The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, reportedly announced that the city will be renamed.  It will now be – Obama City!
Mayor Emanuel feels that Chicago is the adopted home of Barack Obama.  It is the city most identified with the 44th President.  “In the coming years, many cities will be renamed after Barack Obama and we just feel that Chicago should be the first – and biggest – city to change its name in honor of the President,” said a source in the Mayor’s Office.
Rahm Emanuel compared President Obama to Jesus, Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. during his speech about the naming of Obama City.


Chicago is also changing its nicknames.  It will no longer be known as The Second City, it will be known as The First City.  And it will not be known as The Windy City any more.  It will be known as The Cool City.


The White House told WWN that Barack Obama is thrilled that “Chicago has made the right decision for its citizens.  Obama City will become a shining star in the American landscape and the President believes that it will soon become the greatest city in the history of the world.”
All the parks in Chicago will have the name Obama added to them  – Obama Grant Park, Obama Millenium Park, Obama Lincoln Park.   “This city will be a living tribute to our greatest president,” reportedly said Mayor Emanuel.
Rahm Emanuel is close friends with President Obama and the President reportedly has something special planned for Rahm as a “thank you” for renaming Chicago.


Here’s some other things named after Barack Obama recently:
Aptostichus barackobamai – a species of wafer trapdoor spiders.
Etheostoma obama – a darter fishe
Obamadon – an extinct lizar
Paragordius obamai – a parasitic worm”h
Caloplaca obamae – a lichen species.
Barack Obama Charter School, Compton, California
Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy – Los Angeles, California –
Barack Obama Academy – Oakland, California”
Barack Obama Elementary School – Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Barack Obama Elementary School– Pine Lawn, Missouri
Barack and Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary – Saint Paul, Minnesota
New Jersey:
Barack Obama Academy – Plainfield, New Jersey
Barack Obama Green Charter High School – Plainfield, New Jersey
New York:
Barack Obama Elementary School – Hempstead (village), New York
Barack Obama Academy of International Studies – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy – Dallas, Texas
Barack Obama K8 School – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mount Obama – Barbados

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