Three giant alien spaceships are getting closer Earth! They are on track to strike Earth on November 27th, 2012.
As reported previously by WWN, three giant spaceships are headed for earth and are on track to arrive here on November 27th, 2012.
Experts with the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials have been monitoring the progress of these alien spaceships.  Last Friday they detected a warning shot fired by one of the spaceships. The shot appeared as several bright flashes of laser-powered energy and they were aimed directly at our Moon.
“It passed right by Jupiter on May 23rd.  If you were looking up in the southwestern sky on May 20th – the day of the new moon – you could see five enormous flashes of blue light,” said Dr. Nirmal Bappu, a world-renowned astronomer and expert on extraterrestrial spaceships.

A number of professional astronomers say they can not detect the ships anywhere near Mars, even with powerful optical telescopes.  “That is because you have to be trained to see these spaceships.  They are not fixed objects moving in a normal pattern.  At times they appear to be asteroids, at other times they appear to be comets or space dust.  These are advanced alien warships capable of transforming their physical form.”
How do the scientists  know that the warning shots were fired from the spaceships?
“We’ve been monitoring all objects in space within 50,000 miles of the  spaceships and logging data.  We have advanced alien spaceship tracking programs that relay all information about a spaceship and it’s activities.”
The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials, working with top scientists from NASA and members of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) have  been following the spaceships since December of 2011.   At first they weren’t sure what the three objects were, though some speculated that they were alien spaceships.  In March of 2011, they  confirmed that they are from Planet Gootan, which is just outside our Milky Way.”
The spaceships were detected by HAARP search system. The system, based in Alaska, was designed to study the phenomenon of northern lights. According to SETI researchers, the objects are extraterrestrial spaceships. Wikileaks  released documents between top-level government officials (around the world) discussing the upcoming alien attack.

The Wikileaks documents prove that world governments have been colluding to cover-up alien activity for well over fifty years. They also reveal detailed information about the three giant spaceships and the ongoing alien invasion.

WWN spoke to Dr. John Malley, the top extraterrestrial expert on the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials and a top Chinese extraterrestrial expert, Mao Kan, about the three ships.
“They are still  following the same course and are projected to hit the target date,” Malley said.  “Governments around the world are making preparations out of the public  eye.  The spaceships were first believed to be from Planet Zeeba, which is known to be a more docile planet, but we now are one hundred percent sure they are from Gootan, known to be much more hostile.”
“We do not want to alarm anyone, but we all must prepare for this alien encounter.  Just because the Gootans are known to be hostile, they may be coming here for other purposes, which we can not know, or do not even have the capacity to know.”
Protective bunkers are being built across the globe – just  in case there is a fierce battle with the alien spaceships.  WWN has learned that the bunkers in the United States are being built in Nebraska, Alaska and somewhere in New Jersey.
WWN will continue to follow this developing story.

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  1. the aliens are not here to attack us they are to watch nibiru destroy us….."its the nibiru show now showing, exclusive for aliens !!!" and what a show it will be.

  2. COME ON PEOPLE!! Wake up! These are only 3 of the hundreds of ships circling earth right now! If they wanted to attack us do you really think we have the technology to do anything about it?? Get real, they are here because we are evolving as a species, finally, they will make themselves known peacefully and we will all remember who we are. We will be shown the truth about our relationship to them and what our TRUE history is. Relax…you will be amazed at what this coming year will bring to us.

  3. Von broan the rocked Apollo designer on his death bed told his secretary there would be a future false flag alien attack operation to create fear in theworld population for government protection and the last bit of democracy would be smitten

  4. lol From jenuary 2012 we see even in solar scopes monstrous spaceships collecting helium from the sun, 100-1000 times bigger than the earth..
    Americans – jewish, just sided with the grays, and fear for any other alien visit, as they may destroy their plans (to destroy humanity and drain natural resources)… Thats why they employee many retarded scientists to say " IT WILL BE AN ALIEN ATTACK FOR SURE" ..
    Yeah right.. they will perish, not us.. So if they come, surely the world will split in 2, them ( gray – americans and jews) and us with the others.. lol

  5. Oh forgot to include in the (american-jews and gray alliance) the moggols to.. Moggols it is well known that came from Arcturus star system, and they are draconian creations almost 15000 years ago.
    It is all written in ancient Hellenic books.. their Metatron Jachbe (what jewish believe and expect) and their alliances.. federation against the universe republic.

  6. Now,we have the WWIII ,the Nibiru Collision and this Allien Attack at our Door Steps.I believe neither in the Nibiru Collision nor in that Allien Attack.The WWIII is more reliable to happen but we should try to prevent it from happening.
    WWIII on its own would give great damage to the World that would take us a Century to recover from it.

  7. hi Good evening. how all
    so u mean earth will crush some aliens, of-course NASA will care don't worry,,,,,,,,,,, still some aliens there they save pour earth, they doing past thousand of yrs, so don't worry, nothing to worry, we ready for space war, human power ready for face war………….
    Professor.Aaryan..Ufoogist <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  8. lol 😀 , don't worry. i told them to go back. So they will never attack to earth…. 😛 any how thankful to "; , because you are the one who discovered this threat even the NASA has so many scientist and techniques they also unable to identify this. thanks again.. and keep in touch and let us know if anything going to be happen in future.. ..|..

  9. Now here is a funny thought, if most people don't trust the government, and dislike the commercial manipulation. And loads more people are really getting upset over new laws that are "infringing on personal rights" then what makes public officials that the populous would side with them if another Group came to the planet and offered a different way of life?
    I mean sure there could be explosions around the states, but nukes don't prove "aliens" are hostile only that the 11 or more lost nukes that the military decided to not look for finally went off. And sure publicly it could be said that they were terrorist attacks BUT really if WE won't look for these damn things, and our country spends more money on security than any other country, then does this mean we are inept people or just the people spending the money are not doing what they say they are. After all I'm willing to bet that more people think " the government is corrupt" than the other way around.

  10. There are many,many comments on this subject, having held a doctorat in Alien conspiricies, i feel i have the experience to comment on this subject.
    First it is obvious the authorities who may be adding to the fear factor in this conspiracy, are lacking in intelect, and vision of possible 1st contact.If it is the case that this might be true, it is concevable that the aliens are as fearfull of the encounter as we would be, leading to a state af paranoid dilusions.
    This could lead to, on the earths counter Aliens service to a pre emptive strike, by the Russians, in this senario we have to consider the latest Russian attempt to send a probe to Mars, as it did not get away from earths atmosphere and fell back to earth, the Aliens must have had a little giggle, but keeping this on a serious tone, i will refer you to the second attempt by the North Koreans, this attempt did not get as far as the Russians, and it is believed the Aliens had another little giggle about that one too.Then there is the situation in Syria, Assad has stated that as his beloved country is being attacked by an unknown Alien race, who are cloning themselves as civilians, he vows to destroy them at all costs to save the world.
    THe Aliens had a little giggle about that too.
    To the rescue came the UK who are developing a method to communicate with this unknown race, first the suggestion was to put vat on cornish pasties, but that did not get past the european human rights charter, so they had to think again, they then decided to offer them free tickets for the 2012 Olympic games in London, and while they were engaged in a giggling fit, members of the secret space police would fly with Virgin atlantic to clamp there Alien ships.
    Our prime minister thought this was the best solution, as they could tax the fee for releasing there ships.
    But this is my front page headlines, i have it first hand from the leader of the Aliens, who Skyped me a short while ago, that they are only coming here for a laugh.
    Well glad i ccould answer all the septics i meaan sceptics and put all your minds at rest.
    Yours sincerily
    George Bush

  11. question!! whats going come hit us 1st …. these alian ships…. or Nibiru ( that 10th planet)… wow what people come up with these days.. i know for a fact theres mysterys out there so much in the world and in space… but come one u guys… all these year in 2012 aliens coming to invade us… then a planet cming to hit us… OMG.. i dont know what to say… hmm cant wait to see what happens… LOL

  12. Pretty funny, but if they were going to attack, why the heck would they fire warning shots alerting us of their presence?

  13. for crying out loud theres no poof that they will attack us they could be coming here to save us from whatever will happen in december relax

  14. So they've been following the ships since December 2011… and they discovered which planet they were from in March 2011……….

  15. Oy!, late 2012 will sure be busy…some claim there is going to be a massive solar flare that will burn our ipods/X box/ Pcs and basically all electricity based equipment sending us to the time there was nothing of the like, say, the 80s when everybody played in the park, used bicyles jut for fun and the % of children with obbesity was , well, non-existant…(sighs) some others claim there will be a polar shifting causing Cancun to become the North Pole and the north pole a tropical beach causing -in the process- countless earthquakes, tsunamis, Justin Bieber's fans parades and the like, then we have, of course, Planet Nibiru that will pass near Earth causing mayhem only seen in Flash Gordon and some college parties…we don't want to forget, of course, Mayas who, according to legend, will return from wherever the hell they were (they dissapeared in 1546 with no trace left), dressed like Gods to slain the descendants of those who oppressed their kind (namely spaniards) that means all mexicans and central americans with no mayan blood will be sacrificed to the gods…and now, to top it all, three giant space ships are headed for Earth?, from planet Gootan? (because Zeebans are nice and adorable)…geez…why don't we throw some Monsters in to complete the set, lets say Godzilla?, or Cloverfield? or my mother in law?…I dont know you all but I am waiting to see what happens…it is going to be a blast! (used as slang, not literal)…if nothing happens you are all invited to a karaoke party in my backyard to celebrate, I invite Corona Beer and steaks. RSVP please

  16. we r all in for a rough ride this is a great time for us to understand what after death happens to us if at all it does so lets say we all go on too other levels that this physical level in this dimension is over we must strive to all let go & trust that we r all including the bad ones much too precious beings to waste via death & that means u & i.

  17. wow … I cant wait for these aliens to arrive. because i will be hoping to order a large pie to go……. and my friend mike will be offering the thier leader a cigarette. LMAO this is freaking hysterical!!!

  18. I had a very strange dream a few nights ago….I saw lots of stars heading towards the earth and when they reached our globe, they were actually alien ships. My friends, in my dream i did not see them shake anybody's hands, all i saw were laser beams being shot at anything and anyone…this is the end of our world as we know it 🙁

  19. Question….. How does anyone know what the people on these planets are going to be like? How do they know that they are coming to attack? How do they know that they are just as curious as we are about life on other planets? Sounds like fearmongering to me.

  20. last night on 8th november 2012 three weird blue lights appeared in the sky but after few they went invisible while an plane passed thru them.what are these weird lights and where do they come from?

  21. This is Mr. Micheal, Ufologist
    About Aliens its true only, NASA also know about this but they not expose, they are 34 type Aliens now exist , they came Earth, but most of peoples aware about only 4types. some Aliens are so advance technology from us, some are not yet develop like us…..its a big Universe, in this Universe some billions of may be exist, in that no dought
    For more details please check my channels links…..


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