coming from the UK. Charlie of “Charlie Bit My Finger Again” is reported to have vestigial wings that were removed at birth. Insiders are speculating that he could be the British Bat Boy.