NEW YORK – Mayor Bloomberg told New Yorkers that anyone looting during Hurricane Sandy will be put in internment camps in upstate New York.
In a press conference this afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg again urged residents in evacuation areas to leave immediately.  The Mayor was told that a number of residents were hesitant to leave because they were worried about looters.
Mayor Bloomberg shocked reporters when he said that the National Guard would round-up any looters and take them to internment camps in upstate New York.  “We have installed a zero tolerance policy for looters.  If you  loot, you will be put in an internment camp for six months – at the minimum.”

Reporters questioned the constitutionality and legality of imprisoning looters, but Mayor Bloomberg said, “We have the full support of the Obama Administration.  Looters will be placed in these camps and some may even be deported.”
“You are going to deport Americans?”  asked John Quimby of The Daily News.  “Yes, we will figure out where the looters ancestors came from and ship them off to that country.  President Obama and I agreed that it’s time to clean up our cities,  and our country,  and Hurricane Sandy will give us a good opportunity to do so.”
There have been rumors for the last two years that the U.S. Government has been building internment camps in every state.
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has also signed-off on the internment camps.  Governor Cuomo said he met with the National Guard to review strategy.  He has deployed several units to help with the storm, and several more to round-up looters.
Mayor Bloomberg also had dire warnings for people riding elevators during the storm.  “If you get into an elevator during the storm, we will get you out, but you will be sent to an internment camp.”  Bloomberg said that the government can no longer tolerate citizens who do not do exactly what the government tells them to do.   “New York City is no place for rebels.  If you want to defy our orders, you will be sent to a camp. ”
The Mayor says he will send any “defiant New Yorker” to the internment camps.  “Zero tolerance,” he repeated.
The Mayor said he will be compassionate to some looters.  Mild looters (products under $5) will be offered the opportunity of being sent to New Jersey instead of going to an internment camp – but the Mayor expects few people to choose that option.

Left-wing activist attorney, Ron Kuby, objected to the threat of arresting and imprisoning looters.  “This is America, this is not communist Russia.  I believe the whole hype around the storm is an attempt by the U.S. government to practice their draconian methods for controlling the populace in case of a revolution.  I will not allow ANY looter to be sent to an interment camp.”
Ron Kuby was arrested and sent to upstate New York.
What will the looters be forced to do at the internment camps?  Mayor Bloomberg isn’t saying… but he had an evil grin.


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