KINGSTON, JAMAICA – Bob Marley University officially opened last weekend.  Already it’s being called “The Harvard of the Caribbean.”
An elite University has opened in Jamaica dedicated the world’s greatest reggae singer, composer and humanitarian – Bob Marley.  The University was founded by Bob Marley’s family in association with Chris Blackwell – the former President of Island Records – who was integral to bringing Bob Marley’s music to the world.

The University includes a medical school, a law school, a business school and an arts institute.   The school will also have a top-flight soccer team (The  Wailing Wailers) and has begun recruiting players from across Latin America to attend the school.  Bob Marley loved the sport.
Matt Engeman of Mahwah, New Jersey is the first President of the student body, numbering 2,000 students in its inaugural year.  “BMU was my first choice,” Engeman said. “His music and message are integrated into the curriculum and the professors are all very easy-going and calm.  Plus I get to wear a tam every day.”
Engeman is majoring in Trampolines and Chicken-scratch Guitar.
Here’s freshman Rainbow Wallberg, a Mango Major, of  Tampa, Florida.

Students can design their own major.  “We feel that our students can create their own pathway to success – or not.  We want them all to be jammin’ on their majors, and jammin’ on their minors too.  As long as they focus on the three Rs – Roots, Rock, Reggae.”
“No problem” is the motto of Bob Marley University.  Here’s the administration building:

The school is not affiliated with Rastafarism, or any other religion.  “We accept all people.  One World, One Love.  Jah, Rastafari,” said school President, Devante Odani.  “And contrary to popular belief, we do not force our students to smoke marijuana.  It’s not mandatory.”
Here’s the Captain of the Wailing Wailers Cheerleaders:  Tanya Bowman of Los Angeles, CA:

Applications for next year’s class are skyrocketing.  There are already 25,000 applications for 500 spots.
“Irie,” said Engeman.

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