GAINESVILLE, FL – Scientists at the University of Florida have successfully cloned a dinosaur, a spokesman from the university said yesterday.
The dinosaur, a baby Apatosaurus nicknamed “Spot,” is currently being incubated at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine.
The scientists extracted DNA from preserved Apatosaurus fossils, which were on display at the university’s museum of natural science. Once the DNA was harvested, scientists injected it into a fertile ostrich womb.
“Ostriches share a lot of genetic traits with dinosaurs,” said Dr. Norman Trudell, a biology professor at UF and the project’s leading scientist. “Their eggshell microstructures are almost identical to those of the Apatosaurus. That’s why the cloning worked so perfectly.”

Those in the scientific community say the dinosaur cloning – the first ever of its kind – is a milestone for genetic engineering.
“I used to think this kind of thing could only happen in the movies,” said Dr. Sven Bjornsen, a UF chemistry professor. “But we’re making it happen right here in our lab. It’s astounding.”
The cloning attracted the attention of a wide variety of animal rights activists and religious groups. They claim that animal cloning is unethical and immoral.
PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk criticized the scientists for performing potentially life threatening threats on a new species.
“These scientists brought an animal from the Jurassic age back to life – just to watch it suffer!” she said.
But Dr. Trudell doesn’t seem to be bothered by the activists’ quibbling. He says that the opportunities afforded by dinosaur cloning are endless.
Within ten years, we could repopulate the world with dinosaurs,” he said. “We could harvest them for civic service, law enforcement, or even mass transportation.”
“Imagine riding to work on a dinosaur,” he continued. “Wouldn’t that be incredible?”
As of press time, the dinosaur is in stable condition. Scientists plan to run more tests on him today.


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  6. Here comes the miracle of genetic engineering but then see the danger side too.Whatif they turned to destroy the world like before? hope you guys had thought about it..and please let us know more about this technique..

  7. most of you against bringing dinos back arent even sure of the facts of the impact they would have on our world. you cant judge from knowledge gained from stupid movies and theories that some archeologist unsure of what he was unearthing in the first place. dont be stupid.

  8. wow now thats a thing to be folllowed. i think its not that dangerous to clone them ,i think human can control them if ever

  9. You people who are against it are dumb.
    It's not abuse and could possibly have some positive impact on the world. I'm not saying I believe this story, as it was posted in 2011 and I don't see any pictures or possible proof so far, though I am for the continuation of moving forward in trying to clone these specimens. It would truly be a great thing to see them repopulate and roam the earth once again, and I can only hope that it happens in our lifetime. So before you go about posting stupid comments of how bad it would be to even try to clone these magnificent creatures that have captured the imaginations of so many, think about the positive effects it could have on out ever declining society, and how it could inspire many others. It could possibly even open up new jobs in our country which we desperately are in need of. Think about it, if one day it happens, it could have more of a positive impact on your life than you think,

    • Dinosaurs were wiped out by a meterorite, what they are making is not a dinosaur, just another subject of science. If the meteor never hit, troodon would have tooken out place. and if they do manage to create these…creatures then they will stat rampaging, it is they're instinct. I do not believe in god but seriously. get real if your going to make dinosaurs, make it in a 20 foot thick titanium room. you can never bring a dinosaur back to life its a bad idea that wont work dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years what they are making is a genetic monster.

    • Don't worry, God won't mind. We hadn't invented him yet back when these creatures died out. Or if you'd prefer a different way of thining about it: Whouldn't it be the ultimate flattery to "god" if we emulated him and created life. After all emulation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    • If your god lets us clone, then it's your god's will. We wouldn't have had the ability to perform such actions if we had free will.

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      Who nows if god is real or not. but i like to bet and if i bet i would bet yes. why cause i wont take my chances on wining a hell ticket
      Sorry For bad spelling And English

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