JERUSALEM – UFOs have been spotted over the Dome of the Rock – an ancient Islamic shrine!
Ever since violence has erupted in Egypt there have been numerous sightings of UFOs over Jerusalem, particularly over the Dome of the Rock – and ancient Islamic shrine.
Israeli, British and American intelligence agencies have confirmed over two thousand UFO sightings over Jerusalem in the last ten days.
“These UFOs are real.  The videos that were shot of the UFOs are the most incredible videos ever shot,”  said UK Ministry of Defense UFO investigator Nick Pope.  U.S. Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, said  “this confirms what the U.N. and our intelligence agencies have been tracking for the last several months – there is an ongoing alien invasion occurring around the globe.”

Some skeptics believe the UFOs are really aircraft belonging to the Israeli army, some believe that they are high-tech drones.  “Nonsense,” said Israeli General, Avi Meade.  “The spaceships that we have observed, and videotaped, hovering over the Dome of the Rock are the much more advanced pieces of technology than anything created by man on Earth.”

The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials issued a statement late today.  “This is final proof that aliens exist and are attacking Earth.  We must come together and fight them.”

But why are the aliens flying over the Dome of the Rock — an ancient Islamic shrine?  Flying above the shrine is strictly  — forbidden.

Professor John Malley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials said,  “the aliens are clearly upset with the recent developments in Egypt. They are sending a message:  resolve this conflict or we will resolve it for you.”

Jerusalem Ufo

WWN has reported extensively about the ongoing alien invasion that has been documented to begin in early 2011 and continue until 2015 – when the whole world will be under alien control.   Governments around the world are trying to cover-up the invasion in any way they can.   But, the U.N. Panel is trying to counter act this propaganda campaign.
“The alien invasion is under way.  Jerusalem is just the beginning,” said Professor Malley.
Here are two clips of the UFOs over Jerusalem:

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  1. Every once in a while they have to take the Ark of the Covenant out for a spin or the battery gets weak. Its very hard to jump start that thing once it goes dead.

  2. i am really scared………….god save the humanity………………….love is the only answer for evrything……………..

  3. One thing that I noticed about all of this is how QUIET his wife is about the whole thing. I found her name, facebook account, twitter account and a few other things about her (she works for the Brazilian Embassy in Isreal) and she does not mention, even once, that her husband made such an astonishing find. That, in of itself, tells me that this is fake. P.S. His name is EliGael Gedalyovich and hers is Luciana Silberberg Gedalyovich, if you want to Google them. Just don't bug them because I also found her gmail account so you will too. But, like I said, leave them be. It's just polite.

    • Well jesuschristoncrack, if you think about it would you make a big deal out of something when you and or your spouse are high profile individuals ? You wouldn't want to discredit yourselves with some ufo sighting like some country bumpkin, but if you really saw something you would want to get it out there and not put your name on it because you know it's going to be criticized even if it's painfully real because of advancement in photographic technology. Seriously with a bit of planning and hard work almost anything can be faked.

    • The top vid of the ufo. you can see the guy holding something in his right hand. it looks like a light. as soon as the light starts to move down you can see him lowering his hand. look at the vid full screen.

  4. oh my days.did it not occur to anyone that the government might just be trying to distract the people of egypt so that they can have control over them again. sorry to put a downer on anyone who thought this is real,but you might want to think again.

  5. This is just the beginning they have been here since the begining of humanity and have helped us through wars, enviromental disasters and nuclear distruction. They are here to simply purify the earth and bring wave to newly evolved human hybrids , kinda like noah and the flood. In reality we are part of them and they are very much part of us .

  6. The alien invasion is under way for one reason > to improve a knowledge of better thinking of a stupid & corrupted people brains !!!

  7. It doesnt matter if its fake or not when they come from the sky they are not the enemy…the enemy has been on this planet for a long time now…they want you to belive that the ones coming from the sky are the bad ones so we could attack them…learn to deflect vibrations of all kinds.

  8. Government officials dealing in Alien affairs have known for years of the alien presents on Earth and the Moon, even our astronauts have stated this repeatedly. At the National press club UFO disclosure meeting nearly 400 military officers, CIA officials, FAA officers and scientists testified to the alien presents that is keep secret by our government. It has become apparent that Earth is very important to aliens, not for minerals or because humans live on it, it's for the anti-matter fuel produced by our atmosphere. In nearly all photographic imaging captured by NASA space shuttles UFO's are seen over lighting storms in the stratosphere, you see lighting works like a giant collider crashing atoms into one another changing electrons charge to – and converting them to positrons. The Earth is one of a handful of planets within 1000 light years with an environment conducive to production of anti-matter, it's mainly water that produces large clouds hydrogen.
    On December 14, 2009 Nasa's Fermi satellite was flying over Egypt, the spacecraft intercepted a particle beam from a terrestrial gamma-ray flash which occurred over it's horizon. Fermi's Gamma-ray burst monitor detected the signal of positrons annihilating on the spacecraft, twice, some of the particles reflected off a magnetic mirror point and returned. Studies of lighting storms using high-speed cameras reveal a whole world of activity in the upper atmosphere that no one expected, anti-matter particles created high above ordinary storm clouds by bolts of lightings. These Terrestrial Gamma-ray flashes send beams of anti-matter arcing through the Earth's atmosphere in thunderstorms as high as 100 kilometers and are sometimes referred to as Blue Jets. It is now believed that as many as 500 or more Gamma-ray flashes happen everyday with thunderstorms coughing Positrons (anti-electrons) up the Earth's magnetic field.

  9. It would be arrogant ignorant and foolish to "come together and fight them." These extraterrestrials are thousands of years more advanced then us and they are here to help us!

  10. Did anyone read the story? Their government is admitting that the UFO's are real. 2,000 sightings in 10 days, somebody must have some time on their hands to do that many hoax. I'm sure if an alien smacked you in the face you still wouldn't believe it. But hey, why don't you take a little trip to Jerusalem and check it out for yourself. Or you can just wait because one day somebody is going to have to be right. Anyways life will go on, and haters are gonna hate.

  11. Hi, UFO sightings have been occuring for years at Old Bolingroke, lIncolnshire, England. The frequency of the sightings have been so many that local residents including the landlord of the Black Horse are incredibly blaise about it all. Having seen one light show myself I would say that they are near identical to the red lights in Utah and similar to the Jerusalem sighting. Depending on how you want to interpret it all I am personally more than concerned. We have a right to know what is happening?

  12. Are they actually invading? No. What have they taken over? Nothing. Making their presence known? Yes. Don't get sucked in by fear-mongering from others. The only thing we are being "invaded" with is by our fear, rigid beliefs and intolerance. Right relationship with each other is what we need to worry about. They are not here to invade, nor are they here to stop illegal wars. We have to learn to do that ourselves as part of our own freewill. Their presence partly is to assist in awakening humanity up to ourselves, to realise we are not alone, that we are part of something larger.

  13. Our solar system that is our sun and 8 planets (pluto is not a planet) and in our galaxy is compose of trillion of Star, imagined that how many star in our own galaxy and there are trillions and maybe trillions of trillions galaxies unknown to us… Do you think that we are alone intelligent living things in this God created universe. How many fish in a lake -one, and only one fish (us) also in the river and how about in the sea and how about in the ocean? are we alone swimming the big ocean? I don't think so. IF WE ALONE IN THE BIG OCEAN HERE EARTH I THINK THE OCEAN IS A BIG WASTE….

  14. Why are people so readily available to believe in aliens which are not real….but they won't believe in angels which are real. There is no such thing as alien spacecrafts and alien visitations, all this is mystical made up things to distract from the truth. God sent angels to Sodom before the destruction. These are investigating angels, NOT aliens.

    • investigating angels? really? couldnt they just ask god whatever they needed to know? why investigate when you have an omnipotent being at your side? how do you know since the bibles been written that god didn't create a race of aliens? are you saying he couldnt? you cant say he wouldnt because that would just be silly for you to assume that you would know what god would or wouldnt do…..i cant believe you mind is so closed to possibility thats all around you….geez cant believe i let your naivety get to me…….you really think that angels would come down as a ball of light and hover? why wouldnt they be more subtle considering they are supposedly all around us all the time but we never see them till they drop out of the sky for "investigating" and then zoom back to the sky followed lots of spinning red flashing lights?…..really? this is what you think? oh man actually that really makes ALOT of sense thanks youve really opened my eyes

    • Why do you so readily believe in angels and god which are not real… but wont believe in aliens which are real? There is no such things as angels its all mystical and made up, to distract you from the real truth. Sorry to seem mocking, but you know, maybe it might be the case that what we believed were angels back thousands of years ago might just be aliens and we had no other way of describing or understanding them. Its possible, dont fence yourself into a belief without evidence to support that belief, you dont have any evidence to say aliens dont exist

    • i think angels and "aliens" are the same thing. This kind of stuff has been going on for years. It's nothing new. It's just happening more now because they are about to make contact. Humanity on about to Transform. Consciousness is about to shift in a BIG way. This is what is known as the Second Coming of Christ. The Christ Consciousness will come from out of the clouds in the Sky.

    • Angels from the Old Testament could be construed to be synonymous with ET's of today. "
      all this is mystical made up things" My friend, the Bible, not unlike many other ancient Wisdom Traditions as they are called by the Theosophists, is full of MYSTICAL experiences and supernatural occurrences. Indeed it is saturated with Mystical elements. Judaism is rooted in Mysticism and that my friend is a FACT that cannot be refuted. All sentient beings come from the Divine Source, Prime Creator. ET's are indeed real. And they are hear. And they very well may be "Angels" as they were called many many years ago. They have even been seen in connection with "Chariot of Fire" "Wheel inside of a wheel"
      In even older carved Sumerian tablets there you will find the Genesis story that the Book of Genesis Creation story was modeled after. There were the Annunaki who would be the Biblical equivalent to the Elohim. Enik and Enil Elohim is plural as in more than one. "And God said let US make man in Our image"

  15. The U.S. goverment is not willing to tell the truth that these things are real cause they are too proud of being the most advanced in the tech world we live in, but others know the truth. THIS CLIP SHOWS IT ALL.

    • It's not the government keeping this information from us, it's the government within the governments that control most leaders of the world. You want the truth ?? The only way we will get the truth is if EVERYONE wants the truth. Most don't know they in the matrix.

  16. This is where the "New Jehrusalem" that will come down from the heavens will land and the King of Kings, Yahshua, will reign. He will destroy the earth's armies and put Satan and his angels away for a thousand years. No more wars, famines, or suffering because the whole world will keep the commandments of Yahweh.

  17. The ancient gods of this world are NOT immortal. Understand this and you will realize that the rulers of the world defeated "god(s)" a long time ago.

  18. What sort of UFOs, and could such ones have been protegees of Solomon and Jesus?
    – So, as some back there said, "there is his star!"

    • No I am not an alien. I'm still alive and living as a shelf stacker in an Asda Wallmart store in South Wales. I've lost some of my powers in the past 2000 years though. I used to be able to turn water into wine, but now I can only turn wine into water.

  19. To: page 1 commentator "JESUSCHRISTONCRACK" – As a CHRISTIAN I AM OFFENDED BY YOUR SCREEN NAME. Anything that is offensive in nature and is discriminatory towards any Faith or Person – IS in violation of The Human Rights Act and Religious Freedoms Act of Canada/North America. CHRISTIAN HAVE RIGHTS TOO – as do Muslim/Islamic, Sihk, Buddism and other Faiths. Please refrain from further offensiveness or I WILL MAKE A FORMAL COMPLAINT in writing. Tthanking you in advance for your anticipated respectfulness in the future. Be Blessed!

    • You need to reread the Act before you start trying to use it. The act says NOTHING about free speech. The act is for the creation of laws that discriminate, not speech. Make all the formal complaints you want, it won't help you. Besides, Jesus would have been on Opium, so I'm not that far off. Sorry if that offends you but it's a historical fact. You know about "facts" right? It's those things Christians like to ignore.

    • Christian, I too am CHRISTIAN. A fully fledged, middle aged, Roman Catholic. You really do need to get a life and not be so sensitive. GOD actually gave us a sense of humor and he obviously has one too or he wouldn't have made such a funny old bunch of creatures he calls humans. Lighten up a little and learn to laugh a bit. 🙂 Still a CHRISTIAN with a sense of humor

  20. If there were so many as 2000 UFO sightings in Jerusalem, in this day and age don't you think there would be a lot more videos and talk on the net then just 5 or 6 videos that look like they could have been photoshoped so easy. However, I beleive I have seen alien ships before, twice to tell the truth. One I remember seeing an aircraft pasenger carrier flying, and of course it looked to be going slow from where I was down on the grown and it being 7km or so in the air and anyway a red coloured spec of light just flew past this plane in lest then a second and into the sky. That was my first sighting. Then maybe 5 months later I had seen another, this time it seemed to be doing swirls then in about 2 seconds it went off into the sky like the last one. Both times the light coming from these UFOs were a faded red (not pink). I live on the East cost of Australia and this happend within the last two or so years.
    If anyone would like to hear more I would be happy to do so, or if anyone has had a similer experience then I would like to hear from you.

  21. Looking at the comments, my opinion is…
    Yes these videos do look real, i agree so very much. Yet some of you say "Others are saying that they are human aircraft" If we can make such machines then we can so easy make videos that can be very believable. My word is that these videos are fake merely because they dont show anything, there just like every other video (it's dark, there's lots of light and theres just that sence of fake on it).
    To the comments now about God/s and the Universe.
    Who am I to say "God is fake and is made up, and the universe can all be proven by science". On the otherhand, who am I to say "God/s is/are an immortal being that created not only the world but every solar system, galexy and the univers".

  22. I am 16 years on and in year 10, and I admit that I don't know how the universe works, no one does! No one! It amazes me how people can just say "the universe just goes on forever by either (a) every edge leades to and opposit edge, or (b) it expands infinitely". And others will say "God/s created the universe and whatever was allways was".
    First I would like to say. How can people say the universe goes forever when they haven't even seen much past our galexy. I know It's just a theory but don't you all think it would be just a bit more complicated then that?

    • google hubble deep field. The hubble telescope has taken a photo of more than 10,000 galaxies when it was aimed at a spot in the sky no larger than a grain of sand. 10,000 galaxies in one photo….all with hundreds of billions of stars. and perhaps trillions of planets.
      I know the UFO's are real because i've seen one from close range. Much closer than the video shot here. the one i saw looked just like this. a ball of light in the distance, it sat still for several minutes and then took off at a very high rate of speed without gaining or losing altitude. it flew in a big arc and made it's way DIRECTLY over the spot we were camping at in Malibu Canyon Oct 17th '08 I have two witnesses that would tell you the exact same story and pass any lie detector. I know what i saw. And wouldn't have believed it if i hadn't seen it.

  23. As for prophecies saying god/s told them the way of life, the universe and God/s themself. Can't you all see this could be made up? There are so many religions with so many different belifes of how the world and universe was created that if there was one that was right and was telling the truth then it would make many others before and after it false and lies. So consider this, do you really think your religion is the one telling the truth of the universe? Don't just say yes, ok. Accually think of what I have said and then take, maybe an hour or a day, two days or even a year to conclude your answer. Then if your answer is still 'yes' then I think thats perfectly fine. But if what I have asked for you to ask yourself has given you doubts about your belief, then I think you are a very opend minded person that knows they don't have the answers to the universe and can admit that no one and probably nothing does know.

  24. Both science and religions claim so many facts about our universe but it is just human nature to come up with posible answers and stick with the best fitting or sounding one at that time. Humans thoughts are something truly creative and just as comlex as the universe. I hope someday our species can unite our thoughts and finaly focus on our real challenges and issues, rather then fightng one another like the selfish, stubern and sometimes still primative creatures we are.By now I don't think many people have read my whole comment, but I thank those who have taken the time to consider it. I hope I have opened your eyes and perception of the universe and life.
    P.S. Excuse my spelling
    2P.S. Whatever you think of the universe, science, religion and God/s never forget about yourself and the ones you love. Also respect others thoughts and beliefs. Iiiiii'mmmm ouuuut!!!

    • Haha this article is such a joke. All those quotes are so false. We are under an alien invasion, yeah okay buddy. These aliens have such high technology that it would be under the blink of an eye regarding destroying our planet. There are galaxies out there that have a MILLION YEARS on the milky way, imagine our society's technology in just 1000 years, forget about one million. Yes life does exist beyond us, but there would be no reason for aliens to even bother with our primal way of life, they are lightyears beyond us, and if anything, they are just observing the way we live, and so on. They could give two shakes about wars going on in our planet, we are one of a trillion. LOL

    • True and the only reson for them to come to Earth I think would be to: See if we are a really advanced race then learn we're not, eat us, have us as slaves or use our resources.

  25. I can't believe some of these comments I'm reading, that ufo's are invading the world,this is completly ridiculous. If anything is going on is that the ufo's are observing something very special that is occuring with humanity and our goverments have no idea what is going on. What is going on I'm not sure but it seems like some kind of awakening is taking place that no goverment can stop.No matter what they say or do (the goverment) will look completly stupid and will not know what to do.Look around the world thier on the run including the us goverment.Now thier saying that aliens are invading WOW thier loosing thier grip on reality. If anybody is invading the earth its diffinetly humanity.We are awakening to the corruption that has been going on and we will not except this kind of behavior anymore from any enttity on this planet, GET IT—TIMES UP…..WE WILL STOP EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE,THE MACHINE WILL STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JUST SAY WHEN,,,,,,,,,WHEN

  26. The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials issued a statement late today. “This is final proof that aliens exist and are attacking Earth. We must come together and fight them.”
    final proof of WHAT? that they exist and are attacking Earth? Give me a break!! The U N and the "Intelligence" agencies of the world have known that UFO's are real and have been visiting here for longer than they can imagine. So for the U.N. Panel on ET's to come out and make a retarded statement like that is absolutely absurd. That is exactly what they want all the sheeple to beLIEve so they can weaponize space.
    No worries because guess what? To all you government "officials" and people high up on your pedestals in your positions of "power"/illusion. Your system is about to all come crumbling down. And those of you who have committed war crimes and atrocities against humanity in exchange for paper notes with numbers on them. you will be sent away to the very prisons that you built for those you made your chattel. You cannot run or hide from this. Your GOD (gold oil drugs) will soon be nothing more than a piece of history.

    • Thank you for speaking out and telling the truth. This world as we knew it is finished, times up, and the government of America did a terrible job……..GOOD RIDDANCE!

  27. WOW, you have some really twisted thinking. Just know that Jesus loves you and that if you repent and ask him to come into your life and if you believe that he is the son of God and died on the cross and rose from the grave to pay for our sins you will be saved and have eternal life in Heaven. You can read John 3:16 but starting from the book of Matthew in the Bible will explain it all. God Bless You.

  28. God bless you, More like E.T. Bless you, god is just a misinterpreted term or title of Alien by early man. They thought jesus or other "gods" ei Zeus, Thor, Apollo were called gods cause that they have special powers to heal or to destroy, the power of flight from which they came from the heavens/stars and were worshiped as gods cause of their extraordinary powers.
    And how the hell did we us humans get from horse and buggy in 1800s to landing on the moon in the 1969, 100 years of technological advancement by what influence GOD!>??!? hell no more like E.T. Just look at how from the Roswell crash and how technology boomed from that crashed ship.
    But never ever the government will cough up the truth about how we are not alone or any other alien technology they are hiding from us.

    • you know , you maybe on to some thing , i have seen strange movement in the sky my self and with my son, witnessing this strange movement first i stopped the van as i had a suspicion, said to my son keep your eyes on what you see it kept moving from side to side no sound and continued in a line and then left so quick it was like a continuous line streak of light. i turned to my son at that point, did you see that, yes OK just remember what you saw, thats all i will say for now. Is it not fair to say as i have considered this since i was a young boy that God as we expect is it not fair to think that God is an extremely high intelligence from an other world or do they co exists because there is a spirit world there is no question about that, and this is the time that evil will rain, do not get confused there will be much trickery to mislead you. And what the governments have on file that we don't know would astound you. There are many that will find it hard to comprehend any of this and for this reason if i never kicked a toe how could i describe it to someone else Read the right book and you will see all the signs that we have NOw !

    • Um…no. As a plain ol' undergraduate in physics I can assure you that the technology we've developed over the past hundred years is based in human development. Galileo, Newton, Einstein etc… developed their ideas independently. They've never said that their discoveries were due to contact with aliens. I've read and comprehended these theories which led to things such as the moon landing. No one is hiding the truth from you and I suggest you see a psychologist about your "problems."

  29. Constantly amazed how gullible people are and how these things bring out the religious nutters behaving in a very unchritian manner.

  30. hmmm, Please don't forget that when discussing religion and science you are discussing two topics which are answering two different questions: Religion is the "WHY" and science is the "HOW".

  31. i used to walk from the place they are recording everyday back home , it's just outside the hebrew university of jerusalem on mount scopus , near the faculty of education exit .

  32. as the time is now….we humans must open our eyes for the lights to enter our deep consciousness that by the time they arrived we will not be drop jaw . change is the most vital part to be ready. it is happening now and it is getting bolder every day.

  33. recent ufo sighting new years eve fire works display….something caught my eyes when something moving upward like escorting fireworks then it stop from red star like light to bright white light. im very sure it is happening now.

  34. For anyone who wants to know, read the book "Politics, Prophesy, and the Supernatural" by L.A. Marzulli It thoroughly investigates everything alien/supernatural and has a very good theory. I just finished reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who wants to be prepared for the times ahead of us.
    "Carefully researched. Definitely provocative. Marzulli has done his homework." ~ Bill Myers, Author of The Seeing
    "…if [events] intersect… as Marzulli predicts, startling implications could be in store for every man and woman on earth." ~ Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, Author of The Omega Conspiracy
    "The compelling storyteller whose Nephilim Trilogy set the bar for intrigue, suspense, and revelation is back! But this time, best selling author L.A. Marzulli is not talking fiction, and that makes this book the scariest end-times shocker of all." ~ Thomas Horn, RNN
    Find out more at this link. http://www.lamarzulli.net/politics_prophecy.htm

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