YUCATAN – Mayan scholars have updated their doomsday prophecy. The world will end in 2015, not 2012.Oops…. They made a mistake.   There’s good news for those who were fearing the 2012 Mayan apocalypse.   They counted wrong.   The world is not going to end in December 2012.  Instead, it’s going to end on September 3, 2015.   Update your daily planners!
A new critique, published as a chapter in the new textbook “Calendars and Years: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient and Medieval World” argues that the accepted conversions of dates from Mayan to the modern calendar are off.  This coupled with a new book, “We Are All Going To Die In 2015” by Fritz Barnkopf  are rewriting the Mayan doomsday playbook that has been popularized in our culture over the last ten years.

The problem was discovered when researchers realized the Mayan calendar was converted to today’s Gregorian calendar using an erroneous calculation called the GMT constant, named for the last initials of three early Mayanist researchers.
But the GMT constant is completely bogus.  “The Mayan researchers of the past twenty years put too much stock in the GMT,” said Mayan expert Robert Wannamaker.  “They probably were chewing on too many cocoa leaves. The fact is that the GMT constant is 2 years and 271 days off.  We’ve proven that conclusively hear at The Scripps Institute.”
The apocalypse is now delayed.   This is a stunning blow to all the merchandisers that were seeking to capitalize on the “end-of-world” prophecy BEFORE the world ends.  “Man, I was selling all sorts of 2012 doomsday paraphernalia.   Now, I gotta go back and make it all again for 2015.  It’s a real drag,” said 2012 fanatic, Judd Barkley.
Hollywood is jumping right on the 2015 bandwagon.   Producers are lining up to make the 2012 sequel, 2015. “It’s great for us,” said Producer Tracey Barnham.  “I hope that they extended it again in a few years, so we can keep this franchise going.”
Not likely.  Mayan researchers are unanimous on the end-of-world data.  The world will disappear in 2015.  You might want to plan accordingly.
Bad news:  we’re all going to die.  Good news:  We got three more years!  Woo-hoo!!!

241 thoughts on “END OF THE WORLD POSTPONED”

  1. Ironic, you just happen to update this article to apologize to people and say everything is postponed up to 2015 on THE EXACT day the world is supposed to end yesterday.
    I call BULL SHET on that one.

  2. Oh shut up (the so called scholars who should get a new hobby), all of my friends and myself made our own little propechy where we properly predicted that the 2012 thing was wrong and jokingly said that they would make it the 31st and not the 21st. Let's not forget that idiot on the May 21st deal either.
    Seriously just shut it and get a new hobby.

  3. Utter nonsense, when Mayan failed in 2012,they r now saying 2015…Haha…Readers, kindly go to NASA site & read "Why world wont end in 2012". Our planet is going to live for another 4 billion years…

  4. Jif,….You are SO so right I think its about time these a—-holes took stock of themselves eh Jif , obviously they are VERY very Strange queer suckers that need to get a grip, and stop putting rumours around that are not true…. never will be or going to be. Here is a true fact….'ALL IE ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ARE ALIVE NOW ON THIS EARTH WILL BE LONG SINCE GONE…BEFORE THE WORLD WILL DISTROY ITSELF ..

  5. When you predicted for years that the world would end on an EXACT DATE based on the science of an ancient civilization, I don't think that you get a do-over when it's wrong…

  6. i just learned that world weekly news is a fictional news tabloid so this is a bunch of bull written down to scare the crap out of people. why can't WWN just get kicked off from the world of the internet for god sake?

    • I do not even understand how I finished up right here, however I thought this publish was good. I don’t realize who you are but definitely you’re going to a well-known blogger for those who aren’t already Cheers!

  7. I'm sorry, but if these mayan scholars were off by 3 years the first time, then I highly doubt that this new doomsday "prediction" is very trustworthy.

    • The Mayan scholars weren't off, the people who converted it to our Gregorian calendar were wrong. Looks like we have to go through another day where everyone freaks out.

  8. Do these people know that it's getting like soo annoying telling people when the world is ending ? Now using a 'mistake' in the Mayan calendar to keep this theory going on. Wow. I know people may not believe the same as me but MY opinion is that the world ends when GOD is ready for you to go. I believe that he created humans and the world and NO ONE or ANYTHING can tell him when HIS world will end. Yes , the world that HE created. In the Bible it says that NO ONE can predict when the world will end because Jesus can come on Judgement Day like a thief in the night. To tell the truth , In 2012 I was so scared of the world actually ending believe the media of course , becauseit was like one of the most talked about topics. And when the world DIDNT end , it was like the news never said anything in the first place. They need to get a real life and discuss ACTUAL REAL LIFE THINGS HAPPENING AROUND THE WORLD & Stop Actin like they can predict the future. Even NASA didnt believe the 2012 shananagans. Don't believe me ? Go to the websit with REAL facts. Everyone enjoy their day 🙂

  9. Nunez has never even been close to a league average offensive player with wOBA's of .305, .306 and .312 the last 3 years so I'm not sure why you think he added so much offensively.

  10. No one can actually predict when he or she is going to die………..let me remind we are not creators of earth, the one who created(Jesus) only know about this fact……….

    • the world isnt gonna end its just someone trying to be funny or wants people to try to survive. there are probally people watching the mayhem. so it wont end in our lifetime.

  11. Awesome post and right to the point, I am not sure if this is in fact the best place to ask but do you people have any idea where to get some professional writers? Thanks in advance.

    • The world will not end for more than likely several billion years from if anything the sun but we will be so advanced we will be ok no one should worry. And your right if god is control of practically everything and loves all of us and created us he wouldn't want us to die nothing will happen

  12. I don't get it. How did they get the date wrong in 2012? All this logic is stupid!!! To think anybodies actually gunna fall for this sh*t!

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  14. The scripps institute doesn't research this kind of stuff and Robert Wannamaker doesn't work there either. When a "supposed" expert makes a comment such as this,"chewing on too many cocoa leaves" about other professionals in his field of study, makes me think he's not very professional and not part of the consensus. Beware of lone professionals, they tend to start a cult following…

  15. Only God Knows, what i know according to the word of God is the second coming of Jesus Christ the son of God and no body knows the day and the hour even Jesus doesn't know. come September 2015 nothing will happen.

  16. I hate how people are looking toward Jesus i mean literally he is gone the bible is probably some fake mumbo jumbo

    • Because unlike God, theres hundreds of videos, pictures, oh yeah, and evidence! do you really think that we are just one planet with life on it? that out of the trillions of other planets in the universe ours is the only one to sustain life. it's ignorant to even suggest that there is no life on other planets. but it is more ignorant to suggest that even if there is other life on other planets "god" only cares about humans. so say there is 100 planets all with 7 billion humanoid creatures on them. out of that 100 god only cares about 1, our one. do you know how dumb that sounds?


    • Well now I don't feel like a horrible person for thinking that same thing I'M NOT ALONE

  17. if u wonna know the real way we die read the bible they are just trying to get people to buy there cheap stuff

  18. …Okay, the stupid here is killing me. Obviously it's fake guys, I've been reading this stuff for years just to get a laugh out of it. And you have people flipping out and saying "read the bible." The bible (no caps) is a bronze-age book written by bronze-age men who were probably either on drugs, crazy, or just looking to control people. No holy intervention occurred. Enough said.

  19. everyone the world is not going to end in 2015 at all nobody knows when the world will end and stop scaring me guys I wanna marry my boyfriend and have kids but I can't do it right now because we are not ready yet my boyfriend's dream is to marry me and have kids okay look guys read the bible okay nobody knows when the world will end.

  20. Islam ladies and gentlemen gives a lot of clues that leads to the world is end maybe you should boycott of the bible sit in with the quran

  21. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Anyone that believes this is stupid " actually its going to end in september, 3 2015 " give it up nobody is going to know when it will end for all we know it could end tomorrow

  22. I believe the universe keeps changing and remodeled by actual beings unknown to earth. It is possible that many from out-there have learned to change the course of time concerning destruction and improvisations in many areas in the universe. I think the earth is protected and saved by sources not known to humans, perhaps with the aid of the spirit side of life too.

  23. Its got nothing at all to do with religion!!
    Its just the dynamics of energy that ebb and flow thru the universe and dimensions.
    The world wont end…
    its just changing its frequency to a faster higher vibration from what we are currently in now.
    3rd dimensional reality will fade away but we wont really notice because those of us who will manage to activate our DNA and sync with the higher frequency will experience solid matter that is native to that particular vibration…just with a little twist of new physics …well…quantum physics actually (just because the system tells us quantum physics is only 'theory' does not mean it is theory – anyone with half a brain cell can see the beauty of its reality, no loose ends, no having to have faith in unseen corrupt forces trying to control us! Quantum physics explains everything so neatly and honestly).
    Basically human DNA is a carbon structure BUT even science has now discovered that unconditional love (NO NOT HIPPY LOVE CRAP….more like the unconditional love a mother feels for her child) crystallizes the Carbon DNA structure…crystals hold and amplify light and information, therefore if we live our lives with a balanced heart center rather than a egotistical me me me 'mind' of self! our re-structured crystalline DNA will hold more light information which then resonates at a new faster higher frequency.
    Evil does not use its dormant heart center so the worlds governments of dark agenda and control will not be able to restructure their carbon DNA to a crystallized form and they know it (they have the chance to change and activate their heart centers in order to step into the natural energetic shift….some will but most wont because they love the hurt, abuse and cruelty they inflict on others.
    You prob wont understand (believe) this BUT please try as there is so much evidence out there, and whistle blowers (military, police, doctors etc etc) coming out to expose the worldwide network of negative leaders who control our barking mad society……
    ………. God wont be joining the higher vibration because God is nothing more than a physical, Evil, dare i say reptoid extra terrestrial being…These ghastly beings portrayed themselves as gods eons ago with their far advanced technology, controlling humans by keeping us fearful of them, demanding human sacrifices in honor to them and also to feed and gorge from our blood and auric energy fields that their control systems had already manipulated thru fear and negative emotional states …in their default lower vibrational reality they can solidify energy into material substance, so our auric subtle energy fields are converted to a substance their biological systems can absorb and digest.
    The demons and devils of yesteryear are in fact the same beings we today call extra-terrestrial.

  24. I have two theories, and two theories alone.
    1) Humans will be long gone before the world even starts to shrivel up and die. I'd imagine the sun would grow to such a large size that we can longer adapt, or we run out of food and the like as we are now. Maybe we all end up killing each other, heck, I don't know. In a nutshell: Humans are gone before the Earth dies.
    2) The thing most likely to actually happen is that we all end up killing the planet ourselves. After all, things aren't exactly going well with forests/carbon levels/ocean levels and what-not. I reckon the planet would be submerged in water or get so hot with the greenhouse gases that neither humanity nor the planet can cope anymore. I suppose that also coincides with my other theory, but it's just an idea.
    To be honest, I was linked here by a friend and just felt the need to comment my theories, purely because of how stupid people are being with all these predictions, followed by "Oh, that's not real." or "Read the bible!" or any of the other stuff.
    In actuality, the world ends when it bloody ends.
    End of. < no pun intended

  25. carter, the end of the world WILL happen. maybe not in 2015, maybe not in 3015, maybe not for billions and billions of years, but it won't go on forever!

  26. On September 3 2015, shortly before midnight, the doomsday date will be pushed back again, citing an all new excuse explaining how THAT date was also erroneous.

  27. world will not end people you bet but the world will be here.Just think for a minute dinosaurs evolved.Humans evolved.Technically everything that becomes extinct could evolve again.To function sanely you need to open your thoughts a little more.


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