NEW YORK, NY – Has The King of Pop imitated The King by faking his own death?
In a 1994 issue of Weekly World News, it was predicted that superstar Michael Jackson was so heartsick with the nightmare his troubled life had become, he would fake his own death – just like Elvis!
“Michael Jackson, like Elvis, is sick and tired of being larger than life and wants to get a life,” said world-renowned psychic and metaphysician Dr. Andy Reiss at the time.
“The superstar trip has trapped Michael in Neverland. Also there’s a very good chance he could end up in prison if he’s convicted of child sex abuse.
“The only way out of this mess he’s in is to fake his death, cut his hair and go underground,” says Dr. Reiss, who specializes in celebrity predictions.
Dr. Reiss believes The Gloved One will try to escape his hellish existence by “dying” in Neverland, his remote amusement park retreat.
“The cover story will be that Michael Jackson suffered a fatal heart attack while riding his Ferris wheel. Jackson’s ‘remains’ will be cremated and his ‘ashes’ will be scattered on the grounds of his estate,” he explains.
“The only way for Michael to start a fresh new life is to end the grotesque  life he has now. He learned the trick from Elvis.”
While Jackson did not end his days at his beloved Neverland, he did indeed “die” of a heart attack this afternoon.
Did Jackson’s plans come to fruition? Is he still alive somewhere?
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UPDATE: Michael was spotted hiding out with Elvis!

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  1. MJ faked his death and he is now a SHE because of sex change!! Her dream finally came true and now living with his boyfriend…

  2. i dont think mj fake his death can someone tell me one good reason why he will want to do such a thing, becouse of court cass?
    i dont buy that.

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  4. If both Mj and Elvis did fake there death I think it would of been a great idea I also hope hope they are doing well now that they can injoy life instead of haveing everyone up there ass bugging them let them be and let them be happy !!!

  5. I personally know Elvis. He's said for sure MJ is alive and well. So is Jim Morrison and D.B. Cooper, along with Che and that midget from Fantasy Island.

    • theres no smoke without fire why did mj pay them off coz he was guilty thats why then it came to light he,d been fooking around again mmmmmmmm i rest my case jackson was a kiddie fiddler

  6. you guys are stupid as hell for believing that michael would never do that to a child he is loving and caring and a good person you guys are just hating on him and the boy that said michael did something to him even admitted that michael didnt do anything and thing was because the kids dad wanted money and seen a chance to get some so he did macauly admitted when he got older that michael didnt do anything to him and if you would have watched the damn news you would have seen so just leave michael alone. yall are the reason why he went through those stressful and difficult times just shut up and leave michael alone.

  7. he is not a child molester u oh fool michael wuz a sweet person if u dont lyk hym den get the heck off his stuff and u dont even kno michael leave hym alone if u got a problem wl mike u can say it 2 my face

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  9. i liked michael jackson but come on! hes dead let him rest in peace but keep him in our memories. he was very sickly looking and very skinny so how can anyone believe hes NOT dead. and he was addicted to (pofol) drugs he said he wanted to sleep well i guess he got his wish a real long sleep that hell never wake up from. and i dont believe he was a child molester child molesters dont go all out and build amusement parks for kids

    • Omg, so true. The man NEVER had a childhood and now that he had whatever he wanted, pretty much, he decided it was time to live his childhood. Those people were only after his money. Michael gave gifts to all the children all over the world. I know because my step-daughter and son-in-law knew and were personal friends with one of MJ's body guards. He said that he had to take MJ to Toys R Us stores in the middle of the night and he would buy one of everything and then take it all to the hospitals around the cities and give them to the sick kids. He told the staff that if it was ever known where the gifts came from that he wouldn't do it anymore, so the hospital staff had to keep it quiet. He did that all over the world. I loved him so much and the media really screwed him over, but I honestly do believe he is really dead. I don't think he would ever fake his death because he loved HIS children way to much to do that!

  10. If someone molest your child, would you rather take money or would you want them to be punish for their crime. Being paid off don't make him guilty, he had money. If someone had done something like that to my child, he need to be locked up, so he can't do it to another child. Those people only wanted money. What the child went through, didn't matter – so to say. He's only guilty of being too kind. Be smarter about tnis

  11. michael is dead. we love all his songs. its just very surprising that unexpected death is so real. perhaps his time is over yet or maybe there are some persons who caused his immediate discreet.

  12. yes micheal is alive , you have to look into this with an open heart and you need to look closer to what is going on here. his family know, his children know, some people close to him know. elizebeth tayor knew, she took this to her grave with her. alive is micheal jackson really dead by pearljr on amazon.com. i beLIEve do you????

  13. You don't have to be a hater to see truth. I was a big fan once. Now I question it. I don't believe he died to escape money. I believe he faked his death to MAKE money. He knew that his public image was in the gutter, didn't have the desire to continue making albums so decided to chuck it all and scam his weeping fans out of money they wouldn't have spent otherwise unless he had died. Look at the millions he has made so far and its all legal because the sobbing fans longing for something to hold onto him with will fork over money for anything associated with him. He even has them attacking anyone who thinks he was less than anything but a saintly god. You don't know where all that money his estate manages goes to. There's no open public audit. He's set now and laughing at his fans all the way to the bank. This is the greatest con and scam job ever pulled off if true. The hoax clues are all designed to just distract and disguise the real truth which is right in front of your eyes to see if you just open them and view this so called "conspiracy" from a different angle. He ain't coming back. If he did he would have to answer to all the money he made. He's committed now. Prove me wrong, MJ. Please! I double-dare you.

  14. How can you fake your own death? Once your heart stops, your dead. And Michael is not in hell. Nobody has proof that he mulested a child. Michael did they to make the world a better place.

    • No once your heart stops your still alive otherwise there wouldnt be any1 on Earth cause when u sneeze your heart stops for a milisecond. And 50 cent died on the way to the hospital when he got shot 9 TIMES. but look at him hes still alive. Now that i've made my point do u wanna rethink what you said?

  15. I think hes alive cuase your heart stops all the time… and your still alive.. Do you know why people say bless you when you sneeze? Cause your heart stops for a milisecond so yeah he is alive i think he prolly with Elvis planning how to get out to the world and announce they're still alive

  16. I found this on Hoax-Slayer.com and thought it was interesting.
    Fiction is stranger than truth.
    I love fiction so let me tell you a short story. As a former insider, I will tell you what really happened to him and then I will sit back and smile because even though you were told the truth most of you will still see it as fiction because you can not see the obvious in front of you now. But that's ok because some of you want and need to know. I want no part of this anymore and I told him and his people this long ago. I also told them that if he didn't put an end to this now that I would spill the beans and tell all. There are three of us, actually, who have seen this go on far too long now and we got out because he has totally lost it and we no longer can stand by and watch his fans suffer like this. He did some things in his past that was never supposed to be made public and was in debt worse than most realize or what the media has reported. Out of desperation, he borrowed some money from some really bad people. These people make loan sharks and the mafia look like kindergarten. They discovered his hidden past secret and they gave him a finite amount of time to pay up or they would expose it all and some bad things would happen. In desperation, he and his legal friends cooked up a plan to fake his death. The truth is that they knew the fans would be so devastated by his death that they would buy anything and everything they put out there with his name or likeness on it. They had seen this happen before with other popular artists who faked their deaths so they knew it would work because he was even more popular, his fans are the most obsessed and blindly defend him without question which worked in his favor. Quite the smart manipulator he is. The public at large and non-fans wouldn't care so there was no worry about them and the media doesn't do real investigative work anymore so that was not a threat either. The goal was to scam the fans out of enough money that they would then use to pay off his debts. It's not illegal per say because something of value was being exchanged for money the fans spent on CD's movies, memorabilia, etc., but it's not exactly moral either because this is money they would not have spent had he not faked his death. You need to understand that he was very desperate and the trials of his past have changed him now. He doesn't care about the world, his fans or people anymore like he used to. He's very cold and bitter now. Desperate people do desperate things. The plan included all kinds of diversions and distractions all designed to keep the smart fans from seeing the truth right in front of their eyes. The doctor in this story is, in fact, the fall guy but not for the people who his family claim but rather for him. The doc is being paid a huge amount of money even if he does go to jail for a murder that never took place. Most of what you see reported is not real and many authorities are in on this or there would have been a real investigation by now. The family knows what is going on and won't say because they are protecting him but they are also on their own now and having to support themselves for the very first time. There is a rift between him and the family as well. There was a real deceased body used, however it was not him and the coroner knows who it is but is also in on it. A special team of mind benders would handle anyone who got too close to the truth and several did but were harassed so much that they disappeared. The plan also meant that he could never again return or he would have to answer to too many questions and scrutiny. The hoax clues that the fans have picked up on were planted and purposely designed to keep them distracted from the obvious. It worked like a charm and still to this day the fans throw money at every piece of junk he rolls out. He finds this amusing and loves to make fun of them. Originally the plan was to rake in enough money to keep the loan sharks at bay but when so much money poured in he and his legal friends got greedy and decided to string out the hoax for as long as they can to earn even more. This is when the three of us decided to exit. I feel for his fans because most of them naively beLIEve he will return and there within lies the LIE itself. Now you know…
    Truth is stranger than fiction.

  17. Hej
    Michael jacksons fans
    Här kommer jag det nu
    hoppas ni hör aver nu för att
    ni får veta mer av michael jackson
    senare hoppas det nu
    för er nu mer tycker jag det nu mer hoppas att ni får svar av mej gärna på brev om ni vill
    det nu eller senare om ni vill det nu eller senare
    vad tycker ni
    om det
    vad tycker ni om det nu'
    hoppas det nu mer
    vad tycker ni om att vara med er alla michael Jacksons fans '
    vad tycker ni om det nu. Kram från Gunilla Larsson'
    Hej då

  18. yes it is ture michael jackson is alive today it is in the sunnews allready now by autopsy proof and i read it you can fake your death why not? you can make like your heat stop's and ecsape for all you none online beleievers this is old news the body was not mchael's body and the autopsy say's everything in the sunnews godfull turtth in sunnews im sorry to tell all you none beleievers

  19. Janet JAckson didnt speak at his memorial service, neither did his mom. cos they know he aint dead and they cant fake pain…they scared it will show thru their croco tears hes not dead.

  20. idk i hope he's alive…but maybe not if he is alive then this must of been planned for years!an ALOT of ppl had to be in on it…that includes:dr. murray,judge,family,friends,an maybe even the government…who knows??but this was DEF. thought through if he is alive!i just hope this isnt just rumor or i just love michael so much that im starting to make myself beLIEve he's alive…..(sigh) if only we knew!?


    • I've seen the evidence that supports the idea he faked his death. But even still…. you can't get any more famous than Michael Joseph Jackson… that's IMPOSSIBLE.

  22. I think hes alive cuase your heart stops all the time… and your still alive.. Do you know why people say bless you when you sneeze? Cause your heart stops for a milisecond so yeah he is alive i think he prolly with Elvis planning how to get out to the world and announce they're still alive

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  25. Да оставьте вы его. Жив или нет, пусть хоть сейчас обойдётся без всего этого дерьма.
    Live him alone! Dead or not, just live him in peace.


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  28. I am so sick and tired of hearing that Michael faked his own death. People come on now this is getting out of control. Michael loved his fans and he would never do that. He had a good heart and cared about others. I think you need to find a hobby or find a job. Who the hell do you think you people are. Why not grow up and become an adult. Do you have a heart? No I guess not. Heartless jerks. Enough is enough. Please let this wonderful man rest in peace. Have some respect for others.

  29. I understand only one thing Michael would never faked own dearth as Elvis
    this is wrong way
    this is media way
    and this article proves it

  30. mj faked his death to safe his life just type michael jackson alive death hoax you will come to here his voice recording from akype


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