After eight seasons, Grant Wilson is leaving SyFy’s hit show “Ghost Hunters.”  Jerry Seinfeld is stepping in.
Wilson’s spot wasn’t been vacant for long.
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld will be taking Wilson’s position on the show, according to an announcement. The funnyman is known mostly as the lead in “Seinfeld,” the celebrated NBC sitcom that ran for nine seasons, as well as a legendary career in stand-up. According to sources, “Ghost Hunter” producers hope to reinvigorate the show with Seinfeld’s famous observational humor and witticisms.
“What’s the deal with ghosts?” said a cryptic promotional ad, shortly before the announcement was made.

Wilson has lead investigations with Jason Hawes for eight seasons to date, exploring allegedly haunted locations with their group, The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). Seinfeld is apparently the newest member of the group, with no apparent experience in any sort of ghost hunting.
“It’s a slap in the face for fans,” said one message board user. “They just brought in somebody they thought would boost the ratings. He’s funny, but he just doesn’t fit into our beloved show.”

Comment sections and boards were ignited once more today after it was announced that most of the upcoming ghost hunting is to be done strictly in Long Island and surrounding areas, where Seinfeld lives with his family. According to sources, the comedian refused to come to the program if it required a great deal of travel.
Not everyone is unhappy with the decision. Clinton Male, a diehard fan of the show and manager of several fansites, thinks the bold move could help the show’s longevity.
“I think the producers may have been right on this one,” Male said. “We all just want to see this show go on forever, and we know Seinfeld is great at taking concepts and prolonging them on and on.”


  1. This is unbelievable, was so sad to hear of Grant leaving but to be replace by a joker. Nothing against Seinfeld but ya gotta stick to what ya know.

  2. I can't believe they would reduce the shows image that has built over the seasons. Grant and Jason together just made sense… where one lacked, the other made up for. They are the winning pair and no one could or should replace Grant!!!! If Jerry joins the team, I will not be watching anymore!!!! No offence to Jerry but he's no investigator and would not be a benefit to this series!!!!!

  3. That is absolutely stupid! I love Seinfield, watch all the re-runs ,but he will not fit in on Ghost Hunters. I think that it will make the show seem like its fake and people won't watch it… Myself included.. I dont care for other para normal shows because they seem staged, and that's what it will be like if Jerry comes on … Sorry Seinfield ,love ya , but keep ghost hunting to the ghost hunters.!!!

  4. I don'f think anyone could replace Grant he is my favorite ghost hunter of all time!! But if they do replace him please let it be one of the ghoust hunter crew, I think they hve been with the show for many years and know what ghost hunting is all about. Definitly not Seinfield

    • It is all fake with the exception of Jerry joining Ghosthunters. He was suppose to join Jason and the team for a few episodes, but something came up. What? I do not know, but I do know that Jerry has a deep fascination for ghosts, orbs, apparitions as well as intelligent hauntings. So the story is partially true.

  5. Jerry WAS suppose to replace Grant Wilson. Jerry has a deep fascination for spirits and hauntings. I am a Paranormal Investigator and would love to add Jerry to my company. He can be very serious as well as funny. And Jason let down alot of people and since Grant left, the show has taken a dive. But I still watch it. I hope Tango gets to be his new lead partner as well as an investigator.


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