LOS ANGELES, CA – A controversial new book tells you how to put curses on your enemies by harnessing your dark powers in four easy steps!
“All you have to do,” says famed sorcerer and occult author Damien Mulkrin, “is forget about the Golden Rule and resign yourself to the fact that vengeance, and plenty of it, is the only thing that will make you happy.”

At that point, you can follow Mulkrin’s simple 4-point plan for unleashing the evil powers that will give you the upper hand in your battle with any enemy, no matter how strong he might be, Mulkrin declares.

“Sorcerers, witches and warlocks aren’t the only people who can cast spells and put curses on people. With a little training, anyone can do it – even you,” said Mulkrin, whose frightening new book, When Bad Things Happen to Bad People, is slated for a winter release.

“In fact, my 4-point plan is simple enough for a child to follow.
“I guarantee you won’t find an easier or more effective way to deal with people who give you a hard time.”

Here is Mulkrin’s 4-point plan. WARNING: Dabbling in the occult can be dangerous or even deadly. Proceed at your own risk. Weekly World News does not take responsibility for any results.

1. Rise from your bed at midnight. Sit cross-legged on the floor in a dark, empty room and whisper the words: “Evil, live, live, evil” over and over for one minute. In your mind’s eye, picture the person you want to curse.

2. As the image of the person appears to you, visualize great harm coming to him or her. For example, you might watch with delight as a car runs over him or he falls down a flight of stairs.

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983 thoughts on “HOW TO CURSE SOMEONE IN 4 STEPS”

  1. I have a hatered for people who are apart of the occult yet pretend they are god loving and fearing. When really they are the ones causing more pain, hurt and distruction and murders than any of us. Even those of us who are apart of the occult, like myself. I pracise both good and evil magic. But the evil one is ONLY if someone has tried to f**k with me when/after ive been everything but nice/kind to them.
    That ish is most DEFINITELY NOT gonna run with me! Period!
    But anyways, yeah so, this whole how to curse someone in 4 steps stuff looks pretty interesting. My(ours) are more indepth and long winded. BuT most certainly gets the job done.

  2. I would if that thing wil work cause I don't friad no demoic thing but I propfer get are simple word like just 2 watch that person and say it and bad thing will come her way

  3. does it really works? i need an example so that i'd know it works..there's this person who pretty much ruined my life and i would like him to die. the world would be better off without him

  4. sad too say it?. yes it does work. my spell worked today. oct 17 2013. just on the wrong person,but on the right family. it was all over the news . i need too keep working on three more than i well be happy :).

  5. someone please curse Roberto Santiago McCoy Zameza. He is a lying backstabbing cheating a**whole who needs to be put in his place.

    • Put a bad spell on Jerrickia Ash she been having affair with my husband. . My husband name is Robert smith

    • Please curse Curtis james stuart 01/04/96 May great harm come to him and that he is never happy again and breaks his legs and ends up in a wheel chair!!! Please please please

    • Right I have a women trying to hurt my family wendy armijo she is rich and powerful and has caused damaged . I wish her no fortune to be like regular person and to leave us alone . she makes threats and other things nasty of person.

  6. Someone please, please help me & put this curse on Arnold Kane, he is making my life hell. I'm tired of the mental torture & abuse!!

    • You can do it yourself
      Make a voodoo doll that represents him and stab pins on it
      ( do some research on this)

    • First I will give him cancer and then I will make sure he wil die a slow and painful death. He’ll be screaming for days.

  7. Put a curse on my ex clem Joseph that he lose everything thing he has and let it be known that the baby taelor Moore just had is not his and let it be known that taelor made a fool of his mom rita Joseph just to used them and clem & his mom will beg me like a dog to come back in clem life his mom & clem will start paying me money

  8. Anyone who would dabble in cursing someone for vengeance is writing their own death certificate. God warns people in the Bible to stay far away from the occult, witchcraft and the dark arts!! God sees and hears everything. He tells us vengeance is His alone. I write this to hopefully discourage anyone whose thinking of being vengeful. Take the High Road. Put your past hurts in a bundle, leave them in your past and move forward!! Dont let ugly people keep you weighted down with bitterness and hate. Set yourself free, through the power of the blood of Jesus Messiah. HE is our high road

  9. Please ive been in a 22yr marriage and th last 10yrs have been hell. Every abuse imaginable. But i didn’t want to loose my daughter. As of July i did loose her because i wouldn’t take her father back. She left me n moved 10hrs away because of his manipulation and lies. I need him cursed…not for death but pain. Unimaginable pain is what i want for him. His name is Joseph Wasco. Thank you

  10. Can someone curse William Wayne Fowler I want him to suffer so bad he wants to kill himself, everytime he has sex it hurts, everytime he thinks or says my name he chockes, everytime he works on someone car he gets hurt. I want him to suffer so bad he feels like dying. Everybody that is his friend will turn they back on him. When he does any drug he overdoes. He won’t be able to have anymore kids. Every relationship he get in the female abuses him. When he thinks about having sex he will not get hard or be able to ejaculate

    • Can you please curse Cameron Fischer. I want him to loose his job soon and get separated from this wife soon.

  11. I want two x police dead by gunshots. They set me up and ruined my life completely. Their names are Norton and Eursary. They are no longer allowed to be an officer again. They made my life hell out of revenge. They strip searched a 15 year old girl in the apartment next door and was caught. I reported it and they set out to ruin me for telling the chief. I want them to die painfully.

  12. Well, I don’t know if this curse is true but I’ll try it out and I wanna curse my best friend so bad because she stabbed me in the back and called me a b*tch. I spoiled her with money, I gave her food and drinks whenever she wanted it and I also told my parents to buy her a free lunch and they did. I also treated her like a sister and she was my only friend in school and one day, she abandoned me and stabbed me in the back and left me alone and she called me heartless and now I wanna make her pay. That ungrateful brat should pay for what she has done to me and also after everything I have done for her.

  13. I want to put a curse on Delois Dyson
    She is a thorn in me and my man’s life I want her to suffer every time she calls, thinks or look at my man whenever she see him

  14. I wish to curse the monster that killed my son on christmas eve. My son was a beautiful soul and this monster killed him, shooting him several while my son sat in a car.

    • I want to put a curse on a doctor who was nasty to me belittling to me and made me feel like he didn’t have time to listen to me while I was suffering with chronic pain. I could see the evil in this man. I couldn’t believe how he humiliated me and cast my good spirit out of me. that helpless feeling like you can’t do anything for revenge because his power being a doctor is much greater than mine being a nurse in society. Why are evil people allowed to get away what’s destroying other people yeah. Where is God where is the goodness I thought goodness always one out you’ve been. I was a nurse practitioner for 36 years and was wonderful and great to all of my patients and I loved every one of them and treated them with dignity kindness and empathy always. Why did I go through the situation that I did not deserve we should start. I believe the man is evil I’m truly telling you the truth because I’ve never seen or witnessed or been a part of anything like this in my life and I’m 66 years old. I would like some type of revenge on him and I know I can’t do anything but maybe if things didn’t go as well for him or something I don’t want to really physically harm anybody at all no, but I’d like him to see his ways and to understand how he is it ruined my spirit I want my good spirit back. Can somebody please help me no. I’m suffering with chronic pain I have to have surgery on both my knees and I’m being treated and I’m being treated and the exact opposite way that I treated my patients for years I can’t even believe this happened Frank Lee it’s actually broken my heart and my confidence. Can anybody help any suggestions. Thank you

    • If you come to find out someone is a liar and thief (inseperable) have nothing to do with them. Don’t let them in your home, don’t let them help you out or they will help you out of more than you bargained for. it’s better to be alone than to be afraid. The time will come though once you make a decision to renew associations that the turn may be better. For now it’s time to get off of this rollercoaster and drop those that do you harm.
      It doesn’t matter if they are family or friend…if they do harm then stop having any more to do with them. Don’t even answer the door when they knock on it. The same speaks for your hearts door. It’s time sweety to close doors so new windows and doors will open.
      dump out the old wine and pour in the new.
      I see a change in your life quite vividly that is soon coming if not already taken place since your post. It begins with renewing your associations.

  15. I want to put a curse on my wife’s parents who injustically robbed my mini Mart and also threaten to shoot me and throw my body. So we decided to move to another country and still giving me a hard time on our family. Hack into my Facebook account and took my family pictures and God knows what they are doing with it but I found that my ability to work deteriorating and my finances dries up. My parents in-laws still think they did nothing wrong. And still want to contact their daughter (which is my wife). They even order me to make her call them. But I cannot force my wife to call them. It’s her free will… They still threatening me and giving me a hard time until now 2020. When they took my mini Mart was in 2014. I need help. Can someone help me? Your help will be much appreciated. I have their pictures. I have no money to pay but I promise to repay you for all your service in one way or another. Pls email me directly.

    • Don’t you worry. I will make sure they both will die a horrible death.
      People like that I kill for free (with a curse)

  16. I did mine last night but I feel like I should do it again. I want to curse this woman badly and make her pay for what she is causing between me and my ex. She won’t get out the picture. I want her completely gone. Do you think it will work?

    • I cursed my horrible sister in law for stealing my inheritance and abusing my elderly father. I called upon my powerful JuJuMama doll to visit supreme devastation on her. 15 minutes later, she was in a head on car crash. She still followed her evil path, so I called JuJuMama to visit even worse devastation on her. Now she is dead. This shit works. Don’t be messin unless you mean it.

    • Sorry sweety come to find out it won’t I did it already and nothing. If evil already has her then evil won’t give her up for dead if evil can still use her. So by doing this curse it will cause you to be more in pain. Best advice I can give you is move on and don’t let this continue to torment you. If you don’t then the evil she has has won it’s goal over you using her and your ex. It’s time for you to move on and take your own control over your life.
      Hope this makes sense to you.

  17. I don’t have a empty room were I stay so how can I do it even if is dangerous I’m willing to sacrifice with my own life.

  18. I want to curse my daughters boyfriend because he is controlling her and ruining her life. She doesn’t see it yet.. She is still in a love bubble.
    Can anybody help me to curse him

    • I don’t see anyone answering if it worked. I have been doing from past couple of days..I will share if work is done..

  19. how to curse people who already dead? i dont even want her to rest in peace. i hate her that much. i hate her family too. i curse them to leave me and my family alone. they ruined my life and my family’s. i curse them to vanish.

  20. Imagine him(satan) he was once one of God almighty elite his power , and many times more powerful than fictional superman from the movie. And he still has immense unimaginable super power. What in the name of day and night would be need from mars mortals like us ? He hates the human race, how can anybody ask him for a faver? He is the true father of all deception, no questions ask. How is it possible for mare mortals tiny puny week human beings to ask him for a favor? A favor to hurt another week puny human being, You might think you putting a curse on somebody , by saying I’m going to curse this other person. Satan will never and has never did any favors for any human being Ever. He is out for every body , sorcerers are only wannabes satan. And satan no human mortal week human flesh can be like him. With his sense powers. Human beings have always had a chance to come to Jesus and be save, satan vs never be saved. Never. And He knows it. That is why you a human can never place an evil curse of any kind because you could never be like him or posses his unimaginably immense powers.

  21. As a practicing witch for over 20 years, I want to set some things straight. Yes some sects of witchcraft do follow the Pagan Rede and tells how what you put out will come back on you. However, if it’s a justifiable curse (i.e. if someone threatens you or your loved ones lives, someone causes you to lose your job, a person playing with your emotions and not serious about being with you, being treated badly by others for absolutely no reason at all are just a few examples) then very little to nothing would come back on you because the Universe sees this as a balance and it’s very well acceptable. Now if you’re cursing someone just because you don’t like them and they have never done anything to you wrong, then yes, it will come back to you full blast and it won’t be pleasant. So please folks, should you decide to curse someone, make sure you have a very valid reason to do so or it’s not going to be pretty for the person casting the curse.

  22. Hello to all, I need a favor from one of the practiced ones i need a curse that will put one in his place in a coffin maybe murdered by someone who doesn’t know him but knows what he has done please let him be tortured like he has. Bestowed upon me and my loved ones. If you can give me some type of spell quite easy for this then please get back to me

  23. I am in a bad situation with the people in my family. My mother became upset and lied on me to my brothers and sisters telling them that I beat her up because she asked me for money. The truth is, I had been giving her $250 a week because she does not like working. I paid her $85 phone bill, bought all of her food, and paid for monthly meds. I’m a single mother of 4 with 4 siblings. My mother used me for years and I could not afford it anymore. My mother never asked my siblings for money, only me. I’m an LPN and my brothers and sisters have less kids and make more money than I make. Back to what happened. My mother called my siblings and told them that I jumped on her when I told her that i wasn’t giving out anymore money. Did i say my dad owns a highly rated company and hes rich, married to my mother, and still lives together……. My mother caused my brother to attack me and i lost a baby behind it. I was 6 months pregnant and lost the baby the next day. The cops were called but saw no evidence of a fight but they gave warnings. Now, a few years later, my family is still causing me hell because they believe i beat my mother up. My mother sometimes slip and say, ” I did it out of spite. “, and these idiots think its a joke. My father is very abusive and abused my siblings and I growing up. He pushed my son 2 days ago and my 8 year old feel against a chair and it hurt his back. I walked in on it while it happened. We had a huge blow up and my mother steeped in to say i told you she causes problems…… I want my mother, my father, and all 4 of my siblings to suffer the deepest, darkest suffering known to man. I want them to feel the kind of pain mentally and physically, that i felt of losing a baby. I want someone to call the cops on them for nothing, i want them to struggle the way i have, i want them in deep agony everyday. I haven’t even listed nothing compared to what these people are putting my kids and I through. I’m to the point to where I can absolutely not deal with it any longer. Someone please help me or show me the way. I need an ultimate curse! I named the baby and still holding on to my babies clothes after 4 years. the birth has effected my health and probably the stress too. I need help! This family needs to be stopped now!

    • god bless you i read your story and i just wanted to say you are a good person i can tell. i hope the rest of your life if peaceful. and plentiful. god bless.

  24. I am writing this comment with tears of joy. My marriage fell apart after 6 months because my mother In-law asked my husband to divorce me and marriage the woman she betroth to him as his wife. All this drama started happening in our marriage and my husband left me and our one month baby just so he could do as his mom wants him to.

  25. As the Witch lady said; cursing someone can bring the evil back to you many times over. Even if it doesn’t they’re are several reasons why you shouldn’t do it.
    Assuming it works you will be in debt to Satan and he will want to collect. Also by praying to the most evil deity we know of you will be opening a line of communication with evil. Also by turning your back on God you may well be damned if indeed Christianity is true. I personally wouldn’t take the chance. If you are upset about a lover believe me you will find another without risking physical or spiritual harm.

    • Exactly!!! And a lover who causes you pain is no lover but a loser and you have to be thankful that you are freed from him or her! Those people ar not worth another single thought!

  26. I curse Betsy DeVos, Mick Zais, and everyone else that works in the U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Ave, SW, Washington,DC 20202, these people are worse than Nazis! They are given too much power and they take your hard earned money without trying to reach an agreement with you about repayment plans. I was on a repayment plan and it was going smooth until they just sent me a letter stating that I now had to pay the full amount because the company that previously handled my account didn’t receive the money that I DID have for them on a monthly basis. For some bizarre reason they stopped taking my money and now they’re blaming me for what they didn’t do. I hate these people that supports them or works with them. They don’t care about your life they just want what’s theirs. They have ruined countless people’s lives and some people have even resorted to suicide because of these heartless a$$holes. They need to be shut down for their unethical actions. May The US Department of Education shut down and fold over. May each person that works there feel how it is to struggle to make ends meet. May everybody who reads this make the curse on them stronger and stronger each time it is read. May the Coronavirus spread through 400 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20202, and make each of them extremely sick. They don’t deserve to be up and running the way they treat people. I HATE THESE PEOPLE DEEPLY! MAY NOTHING GO RIGHT FOR THESE PEOPLE! EVERTHING THAT THEY TOUCH TURN TO SH!T!

  27. I want to curse my ex bf he has manipulated me lights for me use me as a toy. He left me for someone else in a week and I want them both cursed I want to live my life knowing that I can be happy without him hurting anyone else. I’m not sure if this works but I try to think of him getting hit by a car.

  28. I want to curse my ex partner and new girlfriend i want there relationship to end before the 14th of march 2020 as he choose girlfriend over are daughter and and want them both to suffer and i want him to feel the pain and heartache he has cause are daughter and how he realises how much he has hurt and used me for things until he meet her i hope she finishes it with him so he no how i felt when he finished with me and for all his friends turn there back on him and say everything that has happened is his fault as i have now lost a friendship with someone who was my best friend.

  29. Hey when uou day empty room, are we talking nothing at all not even furniture or are we talking no living things in the room with us?

  30. Ok so a couple of questions. 1. how quickly does this usually happen. 2. Do I have to know the guy directly. Because me and my girlfriend of 14 years are currently broken up because she replaced me with another guy. Thing is she said “if anything happens and me and him break up I’ll come back and never leave” thing is ever since I lost her my life has crumbled into dust. I lost 2 dogs almost lost my job a bunch of my friends are fighting and some have abandoned us all together. Do I think it was him cursing me? “Was it possible that it was a backfire from the curse?” No because I never cursed him. Look I’m a monster for wanting him gone for my own happiness I’m well aware but she’s the love of my life and I was planning on asking her to Merry me some time in the following year with a handcrafted ring. This guy ruined my life. If you know how to curse more effectively or to charm her to come back the please do his name is Quentin and hers Haley. I don’t want the guy dead. Just heartbroken, alone, and away from her. Just like I am

  31. I want to curse all ladies behind my marriage, I put chronic candidiasis on them, they will will never get married in their life time especially Naa Dede

  32. Jose Lugo is an evil nasty disgusting manwho likes to hit womenand talk down to themand degrade them. He is a self absorbed asshole and talks shit about everybody! I thought of him as a friend at one time and now i see him as the most disgusting low life he really is .He makes my stomache hurt and im physically sick whenever he is around ?my only hope is for him to suffer and for all the nasty negative , evil he projects to go back to him 100x over

  33. i want to put a curse on the doctor that operated on me ,and made a mess of it, and am in constant pain,an now he wont even see me

  34. You really don’t have to put a curse on someone because the Universe will handle it for you! That’s called Karma: the way you treat people, either good or bad, will come to you the same way with double force! So if someone treats you badly they’ll get their share of bad things in their life! It’s only a matter of time so just be patient and you’ll see! Just don’t do it, don’t drop to their pathetic level!

  35. Pls how do I curse someone who I helped by borrowing him money to do something and now cos he has make it he refused paying me and even insult and threaten me with my money

  36. Ok there is this guy that is here at this residence that my lady friend that I rent from moved this joker in Nov. of 2018. He was suppose to be here for only a month or 2 until he found another place to live. He is always confronting her calling her all kinds of names causing arguments with her. Now he has escalated towards my direction to the point I literally wanted to kill him a few mornings ago. The young man that lives upstairs got between us and kept me from going at him. Jerry Wolfe was already down in the sitting position when he fell down as we pushed him out the door and locked him out. As the young man was going to the room J.W. sleeps in he busted the top pane of the storm door glass. We called the cops and was told it was a civil matter and that if we want him gone we have to do a eviction. KY laws suck…the cops did nothing due to his vandalism and drunken state that he was in of which was clear he was intoxicated on beer (again). The cops told us since he has been paying rent here that we can’t even lock the door to lock him out even for a little while until he settles down. My (lady friend) is disabled in a wheelchair due to health issues that makes her vulnerable to further complications. He manipulates her by getting her food at fast food or brings it from when he was working before being layed off. She has been feeling like everything is out of her control and I know she constantly gives up to let him stay and it’s not like she doesn’t need the money to help on bills, but this person that is here is making now all of our lives a living hell with his mouth alone is enough to do so. He won’t let up and there is no peace as he is so jealous if I have a friend down here in the basement that I”m having homosexual relations with them and it is not true but is an outright lie coming from him.
    So after the confrontation the following evening I did as was instructed at midnight exactly what to do. Not only for one minute but more like 2 or 3 minutes.
    I thought of everything I could think of whether cardiac arrest, hit by a car (not falling down stairs as it could have been a liability on my lady friend) of whom is the homeowner, even to be robbed and beat to death I thought hard on as in preference. Those were the 3 things I focused on happening to him.
    Well guess what? It didn’t work because he is still just as horrible as ever and nothing happened.
    So it didn’t work !!!
    Now I believe I know why it didn’t
    First of all if a person is evil that the so called spell is cast on it’s not going to work because the evil spirits are going to use a person for their evil torments to torment those that are of a good heart or nature to try to turn them into something otherwise.
    Evil spirits already have evil people so they will use them rather than kill them.
    This I believe is why it seems people that are evil live longer than those that are good. Because evil is always about to destroy all that is good.
    So that is why the spell doesn’t work for someone that is actually good in their heart if it even works at all.
    Like I said I did it and nothing happened…No I did not sell my soul to the devil but rather if evil is going to be working on him then perhaps the evil would have destroyed him physically.
    Obviously evil isn’t finished with him yet…oh goody for us that have to deal with this especially me in this case.
    We can’t do an eviction because of this conona mess that was dumped on us…sad to say, sorry to say…Thanks China…Your elected wanted to destroy this worlds economy…congrads your country did it ! Your country wanted to kill off the worlds population the U.S. being the largest target. Congrads again…YOU Succeeded !
    So the courthouses are closed for seeing the county clerk so that is how evictions have been put on hold until workers come back to handle the cases.
    It’s not about people being put out on the streets. The officials are scared off from coming into work due to this virus dumped on us. Whether by God, by evil, or by man or beast in all honesty I really don’t know. All I know is that the world is in this horrible crisis yet to get worse way by far worse before it gets better even if it does at this point.
    But if anyone wants to see about doing something about Jerry Wolfe in Covington Ky. Have at it…please do do.

  37. I want to curse mj arquiza the mistress..and the rest of mj arquizas family will be suffering lifetime sadness until the last breath they take.

  38. Just want her to feel my pain and suffering she caused by the sudden breakup and heartbreak due to her being codependent on her ex husband. She has it coming full force nothing held back!!! 😈

  39. Can I curse a man that is self centered n uses people n treats them like trash n throws them out when he is done using them or will I end up hurt myself…. I don’t want any thing to happen to me bad but he asked me to come home to Florida from New York I did n I paid him rent and I get mail here so outta respect of his mother n his girlfriend I said I would leave but he needs to pay for this I am not the only one he has done this to… His name is Troy Edge n lives at 307 Fairmont drive Sanford Florida.

  40. My boyfriend broke my heart so i want to curse him by letting him becomes a cripple and everybody should run away whenever they sees him except his father

  41. I want a curse on Dave Kane that all the chicks that he sees and meets him they find him crippled and ugly. I spent 20 yrs of my life on him. I want his 2 legs broken for good


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