McLEAN, VA – Abraham Lincoln has inspired Americans for generations, but it was just revealed that he was a slave owner.
“For the sake of your race, you should sacrifice something of your present comfort for the purpose of being as grand in that respect as the white people,” Lincoln said, promoting his idea of colonization: resettling blacks in foreign countries on the belief that whites and blacks could not coexist in the same nation.
Lincoln went on to say that free blacks who envisioned a permanent life in the United States were being “selfish” and he promoted Central America as an ideal location “especially because of the similarity of climate with your native land — thus being suited to your physical condition.”
As the nation celebrates the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s first inauguration Friday, a new book by a researcher at George Mason Universityin Fairfax makes the case that Lincoln was even more committed to colonizing blacks than previously known. It even reveals that Lincoln himself owned slaves.
The book, “Colonization After Emancipation,” is based in part on newly uncovered documents that authors Philip Magness and Sebastian Page found at the British National Archives outside London and in the U.S. National Archives.

In an interview, Magness said he thinks the documents he uncovered reveal Lincoln’s complexity.
“It makes his life more interesting, his racial legacy more controversial,” said Magness, who is also an adjuct professor at American University.
Lincoln’s views about colonization are well known among historians, even if they don’t make it into most schoolbooks. Lincoln even referred to colonization in the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, his September 1862 warning to the South that he would free all slaves in Southern territory if the rebellion continued. Unlike some others, Lincoln always promoted a voluntary colonization, rather than forcing blacks to leave.
But historians differ on whether Lincoln moved away from colonization after he issued the official Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1, 1863, or whether he continued to support it.
Magness and Page’s book offers evidence that Lincoln continued to support colonization, engaging in secret diplomacy with the British to establish a colony in British Honduras, now Belize.
Among the records found at the British archives is an 1863 order from Lincoln granting a British agent permission to recruit volunteers for a Belize colony.
“He didn’t let colonization die off. He became very active in promoting it in the private sphere, through diplomatic channels,” Magness said. He surmises that Lincoln grew weary of the controversy that surrounded colonization efforts, which had become enmeshed in scandal and were criticized by many abolitionists.
As late as 1864, Magness found a notation that Lincoln asked the attorney general whether he could continue to receive counsel from James Mitchell, his colonization commissioner, even after Congress had eliminated funding for Mitchell’s office.
Lincoln joins George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as U.S. President that were slaveholders despite misgivings. Washington freed his slaves when he died.  Lincoln never got the chance to do that.


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  1. Almost everybody had slaves back then. It was Lincoln though who freed them across the country. He still gets credit for that regardless.

    • You obviously have done no research into American history. About 4% of Southerners owned slaves…individually. Only about 25% of families owned slaves (in the South). They were WAY too expensive for the average family. And all this hype about the slaves being treated horribly… If you spent the amount of money as these people did on a slave, would you make them physically unable to do their job? No, because you need the money. Also, for the average slave-holding family, they would own about 3-4 slaves. Do you understand that the owners weren't just sitting on their porches, cracking a whip, and drinking lemonade??? They were IN the fields working. But harvest time doesn't last all year… slaves were hired out during the offseason and were allowed to keep some of the money they earned and gave some to their owner; with some exceptions, LIKE THERE ARE IN EVERY SOCIETY, some were not treated right but that number has been overdramatized and extremely used to make southerners into the american form of nazis, watch nearly any movie and you'll see it. Why? Because the North won the war. Ever heard the quote "History is written by the winners"? It's true. History has been rewritten unbelievably because of who won the War for Southern Independence (i.e. Civil War). Read textbooks old textbook and compare the information in those to the ones written today. History is the biggest propaganda tool and all you need to change history is a pen. The Emancipation Proclamation freed ZERO slaves. It declared the freedom of all slaves in any state of the then Confederate States of America….of which the Union had no control because those states had succeeded from the Union. OH and Lincoln had over 100 slaves. He was never an abolitionist. He said he would do WHAT EVER it took to keep the union together. Whether that be with all slaves free, or all slavery still intact. This was a North vs. South economic war over the control of expansion and control of government. And the South was economically BOOMING. Slavery was necessary for the South because of agriculture, it was not necessary for the North who had textile industries. Slavery, morally, is wrong. But it wasn't about slavery, it was about the national government trying to bypass state's rights in the issue over slavery. After this war, our constitution and government was no longer what the founders wanted it to be. National government was expanding and states rights are being dismissed. Sad. Though slavery is bad, what if the South had won? Would we have an overbearing federal government that has it's nose in EVERY aspect of our lives? Or would states have the control the ORIGINAL constitution granted them. Would we still be a republic instead of this ridiculous democracy? Take a second and try to think of one aspect of your life that isn't regulated by the government. If you think of one, please PLEASE email me. I would love to know what that one thing is, for months it has been an assignment for one of my classes to find something and nobody can. (Including our prof, he's trying to make a point).

  2. If you put white people in the same position(slavery), as whitesput blacks, they would have found a quicker way to free themselves

    • white peoiple were in the position of slavery, the worst kind and they reacted in like we call it the Holocaust, remember? one little short man took over and wrecked havoc on society, that comment you made was ignorant as all get up, fear is fear when a gun is placed in front of someone or in this case several it turns into mental abuse=fear, its hard to overcome., we hear about these types of things but now its a diffrent arena its called democracy god gave us everything for free, the land to cultivate and build on, the water to fish and drink from and yet we find ourselves paying for it. you included, you are not exclusive. Let's see you walk into a supermarket and shop walk out with your groceries without paying and tell them god gave it to us for free and you refuse to pay for it, don't pay for rent or mortgage and do the same, and go fishing and tell them you will not produce a license because god created that too and its free and yours also and we will see how far you get, one of two things are going to happen you are going to jail or the crisis center! You see its easy to cosign from the sidelines

    • I think if history was flipped around and Black people were evil enough to have enslaved Whites and Blacks raped white people like the whites raped black people… whites would have been cancelled out.
      They'd be mixed raced, whites would cease to exist in America, Caribbean, South America etc etc (and everywhere else whites enslaved west africans).
      Blackness is genetically dominant and melanin deficiency aka whiteness is genetically recessive.

    • So not true, caucasians enslaved each other for years in Europe from the beginning of time and that only stop when they branched out and enslaved other cultures.

  3. In His excellency's Lincoln's situation of slave ownership, it may have been good to get well acquainted with the hearts of alves, why? What then could be the afterlife's world of slaves? A natural re-awakening of the human's spirit to a new frontier of a home and the support of a society as real structurally as on earth into ones full self-sufficiency and happiness?
    Lincoln, it would seem saw the truth about being a human being totally and what makes a human centrally love his work and home privacy without hesitation because if a slight disrespect would enter a slave for his owner, such a being wouldn't really exist at present in spirit though despite of how apparent!…

  4. The Government used Abe Lincoln to stop Slavery He was USA President times have changed the last time I saw peny candy was over 23 years ago Times before cars were rough he was a hero and sent his thoughts as is:Don't show your presidents to others put them in your wallet be safe Presidents Day is Monday 20th February 2012 Washingtons Birthday February 22 Wednesday 2012.

  5. President Lincoln was born in Kentucky and moved to Indiana (a free state) as a boy. As an adult he lived in Illinois another free state. His wife came from a slave owning family married Licoln and lived with him in Illinois. Lincoln never owned slaves and although this web article says a book implies he did- where is the bill of sale, breed book, tax record, census data, news paper articles from that time period. There are none.
    This is bogus.
    The person posting about states rights is bogus as well. Boil all the arguments down and it comes to the slave issue. It is wrong to own people and while many were like Lincoln and would not make the existing states give up slavery they would not let anymore states enter the US unless they were free.
    The issue in states rights was if a state had the ability to allow slavery.
    No one should be proud of an ancestor who owned slaves be it 150 years ago or a 1000 years ago owning people is wrong.

  6. She is extremely uncomfortable and it is not helped by the fact that the air conditioning is turned off. Jerry tries to console her by saying they only have two more days left before they go back to New York.

  7. I have no problem with black people, I think every house should have two or three in service. I am to this day sicked at the thought of the abomination of a THING you call a President now. He is nothing but a monkey on a string. An abomination..!!!!!!!!!!! . I

  8. If John Wilkes had Not shot Lincoln, America would have been the better for it because Ole Abe had asked Congress for funds to ship the negroes to other countries!

    • How did the negroes get to America in the first place? I should think that Ole Abe should have made "the folks responsible for bringing the negroes to America" take them back to where they were transported from against their will!!!!!!!!

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