This week’s Page 5 Honey hails from Southern California and is truly a Honey Badass.

Tiny Nightmare (aka MISTRESS TINY NIGHTMARE) is the founder of Assault Media Marketing, a brand strategy, social media, and creative studio. She has “whipped up” a client roster of (mostly) Food and Beverage companies into top competitive potions. She launched her empire from her San Diego State College dorm room where she later graduated in marketing and anthropology.

Her keen intuition, independent spirit, and marketing talents found her at ground-zero and an instrumentally component, in San Diego’s successful micro-brewery movement.

But wait there’s more… Tiny Nightmare is also a vibrant and successful visual artist. Her paintings and drawings have been shown in many gallery exhibitions. She has created both temporary art installations and permanent event spaces. She’s also curated gallery shows.

Mistress Tiny Nightmare is currently looking for co-creation opportunities with business owners who would like to do “Live Art” events, re-brand special event spaces and bring more even more value to her client’s business.

Contact her @tinynightmare

“I love creating inviting public spaces, then seeing people’s reactions. Laughing, drinking, smiling, dancing. Places where friends and family can connect. This year one of my restaurant clients had a basement space that was nothing more than unorganized storage. We cleared it out and I designed a super cool “underground installation.” We promoted it as a special event space for art and live music. Because it is so visually interesting it has been a Social Media hit and a popular celebration space. We even hosted a wedding there.”


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Weekly World News Page 5 Honey “Mistress Tiny Nightmare” photo by Jim Sullivan


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10 thoughts on “PAGE 5 HONEY”

  1. I like her, don’t know why… i’ll ask her out to coffe or wine.
    Her smile, it makes me wanna write a poem.
    Cheers Tiny Nightmare,
    I wish you find what you’re looking for.

  2. There’s nothing as infectious in the world a full-scale, totally free, laughing grin. If that 4th pic doesn’t make you respond in kind, I feel truly sorry for you. The subject, of the photo, being a gorgeous woman in lingerie is simply icing on the cake. Thank you Tiny Nightmare (and wwn, of course) for making me smile, I needed that. Photo’s by Jennifer Finch? The JENNIFER FINCH? If so, thank you so much for being part of my rock spirit.

  3. Hey , wait a minute. She sure looks like my sister who left home a few years back.
    We live in Wytapitlock , Maine , and were wondering what happened to her.
    Everyone in town thought she was snatched by aliens. Glad to know she is safe.
    Please have her call home. Mama misses her alot. We all do.

  4. Whhhait . . . what fits? Aren’t we going a little too fast here. Let’s just talk it over, and then maybe, well I guess we could . . .

  5. I thnik I am in – well maybe denial… Miss Tiny Nightmare is clearly the girl of my dreams. Of course, it must stay that way. I can only dream about something so perfect – living as I do on the far side of this awful, bitter cold, airless planet. So alone, so cut off from all human companionship. Her smile and perfect tiny body make me realize again what I have lost.

    My exile will never end – at least not so long as I remain alive. My enemies have seen to this. This awful planet is far outside any traversed regions, and although I have all I need for a comfortable existence, I reside here in complete and perfect isolation. But my enemies were profoundly clever, and to add to the torment I must endure, they have provided me with what is the most astonishing array of communication equipment. I have no idea how most of it works. But it works most effectively. I have real-time access to a plethora of Worlds – a veritable cornucopia of information and images – and of course this reenforces the terrible loneliness that I feel. Like Tantalus, I can see, but never touch or experience…

    So enjoy your World and your amazing life, Miss Tiny Nightmare. I am to understand that it is something to do with the entanglement of quantum photons that allows me to access Sol-3 comm-grids. And as I have the quite ridiculous characteristic of being “human” – you truly are a lovely traum-image. There is no chance we could ever meet – and so you will remain this wonderful picture of extreme perfection. Know this and revel in the fantasy-joy that your life among others must be.

    And know that across the quite fathomless distances of dark and empty space, you have a quite devoted fan who is made dizzy and really quite honestly intoxicated by your charismatic beauty.

    I don’t even know the name of this – what is the Anglish term? – “godforsaken” I think it is – world that I reside on. So I can’t even sign the letter as Charleus of as would be my name at previous times and places. So many stories I could tell of my travels. But no longer. Now, this comm console is my only link. I suppose I shall be Charleus of Erehwon.


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