Hey ladies – You can turn any man into your boot-licking love slave with these tips from a top psychiatrist.
“Training a man is like training a dog – you use rewards and punishments to bend him to your will,” says Dr.  Jenny Rotondi  of Los Angeles.
“If you stand your ground, he’ll be eating out of your hand in just a few weeks.
“I guarantee it.”
Here are eight quick and easy way sto squeeze “free will” out of any man and turn him into your eager love servant.
1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.  Before you can turn your man into your love slave, you have to decide just what it is you want your slave to do.  Not every woman wants sex (or a man to clean the bathroom).  When it comes to goals, shoot for the moon.  Is expecting your man to scrub toilets, wash and iron clothes, wash windows, mop floors, bring you flowers, and make made PASSIONATE love to you AND work full-time to bring home part of the bacon too much to expect?”  Heck, no.
2.  CUT HIM OFF.  Sex is the best training tool you’ve got, and denying it to your man is the quickest way to turn him into your slave.  For some guys, you’ll have to wait a few days for others, a month or two – but sooner or later, he’ll drop to his knees and promise you ANYTHING if you just agree to hive him some lovin’.

3.  DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHOW AFFECTIONAND TAKE IT AWAY.  Men desperately want women to love them unconditionally and approve of everything they do.  Use this weakness to your advantage by acting affectionately toward your man when he’s good and giving him icy stares and the silent treatment when he’s bad.
4.  BE VERY HARD TO PLEASE.  When your slave does something to make you happy, let him know that it’s O.K., but could be better. If he scrubs the shower clean, for example, make sure you find a few spots he missed.

5.  DON’T PRAISE HIM TOO MUCH.  Men who get lots of praise start thinking they’re acceptable just the way they are. An occasional “that’s fine” or “not bad” is plenty of back-patting.
6.  REWARD BREAKTHROUGH BEHAVIORS.  When a man cleans the toilet for the first time or mends a rip in your dress on his own without being coerced, a quickie love session or special meal will get his attention. Just make sure he understands the breakthrough chore is something you expect him to do from now on BEFORE you give him the sexual reward.
7.  DON’T BE AFRAID TO PUNISH YOUR SLAVE.   If he lets you down make him pay.  If he’s embarrassed when you call him “a dud in bed” in front of his friends, for example, invite them over for a barbecue – and let him have it.  Make sure he knows exactly why you’re all over his care.
You must hold a grudge when your slave gets lazy or lets you down in any way.  Bring up his failings often to keep him focused and avoid future letdowns.

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  1. , if my lady held out for a couple of months for some mind game bs i would look else where. mind games are retarded

  2. seeing sexist statements make me a sexist
    females ARE NOT better than males
    and males are NOT better than females
    if ANYONE sees themselves special because of their gender then they are the real losers who have no life and i really hope that all sexist people AND that b*tch of a psychiatrist END UP IN HELL!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have sworn off men, I am happy dating other BBW's (Big Brassy Wenches). Renn Fairs are a lot of fun as are just cuddling on the couch watching The Woodrights Shop with Roy Underhill on PBS.

    • I don’t even believe this is an article, it’s more of a joke. New is now fraudulent opinion. What an embarrassment this is for weekly world news. So now the world is laughing too!

  4. I love to be a slave to a beautiful woman like sex any way you choose then I feel I give her all the energy is there any woman like that to send email

  5. Your turning men into puppies. Basically training them like dogs. The downside of this is once you've got him lapping for you attention you will become disinterested in him. Lets face it once you've conquered your man he's no longer masculine. He becomes a sissy. You've basically confiscated his ball. I'm just saying you'll become disinterested and eventually cheat on him. If your OK with that then go ahead and proceed.

    • That will only work in bdsm community, on the basis that BOTH participants want it. However, if some woman tries to make men her slaves outside of that culture, she's a total, wretched c*nt and deserves to get beaten to death.

  6. That is not going to work, women think the are no men that are great in a relationship. We are not perfect, like women are not too. But many men like to please their women, in any ways. Sharing things to do in home, staying together when it's possible. You do this, and through away your marriage in a few time. That is stupid. If i notice this behavior from some women, I just get out. This thought is sad. But…if you want to try. Try to run agains a Lion in the jungle. There are big risks, so.

  7. My boyfriend wants me to be dominate and make him my slave. I have never done this but would like to learn how so when we see each other I can be dominate can some one help me

  8. Guess why i decided to become gay? Women are far too deranged, selfish and just plain evil to be allowed to be free. All women should be slaves.

  9. I bcame a slave to my aunt over two years ago,she is 58,I am 25,now her friends is getting involved,in discreet and private and suts us all

  10. Cut a man off sex? and punish myself? Oh hell no!
    I would be sulking, crying, fighting and making collosal scene's if a man would willingly cut me off and then soon enough I would leave his cold coniving ass!!!!
    Would never do that to my chosen mate.
    I instinctwise scare lower ranking men away cause I am only interested in my equals or higher so do not understand why you would backstab your man like that, unless you chose an idiot to begin with.
    But why would you take/sleep with a mentally weak man if you had any selfrespect?!?
    Leo woman

  11. These are the quickest instructions to lose a man , don't give him attention don't give him sex he will go somewere else to get it , what a fool, I once had a woman try this kinda stuff on me before I dumped her off as far as I know she is still single , wounder why , treat a man right he will have no reason to go else were , manipulating people is for power freaks and sickos

    • Yes, the average man thinks he's being treated "right" when his partner (a woman) is enslaved. That's how most relationships are right now.
      "manipulating people is for power freaks and sickos",
      That describes most/many men since most of them are out to manipulate and enslave women.

  12. Hey there are plenty of guys who would find this HOT and love it. Hey I practically begged my wife to do just this to me and we are working on making it a full time thing.

  13. I want my GF to completely dominate my life I also want her daughter to turn me in to her sissyslave.I am so weak but it is my destiny.

  14. I like the steps here, excepth for the punishment. Calling him no good in bed in front of his friends will make him leave. If that is what you want, then….

  15. I'll right away take hold of your rss as I can't find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me recognize in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.|

  16. If i worked full time and my GF just sat at home all day doing nothing, and then had the audacity to ask me to clean the bathroom or scrub the toilet, or worse, cut me off because i didnt do what she told me, i would kick her out of my house only because beating her would be illegal.

    • I don’t even believe this is an article, it’s more of a joke. New is now fraudulent opinion. What an embarrassment this is for weekly world news. So now the world is laughing too!

      That’s just playing childish high school games. There is a real adult way to do this and this is not it

  17. Imagine if this article was how men could control women there would be an uproar. This is sexism pure and simple it’s disgusting.

  18. Sounds hot!!! As long as I look and act masculine: working out, tight jeans, shirtless, great hairstyle , exotic underwear!!
    !Throw in mixed wrestling for real!!

  19. Although the its a great fantasy you can always attached a cock cage on him during the weekend and have him do chores and preform oral sex on the Femdom women to be released. Think about it getting your man so hot that he has to beg you to be released by the women and to have him do anything (sensible) you want from him, not only he be hurting to get released but also he be at attention to your wants and whim. But I would not go overboard and keep the cock cage too long.

  20. If a “man” agrees to do all of that, he is already a big pussy in nature, you didn’t turn him into anything.. you just
    revealed his true nature.

    If it would be me, I would play with you a little along just for the sex. (if that throat, ass and pussy would be worth it…) Make you believe you have me where you want me, then, sometimes I would break the momentum just to give you some doubts about your dominance over me (and to have a little fun with you), but not too much because I would want you to believe that you’re in control obviously. Then, when I would start to get tired of you, I would rob and break all that arrogant confidence fom you, I would mentally break you, and when I would have enough of that mouth and pussy I would dump you ice cold and leave you wondering “where the hell did that coming from” and trust me, you would be traumatized for the rest of your existence.

  21. Its ok to think your in control, but in the end its acceptance that is the only power. if you want, you are prey, if you need you are prey, if you crave you are prey. It takes the strongest of people to totally submit.


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