Ryan Lochte has trademarked his catchphrase “Jeah!” – and has already made $5 million from it.

Jeah, baby!

Ryan is using  the word on sunglasses, workout DVDs, gift cards, mugs, drinking glasses, trading cards, calendars, condoms, baseballs, doorknobs, surfboards, bras, panties, posters, chocolate chip cookies, barbells, blenders, couches, swimsuits, swim caps, sports hats, and water bottles.

The gold-medal-winning swimmer filed papers to secure the trademark on Aug. 1, according to a search on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website.

Lochte, 28, is already trying to cash in on the word, hawking “Jeah” sunglasses for $125 on his website.

Fans can score a “limited edition” signed pair for $500.

In a 2009 interview, Lochte explained the word “Jeah” is ripped from rapper Young Jeezy’s oft-used expression, “Chea!”

Lochte – a better swimmer than he is wordsmith – says he made it his own by dropping the “ch” for a “j,” but struggled to explain its meaning.

One Man, One Word:


Ryan explains “Jeah” to reporters:



  1. This guy is a real idiot! I'm sure he'll be a reality star in the near future, given Americas penchant for Stupid people!! At least he's easy on the eyes, when he's not wearing that ridiculous retainer and the t.v is on mute!

  2. This is so ludicrous I'd be willing to think it's true! Maybe I should find a word I could copy-write and make a fortune of my own. ;-p

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