On Thursday July 11, 2013, Congress is beginning impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama.

Members of Congress are reportedly beginning impeachment against Barack Obama based on the grounds of lying about Benghazi, the IRS scandal and attacking the press. unauthorized use of the military in Libya and Syria.  Congress is also looking into his involvement the unauthorized use of the military in Libya and Syria and the Fast and Furious scandal.


According to Congressional representatives Barack Obama has violated the Constitution by violating the 1st Amendment, the 4th Amendment and the 10th Amendment (and may have violated more).  Congressmen told WWN that the President took an oath to uphold the Constitution and he is bound to do so.

With regard to Libya and Syria: the rules that clearly state that the President must seek Congressional approval before using military force.  Now he says it was OK because he had international support.  “But how does that make it okay?  They aren’t our Congress.  They don’t determine what is right or wrong for us,” said a prominent Republican Congressman.

Sources close to aides in Congress say the Constitution clearly states “any use of military force by Obama without explicit consent and authorization of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, Section 4.”

Republicans are pushing a resolution through Congress, which has been highly underreported by mainstream media, to look into further actions to be taken against the President.  Since it explicitly states in the Constitution that the President must ask permission from Congress to use military forces in another country, sources say there is clear cause for impeachment.

While an impeachment can be a strain on our country and may not be necessary in an election year – Republicans are still moving ahead with it.

“The days of Czars and Executive orders in order to sidestep Congress should end and if it takes an impeachment to do that, well…  it is something I and many other Americans would support,” said another prominent Republican Congressman.

“We have a President who believes our Constitution is just a ‘historical document’ that is not fit to determine how our country is run anymore,” said the Congressman.

Democrats, obviously, are opposing the impeachment effort but sources close to Republican leaders say that they are “moving full speed ahead” because “we need something to keep us busy until the next election.”

Stay tuned… it’s going to be a wild summer 2013.

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  1. give him the boot. he swore to protect and obey the constitution. he made a fraction against it. take him away! and put him behind bars!

  2. Dictator Obama needs to go, and all congressmen and senators regardless of affiliation has a duty to the US citizens who elected them to have him removed from office.

  3. I agree…He thinks he's above the law. If hey allow him to get away with this with no serious penalty then he'll do it again and again,

    • Amber – the more you speak the dumber you make yourself appear…. I would just keep my mouth shut if I were you while people think you still have at least one brain cell…..

    • Thats why they voted on it, Even John Kerry was for it before he was against it 🙂
      He covered his butt because he could say well I had approval and he did!

    • Each of them had Congressional approval before they made a move.Even if Bush Jr. had bad info he still had approval from Congress!

    • I saw no where that it said anything about his COLOR WTF maybe you the one with the problem…. Someone always has to pull the color / race outta their butts. He is just a piss poor president face the facts not the race or color.

    • yep. because you do. Yall can be ass holes all you want but then when you are called on it. you want to play innocent. to even make that comment makes you a racist. vagina douche

    • That response clealy identifies you as someone who is too ignorant, uneducated, and intellectually lazy (not to mention GUTLESS) to look beyond the simple, shallow, silly little talking points you have had spoon fed into your little mind. You are the textbook "useful idiot" and likely a racist yourself. By the way, when you project onto others the very things you are guilty of you reveal a substantially empty soul as well as some pretty serious psychological challenges. Keep it up peanut brain.

    • Why don't you actually talk about ideas rather than call us names? Put on our big boy shorts, if you will. I mean, seriously, you must have hated Bush because he was white, by your own logic.

    • Its always about race…the problem is when people like you post stuff like this it only says you are the one who is racist….Not everyone cares what color his skin is and if I remember correctly his mother was WHITE! You are the racist wanting to keep someone in office because he is black! Stupid freaking idiot…thought you were so smart until actual educated people who are not racist at all call you out for being one…Really how much sense does it make to keep a President in office who does not uphold our constitution? Maybe the next president can just say slavery being abolished was from too many years ago and has nothing to do with society today! Therefore making slavery legal again! Jack ass

    • Like to see him Impeached for another act of being Anti – American. He and his Billionaire buddy George Soros got together and set up a plan that will Force All American Citizens to Pay a "Global Tax Plan tht will be paid to the U.N for 3rd World Countries. This money is in Addition to all of the other Tax Dollars that we already send, Plus the Disaster Relief. Obama volunteers Americans to pay global taxes. Obama signs agreement for UN “Solidarity Levies” a Global IRS Tax. The United Nations is proceeding, with President Obama’s acquiescence, to implement a global plan to create a new international socialist order financed by global taxes on the American people. This is U.N.-speak for global taxes.

    • I want Obama Impeached for his Transportation Tax Plan .http://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/house/159397-obama-floats-plan-to-tax-cars-by-the-mile Obama administration floats draft plan to tax cars by the mile.
      Tell that Dictator Obama that WE ALREADY PAY ENOUGH TAXES!- We pay taxes when we purchase the vehicle, we have to pay annual property taxes, we pay gas taxes, road taxes and toll fees. He will try to figure a way to take all our money some how plus monitor every move people make.
      In its report, the CBO said a vehicle miles-traveled tax could be tracked by installing electronic equipment on vehicles to determine how many miles were driven and payments could be made electronically at gas stations.
      Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., who proposed taxing cars by the mile to increase federal highway revenues, sought the CBO report.

    • Obama's proposal appears to track that concept in the draft bill, a copy of which was obtained by Transportation Weekly. That section would create within the Federal Highway Administration a Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives Office tasked with creating a "study framework that defines the functionality of a mileage-based user fee system and other systems," The Hill reported.
      The proposed office would include a public relations function, which the draft said should "increase public awareness regarding the need for an alternative funding source for surface transportation programs and provide information on possible approaches."
      The office would be required to conduct field trials to examine four factors — the capability of states to enforce payment, the reliability of technology, administrative costs, and "user acceptance," The Hill said. The new office would get $300 million through fiscal year 2017 for the project. http://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/house/15939
      Who ever thinks this is about Race hasn't got a clue. They must not pay any attention at all to anything that he is doing that is Destroying OUR COUNTRY!! Vote him OUT in 2012

    • President Obama is not Hitler. he did not persecute a bunch of Jewish people in the name of ethnic cleansing. and President Obama was in cooperation with NATO.

    • this man is NOT BLACK OR WHITE he is muslim. and if you think for one minute that going against our constitution is not wrong then you too can hang for HIGH TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!

  4. noticed at least one played the race card on replies here….. LIberals need to grow up and stop acting like children everything someone mentions the name Obama, Every time someone has something negative to say against obama you hear someone play the race card. ITs not about Race.. its about performance.. law… ethics.. Truth and Justice… and he does not have any of these qualities at all… That is just the Truth and if Liberals hate me for telling the truth then they need to wake up to the reality of what Obama is all about… First President that in History seeks to destroy America rather then see it Prosper

    • LIberals can't grow up or they would become…(gasp)… conservatives. If they were of decent character they wouldn't be liberals to begin with. Only a low life is attracted to a political philosophy that trades in lies, deception, betrayal, and hate. Those low lifes are liberals. You know the old def. of a liberal…it's a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet.

    • Hey Folks, it's not Obama/Barry's name, liberal/conservative, Demo/Repub, CBS/FOX, left/right, "we've got to choose one or the other" ideologies that are in play here. Problem is, this man's Father was not a citizen, ergo, not eligible for Presidential office (He is easily qualified to be an American citizen though). However, we have larger problems; What do we do from here to recover from the usurper's "legislation" and the current issues that face our beloved Country? If one adheres to the "dichotomy" mentality, one must be either of the above categories, there can be no "crossing over"…. THIS IS INCORRECT; If Obama/Soetero has taught us anything, it's that 1) we want to believe in equality (maybe too much?) and 2) a person CAN exist being quite the 'mix' of "categories"
      His allegiances are still Constitutionally questionable, even taking the above into account.

      Some (most?) of the organizations that are motivated to keep you in this either/or mindset are "playing" you, in order to protect their interests/power/control – follow the money, silencing of media (threats), and attempts to control the Internet (SOPA, etc) to illustrate some obvious ones…. I know I'm not alone here in thinking "Technological Progress" cannot be reversed.

      So, let's quit "labeling" each other, and do your legal research by following the Georgia Case on eligibility, the latest I found so far here as of 3-7-2012: http://libertylegalfoundation.org/1825/emergency-
      A Concerned American for RP

  5. I heard on News Differently President Obama OPTED into the Libya Syria places yet constitution and Ammendmants are rights we have to uphold .That was the mind blower on the news a few months back I saw on my TV REPORT..Thinking of drawing 40 monsters creatures I wrote Lets stock the Groceries concentrate on Energy issues March 14th show us some new news WWNews we know you have had more action than this around campus .

  6. Those who play the race card for political gain ARE THE RACISTS! Notice how the Liberals want to WHINE about the past? It'll always be there for them to. But this is about NOW, about TODAY, and you can't impeach a FORMER President ya bunch of dumb jack-booted thugs.

    How anyone could attempt to pull a RACE card here is beyond me, O'Dumba is 1/2 WHITE!

    • It's not color, it is the fact that this President has and still is breaking laws. If any of us had done what has been done; we would have been in prison already. It would be nice if people would stop trying to use the race card, Obama is half white.

    Anyone? Anyone?
    Hmm, that's funny, they're all silent on the issue. Couldn't imagine why.

    • You show your ignorance by using the word "retard" I am offended………might as well use the race card because it is racist if you have someone in your family challenged. But that isn't the point here. Can't you say something halfway intelligent and about the article.

  8. Newsflash.. just because it isn't on CNN and FoxNews and other "major" media sites doesn't mean it's not true! He is being impeached because he WENT BEHIND THE BACKS OF CONGRESS. Who seriously thinks that the government doesn't control what is on the news? They don't want us to know what is going on! Doesn't matter if you are liberal or conservative. He's gotta go or else we are all f*cked.

    • I agree…. The leftwing eletist liberal media OWNS the media!!! Obama has his hand so far down their pocket they can't afford to say anything bad about him. Why do you think Obama has tried numerous times to ban Fox News?!?!…. Because they provide alot of factual information about just how horrible Obama has been as a president!

    • Turn off your CAPS LOCK.
      And start spelling correctly, if you would like to be taken seriously in this forum.

  9. No way, one of God's children being harmed due to his color. Unbelievable, though people like Joe Arpaio gets away with unseen causes for sending our Americans over boarder that are not illegals. I pray for the black people everyday, because they don't need to continue to be slaved by white racial individuals. I am sick of this country and tired of being white. Sucks to see that someone is trying to help the world gets shot at by our own white world of ugliness which at the end God will judge each and everyone of us and at the moment Congress represents not America but their wallets instead. I am ashamed to be white and to continue to read that Congress is out of hand once again in my opinion. How can they claim to be American when they have gone after Obama due to his color.

    • You are so right about the plight of the African people. There are so many orphans in African Countries that the kids call all adults 'mom' and 'papa', getting prepared for when their parents die. . How much longer will the selfish, self-absorbed American '*igga' rant with self pity before they go home to their countrymen and work for freedom and prosperity 'their' instead of expecting it for free 'here'. If I'd only known, I would've picked my own cotten.

    • Tanya, this has nothing to do with color. How can you claim to be American if you go after congress for being white and (in your opinion, persecuting blacks). Regardless of color, any president found in contempt of the oath taken to uphold the constitution is guilty of a high crime. In this case, it is Barack Obama.

    • Come on, Tanya, this is not a racial issue. It is a constitutional issue. Obama is not for black or white people. His is for his own pocket himself. Look into his hidden records issue. Look into his bailouts. He is betraying both blacks and whites. So, wake up, my dear. He is definitely backed by covert people who thought he would do a good job for them. Find out who it is that he is working for, then conclude it is a race issue.

    • Hey Tanya Jones, Well I'm sick of uninformed idiots like you so if you don't like being an American get the F*** out. Take your Obomination with you….

  10. how unbelievably false… its not in the mainstream media because its false information .. its NOT a bill its a RESOLUTION .. which has no power behind it , it is essentially an OPINION .. it is also not a JOINT resolution .. and it is only in committee .. it is NOT impeachment, or impeachment hearings in any way shape or form .. it is a statement that his actions should be CONSIDERED "impeachable" …
    the US as a nation was not involved with Lybia , NATO was, the US is a member of NATO and was fulfilling its NATO obligations.

  11. Barack Obama is half-white first of all. Next off Congress is not attacking him because he is black, they are attacking him because he is a 2 faced liar! He cares nothing about the people of this nation, with the exception of his "liberal friends" who share his insane beliefs. None of which are even close to being constitutional! He has done nothing but destroy what hundreds of thousands of white, black, asians, orientals, hispanic, etc. have died (serving our nation for FREEDOM) to PROTECT!! Obama wants to destroy the constitution and substitute his own personal dictatorship, and one-world government! He has broken numerous laws, and must now pay!!!!!!!!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE! You people who are FOR Obama should be deported to a different country! You make me SICK TO MY STOMACH!

    • Have you completely lost your damn mind??? he cares not about the people of this nation???? and congresss does? Do you think Bush cared about anyone except rich white people?? who ever you are need to look at this for what it actually is and stop blaming him for things he can barely control!!!! Obama wants to do great things for everyone and if you had good judgement you can see that without reading any article, look into his eyes you sick fool because he is a genuine person and one of the first presidents that ever gave a damn about the people in this country!!! you must be a money hungry, heartless and inconsiderate republican!!!

    • His eyes are full of evil! How do you not see this. He is COMPLETELY DESTROYING the freedoms of Americans. He's STRIPPING our RIGHTS. What is wrong with you? How do I say this in PLAIN ENGLISH!! WAKE UP!!!

    • I don't believe that congress is looking out for the American people either. That said Obama claims to have been a constitutional law professor and yet he ignores the constitution when he wants to do something it prohibits. When Clinton was impeached Ron Paul said that it was crazy that he was being impeached for his affair with Monica Lewinsky instead of for is unconstitutional military actions. That was true and I believe that Obama should be impeached for the same improper use of military action.

    • And how are you so sure his parents are not staged like his birth certificate and the false SS numbers
      this so called president has been using ?

      I don't care if he is black white Chinese or Arab the fact is he is going to get us micro chipped,
      force us to get health care insurance trying to get rid of our online freedom of speech..
      whats next real freedom of speech?

    • Just look into his eyes? What ignorant person would do that? KJC would. That is plain stupid. Stop blaming him for things he can barely control. Sounds like another Obama excuser. Bush had a lot of control then because Obama blames him for EVERYTHING – even shit that Obama has been behind. Look at GITMO idiot. He said he would close it down. He realized it needs to stay open. He has badmouthed Bush for the debt he incurred, and Obama has surpassed Bush's debt in half the time. Obama has used drones to kill more people exponentially than Bush did, and Bush was called a murderer. Obama is such a hypocrite, and liar. You pull your head out of your ass and watch what he does this term. Stop drinking his kool-aid and refuse to believe what he tells you. Do your own research.

    • To put it plan and simple your 100% right and anybody paying attention to what's going on in this country should draw the same conclution.It has absolutly nothing to do with Black,White,Left or right,It's much more important.It's about our freedom and people that spout off that racist bull have no clue what's really going on in this country.

    • JetsonJoe: You have hit the nail square on the head. Barack Hussein Obama, in my opinion is the absolute worst president we have ever had…the WORST. In the four years that he's been on the job, he hasn't learned a thing. He never learned how to communicate with congress so he'll continue to fail to get anything passed through congress. "Grid lock" I think they call it! The man has no pride in the country he's been re-elected to lead. He is void of leadership skills. No one takes him seriously because they know he doesn't have a clue about anything pertaining to the affairs of state. Let us hope and pray that he plays more basketball, goes away on vacation and stays away from the Oval Office. He can't cause any trouble that way.

    • I could not of said it better,We need to get him out of office fast,impeachment is realy to good for this so called president. he needs to go prison for what he did to R men in benchzie.

  12. Quit sensoring my posts! I haven't said anything that isn't true. It's people like you who give the general public the wrong impression of what's REALLY happening in our nation with your "censorship".

    • I agree. The media as well as some blogs are against freedom of speech.. A sign of the times.


  13. Why should there be any debate about this at all? The fact remains the same no matter how you look at it, President Obama committed a high crime. It states in the Constitution, which this nation was founded on, that a high crime should be responded with impeachment of whoever committed the crime. What are we if we don’t follow the most basic of our own rules? Do we want to be hypocrites?

  14. Republicans aren't going to do anything but, talk about doing something.Look at fast & furious, look at all the other illegal acts obama has done. They've sat by quiet as a mouse. I have NO faith in republicans period.

  15. IN MY OPINION this is just another CHEAP SHOT at President Obama and WHY is the REPUBLICANS so hell bent on blaming President Obama and LYING trying to make it out like President Obama is doing something wrong in which HE IS NOT. Everyone can LIE,COVER THEIR EYES,AND GO DEAF YET THE FACT REMAIN THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE CLAIMING ALL THIS WRONG DOING WITH OUR PRESIDENT ARE FLAT OUT RACIST.


    • ????? Have you ever read any of Obamas books?
      That’s Just How White Folks Will Do You." Barack Hussein Obama
      "There was something about him that made me wary," Obama wrote. "A little too sure of himself, maybe. And white."
      "For he shares Michelle's sentiments of alienation, came to believe that race should trump everything and it should be anti-white"
      By the way Obama is not black, he has two different parents. I dont care if he is purple I dont like his policies I dont like were he is taking this country and I he is not a dictator.

  17. And it's NO getting around that. Ask yourself IF YOUR NOT A RACIST PERSON DO YOU WANT SOMEONE WORKING IN GOVERNMENT WHO MAKE DECISIONS FOR OUR COUNTRY TO STAND BEFORE US AND CLAIM TO BE FAIR YET THEY ARE USING RACIAL SLURS AND REMARKS SUCH AS THE ONES THEY ARE ALLOWED TO MAKE TOWARD OUR BLACK PRESIDENT? It's ok to disagree with our President yet it's the RACIST REMARK AND SLURS THAT IS WRONG. IF YOUR MAKING DECISIONS FOR OUR COUNTRY AS A WHOLE WHY COME WITH THE RACIST REMARKS? And WHAT HAVE THE REPUBLICAN DONE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? WE KNOW THEY JUMP REAL FAST WHEN IT COME TO POINTING OUT WHAT PRESIDENT OBAMA IS DOING YET I HADN'T SAW THEM DO NOT 1 THING TO MAKE NOR CHANGE THE ECONOMY TO MAKE IT BETTER. HOWEVER I have heard their racist remarks,I saw them cut/stop unemployment,cut and want to stop SSI/SS etc,fell/refuse to sit down with our President to come up with ways to make the economy better,the only time anything is agreed on is to benefit the Republican pockets,all those who are pointing fingers at President Obama has more SKELETON in there closet than you and I both can count. Ask yourself WHY do ALL of them got these LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY IN THEIR OVERSEA ACCOUNTS? JMO!!

  18. We are losing our rights. We will be forced to give up our arms, as in Germany and Russia an all the other totalitarian countries. We are being told how to worship. We are forbidden to display our love for our God. We may be forced to become Muslims or else die. Isn't this a sign of the end times??? We have a fox in sheep's clothing running our country into the ground. This must be stopped.

  19. I agree! high crime is just that! what is there to talk about,there is no sugar coating a pile of crap! Obama knows just what he has done and he has lied to Americans and used our military and gone against our laws.Listen people you do not want a man who thinks he can tell our military what to do when he is not suppose to.That is a red flag! right there,that he would even go this far.And many other issues against this country.You know this is not a Democrat or Republican thing.Obama broke our laws period,high crime is nothing to joke about.sorry people,he knew what he was doing.He set his self higher than our laws.And he will need to be taken to court and impeached right away.I do not think there are any questions needed about this one.His actions is enough.He did the crime,and he may not do the time like any one else would have to do.But he sure does not belong in office one more second longer! Not only this he did commit fraud to even get elected,yes they found this out recently that his birth certificate really is a fake.But again besides all of this,No Republican or Democrat has the right to go against our laws and constitution.Non of them! it is not just a piece of paper! you sign an pledge to abide by the constitution and the laws of this nation when you are sworn into office! Obama has broken his sworn pledge to this country!

  20. The National Defense Authorization Act, Tresspass Bill, and National Defense Resource Preparedness executave order are all unconstitutional aren't they? We have drones in our country in the air and sea. Drone submarines…really? The police are basically military. I feel almost safe now. I'm in more danger now that the U.S. Marines can kick my door in arrest me, need no evidence, seize my water,food,guns and ammo, and my family can only protest in an area that has no chance for a government official to come near. Yea, we are safe with no rights. I bet we can rest assured that we always have a FEMA camp near our community if the going gets tough. Now all we need is Obama in a very high ranking position in the U.N. That will never happen though.

  21. ww-2 was the last war with congresional aproval korea,vietnam,iraq and afganastan not to mention a dozen conflicts were waged without aproval so give me a break!I do believe in constitutional aproval for war and only ron paul will restore constitutional purity!

  22. If a white man breaks a law he is liable… If a black man breaks a law he is liable. The Race Card has been played so much it has no credibility with me! Blacks and Whites are of equal value we all know it! It makes me sick that so many people continue whining about racism. A long time ago some cruel ass white people enslaved some black people! It was wrong, ugly and disgusting! It could of just as easily happened the other way around. The black folks could of enslaved and beaten the white folks. Those white ancestors that participated in slavery are dead now, thank God. That being said… Why can't we all just move on and be on the same team. We are all Americans!

  23. JetsonJoe looks like your paying attention to what's going on.How do like all the coverage of the impeachment by our media?It is turly discusting.We have been sold out by the media.

  24. First of all, hating Obama has nothing to do with race. All of this about white people hating Obama because he is black is ignorant. Have you ever considered the fact that maybe Obama really is a bad president, or are you just going to choose to show your ignorance. I myself am white, and I hate Obama not because he is black, but because he is screwing with my country. I would have been just fine with having Herman Cain as our next president, and his skin is even darker than Obama’s. Another point to make is that Obama does not even qualify for president of the United States due to the sad fact that his father was born in Kenya, and that the law clearly states that in order to even run for president, BOTH OF YOUR PARENTS MUST BE BORN U.S CITIZENS. There it is- Obama does’nt qualify!! Even if Obama did qualify, he would still be the WORST PRESIDENT EVER for these reasons and many more:

    He is the first president to spend 3 million dollars of our nation’s money on a ski trip· First president to spend a trillion dollars on shovel ready jobs and then later admit there was no such thing as shovel ready jobs· First president to sue states for requiring valid ID’s to vote, even though the same administration requires valid ID’s to travel by air· First president to defy a Federal Judge’s court order to cease implementing the Health Care reform law· First president to halt deportations of illegal aliens and grant them work permits, a form of stealth amnesty roughly equivalent to “The Dream Act” which would not pass congress· First president to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party· First president to preside over a cut to the credit rating of the U.S government· First president to violate the war powers act· First president to orchestrate the sale of murder weapons to Mexican drug cartels· First president to issue an unlawful recess appointment while the U.S Senate remained in session (against the advice of his own justice department)· First president to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil in the Gulf of Mexico· I could spend my whole day naming everything negative that our illegal president has done, but since my hands are hurting from typing it all, I will choose not to. Again, I am white. Some of my best friends are black. I have nothing against black people. However, I do have something against someone black or white intentionaly destroying my country (especially when they are illegal). I just hope we have a good president soon. I don’t care if they are black or white as long as they love our country, and are willing to uphold the three things that make our country great: God, The Constitution, and the work of our founding fathers. But for now I am afraid that we are stuck with Obama. However, Election 2012 is here and our best choice is definitely Rick Santorum. It’s time to wake up America. It’s time to open our eyes to the truth. So all people, black and white, come join me as an American patriot, and together “We the People” can wake America and keep everything that makes us great. After all, equality is one of them. Our Declaration of Independece has written on it: “All men are created equal”. Together lets stop globalism, and keep our constitution, and everything the fathers fought for. By the way, weekdays at 9a.m tune in to 106.1 FM and listen to Glenn Beck. Also try watching him weekdays at 5pm at GBTV.Com you get a free 2 week trial. Please just try him out and see what you think.

    O- One





  25. I am white. I understand completely that slavery was a wrong and pure evil thing. If I were living during Slavery, I would have been fighting hard alongside Abe Lincoln and other whites as an ally of the blacks. I would work hard to end it. But we have to get past that because it is over. The evil whites who enslaved blacks are dead. We need to come together and break the feeling of animosity and work as a United nation just as it was intended to be. America can’t be America unless we unite. Let’s all come together to love the country in which we were born and as one, take pride in where we live. TOGETHER as ONE, let’s RE-EDUCATE ourselves, and FIGHT COMMUNISM AS ONE. This way, WE THE PEOPLE CAN TAKE AMERICA BACK!

  26. Has nothing to do with being black or white. All I know is that Obama is the worst president ever by a long shot. Herman Cain is even darker skinned than Obama, and as a white man, I would have been just fine with Cain! Listen to Glenn Beck on the radio weekmornings at 9a.m at 106.1 FM and for a 2 week free trial, please check him out by watching him weekdays at 5p.m on GBTV.Com

  27. Well, I’m black and I have this to say…People who support Obama and claim white people hate him cuz he’s black(not saying they’re aren’t any who do, that would be foolish to think)or say its the republicans, have no knowledge of the constitution. When your secretary of defense tells Senators in an Armed Services Committee hearing, that our military gets its orders from the UN or NATO and then the president backs that with saying he doesn’t have to “address the constitutional question” or a better way of putting it, doesn’t have to seek approval from congress to go to war, that is grounds for impeachment. They’ve handed our military over to a foreign power. THAT is treason.

    • What Jay said and…The black/white, republican/democrat, liberal/conservative, right/left,
      Christian/Muslim – Is Not RACISM

      It's called DIVIDE and CONQUER – United we win and they know it!

  28. Racism ENDED a long time ago~At least 50 years ago~
    unfortunately "affirmative action" did not, it still exists today in jobs and schools all across America. Obama is an AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PRESIDENT!

    • msbetz, get out of the house for once, you idiotic nincompoop, and you might see racism in its fullness. There is no end for racism in sight, and part of the reason is because at least one ignoramus such as yourself exists on average per square mile.

    • Doesn't make sense, does it? Call me paranoid, but they are up to something. It could be something as simple as "pacify" the people or as big as 9/11 +.

    • They will. There will be more names signed to impeach Obama than you can find in the DC directory! I think you will see a mass movement towards impeachment after the congressional hearings on Benghazi, Libya. It'll be bigger than President Clinton's.

  29. The black/white, republican/democrat, liberal/conservative, right/left,
    Christian/Muslim – Is Not RACISM

    It's called DIVIDE and CONQUER – United we win and they know it!

  30. Please take this President down. Obama is the worst President in American_History. He must be impeached before all Americans, whatever color their _skin, loose the Freedoms that we hold dear

  31. If you want to impeach Obama for this, then you should also try Bush Jr. and friends for lying to Congress, the American people and the UN about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Those lies caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands of our finest, not to mention more civilians in Iraq. I call that treason. Then try him and his top administration for torture as well. Lets be fair about this. Yes, I think that president Obama has to obtain permission from the Congress before entering that kind of military action. BUT consider the magnitude of the offenses. Bush Jr. obtained congressional approval by lying. How different is that than not asking for approval? Are thousands of American deaths less outrageous than failure to obtain congressional approval?

    • You may be right but we have to start somewhere, let's get this constitution shredding imposter out before he does any more damage.

    • I've found people will not believe we found Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq even if those of us that been there and saw it tells them. They will defend stupidity no matter what. Obama need to be impeached for so much more than this. His willingness to constantly bypass the Constitution of the United States is borderline on Treason and should be dealt with accordingly.

    • They did not lie about that. Hussein moved the WMDs to Syria which are now being used by the Syrian government on their own people. NO, he did not lie. Also, why did Obama leave them military in Iraq and Afghanistan? Quit blamikng the republicans for everything. It's ignorant.

  32. all of the above mentioned by you is no doubt true. Also Americans have been dumbed down with the vaccines, chemicals in the air, radio waves from haarp, food supply and chemically treated water supply. scientifically planned and has worked. These reasons are why Americans are not that bright. These reasons are why we go along with their plans knowing their intention,s for us.. These reasons are why they have gotten as far as they have in taking control of our country like they have. We have been enslaved since the 1930,s. how long does it take for an intelligent person to figure it out let alone do something about it. So far we have only talked about it . This is why we Americans are where we are today. Still enslaved. Our first step in taking back our country is taking our money out of their banks. all at once,.. Chaos will soon follow and out of chaos a new America will be formed. Take control by taking back the power we give them to inst use against us. Secondly our policing agencies need to start remembering the oath they took and abide by it. Taking orders to harm your fellow Americans is as dumb as dumb gets. We help to enslave ourselves as if we will be considered to live amongst the half billion worldwide that will be left. we all assume we will be.


    Sony Corporation

    1-7-1 Konan
    Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan

  34. Now that Obama has been reelected I am very concerned where America is headed? I for one am willing to back any impeachment to get Obama out of office?

    • Does anyone get it yet. When Obama first took office, he visited Venezuela to confer with Hugo Chavez. When Obama was about to speak on a platform stage backdropped by a range of mountains, the secret service were concerned about marksmanship persons from the mountains, and Hugo entered the platform from the right side of the stage, handed him a book he wrote on how to create a dictatorship. Obama acted sooo surprised. Come on, nobody gets that close to the president without permission. What is going on now is all in Obama's plan. He plans on being the last president and the first dictator. Next when he went to China, he was all smiles boarding and deboarding the plan. When he left China, there were no smiles. He appeared to be very disturbed? Perhaps China was not accommodate the U.S. anymore. Think about it. Impeach? Better hurry. KATE

  35. Morons, you can't impeach him over Libya.
    You already made fools of yourselves with Romney. Now you want to take Khadaffi's side against the Libyan people?

    • I disagree. You CAN impeach Obama over sending military troops to Libya, according to Article 1, Section 8 of the constitution, Congress and Congress alone has the power to declare war. With this said, Obama sent OFFENSIVE military troops to Libya without Congress's consent. Due to the the "offensive" aspect to the phrase, one may consider it declaring war. Also, according to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in wnd.com's article "OBAMA IMPEACHMENT BILL NOW IN CONGRESS", it seems that “Our goal would be to seek international permission and we would … come to the Congress and inform you and determine how best to approach this, whether or not we would want to get permission from the Congress – I think those are issues we would have to discuss as we decide what to do here.” Translation: ‘We’re going to seek international approval, and then we’ll come and tell the Congress what we might do, and we might seek congressional approval.’ You tell me, is that Constitutional?

    • this isn't red or blue this is American or unAmerican…and the President we have now is 100% unAmerican..eliminating our flag from the press room not to mention 43 impeachable offenses… and using the executive branch to legislate… that is a fail safe of having 3 dept of the government… executive branch is not to legislate laws, read a book

    • i'm more worried about siding with and for the American people than for against the Libyan people regarding something we had no business being mixed up in the first place. I will agree that Romney was a poor choice as a candidate and the dumbass "Republicans" who nominated him set themselves up for failure. I am more than willing to support a president regardless of party who attempts to do what is best for the country of people who elected him. Throwing us into other countries business does not look after our best interest and fanatics and idiots from left or right do nothing drive a division deeper throughout our country. how is it the the current administration is attempting to sue the companies that they attempted to bail out without any kind of ramifications from their actions that resulted in the need of a bailout, but are getting of scott free in regards to an idiotic gun running scheme in fast and furious. it's time that politicians that do not follow the wishes of those that elected them and who they are elected to serve face the consequences of their actions and do not get re-elected, that idiots who try to ignore the constitution are brought up on charges, and all of our elected leaders are held accountable

  36. We as Americans can talk /post, rant and vent our feelings about this man until we are blue in the face, But what can we do to actually get him out , Action is the only way to get him out, but right now he has his military force getting ready for us. Congress wants to impeach him but some parties are with him also as well as his Muslim brotherhood. We have to form a large group and sign a petition to give to members in Congress. There are members in Congress who are also fed up with him. The democrats public who voted for him still think of him as a great President a lot better than Bush and better than Mitt Romney. They think he is a American born citizen. Little do they know what will happen when 2013 comes our economy collapses.And he starts acting like the dictator / Islamic ruler. I feel that we have to get back our country, our freedoms and self respects for ourselves as Americans to show others that we will not allow this man and his backers to dominate and destroy our country. The only country that was founded by our forefathers who gave us the Declaration of Independence, The bill of Rights and The Constitution. Give me liberty ,for I will have no other way to live, if I 'm a slave . This man is not na American nor does he feel like we do. He hates and wants to destroy the U.S, of A. . We must band together and ignore our political beliefs and set those behind because right now they're not in question it's our freedoms and our lives to protect as well as those whose lives are not yet born for the next future generation of Americans.

    • I say we stand and fight them all !!!!
      bull crap if i want to be probed with micro chips because that's what he has plans to do with us all !!!

      and before any smart azz comment pops up google it – it is fact not fiction!

  37. It is clear to me that Obama has no interest in putting together a "bipartisan" effort to find a solution with congress about anything. The reason is, he just doesn't give a damn. He doesn't have to worry about re-election campaigns anymore…so he'll just lay back and do what he wants. Who'll question him? If the Republicans say anything in the way of constructive criticizm, he' s got his tailored made answer: "It doesn't matter what you say, I won the election, the people voted for me so that I can do what I want!" That's what he basically said in the beginning of his first term. Between now and the end of his second term, don't expect Obama to do anything different…he doesn't know how, nor does he care to know. That is who we re-elected!

  38. ok. this is obviously a lie. i'm sick of people who don't know anything about the rules of being a president running their stupid mouths. Barack Obama has every right to use whatever military force he wants. do you know why? because at times of war (which we are in right now) the president has complete power of the military. DUH. geez people pick up a book once and awhile. the internet is just plan bad for stupid ppls brains. 🙂

    • Yeah this fool has been faking his birth certificate using fake SS#s but if this don't get ya
      this fool plans on making us get micro chipped wtf?
      do your research fool before you are against taking him out of office !!!!

    • Obama isn't a legal pres… he got in there with faked documents… they don't give out birth certificates in Kenya… esp that village… and I know he was born in a Kenyan village because a missionary that has been there for over 20 yrs told me… as they elders in the village told him… so anything he does is ILLEGAL according to the Constitution…

    • No but because the hospital his birth certificate says he was born at wasn't built until nearly four years after he was born says he wasn't born there and the document is falsified

    • He does not. He doesn't even have to let congress know about it for 48 hours. And then he has 60 days and a 30 day withdrawal period before he needs congressional consent or a declaration of war. This isn't even a limit in the constitution, but a law passed in 1973,

    • The "1973 War Powers Act" applies only IF the U.S. has been attacked. It's a defensive measure. The president have no power whatsoever to declare war.

    • First off. You spelled plain wrong. so maybe YOU should pick up a book every once in a while. Secondly you are the uneducated moron that doesn't know what is going on in this country and that the so called president of the us is a terrorists and is running this country in the ground and he has dumb a$$'$ like you behind him because you liberals think you know everything but when the facts come out you uneducated liberals start changing the subject. He should be impeached and kicked out of this country!! if you wanna follow him you can go with him. plus he cheated in this past election, 300,000 to 600,000 soldiers did not get their ballots till a day after the election, did you know that???! the debt is unbelievable high. go to a computer and open your damn eyes and do some research and get some facts for a change, the bright side you will be the first liberal to do so, and see what he is doing to this country. its not that he's black its that hes a terrorists. go watch 2016. have a blessed day

    • Thank you for posting. I was one of the many military members who didn't get our ballots until after the election.

    • I am a retired military operator and commanding officer. following a lawful order to use force is required by higher command authority. Do you think it wise to send troops into battle with no backing? Ask Secretary Clinton. she did not help my shipmates who are now gone in the last event where folks asked for military support. Remember a lawful order.

    • Lt B: Military law also states when an order is unlawful or goes against the men in harms way, it can be ignored…I don't fault the two who tried to save the Ambassador and the other American. Far as I am concerned, the order to "stand down" was unlawful because they DID have the necessary backing. And the dimwits you apparently support refused to send that assistance—this makes them just as guilty as that liar in the oval office, clinton, and the rest of the ozero gang.

    • Geez, VofR, pick up a book and READ it, why don't you! It's clear by your ignorant post that you have no idea of what you are talking about….NO president has the "right" to use whatever military fore he wants and NO president has complete power over the military. Unfortunately, the predatory pathological liar in chief evidently thinks he has all the power and no one else can stop him. He is in for a very rude awakening.

    • your an idiot look at what that non-American board muslin traitor be impeached, if not the US os A is done for FREEDOM is over people wake the F'ing up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey buddy Are You an Idiot? Obama Has way overreached his power and authority on many occasions. you know the prez should be impeached and ridiculed. I think we need to mock him and make and example of him for all the world and U. S. citizens to see and we should poll the super rich who he just went after to see what they want us to put him away for good. He is a disgrace to all races across the world and he has weakened the world opinion of us as a great world power because he let 4 americans die without killing those who attacked the consulate.

    • Whatever he wants? against American citizens? You sure? You are completely wrong my friend. AND what WAR are you talking about? Where are we 'At War'? who is the idiot now?

    • Barack Obama does not have the right. Did you forget about 'checks and balances' ? Just because he is 'unfortunately' the president does not give him the power to do as he pleases without getting approval. Furthermore, checks and balances has been in place in order to prevent any 'one' branch from having too much power. He must be impeached and now. He has stepped all over our country in more than one way and should never have been put in office!

    • Yourself included then? Since you obviously haven't picked up a copy of the Constitution which says only Congress can approve any declaration of war. Smarten up

    • sorry, he cannot do anything he wants by law. "at times of war." can you please show me where a "Declaration of War" has been issued.

    • Well well well…….His little gold pen that he loves to use might as well be dry………God please anwer our prayers IMPEACH!

    • He has been abusing the power since the 1st term, and does not like the Constitution because it limits his power. He needs to go and now! He is Anti- American and probably the Anti-Christ too.

    • First off, we are not IN A WAR. We are in conflicts, which in itself allows for almost any military action and DOES NOT REQUIRE CONGRESS'S APPROVAL.

      He is well within his rights. Bush started a entire conflict on lies that is still costing lives. Anybody mad about that?

      This is like impeaching Clinton for a blow job. Good luck tin hat people!

    • What war? There has not been an official decleration of war in the idiots term in office. He has not done any good for the country except put our grandchildren in debt and Piss off the citizens of this country. Nixon was a better president and more honest. Obuma can't be trusted and has devided the country.

    • This is the most retarded thing I've ever read, we are in an ENDLESS war you dumb S*!t, one that is also not allowed. They want it to be endless so they can always have an excuse to do anything they want whenever they want to. WE are the ones going to war, the other side just wants us to stop killing there children and living in there homes.

    • Actually voice of reason you are the idiot. We are NOT in a state of war, for war is declaired on another country which we are not. We are in a war on terror. Not real good with geography, but I'm pretty sure there is no country called terror. What a moron. Know your facts before you open your stupid mouth.

    • hold on to that one he has declaired war on the american people…just look at what he has done..
      need to be impeached right now…..

    • Um, I hate to inform you, but Obama still hasn't stopped the war declared in 620AD against the civilized world.

    • Just look at the way you type. What year are you in high school? We are not at war! The only way for the United States to actually be at war is for congress to say so. Even if we were, the president still doesn't have complete control. How do I know? Well I took four years of college history courses and I'm in the U.S. Navy. You need to read a book and get the hell off the internet.

    • Actually voice of reason you are the idiot. We are NOT in a state of war, for war is declaired on another country which we are not. We are in a war on terror. Not real good with geography, but I'm pretty sure there is no country called terror. What a moron. Know your facts before you open your stupid mouth.

    • Doesn't really work that way. thats like saying. we are at war with Iraq. So the president has the ability to send forces to france. we are in a war. But not with the libyia for that to happen congress needs to be involved

    • We aren't in a time of war dude. Only Congress has the authority to declare war on another nation & the President, no matter who he is must ask for this permission to do so. Perhaps you should brush up on Constitutional Law, checks & balances & the roles of all three branches of government before you openly showing your ignorance. Voice of Reason?? More like Voice of misinformation.

    • actually you should do your research because as a former military man myself we are not at a time of war and have not been for quite some time now. It is considered a police action at the moment not a time of war

    • you are wrong we are not in a time of war no deceleration of war has been issued iraq and afghanistan are operations. and even if a deceleration had been signed congress still has the power of the purse strings over the military.

    • The President has power over the Marine Corps, not the entire military. If we were at war, which we were and are not, it was NOT with Libya. Sadly, the idiot that Obama helped to seize control in Libya is the same one behind the Benghazi incident where Americans were killed. Barack's stupid butt needs to go.
      This coming from a black, disabled vet. 4 years active Marine Infantry, 4 years Marine Reserve and 4 years Army Guard.

    • This is correct the President can only use Marine Corps and FMF Navy personnel it short conflicts without congressional approval. 90 days of boots on the ground 60 for direct fire involvement and 30 of retrograde and reset. No other military force can act without congressional approval. For the other branches of service a special committee hearing/vote is all that is required for short military involvements. If anyone from another service outside of the Marines touched foreign soil without approval of congress as stated above then he is wrong. I do not know all the details about the actions that are in questions this is just what the true current law is regarding minor conflicts on foreign soil.

    • Wrong..the President can only give lawful orders. and we are not at war.. Declared… Your argument is incorrect..

    • Open your eyes "Voice of Reason" and you read a book. You will then know that what we are in is not War. The act of War can only be declared by Congress, in which they have not. So no matter what they call it, it is not officially war. So before you try to look like you are a well educated person on what war is and not, you need to "pick up a book". The President may use the military for policing actions with limitations. Not to the extent that Obamatard has done.

    • MORON! You don't know shit how this country works. Braindead people like vote scum in like this. Don't worry you win the office but we will get the last laugh.

    • Pick up a book? Read the Constitution of the United States of America. He needs Congressional Approval to use Military Force. It doesn't matter if it's a "time of war." If he wants to use military force SOMEWHERE ELSE, then he needs congressional approval.

    • Correct. To support your comment, Google: "1973 War Powers Act."

      The War Powers Act was a congressional tool given to the president to defend the United States in the event of being attacked. The president has no Constitutional enumerated powers whatsoever to declare war, or to engage our military into conflicts at his whim.

    • You are wrong, the president has the power to use the military with the United States Congressional approval only. We were not at war with Libya, he sent forces in without approval then said it was ok becasue he had UN approval. That is not the law and the UN does not have the power to dictate where our military goes, only congress. Wake up!

    • It has absolutely nothing to do with the military. It's the repeated violations of the Constitution, two of which are making recess appointments when Congress isn't in recess. It's supplying planes and ammo to countries that are known to harbor terrorists, enemies of the state. If you know anything about the Constitution, you'd know that high treason is punishable by death. You'd also know that the president is required to sign off on a budget annually. The president also may not violate the 10th Amendment. Tell me again about the internet being bad for stupid ppls brains.

    • your a retard. war on terrerism is not a war, that has already been deliberated. the CONSTITION says that NO MATTER WHAT congress has full controll over wars. obama commands but the system of checks and balances prevails. so when obama gets impeached i hope you go to jail with him, on charges of being a DUMBASS

    • voice of reason…. you must be one of the rats that crawled out of a hole to vote for him. go find some rats poison and chow down. its people like you that he shouldn't have a say in jack shit!

    • In this case, we don't need to pick up a book, we need to pick up the Constitution which specifically says he needs Congressional approval. The problem is that kids (this includes my government class in high school) are taught and texted out of books about the US government and not the Constitution.

    • Maybe you should check your information. Congress has NOT declared war, therefore we are not legally at war, and therefore he MUST get congressional approval for military actions.

    • Ok… I have heard that we have a "war on terror"… but have we declared an official act of war on a specific country? I work midnights and may have missed it…

    • He can use the military for up to 99 days without congressional approval… Libya was longer… Not only that but he signed an executive order allowing him to enact martial law even when we are not in war time, sorry but NO!!!!

    • @'voice of reason… You suggest picking up a book? Read the constitution and the bill of rights. Note that we were are NOT at war with Libya. The Prez does need to get permission from congress to use military force. It's The Law. The Prez does NOT have the right to use 'whatever military force he wants'….. Realize that there are 3 branches of Govt., designed to PROTECT us from free from a dictator/king etc. Its called 'balance of power'. To believe that the Prez has that kind of power only shows your ignorance.

    • Please change your name from Voice of Reason, there is nothing reasonable about your statements. We are NOT a monarchy and we are NOT his subjects. He has to ask permission to use the military you IDIOT. Go back to school and learn something about our country before you spout your BS. The President is NOT all powerful, there are rules he has to follow and he works FOR us the people, not that you would know it since he is destroying our country, but he does. He swore an oath to protect, support, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and he should start doing it. We haven't had a budget the entire time he has been President…..really, and you think he's doing a great job…you are a moron. You probably believe that no one got taxed more too. It's people like you that have our country in the mess it is in, he NEVER should have been reelected by all of you lemmings who voted for him.

    • Incorrect. Look into the laws of the specific military clauses. He may be the Commander and Chief, but he still does have to have Congress approval. The military is not to command when and where he likes, as the military exists for the sole purpose of protecting American citizens, and the Constitution. NOT his personal motives. The military takes orders from him as long as it does not endanger the country, the citizens, or the constitutional rights therein.

    • Please go back to school and learn grammar, spelling, history, government…anything about the country you are fortunate enough to live in and be free to spout ridiculous, ignorant BS.

    • Although you are right, during a time a war, the president can. However, we are not at war and havn't been since 2005. We are in "Conflicts" right now, and under "Conflicts" the president needs congressional approval. So before you start calling people stupid and to crack a book, maybe you should as well.

    • I am unaware of any war that has been declared in many years. Show me the declaration! Obama swore to uphold and defend the Constitution and he has done nothing but abuse, try to change it to his benefit and crap all over it. Any disagreement and he wants to use executive order. Perhaps you should read a book, of course even then that won't give you any of the common sense of which you sorely lack. Talk about stupid sheeple, look in the mirror and you will see one. Gah!

    • Times of War which we are in? Funny.. this isn't a war in my eyes. We are not doing anything to protect us, just wasting money and resources. Regardless, he still has to follow the rules. They are rules, they are set there for a reason. You're right though.. the internet IS bad for stupid peoples brains… so you should /log off.

    • We are not in any declared wars. So, though I agree this is false (wishing it was true), you are obviously one of the ones who knows nothing about the "rules of being a president". The President can send troops to battle, but only Congress can declare war. Which hasn't happened at all since the first Gulf War. So maybe you should read a book, I would suggest throwing in the Constitution while you are at it, which is violated over and over by this President.

    • Have you ever read, or have any knowledge whatsoever of the "1973 War Powers Act?"

      Add, the president of the United States DO NOT have the Constitutional enumerated powers you speak of. For that very reason are why Congress gave the executive branch limited defensive measures with the "1973 War Powers Act" PERIOD

      Fact: President G. W. Bush had to get "War Powers Act" approval from congress before he went into Afghanistan and Iraq.

    • It's not a lie. Educate yourself by Googling the: "1973 War Powers Act."
      Bush got congressional WPA approval for Afghanistan and Iraq.

    • Where is the formal declaration of war from Congress? There is none because our country is a bankrupt out of control corrupt greedy "corporation" (Title 28 Section 3002). Our country is a company. It is in business to make a profit for the bankers and the puppet masters liker George Soros, George H W Bush and David Rockefeller The corporation called the United States started every war since WWI and we are under at least ten declared states of national emergency, which is why and how Obama and every other President can use executive orders. This is also evident in the gold fringed flags flying everywhere including on the shoulder patch of our corporation military. We are not at war. We are in business as a corporation killing people for profits for the bankers and this must stop now!

    • Voice of What? You should read the Constitution. Why suggest we read books about others opinions on what it says. It's written in plain English:

      Article 2; Section 2; The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, WHEN CALLED INTO THE ACTUAL SERVICE OF THE UNITED STATES;…"

      Article 1 Section 8; The Congress shall have Power……To declare War, grant letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water."

    • your an idiot. yea he has every right as long as there is reason. we are already in so much debt because of him. he is giving tons of weapons to these countries to defend themselves. so we dont have to go over there. and we are not at war with those countires.

    • there is no war….it is all made up….government conspiracy. don't be fooled. all for show. do not buy into media crap its just for show.

    • another idiot sheep…. i wish u people would move the hell out of America. go read a book as u claim we need to …

    • If Im not mistaken I believe that regardless if he is"president" or not he still has to get approval from several people before he just starts bombing countries. Think you should check your facts before you start calling names.

    • If your hero, Barrack Hussein Obama has the right to tell the military to do everything he wants to, then why didn't he send troops to guard our Ambassador in Libya. The answer is that he didn't want to. He was afraid it would hurt his chances to get reelected and because of that 4 people are dead. Hillary's answer to that is "WHO CARES!:

    • You are the reason our Country is FAILING and we are losing freedoms…The President does not have any power to use whatever military force he feels. HE WASNT GIVEN THAT POWER by the founders. CONGRESS declares the threat. Obama went into libya and used our resources and military strength without the consent of CONGRESS. The President has the power to 'REPEL' invasions to our homeland and he doesn't even do that because we are invaded by illegal immigrants…Instead of picking up a book PICK UP THE CONSTITUTION and THE FEDERALISTS. You might not rant like a fool if you do. War Powers Act is unconstitutional as well and Obama didn't even obey that stinky legislation..My goodness you are such a terminal illness to my Country.

    • no he dont and wen they swear in its to protect the constitution not the president he just wants yall to see what u want , why dont ppl listen more instead he wants to take our rights and freedom, its in the bible pick it up

    • Yeah, apparently "another country" doesn't register in your mental dictionary…you should have that looked at!

    • he dose not have the power to go around congress even in war time, and he cannot declare war with out a declaration of war from congress , he is not aloud to be a dictator/king, get your facts straight .

    • Hey, "Voice of Dumbass liberals who don't know shit but voted for Obama anyway" – First off, you never have read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. I suggest you do so, then read up on your King Obama, and his history. Find out who his mentors were, and the money he, his wife, and his Chicago cronies took from the taxpayers in Chicago. He grew up around card carrying communists (his dad was one), so was Frank Marshall Davis. Oh, you don't know who that was? Geez, pick up a book once in a while. Until you are educated enough to hold an adult conversation with God-loving, patriotic Americans on this website, many whom have served this nation in ways you will never understand, or appreciate, you should keep you pie-hole shut and pay attention to those who have the facts straight.

  39. Midnight, Tuesday 6 November 2012 – For the "BLASTS From The RAMSHORN" Record – NOTHING Has Changed – There "IS" NO Hope {NOW – 2016 or EVER} – Short of Impeachment & or Unless or Until "We the People" CHANGE – By returning to our Beginnings <> Honoring BOTH "God" the Creator of ALL that "IS" {including me & You} through Jesus Christ -&- the Divinely Inspired "Constitution" of this Greatest of All Single Nations – To Ever Exist! "Be It So" The Executive "Entity" – of ALL that "IS" in the Unknown Space of Universes "IS" Patiently Waiting to be CONVINCED through the Word that became Jesus Christ – that We are Worthy of the TRUTH of His Forgiveness. God DID Say "The Earth "IS" Mine". Nothing Could Be Simplier – Yet, So Hard For Man {wo-man "IS" man, too} – In Our Vanities – To DO!

  40. Yeah this fool has been faking his birth certificate using fake SS#s but if this don't get ya
    this fool plans on making us get micro chipped wtf?
    do your research fool before you are against taking him out of office !!!!
    do you want your kids micro chipped ?
    do you want health insurance against your will this will be not a option but a have to !!!!

    sorry to say nobody is sticking a micro chip in me ill beat em up first !!!

    • You no I cant understand how some people voted for him ,have they not had enough? I am A vet and I hope the armd forses do not turn on its own people,forget the two party stuff? THIS IS R COUNTRY


  41. I agree impeach Obama and his staff. They are all behind his dictatorship. We are freedom people not government control people. This is what is so wonderful about our Country freedom of decision and choices. Since he has been in office we have not had ekther. What I do not understand why people dont see him for whay he truly is a Dictator monster. Please work harder to gey him out before he destroys our Country to a point of no return. He has many issues you can impeach him for. All serious matters. Libia deaths which in itself alone is good enough as we lost four brave men and the President and his staff are trying to bouncr this around to stop the process from the truth which is They lied to the American people and covering ip the murders of the Ambasdador and the other brave men. Please move swiftly as the longer you wait the move lies between them will happen.
    Thank you

    • alot of people dont see him as he is, because they are the lazy ,check drawing,free cell phone, free insurance receiving trash that dont want to loose all he has given they. they might have to start work or something terrable like that.

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  46. By all means Congress should move ahead with Removal of that Criminal in the WH. And take all of the administration with him, like David Axelrod who is a known communist born in Moscow. Obama is and has never been qualified to be president, which he has admitted by his own admission. He has been pushed through by Peloshi who is probably responsible for ok his eligibility knowing full well he is not a Natural Born citizen. He is evil, dangerous, deranged and should be punished accordingly, such as PRISON. #1 threat to National Security.

    • TROLLS… don't feed the trolls. They think we are not awake. They think we will believe their rhetoric. Guess what, we stopped listening long time ago. Stay strong everyone justice will prevail.

    • I dont know why people.. such as yourself is on this u.s. citizen thing with obama! If he wasn't able then he wouldnt have made it through round two! secondly congress is the big problem here and if you dont realize that then you need to brush up on your politics. thirdly national security is not going to go with you on this one.. Prison?? are you serious.. learn more about what your talking about before you post things on the internet.. you look foolish and uneducated! There is one thing I can say.. the whole idea of giving the illegal citizenship should be null and void. If they are going to do that then they need to give all americans who have messed up in the past a new clean slate and try from now on documenting everybody.. and thats all i got to say.. good day!

    • Bradley, you are not very intelligent. You know nothinig about national security. Obama is in fact, a huge danger to our security. If you are interested in learning something, investigate the draw down of nuclear arsenal he wants to do while allowing communist countries to increase theirs. Look into cyber-attacks and how he wants to place our cyber-security in the hands of the United Nations. Our economy as a whole is a huge threat to our national defense. Have you heard about the sequstration that will gut our military and it's abilities to react in case we are attacked? If you choose to bury your head in the sand, be my guest, but don't come on here and try to argue about stuff you know nothing. I prefer to educate myself and pay attention, rather than be stupid.

  47. Stop threatening and just do it..NOW!!!. Don't give in to delays, excuses, threats, lies or Pelosi. Don't give the Dems a chance to plan the demise of Congress. If Congress has already decided he is a suspect in the crimes, he should be setting in a jail cell until his trial…just like the law is used on common folk.


  48. Wonder if half the people supporting his impeachment on the grounds of 'illegal military activity' wanted to throw Bush out after he took us to war on the grounds of false information which started this down hill slide our country is in in he first place… he didnt have congress's vote for war when he began his assault on the Afghanistan or Iraq… just a thought… Can't please everyone apparently.. If he dosn't use the military in reaction to Benghazi in Libya, than he is unpatriotic and doesnt care.. if he does, than he needs to be impeached? Some people just dont want to see him succeed..

    • BECAUSE Bush actually had war approved by Congress! YES! that is right the current president Barack Obama actually voted to go to war. Unfortunately, the information that was given by Intel was incorrect which was figured out after we went. Get your facts before you post.

    • Would you get off Bush's ass already??! Bush left office 4 years ago, and yet he is still being blamed for stuff? Obama's crimes go way beyond military action w/o Congressional approval. He should never have been elected in the first place! You are apparently too blindsided to see this!

    • Bush got congressional approval AFTER he sent troops. Corey has a good point…the Iraq/Afghanistan war is such a waste of tax dollars and lives. Its sad that we have such a stain on our country's history.

    • Corey, Congress approved Bush's request in military action in both Afghanistan & Iraq. Are you really that ignorant?? Oh yeah, you voted for Obama.

    • Funny how everyone refers back to Bush. Fact of the matter is he had congressional approval(including democrats) for the war that began under him. Obama did not have congressional approval to use US military to fire upon either country., which is against our Constitution. He does not have the authority to do this and the UN certainly does not have the authority.

    • Bush acted on poor information, he did not create it. Only thing I hold against him is that he wussed out. We should have went strong and hard right from the begining. Please understand I am not a Bush supporter, I sure as H*ll don't support what he did during his administration. But I do believe in this country, my rights, and my idea of freedom for all peoples. Bush was an idiot, Obama should damn well pay for allowing americans to come under attack and knowingly do nothing. Also to clarify, we have not yet congresionally declared war.

    • No we don't. He is the idiot that has destroyed this Nation. He just wants to be a dictator and we are not going to sit around and let him. Open your eyes idiot.

    • I absolutely wanted Bush out for what he did. As bad as his was he does not compare or even come close to how bad this tyrant in the White house is. He has not been successful in anything but destroying the United States. He

    • Actually Corey, he did have congressional approval for the OPERATION in Iraq. This was not a war, and even if it was he still followed the laws to do so and was backed by democrats and republicans enough to be approved. Look it up. Obama used our military like a UN security force. We do not send troops into countries based on UN orders, we have a United States congress for that. Wake up!

    • Actually Bush did NOT get congressional approval until AFTER he declared war!!!!!! Why dont yall check your facts.

    • actually Bush had full Congressional support for both Afghanistan and Iraq and also support of the UN security council for both

    • so we keep allowing wrong doing, just because it was done in the past? Seriously, this blame Bush thing is old. I'm a Libertarian, and yes Bush was a puppet…but so is Obama, who by the way, is following in Bush's footsteps, and is repeating many of Bush's policies. Not to mention his many promises and lies.

    • The Clintons, Bush both Jr and Sr, and Obama along with there alphabet agencies should all be taken down!!! Nothing but lies by all of them and there secret plans initiated through there ABC agencies to include: DHS, DOJ, CIA, FBI, FEMA, TSA.. CLOSE THEM ALL DOWN!!!! Get to the real truth!!! They are all part of the bildebergs!!! Thus every single one should be tried for treason to the US!!!

    • are you kidding ? I despise the vile lying pig but I wanted him to succeed because I want my country to succeed. It is quite obvious that is not happening, so if you can;t do the job, then we have to let you go. Good riddance

    • It amazes me that you still call it false information…lets' see, lets threaten someone for 3 years, then take action! I bet you support UN as well. Had we threatened and shown up on the doorstep the next day, I'd venture to guess things would have been different, but no, we were too busy worrying about offending someone or being racist! Libs and obamainions just amaze me, how can you put so much stupid in so many people so fast?

  49. Funny thing is, you dumbass conservatives think this is a real issue. This website is the only one with the story. Obama's done nothing wrong, and Obama's not going anywhere.

    • So murdering US Citizens for any reason, without a crime being committed is okay with you? How about indefinite detention without a trial? Fast and Furious? Giving 20 Billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood that want to murder us? Providing 20 F16 Fighter jets, 20 Submarines, Boats, Assault Weapons and ammo to Muslim Brotherhood, Syrian Rebels, and Libya forces which also want America destroyed. Then there is Benghazi which he is DIRECTLY Responsible for.

    • Well, I am an outsider from EU.
      I have just one replica: and who armed talibans – when they were in war with Russia!?
      America of course :=)

      So, please do not seek ways to prevent a good president, who wants to do also something for pure – or not-so-rich people in America!
      Be happy and proud you have such a man on top!

  50. what they said about democrats being opposed to our “president” potentially being impeached is not entirely true. i am a democrat, even though i am ashamed to admit it due to what party obama is part of, yet i am all for him being impeached. he is, in my opinion, the most unconstitutional president we have ever had (and i hope will have). i cannot stand what he has done to this country and pretty much turned his back on people like me and my family. every president this country has had during my life have been saints compared to the one we have now. he needs to be impeached and thrown in gitmo because he is in a sense being a terrorist to our own country and other countries. george w. bush was better than obama. get him out of office ASAP!

  51. Oh, you don't like Obamacare so you must be a racist? People these days. Ever hear of the boy who cried wolf? He's the brother of the boy who cried racist. He cried it so much that the word has lost all it's desired meaning and effect. Make sure you get your whole head in front of the shotgun. Thank you for calling!

    • Obama care? That's the least of our troubles! Your one of those that are completely drunk on the Obama can do no wrong wine. You are completely blind to the fact that closet socialists everywhere in our government, in our school systems, movie industry, you name it and their there, are now moving forward to bringing this country down, all the way down. Its just like someone like you to pull out the race card when the criticisms start pouring out.

  52. Try Reading a non-american News Paper. Maybe the Toronto Star out of Canada, If you want truly unbiased information, look outside your borders for the truth, You'll only get half truths from either side within your own country.


  54. i could care less what color he as long as he helps this country out of the mess we are in but to me after his first 4 years things have not change one bit, so he needs to get on the ball and do something significant to turn this country in a different direction.

  55. I’m beyond sick of hearing about ‘racism’! its not an issue of race, its an issue of fairness.

    first off, in our country you are legally the, same race as your MOTHER. this men Mr.Obama, though black because of the dominate pigmant gene, is in fact legally cacasian. second, obamacare isnt paided for by taxes we already pay, its paid for by more taxes we will be required to pay. that is those of us who work any way! the free loaders who already have free housing, free food and a welfare check already recieve free or discounted medical treatment at facilties such as quality of life. the medical treatment there is just as good as anywhere else! i know because i myself use them for treatment! i cannot afford the health insurance my job offers anymore but when i had it the doctors i was sent to were no better and i pay less now by 25% than i did with insurance!

    remember, the,government cannot give to you unless it has first taken from someone else

  56. Lol this is cute. More republicans wasting time instead of addressing needs of hurricane survivors. AND IT IS A WASTE OF TIME, simply because his jury is the senate, and who holds the majority there? Right. This is more republican ” i didn’t get my way so I’m throwing a tantrum.”

    All I can say to you guys is,

    “U MAD BRO?”

  57. Please let it be so! His politics are horrible. We don't need a president who thinks our constitution is a "historical document." I just hope that the majority or the country that voted for him will wake up and see that he is stripping us of our freedoms one at a time. Then saing that's its what is best for our country. WAKE UP America! Haven't we seen this in the history books? Or are you so blind because of his race that you can't see it? Who cares anymore on what his race is? Our country can't be founded on that. It's suppose to be what is really good for our nation not just a chosen few. Hitler did that and look at where it got all those Who opposed him. But it was too late for them because he had way more power than anyone and everyone was afraid to oppose him.
    Obama is attacking our freedoms. Making Christians do things they don't believe in. Trying to force murder down our throats. To accept abortion as a form of birth control. What ever happened to waiting? Is sex so much more important than a life? Guns, healthcare and much more that we losing to the government. Many may like the healthcare but I for one feel the affects of the rising cost. Last year our healthcare was much cheaper than this year. No we are not rich by any means. We barely make it now and that's with cutting everything extra out of our lives. We go nowhere anymore except to work and church. Yet the gas we spend a month is out the roof. We have small cars and don't live very far away from either place. We only have our bills to pay yet we can't seem to make it. Our income hasn't changed except for the healthcare we pay. That's a hundred dollars more a week. Utilities have gone up and food. Everything is getting worse. So who's fault is it this time people? Obama is the one that's been in office for over four years now. So do we blame him now? He should worry about the middle class because we are all going into poverty.

  58. Obama broke every part of his presidential oath when he did not stand up for our constitution against the U.N. that should be enough ground for impeachment in my opinion. Everything else with abuse of our military just adds to it. What I want to know is what is going on between the U.N. and Obama now while he distracts us. There are ways to tighten gun control without taking away our rights. For example it’s a hell of a lot easier to get a gun than a class C drivers license. Yet we all have the right to drive until the privilege is abused.

    • I am not a republican!!!!!!! Some Americans better wake up and not bend over to the loss of constitutional rights and the road to communism it paves. The only reason you have the freedoms that you do have is because the constitution and the men who are brave enough to fight for it and have died for it!!!!!! you should be ashamed of yourself as an American to not take the notion seriously no matter your political party. So the stupid is on you!!!!

    • He is, He sold military issued guns to the drug cartel, and they used those weapons to kill our border patrol agents, and several Mexican citizens. He talks about how it's a terrible thing that all these shootings and deaths are happening, and yet he's the biggest contributor to one.

    • Obama is a genius for sure, one hell of a speaker. He is an evil destructive force against this country. Most of the people whom are for him are poor followers and use to EXISTING and not really living. Those who are attacking us who are standing behind the constitution are weak and will crumble when face having to live under total rule and /or in camps. Lie, cheating, no morals, unable to make a stand alone. Most things do not make the news because the new media are weak followers also. When those who speak the truth and clearly explain the nearing collapse along with martial law, they are ridiculed. Time will show the truth very very soon. Those who insisted on the separation of our great nation will be the ones with no one and nowhere. No one to lean on or get handouts from.

    • obama is a worthless piece of trash, if you think he is so great why is trying to take away all of our rights, you need to open your eyes and take a look at what hes doing

    • NO read the article, involvement with Fast and Furious, also this website reports stories on aliens, come on people we all know this is not real

    • The answer is no. This is a fictional article, like the rest on their site. Take a look around; they also write about aliens, mutants, etc.

    • He definitely is, the answer is yes. You should put this article on blast and tell EVERYONE because you just KNOW mainstream media is NOT GOING TO COVER IT. Then you should do what I'm doing, I'm planning an impeachment party, I'm inviting everyone to come to my place and watch the impeachment hearings, they are starting on Feb 30 and I will be GLUED to my tv.

  59. Impeach him —hes trying to change all the const. admendments. First 2 now 22 and 4. We don't want him in there anymore . He has done nothing but screw over the people since hes been in.

  60. Now hes trying to make ALL gun owners buy a gun insurance.WTF this is stupid. Instead of being down on criminals ( who isn't going to listen anyways) hes doing it to all the people…GUNS don't kill people its the criminals who use the guns and no gun control will help. Hes using this to try to take over the United States god wake up people…

    • Yes sir, he is a stupid politiician that thinks if they pass legislation, then the street gangs of Chicago would comply with the law and register their weapons. By the way, last month, Chicago (his home of record) had 43-45 murders. There were only 26 murders during the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Chicago has the most strict gun laws in the country. So, some liberal idiot is going to change this by making the law-abiding citizens give up their rights to self-protect? Only .03% of Chicagoans have licenses to own a weapon. So, who is doing all the killing? Nazi Germany was effective because they disarmed the population – that is what Obama is trying to do to us. Many in his party want to see a complete ban on weapons by private citizens. They will have a fight on their hands if they try to take mine. I am prepared.

    • Because the mainstream media is owned by reuters, who in turn is owned by…the banks. And who do the banks answer to? Thats right…the FED. You no longer recieve unbiased news…its all carefully controlled through a central network…and regurgitated across the nation. Very few media outlets have the balz to tell the truth.

  61. this is funny. America is such a great country even if only for the heated and usually uninformed debates that occur on the internet. The internet is the only place where both sides can throw their share of media spun crap and not have to suffer any real consequences. I love it

  62. The only problem with an impeachment, you have to have the majority of the house and senate both. Democraps control the senate. Bill Clinton was impeached by the House and acquitted by the senate and wasn't removed from office. Our congress doesn't have the balls to do this. We need an overhaul of congress to get this done. Why do people keep electing these idiots back into congress. They are useless!!!! I hope this is true but it will never happen with the incompetent congress we have today. We need to take our country back from these career politicians who only serve their needs and not the people they are meant to serve!!! I hope for the country's sake it is for real and actually happens but I am not holding my breath….

    • democrips and rebloodlicans ,they all want him gone, to get rid of the bully .
      ask any educated black person they will tell you he is bad news taking away mine and all black people rights we are in the same boat. ps dont suck the sack of main stream media black people.i think you know shit is getting worse .not better, has obama helped your people in your area? state your case! to me he is a great talker/and hot air, nothing more he has only put his time into out side nation stuff.

  63. Not sure how much truth and how much scandal is in this article I've only heard it from one source. Still should there be truth to these allegations lets hear the facts from both sides of the fence, Republican and Democrat. Because lets be honest here, most people only wanna take information the the source that caters to their beliefs. If this is true and should he be found guilty then by all means let have another president, for better or for worse. I'm a Black Republican. I don't agree with Obama on almost any issue. But I don't think him a criminal we should just throw him to the wolves.

  64. I believe the reason why people hate Barak Obama is obvious. Its plain racism. Maybe they dont know they are racist but seeing a Black Man in office scares the shit out of them. Its sad but racism hasnt gone any where. People accepted Blacks as neighbors but as The President they cant handle it. I say quit your crying and respect that man.

    • The first black president with a white mama, dims suckered you right in. It's not the color of his skin, it's the color of his ideology, RED. Get off the lame brain racism crap. I could care less about skin color, that is a dim subject, they didn't vote to free you or give you civil rights, the republicans did. They used you, made you dependent on them for handouts, wouldn't allow 2 parents in your HUD home and they kept you there, they aborted your children by the millions. They carried a KKK as a high ranking Senator in your party, Robert Byrd. Learn your history with them, or repeat it.

    • I think the reason most people dislike him is because he's a socialist. Race has nothing to do with it with most people I know, including myself. I don't want to work my ass off while a very capable person sits on their ass and collects a check that they feel (and our socialist president feels) rightfully belongs to them.

    • Erica,

      Not one (NOT ONE!) of his ancestors was a slave in the South. Never. Half of his ancestors aren't even American. Honey, African Americans don't even trust Barack Obama or like him.
      It's not racism, it's common sense.

      -Miss Lola

    • Psuedo-racism? I wouldn't favor nor disadvantage either party if African Americans supported him or not. Is he fulfilling his national and international duties?

    • Until he fulfills his national duties, as laid out in the Constitution, he has no international duties. And while in office, he has repeatedly and without regard or respect for the Constitution, sidestepped the Constitution through Presidential orders so as to avoid the possibility of being voted down in Congress. Racism, for me, is a non-issue. Some of my best friends in life have been of other races. I am an American and a defender of the Constitution and the way of life it affords. That's neither racism nor psuedo-racism.

    • J Sampson – That is because Congress blocked everything he was trying to do. He even sent several job creation bills to the house that would have entice corporations to hire Americans and you know what they did. They blocked them just to make him a one term president.
      And for your information, congress has the authority to override an executive decision if it goes against the Constitution. So learn how the constitution works before spouting your rubbish.
      He submitted his budgets to congress every year sincere he was sworn into office and they house sat on them or declined to bring it up for discussion in the Ways and Means Committee. So you and people like you need to visit the House Website and check out the Budget proposals by Obama submitted before repeating lies fed to you by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and other ultra conservatives.
      The truth is out there on the House and Senate Websites all you have to go is go there and review the information and find the real truth out and not what the media wants you to believe. Also check out the White House website as well.

    • Lola, if you believe that then you have lived a sheltered life and have no clue to what the real environment is like in the US.

    • For sure she is. She is the reason why our country is suffering so much under the hands of this tyrant and his administration. Is useless to try to reason with this kind of people, like her we have a lot of people in this country. I pray to God this is a successful impeachment and our country can moved forward before is too late and this tyrant/dictator/useless president finish destroying it. I'm Hispanic, and I don't believe this has anything
      to do with racism!

    • No Alba – It is uneducated closed minded people like you who live in a dream world and have no clue to how the real country and world works. you need to travel to other states and countries and get a clue to what the real country is and how it works and then travel to other countries and see just how lucky we are and Obama is no tyrant compared to 235 other countries leaders in the world.
      YOU HAVE NO FLIPPING CLUE WHAT A DICTATOR IS !!!!!!!!! Go to North Korea and see what a real dictator does. GET A CLUE !!!!!!!!

    • i'm a veteran with 9 years of service to my country … and have seen those other countries you speak of. I agree with what you are saying … but also I know my history. If we are feed a little at a time .. that all is well …. we may no better off than the German people were under Hitler. We cow our heads down and say what can I do? If I can put food on the table and shelter for my family … I've done all I can do. I, on the other hand have seen the cost of freedom. I also know the warning of our forefathers … that our greatest fear should be that of our our goverment. If we don't stand up to what's right and up hold the Constitution … we are doomed to the same as the countries you speak of. I've seen enough killing flieds in my life time and pray I don't see any more. Let's take legal action while we can to avoid this horrible path. Wake-up my fellow Americans … this is our country … your State is you home and structured by Constitution Law to protect our rights individually. When we have a President that steps over State and Local law .. as Obama has for personal reasons … we no longer have a President for the people but one that is acting on his on ….Wow .. what do we call that when we see that in those countries you speak or .. "Your words" YOU HAVE NO FLIPPING CLUE WHAT A DICTATOR IS !!!!!!!!! Go to North Korea and see what a real dictator does. GET A CLUE !!!!!!!! .. Actually it is you who needs to re-look at what's going on here. And please never under mind those of us who have served and gave all for this great Nation .. and are still paying the price with our broken bodies and night-mares.

      Command Sargent Major

    • i do not like him because of political reasons, he is a horrible president and has nothing to do with his race.

    • I will not totally disagree with you, but playing the race card makes you a moron. People do not like him because he is a socialist taking away our rights as American citizens. Me, I could care less if you are white, black, brown, the color of the rainbow or beamed down to earth from the USS Enterprise; if you are a POS then you are a POS. End of story.

    • u are an idiot. he is ruining the country with his dont know shit policies… he was a crappy lawyer, didnt do so hot as a senator , and is way over his head being potus… he wants photo-ops, vacations, and money. and hes getting all 3 …. and not doing his job…

    • Are you kidding…it doesn't matter if he's black or white to quote a famous black woman….he's an idiot!

    • Erica you're an idiot… I could care less what color he is and I'm sick and tired of you guys using the racist card… Mexican's had it tough and "WE'RE NOT OUT THERE CRYING LIKE YOU ARE"… you know why? BECAUSE WE CAN HANDLE LIFE / CRAP AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT USE THE RACIST CARD ARE THE BIGGEST DUMB ASS'S IN THIS UNIVERSE!!! RACIST MY ASS, HE IS SO AGAINST AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE but you're to dumb to see through it because you are to busy crying the WORD RACIST!!! CRY BABY!!!

    • What has Obama disregarded I the Constitution? Please enlighten me on this so I can refer to the Constitution o the United States, current executive orders and other actions taken by Obama. So that I can see it for myself.

    • no william….why dont you read for yourself. You dont need to go far,so it should be easy for you. Jerk off.

    • You are a moron. Being black has nothing to do with it. I wish every day Herman Cain was our President. The most prominent form of racism today is entitlement programs. It keeps minorities ever tied to their Democratic masters. The Confederacy called. They want their moronic racism back, prick.

    • Obozo is biracial, not black! I am black and I don't nor have I ever supported him. It isn't about race! It is about his numerous failed policies, over inflated ego and arrogance. This country needs a leader, not someone that see's himself as a God, he is the farthest thing from him. I could care less the race of a person, I look at character. PS. The dems handy dandy race card played out after Condi Rice got called the "house negro" and Tim Scott a "Token" by the oh so tolerant democratic party. Turn in your card, it's a disgrace!

    • How can one man destroy a nation that many men have led? It may sound elementary, but teamwork is the issue.

    • Destroyed too damn much??????? I guess Bush and the 110th, 111th and 112th congress didn't destroy anything?
      last I checked When Bush took office has was .95 per gallon, unemployment was roughly 4.7% and people were happy. By the end of the Bush Administration, we were losing 500k jobs a month, stock market imploded and went from 14k to 7k, and unemployment was reaching 10.2%, got us into two wars that have cost 1000s of young men and women's lives in the US military and trillions in spending.
      Obama since he took office, we have added roughly 175k to 225k net jobs a month, the stock market has gone from 7k to 15k. Got us out of Iraq, has drawn up plans to get out of Afghanistan by the end of next year, resisted sending troops into Syria to aid the Syrian Rebels like Rush Limbaugh and the rest o the War hawks want him to do and called him a ball less coward for not doing so. Now that he is furnishing them weapons to fight Assad, those same people are criticizing him for giving arms to the Syrian rebels.
      Last I checked, I can say what I want, go where I want, eat what I want, be who I want, dress like I want, talk to whom ever I want, take a bath when ever I want with Warm water, and do just about anything I wish as long as it doesn't violate the Laws of the Land set forth by the US Constitution and the Judicial System of the United States. I lost my 60k job a year in 2007 thanks to the economic collapse of the US economy. It wasn't until Obama and Bush came up with the two stimulus bills that saved the economy from going into a depression and stopped it in a deep recession. Oh Wow, did I just credit Bush for doing something good? Yes I did, he actually drafted the first stimulus and submitted it to congress before he was sworn out of office and Obama took over and signed it into law. He could have not signed the stimulus and lt the country go to crap. But he took a Republican President, Republican Backed bill and signed it into law because he thought it was good for America, just look Bush thought. So you and people like you that are on the Obama hate wagon need to check your full facts and not the facts of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh or any other media mogul and media source and get the truth from the House and Senate Websites and the White House website.

    • "What kind of country is this that a man can't hate another man unless he's white?" – Hank Hill (King of the Hill)
      No but really, just because people don't like someone of a different race doesn't mean they're racist. I don't like Obama because I don't like his policies. I really don't think he belongs in the White House at all. He's probably an OK guy outside of politics, but he sucks as president. This has NOTHING to do with his race.

    • The president leads a nation of people from all around the world. Beyond our control, America is still the Great Melting Pot. He follows through to support, serve and protect the citizens while honoring the Constitution according to WE THE PEOPLE not the government. His service extends to other dependent and needy countries, and that shall be honored.

    • You speak for a lot of us who are still red blooded Americans. If the person is right for the job no matter the skin color or heritage, he will run a constitutional goverment. He is a very likeable person but not as a president, his qualifications are zero. Just because he has a slick tongue doesn't make him a good leader. You are suppose to choose a leader who can do right by the people no matter if he is domocratic, republician, or independent. I don't vote for the skin color or for the slick tongue, I vote on whether he can lead America and I saw none of this in Obama. If we needed color in the white house, I would have liked to see Cain get the job.

    • Jordan, OK lets take your argument and examine a little bit then.
      Why was it that when Obama was confirmed as the 44th President of eh United States on 08 November 2008, the day after every white supremacy group saw an increase in membership of over 200% to 300%?
      Why did congressmen and congresswoman and Senators come out and declare that "They will do what ever it takes to make this president a one term president regardless of how badly it hurts America"? This was election night, not 1 month, 2 years, 4 years or 6 years down the road. it was the night of the election in 2008. Why did the House block every singe proposed budget of Obama?
      So you tell me how in the hades these people hated him and he hadn't even been sworn into office and is policies enacted yet?????
      Please enlighten me on this? Because it was pure racism. A lot of people don't want a black man in the white house. I cant imagine what you people would to a female president she gets voted in as president.

    • well your belief may be true by a small percentage, but trust me, we don't hate him because he's black, we hate him, because he's destroying America! He's one of the worst presidents, and if you did a little more research like the rest of the country, you will hate him too. TRUTH! Find out for yourself, before its too late!

      “any use of military force by Obama without explicit consent and authorization of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, Section 4.”

    • it has noting to do with a black president . I am tired of the race card being played each time this man f's up which is all the time. he is simply a sh__y president. and should be impeaced if he was for the american people and actually helped us out instead of putting us down people would like him
      i have no problem voting for a black man as president as long as he does rite by the people who love this country instead he supports everyone else.

    • Wow. Were you smacked with stupid? People don't want Barack Obama in office because of what he has done in the past four years.. Do I need to remind you of the Benghazi cover-up, the Fast and Furious scandal, not to mention the deficit? He's a horrible president.. He deserves every right to be impeached!

    • The only one that is making this a race issue is people like you who cry racisim everytime someone voices their opinion and it differs from yours. I see more racism against the caucasian population taking place than anything else. The caucasian race has been silenced on just about every political/social issue that exist out of fear of being called a racist and no longer have the freedom to speak out because of claims such as this. But I guess you are too caught up in the race game to look at the current state of our country (financially and socially) to see that its not the color of ones skin that is responsible for its demise but ones management skills and loyalty.

    • I believe you are ignorant like him. Has nothing to do with color, its about how he is dragging this country through the mud. He had his chance and only proved that he isn't for the US

    • racism hasn't got anything to do with it. he's as white as he is black. his socialist policies are the problem. this is america. that's not how america works

    • i know tons of white people that voted for him.. just the fact he's making up unconstitutional laws every other day is the reason

    • Janis, because it is pure racism that is driving the divide in the is country. You don't want to admit it and a lot of people do not want to admit it but it is true. The facts are there and proof is abundant that most of the people hated Obama before he was even sworn into office. This has noting to do with is policies because they are the same as Romney just a different name and party. This is mostly based on race. Sure some of his policies I disagree with but that is what congress is there for as checks and balances and if they signed off on it both Republicans and Democrats then they thought it was best for the country.

    • Yes William, it is racism that is driving the divide in this country. However, its not being driven by the hard working white American or the hard working black American. It is being driven by uneducated, blinded by the skin color, ignorant people like you!

    • I respect the constitution of the United States and anyone who follows it. They could be purple and I would respect them if they followed the constitution. Obama does not respect the constitution so I feel he does not respect the United States. Those who believe he should remain in office just because of his race are the ones who are racist. You do not have to be white to be racist.

    • im not a racist , if he is guilty he needs to step down ,if he is not guilty then leave the man alone , thats my stance, ps i voted for him. dont even think about calling me a racist. ps my wife is black lady, with a hot booty.
      ive been with her for 10 years, her brothers are my brothers. ps i live in the STL- ghetto , ps do your research before you defend the man , going to war with out congress approval is an act against the us constitution there for its mandatory impeachable offense , get the the full scoop before you call PEOPLE A RACIST ,LADY

    • you have no idea what a white person thinks, i voted for him, so stop the racist crap! 90% of the white people on this site are saying drop the racist crap! yet the black people on this site are calling is all racist, that makes no sense. dumb ass!

    • The only people who "cry" racism are those who don't have a clue as to who Barack Obama is, and those who cannot spell his name. You obviously are not very intelligent, and really need to look into his past before you can speak as an authority figure on his behalf. Otherwise, he is nothing more than a social experiment to the liberals who by the way, were the racism party before Abraham Lincoln set the slaves free. Oh yeah, he was a Republican. The more you learn, the more you will know why people feel the way they do. That is what makes the difference between you and the educated voter. Not skin color you twit !!!

    • Barack Obama is a disguised terrorist, hell bent on destroying America . . . and we're letting him do it!

    • its usuallyu the blacks that are saying we want him there because hes black they dont think about the country we live in the great USa that obama is tearing down because he is the biggest moron we have ever had black or white makes no difference you just cant fix stupid so while hes president things will never get better its like haveing your 3 year old child run your household

    • as ive said on here to others.the race card is plain out old.im so sick of hearing it.quit crying already.for real.if a white man says anything about his own heritage he is a racist and a nazi.well president obama is a nazi and he is a royal screw up.fyi obama had 56% white voters and only 24% black.so dont come on here or anywhere else and cry that the ppl are mad cause there is a black president when not even 50% of black folks voted for the guy.he had more whites voting for him then blacks for cryin out loud.take that race bull crap and shove it up a pigs ass cause thats about what it ammounts to anymore.and fyi…whites are quickly becoming a minority in the u.s.. do ur research before u run ur mouth.no study no research………..no right to speak!!!!!

    • You are just like every other complete idiot out there… when you can't justify a real reason of why something or someone is working the way you think it should, you have to throw the RACE card. Get over yourself and get a life. Stop being a complete idiot and remember you're an American… Start acting like it!!!!!!

    • What scares the **** out of me is people like Erica Robinson. She is blind and ignorant. It does not matter what color he is, Obama is destroying America one illegal executive order at a time. Anyone who would look at this situation and claim that rejection of this crooked politician from Chicago is in any way related to racism is not only ignorant but a true racist. Wake up!

    • I voted for him the first time. I am white. I didn't vote for him the second time because he is a criminal. He and his buddies paid almost 2 million dollars to hide Obama's records. There has to be a reason for it. He has broken the laws of the Constitution many times violating the rights of citizens. He has murdered our citizens. abandoned our citizens when being attacked both in Benghazi and Mali. His excuse for Mali? I dont want it to appear as if we are waging war against Muslims. How many of your rights are you comfortable in giving u-p. The only colors that concern me are the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE. I couldn't care less what color the president is as long as he does his job which Obama is not. When Putin said, that obama is either stupid or purposely trying to ruin the American economy. It doesn't have jack to do with his color and everything to do with is blatant disregard for American citizens, Constitutional law(he claims to be a Constitutional attorney). Many, many states are hauling people in to court for illegal voting practices. this one women voted for something like 19 different people. Counties in florida and Ohio have reported 122% in votes. that means more votes were filed than actual citizens live there. Wake up and stop making lame idiotic statements like that you dumb liberal.

    • I saw a film clip where Barack Obama raised his right arm and said, "I will ALWAYS support Islam". I can't find that clip again, but if you look very closely, you'll see that is exactly what he is doing!

      He is actually a disguised terrorist!

    • thats stupid he is half white.the fact is he is destroying what we know as a free country with rights.he is a criminal and needs just what he is going to get IMPEACHED!!!!!!

    • No Erica. I hate the white half just as much as his black half. Its not his color. Its his liberal,socialist agendas. God help us all!!!

    • Erica, I am so tired of people saying I'm racist because I don't agree with or support Obama in any way. I AM NOT racist. I believe in what our country was founded on and believe in a limited, NOT UNLIMITED government. Obama thinks he is our king, not our president, and he is doing everything in his power and beyond his power to destroy our country from the inside. He has violated the Constitution of the United States of America at every turn and ignores the law of the land at whim. The only thing any liberal can ever say when presented with the FACTS is that we're all racist. You know, black people are not the only ones who can be racist. Your stating that we are all racist, without knowing any of our reasons for not supporting Obama, is in and of itself, RACIST. Stop spewing the standard liberal rhetoric and learn about what's in our Constitution before you keep criticizing the rest of us.

    • umm i am racist, always have been and always will be! but the fact that the dumbass is black, white oreo what ever he may be does not matter in the fact that he is running our country into the GROUND!!!!

    • Erica, you need to take a good long look in the mirror to figure out where that comment came from. I'm white, married to a black man, no racism here, girl. My husband doesn't even like Obama so what is racism about that? We don't like his policies. We don't like the fact that the man is destroying this nation from the inside. We don't like the fact that he is trying to take away our rights and pretending to be a good guy. We don't like the fact that he's treating us like children- like he's the concerned parent who knows what's best for us. He's a Marxist! He's taking every good thing about this country and trying to make it out to be bad. He needs to be impeached, fired, and thrown out of this country on his giant ear!

    • You're an imbecile. There should be a test before they let you vote. People don't like him because he's a liar who's taking away all of our rights without giving us a say in it.

    • Andy i agree about the test voters need to know what they are voting for being 18 or 88 meens you can only get or loose your driving licence but still help pick a leader rediculous standards its all backwards

    • Wait a minute, a voting TEST or LICENSE? And someone else besides me has thought of it? WE HAVE HOPE NOW!!!

    • ignorant libtard, you are a racist because your saying everyone else is. hows that numb nuts, because you resent and accuse people that dont like that terrorist of being racist, that mean you yourself are a racist.. see how stupid you sound!

    • Wow Really ur going to bring up racism? Let me guess ur black n that y ur saying its racism? Racism doesnt have nething to do with this u idoit. U can say its racism all u want but obviously is right now. Unemployment is so bad that its extremely hard for neone to really get a job n obama is more wory about trying to take guns rather than trying to get unemployment back up. I mean sure bush didnt help much but obama hasnt made it ne better now has he? No he has made it even more bad but no its all about racism ur ufcking stupid man.

    • Erica, that is the oldest excuse in the book, and we aren't buying it anymore…people don't hate the President…they hate what he is doing…Using the Military without Congressional Approval, Using Executive orders to get around congress, trying to put our country into Civil War. Hasn't been forthright about anything…must I go on…he is a renegade and is making a mockery of our Nation. Thats why we don't approve.

    • of course, it's racism. it's blatant racism. people can't stand to see an educated black man, let alone one who was elected president. the proof is in the fact that if you put obama's record side-by-side with clinton or even reagan, he is no more liberal than either of them. but a black man…well, he must be a socialist. most people who call him that couldn't even define "socialist," they just know that they don't like him but can't admit why to themselves. to the rest of us, it is beyond obvious.

    • mason,yes he is educated but also is ruing this country,thats what people are upset about and has went back on his word.If you can not see that your a idiot.

    • Steve I don't I know about that. He said he graduated from Columbia BUT HE only attended 9 mos Check out the Maricopa County's Cold Case Posse's investigation I dont think he is educated at all. I dont believe that he passed the Bar either I think he is a Liar and a Con Which is frightening He's a high rolling celebrity wanna-be wWile others in Washington are trying to COVER UP what he has screwed up Watch Clinton come back She can not blame her actions on Barry She should have told the truth PLEASE do not elect that woman Clinton' did a number on this country we can not afford another Risk especially when there are skeletons i the closet. VINCE FOSTER ??? They Had their Water Gate NAFT….and so much more Ron Paul was blacklisted by the media becaue Barry would not have beaen him even with the cheating votes

      I can only hope that this article is true…or that people begin to put pressure on DC and the SUPREME court reminding them WE PAY the BILLS I pray Congress has began the process of impeachment

      HOWEVER Americans MUST continue to keep pressure on the media and DONT LET UP STAND IN FRONT OF THEIR studios COMMENT on their sites daily REMIND THEM that it is the Viewers that they need to keep afloat Shame on them spinless story telling fools AMERICA KNOWS BETTER

      We have been good little boys and girls for too long Our tolerance has been noted as acceptance and subservient All the while the rest of the world laughs at us KEEP YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN and QUESTION EVERYTHING!

    • Mason, apparently you need to do your research he's not a black man. Well we don't know what he is but rumor has it he's 1/2 white and 1/2 black and raised by a whites. The reality is that his records are sealed so we don't have a clue about this man. What we do know is the Birth Certificate he presented is a forgery, what we do know is there is evidence of voter fraud all around his election. Other things we know are he's stomping all over the constitution when he doesn't get his way, he uses the executive order. He seems to like to blame everyone else for his problems and has no accountability. His previous 4 yrs. are a real good indication of his abilities and if you look closely at all the cover-ups and fraud you can see this administration is up to no good. So I would suggest you do a bit more research before you come out here and speak about things you don't know much about.

    • no, I hate him cause he is a lying, lazy sack of dog dung…he has not done anything to benefit our nation since day one and anyone who voted for him is as ignorant and gullible as sheep.

    • I don't care if a black man is president…I don't care if his purple as long as he's doing a good job. Obama is not doing a good job. He wont's to be King and be a dictator, like Hitler. He's a commie! He's a Muslim, that don't believe in the bible and has made fun of it. While you've had your blinders on, Muslims are taking over America. Obama lies about everything. He gave a fake SS # and provided a fake Birth Cert., that case will be heard Feb 15th by the Supreme Court Justice…Go there and click on docket and put this # in 12A604…or 12A606…you can also go to this site and read more. .http://beforeitsnews.com/strange/2013/01/obamasoetoro-time-travel-the-us-supreme-court-2446644.html?currentSplittedPage=1 Also anyone who goes along w/a fake is doing the same thing people did with Hitler. Obama was facanated with Hitler in College. Time to take those blinder off and start being smart. Allen West is black and I'm for him all the way.

    • Racism exists. But this is not the case with this guy. For perspective, I am pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and pro-gun. This president has over stepped his power more in the past 3 weeks than any other president in history. The fact that you would throw down the race card is by all accounts, pure cowardice. Stop trying to to impress friends and colleagues, or prevent misgivings with family and wake the phvck up.

    • If you can't see how bad Obama is screwing up, you know nothing about politics. This has nothing to do about race, and everything to do about him wiping his crack with the Constitution. I Voted for Obama in '08, I did not vote for him last November. And to see how bad he is screwing up just in the last two months, he needs to be thrown out of office soon, before this country falls into Civil War.

    • A lot of people hate him because he's black , they are mostly conservative republicans . A lot of people like him only because he' black. but many people do not like him because of his policies, and his lie ,after lie ,after lie. I can't see why republicans don't like him and democrats like him . He talks like a democrat but acts like a republican. He's a closet republican. There has been no difference between Bush and Obama, You could say he's been worse. Go down the list, War's overseas, Nothing to help the home owners,Off shore drilling, Cutting of social programs, No taxes for the rich, worse environmental democrat president ever in my life time, increase the drone attacks over seas, killing thousands of innocent people including children. Breaking constitutional law ( using military action and going to war with out the approval of congress ). The list goes on and on . It can't be right for Bush and not Obama or not right for Bush and right for Obama.
      So it's not obvious. I voted for him the first time and even did some campaigning of him, but did not vote for the less of the two evils. That's how both parties screw the american people every time.

    • whats scary erica,…..people with your leval of ignorance and deep seeded racism actually get a vote…..and you are clearly demonstrating why you shouldnt,……..this guy could have had visable horns and a tail and people like would vote for him,…..cuz he b a black man.

    • yes anybody who disagrees with president obama's policies-actions+decisions as president does it due to his"race"lmao.

    • I voted for him the first time but not the second because he is destroying America and if anyone does not see it than they are blind.

    • Not true Erica,he has done corrupt stuff.I am white,but not a racist.I would have like to have seen Colin Powell or even Dr.Ben Carson as president,yes i would have voted for them not because there black but there character

    • Has nothing to do with race. I'm a black man. Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton have enslaved my black brothers and sisters withe since of mind that the US owes them something. Let me guess you are an uneducated democrat black person that's on welfare and has a baby every year so you can stay on it. You believe that because Obama is black he's going to give you more. Are you aware he is doing the same things Hitler did before killing all the Jews after taking their guns. Trust me if he becomes a dictator, which it looks like its heading that way, you will be one of the first that will be killed because you are an unproductive person. You are a leech on society and a drain on the wealth of the nation because you we're brought up thinking the US owed you something because of slavery. You're the racist! That's what dictators do! Muslims are evil they do the same thing.

    • I hate Obama and it has nothing to do with racism. I'd be happier than a hyena in a meat plant if they would impeach him and put Dr. Carson in office. How's that for racism ya moron?

    • I'm not racist–I would have loved to see Obama do a great job and be a great President. But face facts, Erica-he is a lying sneaky sad excuse for a President, and if he had his way, America would be so screwed it would take another century to fix what he hopes to f-up. Unfortunately, I do think the anti-American way he is trying to lead the country will have a large negative effect on the next black man who runs for President, no matter how great a leader he might be.

    • You are an Idiot and a racist yourself. Read and learn the facts about what that Muslim Terrorist has done. Wake up fool._

    • Cool your jets Joshua. While your statement may contain accuracies, your tone is only contributing to the overall problem and validation of her claim.

    • Racist? Really? Because he is half black or half white? So tired of people playing the race card in his defense of inexcusable actions!. I'd like to see Condelezza Rice run on the Republican ticket!

    • How about you research your beloved President before you make baseless accusations. Only an ignorant twat would write this off as racism.

    • Wrong. I'm not racist at all. How dare you!

      I propose that it is you who is projecting your ethnocentric bias onto others.

      I, however, don't approve of BO because he doesn't fulfill any promise that he made, contingent to his election and yours and others support for him based on those promises. In the even that he has fulfilled promises, the results have been a forsaking of his original claim to that promise. Look at the Affordable Healthcare Act. It isn't affordable, it's very costly.

      Furthermore, he oversteps his authority, over-reaches his power, and even threatens more of the same.

      He has yet to prove that he was even qualified to become president. He may have released a Birth Cert, Selective Service Registration form, and even has a SSN, but those are clearly digital forgeries, and poor ones at best. If there is any doubt, download the docs for yourself from Whitehouse.gov. Zoom in, and you can see that they are digitally manipulated. Additionally, they are not scans of a document. Scans do not contain data layers and metadata. Anyone savvy with imaging or digital documents knows this is fact. A scan is a single layer image; his birth cert alone has greater than 24 layered edits. Uncheck the layers, the birth cert is blank.

      I really ache for you Erica. I love you and need you to wake up to a certain reality; we have all been deceived. Black, white, brown, Liberal, Conservative, or whatever, you have been used.

      Lastly, while some may actually be racist, not agreeing with you or your choice in candidate does not make one racist. You are my neighbor, my sister, my friend, my fellow citizen; don't accuse me this way.

    • Has nothing to do with his color of skin but instead it has to do with his integrity as an american president. I dont care if hes asian he still works for the people and this is what he has forgotten. I dont want a president that I fear is going to take away my rights as an American citizen. All I see from this guy is change in the wrong direction I thought he was going to be good for this country at first but now he is just as crooked as the majority of the politicians in washington have become. Its time to clean house and in a big way I say. So dont make this a racist thing because it isnt that at all maybe for some but not for the majority of honest working and legal citizens in this country.

    • Then why do we want Dr. Benjamin Carson as our President Erica? Dr. Carson is a WONDEFUL Christian loving man who has value and dignity as a human being. It is NOT racism….we loathe Obama because is a lying deceitful dictator that has NO interest in the American people's welfare.

    • Its sad that you are such a bigot! We don't hate obama, We want him out of office because he is infringinf many of our constitutional rights! Yuor the one being racist towards everyone else. I bet You only voted because he was black! Damn Racist!

    • Yeah i have always wondered why current black Superiorist/defense/anti-white racist trends continue to go unnoticed, while we get hate for being white ALL THE TIME. SOME people need to let go of the slavery that was abolished over A HUNDRED YEARS AGO and focus on NOW! Ignorant fools.

    • And you dear, hate me because i am white. You are the racist. Obama is a horrible commander and chief not because he is black, but because he has no freakinf clue! For gods sake he thinks the constitution in optional.

    • The first "Black" president??? His mother was white, he spent ?? Years in Indonesia with an Asian step-father & was sent to Hawaii to live with "white" grandparents & last but certainly not least his birth fathers family never had any influence or taught him his black heritage! Being "white" I take great offense to your & many others telling me this man is black! That statement is racist!

    • You're Uneducated If you think thats the matter. Sorry to tell you but i have black family members and Friends and they dont even want his ass in office so stfu with this racism BS. And the one crying would be your miss informed Self.

    • Anytime there is a mention of racism it is coming from (please let me use the politically correct title) afro-americans. I am fed up with the word racist. It's become a political code word to force white people to back down. I find being identified as a white man racist, I am a caucassion. How long has it been since the Emancipation Proclimation was signed by Abraham Lincoln (the founder of the Republican Party). No more if thats the only play you have find another game.

    • I am white and quite frankly I am sick and tired of tip toeing around I am not a racist sick of being accused dagnabit people it is not about color we all have equal rihts well maybe not white peple cant have a miss white america

      Besides he is not black he is Bi-Racial We ALL ARE ! This is america Only ISRAEL has PURE BLOOD and WE ARE NOT INVITED to live in ISRAEL

      racisim —– always referring to white people CHECK THE CRIMES black on black HIGH Black on white HIGH white on black LOW it is in the statistics NO MORE TIP TOEING for this cracker And no more tolerance for those who play the racist card !!!!! Get over your skin color everyone else has

    • They should go back to the slave days. Less crime and the earth wasnt such a shithole. People supported themselves instead of being lazy thinking America "owes" them

    • That is a total lie, dont play race card with everything, it is that this man is a dangerous president. He is playing a dictator you have to get congressional approval and he thinks he can by pass all laws but his own.

    • Well He NEEDS to be impeached he is trying to take away our rights.

      As for the racist comment about that being why no one wants him in office. I always think it's funny that the first people to pull the race card out are the racist people.

      get off your high horse he is NOT that great!

    • I would have to say that you are wrong. I am not a racist by any means. I would have to say, going off of your post, that you are a simple minded blind follower who feels that elected officials have yours and mine best interest in mind. Have you read anything about the man and what he has done and continues to do to this country? Have you read them with an open mind? Have you researched his voting history? Have you listened to him blaming everyone else who held office for the mess we are currently in? Have you read his health care reform? Do you know how it effects doctors, nurses, small business? Did you do any homework before posting your comment? This not about racism this is about the ruining of this country not only by the current administration but by many former administrations as well. Do you know maam that to support someone simply based on skin color is just as racist as to oppose someone based on skin color.

    • I don't like him because he is an idiot. There are far more black men out there that are far better, more qualified and generally better than he is! This man is bringing black people down and not helping them at all! This man lies. Its not because he is black he is being impeached its because he is a total moron!

    • are you seriously that stupid i mean he has ordered the deaths of American's who were dangerous enough to oppose him he has taken constitutional rights away and btw moron im mixed so call me recast you and see how stupid you are wake up Obama is killing this country and people see it. The members of government know if they don't impeach him there will be a civel war and he only won the popular vote by 50% that means half the country is opposed to him

    • Seriously? I have african American friends And I am not raciest. My black friends don't like him either because he is simply a terrible president. Quit being ignorant and trowing out the (R) CARD. But there are Raciest people out there that dont like him just because of the color of his skin. I'm not one of them. He is just a bad president. And he needs out.

    • It has nothing to do with his color. I served with men and women of all colors and nationalities. I can say black man, brown man, yellow man and white man because I know the men i served with had honor. They called me Ol Man because I was the oldest one there. This has nothing to do with race. Anyone who does is STUPID!!!. This man has gone above his limits of power. He has ramrodded his policies on the US. He let the Americans DIE at the embassy. Tell me he did not. He has NO ANSWER for the ACTIONS taken that night. He has been compared to the WORST PEOPLE IN HISTORY!!! No other President has ever been compared to HITLER. But he has. I WONDER WHY? You stop being raciest. Just because we do not like the man it does not mean RACISM!!!! F!@#ing NUMNUT!!!!!.

    • I am SO SICK AND TIRED of people labeling those who disagree with the Presidents policies as racists. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the future of our country. This is the same man who called Bush unpatriotic for spending 5 trillion in 8 years. He has spent 6 trillion in 4 years. Most likely it will be 15 trillion by the time he is done. I say no matter what color you are wake up!!!!! Government is not the answer.

    • Instead of pulling the racism card, why don't you take a look of some of Obama's actions, such as ordering the death of Americans oversees without trial. Maybe then you can make a clear assessment as to whether or not he's the best president. If people were fully racist, Obama wouldn't even be president. It's not about racism, Obama has taken action without the approval of congress and that is grounds for impeachment. And do not attempt to label me as a racist, for I am a minority as well. I just call em as i see em.

    • as a v-nam vet miiltary take an oath to fight enemys at home or abroad and american or not home or abroud his first and formost job as president is to protect it. an american fighting our military home or abroud is clear and plain treasan and punishable by death (or at least use to be) now tell me if your son or daughter was killed by an american while fighting an enemy at home or abroud do you only want the other enemys killed and the american brought back so an expensive lawer can get hi/her off is that the chance you are asking for because that makes no sence an enemy in war is an enemy anywhere

    • Dear Erica,

      I agree whole-heartedly. Unfortunately, there are still some who haven't accepted blacks as neighbours. Just google how some people think their property values go down when blacks move into their neighbourhood. Although, thankfully, I believe their numbers are dwindling with time.

    • Are you stupid? You surely show your liberal side well. Everybody's a racist and America should pay for this. Hell, lets take away some rights while we're at it, right? Oh and lets push all of our individual responsibilities on to our government as well because surely the U.S. can afford it and the Government makes everything all better…Dumbass!

    • Ya know… I've never heard that blacks cause property values to drop, but since Obama has been in office I guess I'd have to agree!
      And btw I have black neighbors next door and they are great people.

    • It's not when Blacks move in it's when ignorant people such as your self moves in to our neighborhoods and you whine and cry about our guns and how much money we make. You want the government to rule your life make laws and rules to stop people from making money living better because your to lazy to get off your a$$ . You think people like us should have respect for lazy sorry people who sit with their hand out and cry for my MONEY… YOUR to stupid to vote and just TO STUPID and lazy to own or rent a home in my neighborhood i don't care if your white,black, tan,purple or green if you cant get off your a$$ and stop making excuses like my an ancestors was a slave someone owns me something stop ridding on their suffering you were not a slave and if you feel poor trapped and enslaved right now then get off your a$$ and stop asking your fellow countrymen to support you and your government to enslave you with the handouts…

    • you so full of it, has NOTHING to do with race why is it thats the first thing people like you do is pull the race card, this has to do with his HATRED of America and Americans

    • Obama himself is the MOST racist of all! And, that has absolutely NOTHING to do with any of this!! He is a terrible leader that has lead this country into bankruptcy…………PERIOD!!

    • I think it is very assumptive for you make a blanket statement as to the motivation behind other people's feelings and opinions. You may have witnessed or experienced this in your life but I know many people including myself who dislike his policies and leadership. I have worked with and for persons of many different ethic backgrounds and have found that there is a lot more to understand and know if you take each person as that "a person" and make your valuation of that person based on their actions and statements. I don't write this in anger but hope that you will rethink how you see others in the world. I hope you have a great day.

    • you need to get real! being black is not an excuse for being stupid! i do not care about politics, i voted for him the first time because i thought it would be nice to see what the first black president would do…..the second time around i was not so ignorant…. yes he is black….. I DO NOT CARE if he is red white black purple or gold….he does NOT know how to run a country!!! he is running our country into the ground!!!!

    • It has nothing to do with the color of his skin….you are ignorant for even posting that….educate yourself before making any type of response….

    • I am sick and tired of hearing people say that I don't want a BLACK president!

      1. He is ONLY half black. His mother is WHITE!
      2. The part of him that is black, is NOT African Ameircan.
      3. He is intentionally destroying our economy. I don't care how black or white someone is RULES ARE RULES!
      4. I would be happy to have a black president. I know plenty of people I would vote for…if they ran. BUT NOT OBAMA!
      5. America DOES NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING JUST BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN! Everyone in this country should have to work for what they have just like everyone else!!!!
      and I almost forgot…I DO NOT RESPECT THIS MAN AT ALL! I respect the office, but not the person!

    • im racist for speaking my mind and putting out against this socialist. you argument is completely valid. dumb liberal cunt

    • Erica,
      Racism?? Really?? Do you not see what he is doing to America? Do you not see him ignoring the constitution ?? I would lay odds that you are on one or more state / federal assistant programs and if Obama is ousted those might go away. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. It has all to do with the hate he has for America. He doesn't want to president of the US, he wants to be the dictator of a new socialist country.

    • For some, it may be racism, but for me it isn't… I don't like Obama, but I think Joe Biden is just as pathetic. Every time he opens his mouth with the media, he says something stupid

    • What a stupid thing to say! I don't hate him because he's black! I hate that he is a freedom thief and bent on turning this country into a welfare state that he can rule over! He is a Muslim lover and hater of our Constitution that he deems as "deeply flawed"! For this reason alone, he is unfit to sit as President of the United States of America. What a dumbass conclusion that race has anything to do with it! Get over it, because you are the one concerned with race! When your freedoms are gone from sight, then bring it and try to say it was race. So tired of blindness from people like you.

    • A Black man in the White don't botta me man, It's an ARAB MUSLIM in the White House that scares hell outta me!!!!!!!!!

    • I think this is a completely ignorant statement. He remained in office for four years without impeachment. I highly doubt that this has anything to do with racism, or he wouldnt have survived the first four. It is so easy to play the race card to cover-up ignorance and lack any actual progress

    • Obviously you know nothing about Obama. That's the biggest crock of BS I've ever heard. The man is dangerous in the White house. If you don't believe that, I can send you tons of information that you probably wouldn't believe either.

    • One nation, one people, one constitution, with liberty and justice for all. It is not about skin color! Obama has appointed himself King!

    • Let me guess Erica, you're black? I am white and have NO problems with a black man, or in Obama's case half black running this country. The problem is he's running this country into the stone age!


    • you quit crying you evidentally black person. Evidentally you are so blind you can't tell his lies from the truth. How is it goiving for you he's forgotten blacks all together since he's only thinking of the poor illlegal Meixcans. Looks like you got the shaff from your dumb president, if you can call him that. I look at him as a dumb man not black or white but a muslin lieing idiot!!

    • the only reason people are getting upset and pulling the racists card is because they are black themselves and have no job, living off what Obama gives them so they don't have to work for anything other than sitting on a corner getting paid under the table!….i gave Obama a chance my mistake..i learned my lesson the hard way didn't vote for him the second time!….But if a president is so worried about abusing his privileges to suit his ego by saying America is bad then something is smelling burnt….He is too full of himself..and i don't like how we have to get his so called "Obama Health plan" BOO the fact that if i don't have that stupid thing than a hospital can turn me down!.. oh and by the way i am WHITE HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED AND DEPORTED!!!!

    • I can not respect a marxist. There are other Black men I wholehearted respect and wish they would run for president. You are so blind if you think obama deserves respect.

    • Just so you know obama heritage is 48% arabic, 6% african, 46% white!!! So much for him being a true african male!!! lol Personally I could care less if a president candidate is black, white, brown, tan, red, or even blue! What I care about is the moral compass and charater of his/her being. Obama has shown himself to lack either!! I don't care replace himwith anyone who is black, as long as that person truly believes in the constitution of the US and isn't wrought with deception…. ie fraud, forgery, bribery…etc

    • Color has nothing to do with this issue in order to respect someone that someone has to respect as well this is a two way street and color dosnt own it he needs to not only respect others but the office of the PRESIDENCY as well.

    • I dont care iff he is black white or pink ,he is killing this country,wake up,do U wont to live in A commie country? I dont,Iff U do move to russa

    • Erica why does everything have to be Racism, I believe its people like you that keep bringing up RACISM,
      RACISM that keeps this going on and on, I do not see skin color I see people for people and no one I have
      contact with brings up anything about different colors, so if you and everyone one else stops saying bringing
      up this fact, we may make a difference. Self respect comes first, and I HAVE that .

    • am business person & can see from experience that he is antibusiness & am not against him because of his color(would love Herman Cain or Dr Ben Carson for president) am against him because he has no clue how to govern has put into place antibusiness policies, regulations & ObamaCare which is real business killer. My family has lost 3 doctors because of ObamaCare. The man has no integrity, is beholden to interest groups & is leading America in the wrong direction. African Americans have been hurt the most by him….black unemployment is the highest in the country. I can't respect someone that has done all this carnage!

    • no im not A racist ,I dount care iff the president is black white green or pink ,all I know is he is not for america in any way,and he is not A leader.

    • Wrong. What scares us is his desire to deconstruct our constitutional system and turn the USA into a euro socialist style state.

    • Erica, i am sorry to inform you that racism is not the main mantra of the hate for obama. Its his pure disrespect for our constution and the bill of rights. It also might have something to do with him not being born on U.S. soil. Some also could stem from his ability to put this country in to a worse economic tail spin while increasing the the national debt faster than any other president in history. I know what your going to say too.. Ohhhhh he inhereted the worst state of the union in history. Again thats wrong. Ronald Regan inhereted the worst state of the union. Basicaly all im saying is get informed! Learn about this man you want to defend simply because of his color. Oncew you have im sure if you have any sense at all you will be for the people noth the man that made 5 million from a book, and still kept the four hundred thousand that this country paid him to help us not destroy this nation.

    • It's not about race dummy. I'm Asian and I'm a minority. He is clearly taking this country down a path that more of our rights will be taken and never GIVEN BACK!! It's about protecting and upholding the Constitution and not about RACISM!! What is wrong with you and others that just because someone is doing a bad job and do not perform well just as long as they are of color it BECOMES A RACIAL THING!!! Get REAL!! I don't like him for his performance and interests. He is not here FOR THE PEOPLE but for CORPORATE INTERESTS!!

    • when he made the bad policy's that no one likes….. did he do so by filing under some white or black side ……..no he made each policy from a democratic side or perspective. So when people appose him that is because ……and I know this is a stretch but try to stay with me……..they are republican or independent…….. …..so that is how simple it is ……or we could just start to use the same principle that you have ignorantly used here today, and say that every time you appose a republicans views you to are a racist……..Dummy!

    • If a white, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, or Portages man or woman was doing exactly the same thing Obama was doing, I would still not like that man. Sorry to pop your "Everyone who does not like Obama is a racist" bubble.

    • Nobody gives a crap if he is black. Maybe you think people are racist because you don't pay taxes or read a newspaper.

      Why would I respect a man who does nothing but ignore the laws of the constitution, steal from american citizens and spend a ridiculous amount of our money on unauthorized wars?

      Maybe you are the one who is racist considering you can't see past the color of his skin.

    • FYI… It's not racism and that attitude is why he got elected in the first place. People afraid of being called racist. I have beautiful bi-racial babies who I love and I am no where NEAR racist. I don't like him because he is against everything our country stands for. He has run our great country into the ground. I would be happy to have a president of any race or gender as long as they do their job. I would vote for Mr. Carson or Mr. West anyday and they are both black. They stand for American ideals and I would be proud to have them and there are others too serving as our president.

      Get off the race card, because in this case it isn't an issue. He's just an ass plain and simple.

    • Obama ist fur die Muslimbruderschaft, und wir mussen fur Amerika und Israel stehen
      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sagte in seiner Rede seine uberzeugung ist, dass die End of Days gekommen ist. Einige Muslime glauben, dass der schiitische Messias als à ¢ bekannt "Twelfth Imamaa oder die Mahdia wird bald erscheinen, um eine globale islamische Reich als das Kalifat bekannt zu etablieren. Whata ¢ â, mehr, glauben, dass sie die Art und Weise, um das Kommen des Zwölften Imam zu beschleunigen ist es annihilate Israel und die Vereinigten States. Das ist mein Anliegen für Amerika und den Schutz unseres Landes.
      Obama is for the muslim brotherhood, and we need to stand for America and Israel
      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in his speech his is convinced that the End of Days has come. Some muslims believe the Shia messiah known as the “Twelfth Imam” or the “Mahdi” will appear soon to establish a global Islamic kingdom known as the caliphate. What’s more, they believe the way to hasten the coming of the Twelfth Imam is to annihilate” Israel and the United States.” This my concern for America, and the protection of our country

    • I have never noticed the color of another persons skin other than to admire it, in my entire life. Obama has abused his power, issues executive orders to run past the Constitution and Congress, his health care package will deny help to many who cannot afford it, he has denounced Jesus, is supporting Islamic ptayer in school but not Christian prayer, he watched the Benghazi travesty on a live feed and issued no military assistance to American citizens; he watched them die, h sent 20 F-18 jet fighters, tanks and ground equipment to Egypt, Israel's enemy, he's working on disarming and silencing this country, he wants control of the internet so we cannot talk with each other…..how much mor do I have to say? Erica, I do not care if he was blue, pink or purple. He has to go before we have nothing left. I said nothing about how much debt he's racked up for us with China.

    • Do your homework he is not even American.! thats out of his own mouth & his wife, look it up on you tube in their on words, their own speeches.! he is from Kenya,
      Has nothing to do with race don't be naive. he is out to destroy this countries values along with the zionists that paid to get him in…! may God allow you to see the truth dear child, may you be able to see what is really going on, may your eyes be opened… God Bless You.!

    • I could give a frog's fat ass if he was purple, he's an incompetent, bumbling boob. And he is systematically trying to destroy this country with each act he implements. THAT's why I hate him! Do you really not see what goes on around you? Or is your face too buried in your free phone? I guess YOU ARE just too racist to SEE that!

    • Erics, get over yourself and get with the orogram. You can dislike, disagree, hate and any other adjective you want to throw in there without anything to do with racism. If you are black and you dont like George W Bush, does that mean you are racist. Stop with the excuses and realize Obama totally sucks.

    • That is absolutely Racist to say that people don't like him cause he's black. I'm not racist.. I don't like Biden either.. Obama is a Fascist wanna be dictator prick with his communist fathers agenda. If you can't see the destruction you are heading for, you deserve to be a slave to the NWO. Take some Advice – Buy yourself a gun before he illegally shreds the 2nd amendment and learn how to use it. You O supporters are complete IDIOTS for even believing the words out of his antichristian,UNAMERICAN,Greedy,selfish wannabe cracker mouth. SEQUESTER=His Idea(Now it's the Rep's fault) – NON-ESSENTIAL FLIGHTS=Tiger Golf game-Michelles Colorado Trip- all @ OUR Expense US TAXPAYERS) – BUDGET CUT=Why wont he cut his own pay then congress? Show the people he's Sincere about saving US TAX $$ Lie after Lie after Lie- Bush was no better but at least he didn't threaten the Constitution which YOU (WE THE PEOPLE) should wake the F**K UP and see the TYRANNY before you! This happened in 1929-Russia(SOVIET UNION) ALL Citizens Disarmed – CHINA 1935 Citizens Guns Confiscated – and 1928-Germany with a "Police State" after ALL citizens were disarmed and it can happen here. There are more countries to prove his method is Tyranny.

      "Those who give up Liberty for Security, Deserve Neither Liberty Nor Security!" ~ 1776
      Protect the Constitution or GET A REVOLUTION! LIBERTY !!!

    • watch the obama deception, oh and also concider his multiply children casualties and deaths as a direct result of obumhead ordering drone strikes. hello . do you have a brain at all.

    • The race card is so old. get over it already! We have a
      president that is a coinstituion trampler,a hidden agenda,and would rather be a dictator rather than a president.

    • Racism? Really. Is that your excuse for stupidity. There is NO RACISM left in America except for twits like you who can't discern reality from fiction. Did you vote for Allen Keys when he ran for President? I did. Did you vote for Herman Cain when he ran as a Presidential candidate? I did. You, are the racist because you voted for Obama because of his "race". Remember, moron, Obama is bi-racial, neither black nor white but both. I didn't vote for the most unqualified, lying, poser because of the color of his skin like so many morons, like you, did. I didn't vote for him because I see his true colors. Because he is a liar and a deceiver who hates America and what she stands for and wants to "radically transform us" into a Marxist nation. You however, seem to be one of the most unqualified voters, like all those who voted for Obama, because you voted for Obama out of emotion instead of facts!

    • Sounds like words from a black person saying this Sh*t. Truth be know black are more racist than whites ever were. So just sit the hell down and call someone who gives a damn !!!!

    • Respect has to be earned, it is not something you can buy in a store, What has he done that is noteworthy? nothing ! what has he said that has been Statesman like? nothing ! Why did he and Michelle lose their licences to practice Law ? … must have been bad for that to happen …. PUT a REAL American in the White House and see the difference …..

    • Erica ,you are a idiot.
      Go back to school so you can read and see what this other idiot that got in office has done agaist the people of the United States.

    • You are a dum uninformed ignorant idiot, I hope you are one of the individuals taken to a fema camp because thats where sheep belong. black or white he is white and black not an a American Citizen and was raised socialist Communist quit your whining about racism and respect the United States of America's Constitutional Rights! You waste of Groceries!! Educate yourself on the facts before you shoot your gate off!!
      What Obama is doing is against the law!!!! He has killed people in Foriegn Countries and killed women and children in Libya thats Murder u dum hole. Obama cares about no one just himself!! He is a DICTATOR wake up stupid.

    • The reason you brought this up is that your racist yourself. I am a white guy married to a half black woman and her dad is black. My sister is married to a black man and I have half black nieces. I do not care what the color anyone's skin color is. There are many black people I look up to. The reason I do not like Obama is because he is not for the people. His people are not just black people as he himself is half white. I would be totally happy with a real black man in office if he showed that he worked hard for the people of America and not just for his special interest groups. I cant stand how arrogant he is and always blaming the "Republicans". I am sorry but he represents everyone not just Democrats. I am also tired of all the lies!! So, I think you should really get your mind away from the whole race idea. If America was so racist, how did he become POTUS? I am an American not a color!! Ma'am, I would suggest you look at this way as well!! I am guessing your black right? But I don't see you as a black person unless you have to point it out. I would not go around and say, OMG there goes another black person. So, please open up your mind!! God made us all who we are black, white, etc. Nobody should have the right to say one race is more superior than another. If America has not gone very far since the Civil Rights movement, then I should be on here bashing you with all kinds of nonsense and telling you that this is a whites only domain. BUT, this is America where everyone is equal, no matter if your Black, White, Latino whatever you are!! If your a legal citizen then your an American. I just hope you read this with some love in your heart as I wrote this with love in my heart. I am sorry if you have ever felt that your skin color has made you feel less equal in this country. I pray that people would stop blaming racism on everything. Racism would not exist if people weren't always reminded of it. I am disgusted how black were treated, when I watch movies of those days I hated the white people!! I am glad I was educated on the history, but we all can all make it better by not placing the reason people hate or dislike Obama because he is black!! I personally think its awesome that America has overcome much of its racism by allowing a black man making it in office. Please educate yourself in what Obama is doing, and realize that he is not working for the people rather pandering to the World.. I will admit I do not know everything, but I do not like what I see as in his policies. I write this out of love and respect for
      all Americans with the freedom to speak their minds. I appreciate you were able to speak your's , but I had to write this because I don't see racism, I am not racist I hope we all come to God as a people as it is our only salvation. If your not a believer in God, I am not trying to offend you , but I will not offend God by denying him. Words I heard from Dr. Benjamin Carson a black man, believer in God, and a real man who stands up for the people of this country. Have a blessed day, I will be praying for you!!

    • your an idiot…Erica…I was going to vote for Hermain Cain who is a Black Republican! So I guess Im racist…He was my first choice for Republican Nominee.

    • When are Blacks going to stop using the race card. Seems like when things don't go their way, then it is because they are black. White Americans are not racist. The only time I think of blacks is when the blacks bring it up. Stop It.

    • Wait a minute I have family that are colored and family that are half hispanic and the President being Colored has nothing to do with it. The way I see it is he is doing things all wrong. He was voted in to do the right thing and he isn't. Giving money to Egypt when we need the money to help out the people here in the U.S. We have alot of people out of work and living on the streets and in there cars. Come on guys we all need help but help us out here not over seas in other countries. And when it comes to welfare and food stamps we all have done that a time or 2. So stop blaming each other and stand together as 1 cause "WE ARE THE PEOPLE".

    • You are literally one of the most ignorant people on here. Still playing the racism card? That logic can be used for why Mitt didn't win, or why any other ethnicity lost to the other. It is a shame that ignorance like this is so prevalent in our nation today. Ironically your party, Democrats/Liberals, bring up ethnicity and race FAR more than the Republicans/Conservatives. Keep in mind, Republicans freed the slaves, Democrats fought to keep African-American slaves. Biden yells, "He wants to put ya'll back in chains!" Who truly brings up racism? Democrats do, to cover their own bigotry and distract from the many failed policies over many presidencies. Please go educate yourself.

    • erica you are so blind by idiocy racism has nothing to do with it the destruction of our country has everything to do with it, the only prejudice we have is against idocy most of us want dr carson as president and he is a black man.

    • obama has ruined the nation and stepping all over our constitutional rights, millions of people dont even like him, let alone respect him,the worst president that the american people has ever had, ted nugent would make a lot better president, the black people dont even like him, you wont like him either when he puts a drone up your butt, so lets impeach this thing we call a president, lets put someone in the whitehouse that is not deaf & dumb,

    • That's completely ignorant and isn't surprising coming from an Obama supporter. It has nothing to do with him being BLACK…I think Obama is the worst president this country has ever had and I was a Herman Cain supporter during this last election. SO what ground do you have to stand on now? None, now go continuing collecting your food stamps you socialist leech.

    • Racism now thats a bunh of CRAP. I have family that is half Black and some that are half mexican so I don't care about the color of skin he has. He can be Red, Bown, White I don't care. He isn't nor will he ever be a good President. When he takes away from the seniors and the Military that pisses me off. I have 2 boys in the Army and my youngest just got back from Iraq and still can't afford to keep bills paid now. Can you imagine what it is going to be like after words. Come on now really. You think he will be good. Get your head out of your ass. Wake up and smell the coffee…..


    • im black and Obama has no respect from me. you really don't know what he is doing to us Americans. he unlawfully killed a civilian SUSPECTED of a crime, he is like a dictator with his executive orders, he waists money, golfs when the usa is in a crises, he threatens Americans, and he broke may other laws.

    • and you are a nut if that is what u think racism, racism the candy of anyone who cry's they been wronged he has the morals of a dog try's to play preacher talks truth but does not know what the word means and some where someone needed to take a stand just like famous bill Clinton who is unable to take a stand on any moral issue even those he swore to protect and know back peddles his way thru the tulips many black Americans are telling us he has gone to far u better wake up and stop crying race. because race has nothing to do with it but law does the founding fathers do the contusion does and many others black white Hispanic and others who paid it with there blood the only things Obama has spilled is someone else blood thank you but no thanks to race GOD bless us all

    • Obama has dark skin and frizzy but he is not black on the inside at all. The only people who cant see the truth about obama by now is because they dont want to see the truth.


    • Erica, you say its about RACISM but lets look at the reality of this. His records are sealed so we don't know what he is but RUMOR has is he's 1/2 black and 1/2 white but not an American born citizen therefore not eligible to be president. The fact that his records are SEALED bothers me, and the reason is simple my records aren't sealed and I bet yours aren't either. I served my country and respect my dear is earned and nothing he's done in the last 4 yrs or currently is deserving of respect.

    • I would almost bet Erica that you are a black woman. I would have more respect for the President if he would accept responsibility for his failures and stop blaming Bush. He has proven to be an idiot , and should have never been re-elected regardless of color. Erica I bet in your lifetime you have pulled out the race card many times.

    • YOU are so VERY wrong!!Guess you haven't seen all the vids on youtube….if one more person pulls out that frickin' race card..THAT is all you libs can do or say brcause YOU and all of us KNOW that you do not watch truthful news..instead, you prefer listening to the George Soros owned media..abccbsnbcmsnbc et al. Just wait!! Some of those reporters are going to let you know that they were threatened, at the very least their jobs were dangling in the air..and possibly family was threatened..as was Chelsea Clinton. WAke the hell up..you KNOW he deserves no R-E-s-p-e-c-t whatso-ever. He is a communist, and THAT, lady and what it means is the reason we have NO RESPECT for him or his money-hungry 'wife'…..Deal with that!! BTW..it's YOUR prez who kept referring to racism, where there was none…just to keep the waters boiling and splitting a country literally in half…so, lady, it's time YOU and libs stopped whining about racism..if that's all you've got, then you lose.


    • he is not black he is mulatto and that has nothing to do with it anyway….he is a bad leader,period

    • The only racist thing about your statement is you. Obama has a White Mother. That "Fact" keeps him from being "Black". The only reason that He claims to be " Black" is to get the "Black Vote". Why is it that it is always a person of Color that plays the " Race Card" in any bad situation ? As for respecting him, I did until his actions became so bad for the Nation that I could not respect him any longer. I doubt that I am alone.

    • I say if the president was white and did the %$#t that this one has done he would have already been impeached so stop using the race card!

    • Now that's just stupid, the reason everyone hates him is because he is breaking constitutional law and is a criminal, the man is a terrorist and he gave guns to the Mexican drug cartels, plus uses the military without going through congress, The man is a liar and a crook.. Impeach him, and fast before we wind up a communist nation. Joe DeMartino USMC

    • No one is being racist. He sucks at being president. Plain and simple. We don't care what color he is as long as he does right by our country.

    • Sorry but you are an idiot. Does that imply that every black person opposing Obama is too a racist? My husband is black and he is smart enough to know that Obama was not fit to be a president of the United States but maybe better suited to move over to socialist nation and serve as their president. One of the problems with our society is that so many minorities are seeking handouts and claiming racial discrimination and as my husband puts it "9 out of 10" times its a bogus claim. My husband had a crappy childhood but he wanted better so as soon as he could he joined the military. He hasn't asked for a hand out since or cried that the hate for the president is racially related rather that the president is encouraging minorities to ride the system and bankrupt the US. Claim what you want but you will only fall into a category of people that pull the racial card for no damn reason.

    • He scares the hell out of many citizens – Not because he is black! He has his own agenda and it's not constitutional. My Brothers and sisters of all races have and are serving this country to defend our freedom. Nobody has a problem with that except for the enemies of the US..

    • Respct him for what?? Ruining the economy?,Raising our taxes? trashing the constitution? givng Citizenship to those ILLEGALS who broke the law jumping the border without permission? Taking away out 2nd ammendment rights? Ramming down our throats his OBAMA CARE?? Sinking the country into socilism?? Sinking this nation into an unpayable debt?? I can go on and on as to why HE should be thrown out of our White House.. NOT because he is an illegal President!! Not because he is a half breed Kenyan/American!, Not becausee he has been backed up by multi millionairs. NOt because he has never shown his BIRTH CERTIFICATE from Kenya. HE SHOULD be impreached simply becasue he is RUINING THE AMERICAN WAY and wants to turn this into another 3rd world socialist country.. It's THAT simple. IF you cannot see this – as apparently the majority of Americans who re-elected him—- I feel sorry for America.

    • Thats what colored people and some whites say all the time when people dont like a person of color …(its Racism ) Well FYI Its a bunch of BS ….obama is a useless person no matter what color he is…. Hes being impeached for not doing his job and other impeachable offenses ….STOP THROWING THE RACE CARD …HIM BEING BLACK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM BEING IMPEACHED

    • The truth may hurt…but is still the truth…Name ONE single thing he has done right or hasn't lied about…Explain Benghazi to me….WAKE UP….geeze…you sheeple scare me…..wow

    • He hasn't done ANYTHING right, and every time you see his lips moving, you KNOW he is lying! There are so many "do gooders" out there . . . they all say, "if he would only do this" or "If he would only do that", They are all supposing that he wants this country to improve. They think "improvement" is on Obama's mind because that is the one thing that would be on a patriotic mind. And hat he actually wants conditions in America to improve!

      But they really have it wrong! Obama is a very smart man, and he is doing EXACTLY as his goals dictate. He is a disguised terrorist! I saw a film clip of him raising his right arm over his heard, exclaiming, "I will ALWAYS support Islam" I keep looking,, but I cannot find that clip again. But if you look at what he is actually doing, you will see that he is ALWAYS supporting Islam . . . . radicals or otherwise.

      He has pulled the wool over the eyes of the majority of the American people! He is a disguised terrorist!

      First he will destroy America by collapsing the economy. Then he will try (little by little" taking the firearms away from the American people. Or at least make them as ineffective as possible. It will soon be so expensive to own a gun, that many will just "give up". Either way, this gives him little resistance from us.

      While he pays lip service to the issue of jobs, he is out of the public's eye while he writes 40 billion dollars of strangling regulations that actually prevent people from working . . . . while at the same time creating a dependency on the part of the unemployed, to the government for actually staying alive.

      This disguised terrorist needs to be impeached, while there is still time to salvage most of our country. But the clock is ticking and very soon it will be too late to turn things around. He is pretty INSIDIOUS!

    • BS!!!!!! it has nothing to do with the color of his skin…..not at all, It has to do with his deeds to bypass the constitution and to descend upon the American people and remove their god given rights as supported by the Constitution. it is his policies that make him hated!! STOP drinking the cool aid!!!

    • You can't claim that for all people. I don't like Barack Obama in office, but not because having a black man in office scares me. I don't like him because he's a horrible President, just like many others. Of course, there is no perfect candidate for anyone besides themselves, but calling people racist because they think President Obama is a bad president is outright radical.


    • Unfortunately, OBAMA IS A RACIST. Also, he has murdered over 200 children with drone attacks. Impeach the RACIST OBAMA AND END THE TYRANY. TAKE THE NATION BACK FROM RACISM.


    • Really racism, he is the worst president ever. it has nothing to do with his color. How are we supposed to respect someone who is taking our rights away and trying to make his a communist country.

    • The race card…. typical. Its you idiots pulling that out at every oportunity that make YOU….the racist!

    • Listen to Ben Carson. Black and has integrity and brilliant. As a brain surgeon he describes taking off part of the skull to perform surgery. He points out that the important part of that person is viewed beneath the surface not what is on the outside. It 's not the surface or skin that bothers me about Obama, it is his marxist, anti- american, anti- christian, anti- capitalist, fund terrorist, this could go on and on, it seems as though the guy is possessed by devils, thats the bottom line.

    • Wake up will you. It's not racisim no matter how you try to make it sound that way. It's about violating the constitution of the united states. PERIOD nothing more nothing less.
      Signed ashamed to be a DEMOCRAT.

    • Come on over to the REPUBLICAN PARTY! You will be welcomed there. I have to tell you that there are several kinds of Republicans, from moderate to conservative. I call myself a "Constitutional Conservative", but you can choose whatever 'niche" that you feel comfortable with.

    • U are the dumber than SPIT. U are the true racist for implying and saying everyone here is racist. Ur a fool and are blinded by all the lies media has said. Well the sons and daughters of the real America have experienced it and will fight on to get this liar out of office. AMERICA, USA, USA, USA

    • I take it your black??? I thought so, it has nothing to do about the color of his skin,…FACT IS …HE IS DESTROYING AMERICA!!!

    • Erica I fought to protect the Constitution, and shed blood for this country, I am disabled for my actions in combat, and because I think this president Obama should be impeached that makes me a racist, then I guess I am a racist, he and his cabinet need to go.

    • Never ever will I respect that man as a "man" or a president. He has kept every promise he made during his campaigning, only he misinterpreted them, meaning that he didn't mean what we all thought he meant. Still a lie. "Fundamentally change America" . He certainly has, and not for the positive.

    • Obama clearly stated what his plans for America were, it's the sheeple who voted for him that did the misinterpreting. He's after "social justice". Sounds good enough until you do a little research into just what that entails to a Marxist. His mission is to level the standard of living globally, by bringing it up in other countries and forcing it down in America. People who call him "idiot" and "moron" are missing the big picture. He's smart enough to implement his Communist/Islamist agenda, the real mental defectives in this story are the folks who voted for him the second time, when it had already become clear what was to come to anyone with their eyes open.

    • Erica Robinson, my dislike of the president has nothing what so ever to do with his race. He has lied time and time again. Treasonous acts have been committed by him and all who are part of the fraud perpetrated with his birth certificate forgery. The list only continues from there. He does not love nor respect this country. All those who voted for him will see. When he leaves the white house it will be in disgrace.

    • I didn't vote for obama but not because he is black. You see I don't care what color his skin might happen to be I just didn't want some stupid "SOB" that don't know his a$$ from a hole in the ground. I tell you if a humming bird had his brain he would suck a mules butt thinking it was morning glory.

    • the reason people hate him is not because of his color he could be white with the same policies and people would hate him oh wait it happened before he just transformed from a white guy from texas to a black guy from india and the reason we want to impeach him is because of obamacare, sopa,sequester,libiya,wire taps,fema camps,hateing the constitution,illeagal presidential orders, the banning of weapons,giving local government more control to dump on the rights of it's population,and putting big bussiness before small bussiness and the american people in my city 50 small mom and pop stores went out of bussiness but walmart just built a new store and spent over 600 million to do it and to top it the city is gonna build 3 new streets to route trafic from the old walmart to the new walmart and to top it off they are bulldozing peoples homes to build a street shopping malll and parking lots this isn't a police state it's a corrupt one and people who say that he's a good president hold your breathe for 10 minutes your live longer

    • You man are truly blind, I am not racist nor are 90% of the people pushing for impeachment. Obama is ruining this country he is wasting borrowed money and at the same time selling us to chine and unless you want America to become a Communist nation you would be best advised to change your opinion. You are obviously a black woman that is blind to anything that makes sense I could care less if he was orange, blue, black, white, brown or tan. I just hate ignorance and lies and you are obviously the only one looking at skin color which you are one of many that helped put this lying, wasteful tyrant in office. With all do respect Damon b.

    • your an uneducated moron.he's a kenya native.with no love for the USA.the fact that your ignorant is amazing.thx for voting in Satan B*tch. keep watchn MTV for your education

    • It has nothing to do with race! He has violated his oath of office, he has bypassed Congress in appointments and actions, he has heavy handed his office by his agenda. He has broken more laws and trust than Richard Nixion did and yet people always play a race card. I for one am tired of this cheap and low handed way of people who would defend this usurper! He needs to go along with Joe Biden and many of the liberals in Congress who have no respect for the Constitution and the people of this great country!

    • According to Statistics, 96 percent of black people voted for Obama. You speak of Racism….that is the absolute pinnacle of Racism. I'm white and don't care what color the president is. What I have a problem with is: high unemployment, reducing our military support structure, increasing the country's deficit spending beyond comprehension, getting our people killed in Bengazi and I can go on with many more issues. Racism is no where in the equasion

    • you are right it was a truly obvious racial re-election. if you go back and check the stats posted on television you would see that between white or hispanic or native americans the voting averages ran between 47 to53 percent between cantidates except in the black catagory of registered voters 93 percent of registered black voters voted for obama they obviously voted color not record if a person is going to vote in any election from school board to mayor or anything they should find out who and what they are voting for so yes it was a racial election i dare you to go back and check the stats.

    • imagine what reaction the left would have if 93 percent of white people voted for romney- lol the hipocracy from the left is unbelievable- liberals are either extremely ignorant or just plain evil- true stuff!

    • You're also being biased though, you accuse other's for being racist while you defend him because he is black. If you really liked his stance as president for his beliefs then you would have stated that, not throw around accusations. The truth is, Erica, Americans will always complain about our Presidents because they all have been lacking. Few people care about Obama being black, they just want to whine about what a crap job he's doing just like Bush, just like Clinton, just like every president that hasn't been in a complete battle, where we as Americans had to work together to stop from being totally annihilated.

    • I voted for President Obama the first time around. Deducing this to racism is complete denial of what he has done to our Country and us since in office. Just because he is black doesn't mean he is a victim of racism, we are fed up with his actions plain and simple. Do you even know what he had done since in office? Are you aware we are in a state of Marshall Law? He did that. Do you have an explanation for him appointing Micheal Taylor as the Food Safety CZAR of the FDA? Can you explain why he just passed the Monsanto protection act?

      Maybe educating yourself on why the outrage with Obamacare and more would be a good idea for you Erica. I think there is much more important issues than the color of our president at stake here and you might want to learn more about what is happening to our Country before making statements about racism like this one.

      I say quit making generalized statements about millions of people who voted for Obama because we believed he would bring change for us and have seen him break many promises and make decisions that are hurting our Country and us.

      Respect is earned, no one gets respected based solely on the color of their skin and thinking that is enough to earn respect in itself is a racist view.

    • How can we respect a lier and a user of the American Tax payers tax money to flont his high living and obvious inability to act responsibly on our nations current problems. He is a failure?

    • You are undoubtedly going straight to hell along with the whole obama regime if you believe that stupid shit

    • Erica, you are an idiot. It has nothing to do with racism, except for maybe his. He hates this country and is trying to destroy it from the inside. Respect what? His socialist agenda? His complete disregard for the Constitution? His affiliations with communists, black panthers, the muslims brotherhood? Have you ever read the Constitution? Do you know how to read? It has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin, but the LACK of content in his character.

    • The hate for Obama has nothing to do with racism…..it is purely about what he is doing to our country. Only those that want something for nothing are standing behind him.

    • Those of you that say it is a Racist issue are the ones who are Actually Racist! You are the ignorant one, do you REALLY think he is help our country, yes, the USA?! Because the USA is MY country and would rather not have Hitler II running it! It is not about color, it is about ABILITY, and Mr. Obama does not possess the ABILITY to run MY country properly! He does everything so secretively and underhanded. He should be Impeached on the shear dishonesty and disloyalty to My beloved country. He took an OATH to Uphold the Constitution, not to destroy it!!! What is wrong with you? Maybe you should take your blinders off and come out of the closet!

    • it's not that he's black but. it's what he's trying to do to this country! he wants to spend our hard earned money on himself and take our rights away! wake up. him beining black isn't working anymore!

    • I am not a raciest. I don't like Obama for many reasons. He is not what a true american is, not by natural law or by constitutional law. His actions are self serving he is a freely elected monster propped up by foreign money.

      He is a socialist and a slave trader by heritage his education is hidden and his passports are hidden.

      The media supports this clown for some reason and I have yet to put my finger on.

      i am disappointed with America as a whole and to the greedy lengths the government allowed in our undoing

      to those in congress and the senate your bought and paid for you have no idea what is like to stand up for this country, you all make back door agreements and tell lies to facilitate your agendas, you all think this is normal and it is not

      i for one would like to see the 28 amendment that has been passed around be ratified

    • yer right african americans are very racist and think because they were mistreaded that every one owes them somthing

    • you have got to be kidding with what this man has done to our country and your defending him all the jobs thats been lost taking 6 vacations butting shuting the white house to little kid but sorry are you blind or stupid

    • Dear God, stop using the Racism excuse! It's not because he's Black that he's a POS President… He's done nothing to earn our respect. Look around you lady, he's dismantling America. Tell me what he's done right?

    • Oh hush. It's not racism, it's fight or flight. Obama is killing the USA and it would not matter if he were white or purple. Wrong is wrong and our constitution is being torn apart by a tyrant who uses executive orders like you and I use toilet paper. If he can't get anyone on board with his socialist agenda and new world order BS, he simply makes it so using a pen. He has to go!

    • your very ignorant- look at what he has done since being elected president, almost everything he has done has weakened our country- I bet you cant give me 1 example of how he has made our country stronger or better off for the future what about black people who agree with me? are they racist? every time liberals are backed into a corner in debate involving obama you pull the race card-

    • if racism hasnt gone anywhere then why did he get elected twice? because the media backs up his lies and people like you either refuse to acknowledge facts or are enemies of america just like barack obama who is just as much white as he is black- people like you are the reason why our country is headed downhill- I will continue to pray for people like you- psychopath

    • yup its racism alright he hates whites simple as that and he is not the first black president of the united states but i guarantee he will be the last.

    • If Barrack Obama is not the first black president…who was? I totally agree with everything else, but one of us has been misinformed….

    • Little tongue-in-cheek there, Chandra – the media dubbed Bill Clinton as our "First Black President"…but I guess you wouldn't know that if you don't read the papers and get all your news from MTV and Jon Stewart.

    • your stupid af erica thats not it at all he is breaking thousand of laws and trying to take our guns wich is unconstitutional you idiot stop being so ignorant. everyone that has obamas back says the people dont like him beacuse we are racist NO WRONG

    • Oh shut up. This has nothing to do with race, this has everything to do with how badly he is doing his job. You're simply making it an issue about skin color because you are far too unintelligent and shallow-minded to understand what really is going on, and you are simply trying to sound smarter than you are.

      Erica Robinson – Another Child Left Behind

    • If you have been paying attention then you would know it has not a dam thing to do with race you idiot ! only morons pull the race card in 2013 . I guess your ok with the NDAA & the patriot act or maybe the bank bail outs My God the list goes on but if your stupid your stupid I guess and nothing we can do for you. Do no pull the Bush card neither because we already know he sucked to but Obummer is Bush on Steroids. You can learn the truth bu searching late night in the midlands dot com

    • No Erica, I want him out of office for every reason except his race. I voted for his first term…did not vote for his second term….

    • racism has nothing to do with it. its a card played by a racist. he is a fraud and a serious threat to america including your freedoms. I think you need to wake up and educate yourself. stop listening to main stream media who now are goverment funded and ran. stop being a sheep and think for yourself. i may be sticking my foot in my mouth but im venturing to say you are black and in my experience alot of blacks see a black man in power and nothing else. it was time for a black president he's just a poor example. both democrat and republican polititian are corrupt in one fashion or another. in my opion republicans are the less of the two evils. they protect the constitution and peoples rights. i voted independant for the first time. under funded and not well known man from alabama .i think if he had the funding to campain like the others he could of been a underdog contender.

    • What's obvious is your ignorance! Obama loving drones like you can't see the forest for the trees. It has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with his policies and disdain for our constitution and laws that he has violated since day 1. Wake up America!

    • Do you even know anything about Barack Obama besides the fact that you THINK he's black? Honestly, you're just another ignorant black person who supports Obama only because of the color of his skin. That sounds like racism to me. People HATED Bush, but that's okay because he's white. If they hate a "black" man (for very good reason btw) it's racist. I'm black & I'm telling you that you need to educate yourself.

    • Black people are more racists than whites….so lets just STOP using the race card already. No one cares that he is Black it has to do with the facts. He went above Congress and did what HE wanted to do, he has given weapons to terrorist, money to the Muslim Brotherhood all in the name of Allah….WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND BY AND LET HIM RUIN OUR COUNTRY.

    • He gives food stamps to his people to buy crab and steak. He's raised taxes like he said he wouldn't do. Obama care will kill this country. He will be our last so called president.

    • Oh now play the "Race Card" You are dumber than dirt my friend. I don't hate the man, heck I don't even know him.

    • dude your fool of your self that is not it it be cuz he sucks at his job cant do nuthing right

    • im black and I don't care for him so dos that make me racism !!!!!!!! shut the hell up I have seen the news and followed his lies so YES INPEACH HIS ASS!!!!!! every one I know (black or white) agree

    • I agree with you Erica , some of theses Obama haters are just plain idiots in what that say wish they would step back and see who is really killing America not Obama but the hate and sepperation these people are causing it is discusting if you ask me, grow up people start acting like the Christians you accuse Obama of of not being and follow the teachings of God (hipocrits)

    • Michelle how is it that we as christians are not christians because of our desernment on who this man is and what he has done to the united states and the americans, name the one thing he has done to help the working people and i mean people that works and not people that lives off of the government for whatever they can get so that they do not have to get out and work themselves. Wise up girl.

    • It's not racism. It's because he's a traitor, liar, thief . Benghazi says it all. Not to mention Obama selling guns to our enemy. He wants to take americans guns away and put them right into the hands of those who have threatened to kill every Jew and Christian on the planet . Why? Because Obama is a Muslim . His sole purpose is to push sharia law on Americans, disarm them so they're easy to slaughter.

    • Im not a racist. I hate Biden, Pelosi, Clinton, Boxer and Fienstin the same. When you're out of college and have a real life, pay your own bills and are not sucking off the tit of American's, you'll learn to hate their type too.

    • It has nothing to do about race….It has to do with one question. What has he done to benefit the american people since he has been elected? The answer not one good thing. Not to mention he should be impeached for the biggest screw up a president has ever made, in the history of America. If you dont follow dumb ass im speaking about the Benghazi cover-up.

    • stop playing the race card it does no one no good and keep racism alive in this country treat him like anyone else

    • ThaT has nothing to do with it…he is not american. Birth certif7cate was proven to be a fake. Plus, he has abused his powers as being a president. Open yo6r eyes to the real worl.

    • Are you insane or what, the reason why we cannot tolerate a man like obama in the white house is because of what he has done to the united states, are you so stupid as to believe he has done nothing to destroy the american people with his agenda to take away our freedom and put us more in financial debt, wake up idiot and quit playing the race card. STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, We are not against the color of his skin but about truth, character and his loyalty to the United States which he has none of the three.

    • You are full of it! He is ruining our country and putting Muslims in high power jobs! All his lies are starting to fall in on him!

    • It has zero to do with Racism. I think you live behind your own racist clouded reality. You would rather throw race into the arguement to cover up bad deeds. I bet you view President's actions in an opposite way regarding GW Bush. I bet with Bush, the race card is absent. Yeah, you probably say things like, GW caused our debt to triple, & Iraq war is wrong, etc… You need to put the race card down and focus on the facts! A (MAN) our (PRESIDENT) minus a (COLOR) has done a poor job for a (COUNTRY) called (AMERICA). He was our (PRESIDENT) during (FAST & FURIOUS) and (AMERICANS DIED.) He was our (PRESIDENT) when his (PERSONALLY ELECTED) cabinet done (WRONG,) more than once. Minus the race card, I'd say he is a (BAD) (PESIDENT.) From (SOLENDRA) to (FAST & FURIOUS) to his joke about our border security, (THE MOTE FULL OF ALLIGATORS quote). He is unprofessional, unsympathetic to America, and just wrong for a needed and compassionate American President. JUST (WRONG!)

    • I'm married to a black man, I'm not racist at all but absolutely dislike how your President is running this nation; you need to be inform about what really is going on Erica move on from the denial phase to at least be a bit more informed.

    • You sir have just revived the lamest excuse for people not liking our oh so beloved president.
      I absolutely love hearing from short-sighted fools like you. Wait, hearing?
      No no its more like watching a comedy show. I know very well how racist i am,
      that would be 0% thank you very much. You're just drawing attention from the real problem,
      the fact that he is an utterly horrific evil Muslim sympathizer communist/socialist ignorant hypocritical
      finger pointing politician. And guess what? I would accept Herman Cain as a president ANY DAY.
      If you and i could go back to the civil war, i would become a union officer and help abolish slavery,
      while kicking your ass. So please, continue to rant about how people, (That would be you),
      should leave racial matters out of the question. I would love to hear more (And then laugh it off).

    • You sir have just revived the lamest excuse for people not liking our oh so beloved president.
      I absolutely love hearing from short-sighted fools like you. Wait, hearing?
      No no its more like watching a comedy show. I know very well how racist i am,
      that would be 0% thank you very much. You're just drawing attention from the real problem,
      the fact that he is an utterly horrific evil Muslim sympathizer communist/socialist ignorant hypocritical
      finger pointing politician. And guess what? I would accept Herman Cain as a president ANY DAY.
      If you and i could go back to the civil war, i would become a union officer and help abolish slavery,
      while kicking your arse. So please, continue to rant about how people, (That would be you),
      should leave racial matters out of the question. I would love to hear more (And then laugh it off).

    • You sir have just revived the lamest excuse for people not liking our oh so beloved president.
      I absolutely love hearing from short-sighted fools like you. Wait, hearing?
      No no its more like watching a comedy show. I know very well how racist i am,
      that would be 0% thank you very much. You're just drawing attention from the real problem,
      the fact that he is an utterly horrific evil Muslim sympathizer communist/socialist ignorant hypocritical
      finger pointing politician. And guess what? I would accept Herman Cain as a president ANY DAY.
      If you and i could go back to the civil war, i would become a union officer and help abolish slavery,
      while kicking your ***. So please, continue to rant about how people, (That would be you),
      should leave racial matters out of the question. I would love to hear more (And then laugh it off).

    • Racism has nothing to do with congress finding it necessary to impeach Obama for violating the Constitution on grounds of unauthorized use of military in Libya and Syria. This is just one example of Obama's many occasions of violating the Constitution he swore to uphold, protect and defend to the best of his ability, when he took the oath of office. These violations of the Constitution he committed, rises to the level of impeachment.
      Neglecting his duty to protect the 4 Americans who were under attack and killed in an unprotected consulate in Benghazi is another impeachable offense.

    • Bullcrap!!!!! It has nothing to do with his race, that makes me disgusted by him. It wasn't Clinton's race that
      made me not like him as he made a mockery of the White House in my eyes. By the way, can you please tell me how Hilary got a position that she is unable to fulfill? Did she buy it??? I have sent blessings his way when he took office, and this is the result. He is his own worst enemy and will go down as THE worst President ever, just my opinion.

    • Hillary agreed to drop out of the running in exchange for the Sec of State appointment (looks good on the resume of a Presidential candidate) and the promise of an endorsement from Obama when she runs for Pres in 2016. Remember, it was the Clintons who were the first "birthers" and before Bill endorsed Obama he called the latter's campaign a "fairy tail". Think of the way the Clintons have always played politics (DIRTY, with not a few suspicious deaths amongst their familiars) – I believe that as part of the deal they also handed over to BHO their dossiers on our Senators and Justices, it's hard to understand their voting record if blackmail's not involved.

    • the idea of disagreing with a black man is not racist and to pull the race card on every time a black perosn messes up in order to get them out of problems is a sign of weekness

    • All men are created equal! His actions are the problem stop listening to the lies and observe his actions they are undefendable!

    • You are an idiot. I don't care if he was purple with green warts. He's destroying this county. Stomping all over the laws that keep this a free nation. If you don't like your freedom go live in syria.

    • You have GOT to be kidding! Seriously? I guess that would explain the love affair with the truly great Dr. Benjamin Crter who people,yeah whites,jews,etc,hispanics LOVE. Go figure? But I guess with The FRAUD in the WH it's all about racism. Ya . Sure.

    • No you are the racist one. You believe that what Obama has done, is doing, and will do is okay just because he is half white and black. I assume you hated Bush right? Obama continues to enforce and extend Bush era policies. Obama started if not supports two whole other wars. His ordered an underage American to be blown up with another American. He ignored the call for help by U.S. the US Ambassador and just let the Ambassador along with three other Americans get slaughtered by angry muslims. He violates First Second Fourth Amemendment rights. He Forces Americans to be stripped searched, hasseled, and have naked pictures taken of them in Airports around the globe. So, unless you were born yesterday, you are okay with al this because he is black. I assume you are too. Unlike you, and Tina Turner, the rest of America does not like to be abused by black men. But, for you its okay I get it.

    • Get over yourself. Racism isn't a huge thing anymore. If you actually paid attention to what he's doing it would be obvious why everyone hates him. Get over yourself, and stop feeling bad for our loser of a president okay.
      (seriously? over half of america would hate him because his SKIN color is different from ours?? lololol that's actually comical.) It's hilarious to me that I'm obviously more involved in politics than you are–and I'm 14.

    • You need to get your head out of your butt and put it back on your shoulders. Having this sorry sucker impeached is not racism. This would be the best thing to do for our country before he screws it up anymore than he already has. I feel sorry for the next president who has to try to clean up the massive mess Obama has made. With what Obama has/hasn't done will take many years to straighten out. Every word that comes out of his mouth has been a lie. He is a sneaky, lying, piece of crap that needs to go back to the hole he crawled out of. I would still be saying this even if he was of a different race.

    • Oh, please….still with the race card!!!!! Your deck must have only one card in it! Shut it, already….we're tired of hearing it!

    • Have u forgotten that your BOY is half white and it was the MAJORITY of WHITE people that voted his HALF BLACK ASS IN……………….MORON.

    • Racism???? Really? You must be one of the ignorant or in politically correct terms misinformed. This man has no clue what's going on in depts that he's in charge of? Highly doubtful and even if he doesn't then that leaves him unfit to be in power if he can't run these depts. not to mention all the other crap. I don't take either side because ones just as bad as the other and quite frankly they all should be removed in my opinion. Your the problem with this country now. Once someone who isn't white starts undermining a black person the race card is pulled. Maybe white people should start pulling that shit. These issues our country is in now have nothing to do with race. It's what barrack Obama has done and has lied to the "AMERICAN PEOPLE". Not to mention violating the United States constitution. I served my country honorably and served 2 tours in Iraq to watch all of our hard work go down the drain because he pulled all of us out. Now I'm a federal civilian barely making it and were getting furloughed? How bout stop giving countries our money in which hates us. Stop giving terrorists more freedoms than we have. Try them in a military court not a civilian court. These are war enemies. If these people detain our soldiers they are put to death. Same should go for them. Wake up lady. Quit listening to the media.

    • Obama's no dummy and he knows EXACTLY what he's doing, escorting America along the road to ruin. Cannot understand how someone who has flagrantly violated his oath of office has managed to avoid impeachment this long, unless there's blackmail going on behind the scenes.

    • Give us Allen West or Dr. Ben Carson, ect. to vote for then you might see just how much we care if we have a Black man in the White House.Besides, Obama is a Mullato!

    • you people yelling racism racism all the time, make me sick because YOU are the biggest racists of all. You use race to excuse every scandal every crime this man commits and because he is black, you expect us to allow him to get away with it. You probably voted for him merely because he is black. You are so guilt ridden so self loathing with your own issues of race, that you can't imagine anyone else having any other reason to hate Obama's guts so you project your own reasons and superimpose your very own racism on everyone else. Not only do you commit your own bigotry by making this a blanket reason for ALL of those having anything against this President but it shows how oblivious you are to the very real problems at issue the people have with him.

      Let me tell you something you bigoted twit, if ALL Black people were as corrupt as sleazy and sneaky so full of lies and so incompetent having so intent a determined mission to ruin this country, as Obama has proven, then YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS I WOULD HATE ALL BLACKS AND YOU CAN CALL ME A BIGOT AND ILL SAY PROUD OF IT TOO!

      The problem is, ALL Blacks are nothing like this piece of garbage who seems to be just as much against the Black community as he is any other.. Many Blacks understand he has done nothing to help them and has even made living harder for them.

      So take your accusation and attempt to diminish and invalidate our very serious reasons this idiot needs to GO, calling us racist, and SHOVE IT,



    • I don't care what race he is if he doesn't obey the rules, regulations and laws that are in place he must go. Nixon was impeached for far less. Ask Hillary Clinton since she was on that committee.

    • In fact, she was fired from THAT job without a recommendation for unethical practices. Nothing new under the sun.

    • You are kidding right! All I want is a president who cares about this country. A president who doesn't give in to the Muslims. A president who is protecting the citizens of this great country. A president who cares about small businesses and small government. A president who isn't doing everything to destroy this country. A president who doesn't believe that amnesty is the answer for the illegal immigrants in this country.

    • You are a frigging libtard moron Erica.The O.J. Defense is getting way old.You freeeking Communists dont have a leg to stand on with your FAILED douche Presedent, so in typical LEFTIST fashion you attack anyone's credibility. Try some different talking points and go take yoiuir meds.This Communist President and his vacation taking wife need to go.LOSER.

    • You, Erica Robinson, are an idiot. Race has nothing to do with the issues at hand. The fact is that Bill Clinton faced impeachment over a blow job and that is no where near as serious as all the shit that B. O. has done during his time in office to undermine both this nation and our Constitution. Pull your head out of the sand and stop trying to play the race card for a man who isn't even black. B. O. is a mulatto. That is to say he comes from a mixed (black father, white mother) parentage. So, no, it is not about race. It is all about his continued attempts to destroy America and his continued misuse of power.

    • Sorry, Erica. Your reasoning and conclusion in this matter are both wrong. I oppose Obama's presidency because of his ideology and his actions; color has nothing to do with it. I oppose ANY president, regardless of color or party, who refuses to be guided by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Those documents were written to protect MY rights and to limit government's ability to trample them; therefore, anyone who attempts to make those documents of no effect (as Obama does) is an enemy of the Constitution and unworthy to the office of president.

      Electing the first Black president is a notable achievement in this country, an achievement that I had long looked forward to. You see — I am also Black. However, now I have been reduced to looking forward to the first Black president that I can be proud of. I cannot be proud of Barack Obama because of what he is — a totalitarian, socialist/communist/Marxist, wannabe dictator!

      My father and grandfather fought in major wars to defeat totalitarians — now we elect them to high office. No, I cannot be proud of that, and I will oppose it and this president with every fiber of my being.

      I know many (White) Americans who also oppose Obama for the same reasons that I do. I personally know none who oppose him because of the color of his skin. Many of those on the left cannot bring themselves to admit the truth of the matter (Obama's ideology stinks), so they make up "reasons" that are not based in reality. Believe what you will — the truth will prevail!

    • You are an idiot. How typical to use racism as an excuse, that is so over used. Try the truth. This has nothing to do with the color of his skin. He is incompetent as President. People are loosing jobs, loosing their lives (Benghazi) soon to loose their health care. He took an oath to uphold the constitution and he has done nothing but try to undermine it. I have no doubt he is behind all the scandals in the white house right now and it's exactly why nobody is talking. And you say "respect the man" Give me a break, really.

    • In The Audacity of Hope, Obama writes that he "was not raised in a religious household". He describes his mother, raised by non-religious parents (whom Obama has specified elsewhere as "non-practicing Methodists and Baptists") to be detached from religion, yet "in many ways the most spiritually awakened person that I have ever known". He describes his father as "raised a Muslim", but a "confirmed atheist". Racism has nothing to do with incompetence. He is an utter failure on all counts. This is NOT the "moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth. This was the moment – this was the time – when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves, and our highest ideals." I call BS.

    • Really? You have to be a Lib, no one else is that ignorant. No way it could have anything to do with him violating his oath over and over, stonewalling investigations, total disregard for the power of congress, Benghazi, his many attempts to take away or constitutional rights, Lie after lie to the American people? I guess you are ok with all of this? Are you really that ignorant? Or you have no interest in researching what he has done and is doing???

    • how about directing racism where it belongs against racist people no way is this why people hate OBama is because he is a complete failure as a president he is destroying this country slamming our constitution I guess foreign leaders are racist too or how about the black community that doesn't like him either are they racist get your head out your butt because as long as there is people like you racism will never die in this country makes me sick ya'll holla racism when its crap just like that senator from La. which caused a colored man to change party's cause he would not stand for that is he racist I believe not God created us all equal hoe about practicing that cause one thing I learned in the past is the one that hollars racist usually the racist

    • Get over the race card thing. It doesn't work anymore. It wouldn't matter to me if the Pres. was white, black, brown, olive or flippin' PURPLE! Any Pres. that lies to me I'm NOT going to like and any Pres. that shreds the Constitution, I'm NOT going to like. The only reason he scares the **** out of me isn't because he's black, it's because of his hate for our country and it's people. It just amazes me that everyone can't see what he's doing to us……but then, it takes all kinds. I'll still pray for those that just follow along like sheep and can't see this treasonous man for what he really is.

    • You have got to be kidding!!! With all the problems we HAD when he took office (the first 4 years), all he has done was drag us FURTHER into a recession and WORSE! I am very embarrassed to say I voted for him. I expected a 'Christian' man and someone that had big ideas for 'OUR COUNTRY'. He has let me and SO many others down and has stepped on our Constitutional rights and made a 'LAUGHING STALK' of our government! I am not a racist and I tell you that is the first thing people say when they can't come up with anything else. We have been so scared to step on anyones toes because that is one excuse people yell when they don't get their way. I am so disappointed at all this mess We need to look at one thing here… Clinton was looked down upon for what? Having sex in the Oval Office. Obama has done so much more and you feel he has a right to STAY in office? Look at our deficit. Clinton had us in the black and now where are we? Obama feels he should take away from the Social Security, where we (those that have worked for a living) should give it up so we can make up what he has taken from this country. Messing up our medical insurance with this Obamacare shit. All the wars and all those who has given their lives for our country and just shy of spitting on them and those that served in the past. I know that there was a lot of problems before he took office, but all he has done was screw up so much more! It just burned my s'mores seeing them going on vacation every time we had problems with the gas costs and the rise in the economy and the weather disasters and they come off of Air Force One with smiles and the many trips to Europe for visits here and there and no care in the world how we are here with all the struggling and the bombings and people dying. All the time they could just enjoy the sights and museums and theaters and such our country has to offer, and it has to be on the jet going over seas when our country has to pay over $4 or 5 a gallon (reg. gas). You really have got to be kidding saying it is because of their race. I think you need to look in the mirror. There is so much more than the thought of him being the first black man serving office.

    • WHAT A CROCK OF CRAP and you know it, you people that voted for him can't come up with anything better than to label someone racist.

    • Just what is there to respect about the man? Are you deaf and blind? Or are you a special kind of stupid? It's obvious you are not up to date with current affairs otherwise you would not spew trash out your mouth. Unbelievable!! We have Benghazigate, IRS, Fast and Furious, Executive Orders giving the man a pay raise while America is in an economic downward spiral. And then there's the AP scandal. Man you people are true sheeple.

    • What an idiot. Talk about a racist. look at yourself in the mirror. You defend the man because he is black. That is it. You can not defend him in any other way.

    • ..anyone who has even a very basic understanding of psychology would tell you "when you point a finger at someone, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you" ..therefore YOU are racist !
      …"respect that man" ?? ..i have more respect for a piece of dog shit!

    • Oh get over it Erica! WE are so friggin' sick of your type, (low-info/skin-color voters)! If stupidity were a commodity on the stock exchange, YOU and the rest of the OBAMABOTS would be rich; shame that you do not have a rich insight into just what is happening in OUR country. Racism, racism, racism; that's ALL "you people" can throw into the arguement. It's NO WONDER that MARXISM has been able to take a foot-hold in the fed gov't! How about Herman Cain? Many of WE THE PEOPLE love him because it has nothing to do with his skin-color and everything to do with his life experience and his wisdom! I voted for him but "you people" chose to disseminate lies about him because he wasn't YOUR MARXIST GOD! Oh yeah, HE was an "uncle-tom" right? Yeah, y'all got it coming to you and YOUR MESSIAH is going to insure the delivery! Ha!

    • Mr. Robinson … this has nothing to do with the color of his skin… it is the fact that he wants to destroy America because believe me of Mr, West or any other Black American was to run for I would vote for them if they were going to do what they say they are going to do and not LIe every time they open their mouth.. Like this man has I am so fed up with everyone saying it is racism…. IT IS NOT!!!! it about NOT LOSING OUR RIGHTS the right that your families and mine died for….The right not to be slaves and yes that is for blacks , whites.and indians for that matter anyone that live in these United States Of America. Did you forget that MLK fought for this in the civil march….. and to be politically correct he is Biracial! So No I will not respect someone who takes away our rights to benefit them only… What part of this do you not understand…. I do believe you have the right to your opinion but you please look at the history before you start calling out people on racism… and if that is the case then you need to do it in your own race because there are a lot of Black Americans that have came out and said the same things about him… So you see it not racism at all when it come from all sides……


    • get it through your thick skull the lying worthless treasonous traitorous muslim in the whitehouse is there for one reason and that is to destroy America….and by the way he isn't even half black…some people look at color the wrong way and then have the gall to say "your a racists"….I would suggest you examine your motives before calling people names…but then liberal democrats only resort to name calling when they know they are wrong.

    • So my black ass must be racist too because I can't stand his ass. WTF gives this guy the right to infringe on our constitutional god given rights. I think he is a disgrace to the black race. It took us over 200 yrs to get a black man elected as president, and this idiot went messed it all up for us. I even think its time to stop using the race card. He Fu*ked up let him suffer the consequences. It's the best thing for this country.

    • stop playing the race card to get away with corruption in office and further a Communists/Socialists agendas the race card has gotten old and lame

    • No, it's not racism – it's ideals! My #1 choice for president is Allen West, so take your racist comment and stuff it!

    • No, its because he's just a ghastly president. Typical corrupt Chicago politician- who is copying the bad things Bush did, but tenfold. Many of the things he has done, and is doing- are very unconstitutional, and if he were a white man, he'd no doubt be impeached, or the calls for it would be louder. However because he is a black social democrat, and because people are so stupid- and don't see, or wanna see the damage grows… People like you will be the first to scream and complain in the streets when things fall apart.

    • You are just plain dumb huh? It has nothing to do with his race or lack of etc…it is a shame that all your libtards have to use is the tired old Racism Card. STFU and get over it already..Obama is a Terrorist and a Madman who needs to be ousted from this country.

    • Respect him my ass we are headed for dooms day and you say respect him. He is a freaking idiot. He hates America and Americans. He set out to destroy us and make us a muslim country. Are you really that Fu*^ing stupid. He has 21 impeachment of. against him 21! Oh by the way he isn't black. He is 50% white 40% Arab 10% white. So don't go calling the race card on me. You are just afraid of losing all those free bee's. You are just like him. You could care less about America. Why don't you leave with him and go back to Kenya where he was born.

    • How stupid can you possibilly be? What you just stated is totally irrelevent, as well as totally biased. Get your facts straight before you post your liberalist comments. This has absolutely nothing to do with being racist – wake up and smell the coffee. The nation is in trouble, zero thanks to a man who swore to up hold the office, defend the constitution, protect the liberty and freedom of the American Republic. But, No he ruined everything America has fought her as well as defend. But now we are higher in debt, economy is still sluggish, we are a laughing stock of countries world wide. If you say we re being racist, I 'll tell you what – Why don't you excerise your american right and LEAVE THE UNITED STATES! – CAUSE YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE ANY RIGHTS OF LABLELING US AS RACIST!

    • People who "hate" Barack Obama do it on the basis that he is a down right horrible president, NOT because they're racist. Just because a person disagrees with him means they're racist? Take offense: you are a small minded f****** idiot, lady. We're not crying, we're just informed well enough to know that this man is taking us and this country to a bad place.

    • Erica, when will you and everyone else playing the race card get it that the man is also half white!!!!? Lets get over this issue and concentrate on the real issue here!!! We don't care about what color he is, we don't like what he is doing!!! He compares himself to Lincoln, which many of us have to laugh about that one.

    • STFU…its not being raciest its being smart..he has been and always will be worthless get over it…we need somebody new in office that can really make a differnce with our conutry and not blow smoke up our ass

    • It not about racism any more this man is taken our right freedom away trying sign marytial law and breaking n our constitution right .stop look at it has black or white racism cause it is not..It really not about racism. People wake up the help.it not cause he black .it about how and his decision are making basically what he is doing yeah he might our 1st black president but the man want to to be a dictator ..SO PEOPLE IT NOT RACISIM OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES CAUSE I USE TO THINK JUST LIKE THAT TILL I REALIZE N LOOKING INTO IT..IT ABOUT RACISIM ANY MORE IT ABOUT THE PERSON. WHO OBTAIN TO MUCH POWER N THINK CAN DO WHATEVER THE PERSON WANT…SO PEOPLE OPEN EYES AND WAKE UP….IT NOT ABOUT BLACK OR WHITE..IT ABOUT POWER HE PROMISE ALOT OF THING AND LOOK EHAT HAPPEND WE ARE STILL N DEBT..FREEDOM BOUT TO GET TAKEN AWAY CAUSE HE PUSHING THE MARTIAL LAW ON TO SIGNING IT BASICALLY HE WANT GOVERNMENT TO BE SOCIALIST ..WAKE UP IGNORANT PEOPLE IF YOU THINKNIT ABOUT RASCISM THEN YA F***K, It about white or black any more the man can be Chinese or Iraqi Idgf but is he going to abuse his power that giving to him n use it right or wrong People Wake Up,and start saving America today

    • It has nothing to do with race, dumb ass. It has to do with his communist approach to governing. Obama has taken away individual rights for every American by opening the back door of the constitution with Obama are. The real racists are the democrats that have put the blacks back into.slavery with welfare and food stamps It was The Republican Party that freed the slaves and have fought for the minorities through history. You learn history before you defend your slave master democrats again.

    • What a strawman argument. I voted for Obama in 2008, and hoped that we really would get some change in government policies after Bush-era war profiteering. It turned out that Obama expanded those policies, continuously violates his oath, and I HOPE he is impeached. I would want the same for a white, yellow, or purple President. Principles over party, please.

    • Race has nothing to do with why people don't care for Obama. The job he has done while in office is all I base my opinion on. Most of the white presidents did stupid things also but Obama seems to do things to destroy this country.

    • Erica not true…. Obama is 1/2 white and 1/2 black…. People dislike him is because he violated our rights, lied to us and killed too many Americans.. When one person calls another person racist… that make you Erica the racist. Why do you hate whites.


    • screw you we all wanted him to succeed but he failed the nation with his regulations and put people out of a job

    • Are you joking or are you Black? 1st of all we did elect him which means race was not a concern, but unfortunately he is one of the worse Presidents we have ever had ! The man can't open his mouth without tripping on a lie. He does what the hell he wants whether it hurts out economy or our people. ease tell me one thing he has done to improve our economy, our way of life, our future? Waiting to hear this

    • You're clearly a racist just for bringing it up. I'm white and I was happy when Obama was elected because it meant progress as far as racism was concerned. Him having to go has nothing to do with being black. He is deceptive and has broken his presidential oathe, signed treasonous bills into law, and continues the march to tyranny. It's easy to dismiss these claims, because he plays it off so well, however, PAY NO ATTENTION TO WHAT HE SAYS, BUT WATCH VERY CLOSELY WHAT HE DOES.

    • Sheesh — I am sick of hearing that one! The only racists are the liberals who use that term as an out for everything that they cannot prove with logic.

      I have friends of many races and religions – including African ethnic origins. I would not call myself racist. I embrace diversity and other races. I do NOT embrace corruption and Chicago Style politics, ripping apart our country, class warfare, and certainly NOT being blames for being racist since I do not agree with a POLITICIAN who lies at every bend in the road.

      Get over it — racism is pretty much gone in the US except when used as an weapon against 1st amendment rights, or to disagree with your point of view.

      In your little world, racism seems to be limited to people who do not like Obama.

    • Yea because a MAN who is running this country into the ground and is not fit to run this country has nothing to do with it.
      Are you f@#$ing stupid? No tour just black and trying to play the race card.
      I voted for him the first time. I am NOT black. I wish I could take it back.
      I had high hopes that this country could move in a better direction as it seemed the "People" had spoken.
      Now I see it was a great deception. Look at what is going on. We are all being spied on, locked up with no due process, targeted if we speak out against war and other liberal agendas, in debt our children wont even get out of. Wake up!! How is anyone racist for not wanting to deal with these issues anymore?

    • Erica this is the great lie that has been perpetuated by the liberal agenda and has kept this country from having an honest dialogue. The real reason that people hate Obama is that he is dishonest and has no integrity. He has not fulfilled any campaign promise that he has made and has regularly done just the opposite of what he has promised. I can currently think of three very intelligent black men that I would prefer to see in office but the liberal media both white and black continually bad mouth them. Does that mean that the liberal media is racist . I say no. I say the liberal media is racist because they continually bring up the race issue where none exists.

    • You know Erica, you got it all wrong. I don't hate Obama, I think is a sorry excuse for a President; calling racism is inaccurate and repulsive..! The honest truth is the person would have got my vote in 2012 pulled out of the election process. That Herman Cain, (a black man). So how is it racism, that it seems to that Obama has proven to be a lousy President?

    • Erica, you cant be that stupid to believe it has to do with race. It has to do with not upholding the constitution of the United States. How do you get racism out of that? You need to stop drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.

    • dude it has nothing to do with him being black.it is because he is trashing the constitution and also the fact that he is a socialist/communist.

    • You are a naive idiot Erica Robinson. Look at how Barak Obama has stuffed up America. If he was white, purple, yellow, rainbow we would be saying the exact same thing. I am going to say that you are racist-phobic. Accusing others of being racist means that is exactly what you are – A racist idot!! Can't think of an argument against what people are saying against your Obama, then blame them for being racist as an incentive to shut them up. People like you are so annoying.

    • Really, your going to cry racism. NO ONE cares about his race. He could purple for all anyone cares. The fact is he is a HORRIBLE president and acts like this whole thing is a JOKE. You might want to get your facts straight before you go one here and scream racism.

    • How in the hell do you think you know what I believe, or any one else for that matter? Racism has nothing to do with such widespread disapproval! Obviously you came to this site to see why the President may be impeached. I read nothing about racism anywhere in the article. Laws are laws, well… atleast they used to be! IMPEACH OBAMA!!!

    • Really??? This has nothing to do with race. Obama is a constant liar, dictator and is runing this contry.