WASHINGTON – The White House has approved the redesign of U.S. currency.  Barack Obama will be on the new dollar bill.
The Obama Administration feels that the American dollar is in bad need of a makeover.  They have partnered with the Dollar ReDe$ign Project to pick a new design for U.S. currency.  Currently, the design that the administration likes best was done by Dowling Duncan (a British duo), which features a unique vertical design.  It also features President Obama on the one dollar bill.
“We love the Dowling Duncan look.  They’ve come up with a creative design and put President Obama where he belongs… on number 1,” said David Axelrod, Senior Adviser to President Obama.

The Dollar Redesign Project was organized by creative strategy consultant Richard Smith.  He is still soliciting ideas for the dollar bill of the future. “Our great ‘rival’, the Euro, looks so spanky in comparison it seems the only clear way to revive this global recession is to rebrand and redesign,” the project notes on its website.
Here’s the web site for  The Dollar Redesign Project.
“Don’t waste your time submitting a design, it’s a done deal,” said Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff.  The President wants “change” in the currency and we’ve unanimously picked Dowling Duncan’s work.  Fed Chairman, Benjamin Bernanke, has signed off on our choice for the redesign.  We intend to have the money in circulation by December, 2012.”
Emanuel went on to say that there are plans to redo U.S. coins as well.  “We don’t need a complete redesign of our coins, but we do want to put President Obama on the penny and move President Lincoln to the nickel. Thomas Jefferson, who was on the nickel, will be… discontinued.”  Republican  Congressman Paul Ryan suggested President Obama be  put on both the “nickel and dime” instead of the penny.
Another American icon might also be replaced.  “Uncle Sam is outdated,” said Axelrod.  “We need to update this icon as well.  It will now be Uncle Barack.”
Republicans are apoplectic about the changes the Administration is proposing.  “They won’t get this passed when we get control of the house,” said Minority Leader John Boehner.  “Typical Republicans, they want to block everything, even a little meaningless design issue,” said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  “It doesn’t matter what they think, we’re going to pass this and every American will be carrying Obama dollars in their wallets and purses come December, 2012.”
FYI:  The Obama dollar will reportedly be worth $0.47.

729 thoughts on “OBAMA ON NEW DOLLAR BILL”

  1. How many keystrokes did you waste screaming about an article that's NOTHING BUT A JOKE?! No wonder the right-wing nuts lost the election.

  2. You reich-wing types are so consumed with your hatred for the black guy in the White House that all you have to do is see his name in print and you start screeching. No wonder you clowns believe what you hear on Fox if you think there's any truth here. I'll spell in simple words, all caps, so you can try to understand:
    Got that??

  3. If you believe this is a real story I have land off the coast of Florida that I'll sell to you cheap.
    Keep watchin' Fox. It obviously does very interesting things to your gray cells.

  4. 1. Turn off your caps lock. It looks like you're shouting.
    2. Turn off Fox. They broadcast nonsense.
    Your post combines the two to shout nonsense. THIS IS A JOKE SITE but your hate button clicked on so fast you never figured that out. YOU GOT PRANKED!

    • odama.sold.guns.to.the.drug.cartel.that.was.used.to.murder.300.people.mostally.teenageres.and.hero.agent…we.could.put.husans.picture.on.mezician.dollors!..sorry.key.pad.is.droken..I.think.hes.discusting.

    • Take off your tinfoil hat. The article is a joke but you're so twisted up about the black guy in the White House that you fell for it.

    • You right-wing nutcases are so willing to believe anything negative about the president that you can't recognize satire when you see it. You've been snagged, punked, pranked, fooled, and hooked by a joke site. Geez.

  5. Relax everyone. They only put (with one exception – Ben Franklin) dead presidents on currency. As long as nobody gets the urge to assassinate Obama, he won't be appearing on ANY American currency.

  6. I really hope this is a joke. I think it's disgraceful. Obama is truly a disgrace to our country. He has done nothing but drag us down and divide us. Leave our currency alone. It's fine the way it is And if you must put a new face on the money, put Ronald Reagan on something.

    • You HOPE it's a joke? On a site with stories about Bigfoot, the explosion of Kim Kardashian's silicone, and aliens for rent, your hopes have been realized!

    • SERIOUSLY? First off, dividing the country & dragging us down? Sorry, but THAT'S the job of the Republicans. Second–I realize that you all watch Faux "News" 24/7, but aren't even SOME of you smart enough to at LEAST realize that World Weekly News is a fake news site, just like Faux? XD

    • Yes, Obama has divided us – between the racists and the rest of us. And I guess Ronald Reagan was a better actor in the White House than he ever was in Hollywood.

  7. It's as real as Bat Boy making public appearances and gray aliens marching on Washington.
    Did you even bother to look at the rest of this site, or did you just let your reich-wing prejudice take over your frontal lobes?

  8. Lol….it makes me laugh to think people thought we were ok before obama….I guess bush did such a fantastic job that's why we are in such good shape now. Everyone being treated equally, joke? After reading some of these posts I know now why we haven't advanced …lol sadly . Ever wonder why the rest of the world hates us…..? Hhmmmmm

    • the Idea is to get better after Bush. We are not better but worse and the course of our nation is being steered by a man who obviously has little Idea what he is doing.

  9. I'm saddened that not enough people realize this article is BS. (Edit: I'm also saddened that I didn't realize what this site is. That being said, I'm even MORE saddened that people don't realize this article is BS)

  10. this makes me so scared.and sad all i can do is remain to follow god n pray. i dont have t.v. so im just finding out alot thru my fone. n im glad i dont. i guess i am diffrent like everyone says.but thats a good thing obviously cuz "normal" people are evil. i understand now more than ever. im not crazy. never have been. just have the knowladge of god. and believe so much n in our last days they said it would be like this.what is good ppl think is bad. and.whats bad people think its good. i wish all my life i devoted to god but its all his plan,i used to think not being able to go to school was a bad thing but maybe it was a good thing. cus they grow us up with lies..try to trick u to worshiping ungodly things or accepting it. BUT I WILL NOT. ME AND MY BABY GURL WILL NOT!

  11. This obviously has gotta be a joke. Why would America put Obama on a bill. Because he was the token black president? Not enough to have his mug and monkey ears on an American bill. Almost every other President had more qualifications than this joker. Even bubbles the chimp. I'm down under in Australia, and this is nearly a direct color and size rip off of our bill. Only the US has tilted them on end. I'm sure the White House would have still paid then a kings ransom. Especially with Obama's mug on one.

  12. It makes sence that Washington is on the dollar, he was our first president. Thats the way it is and thats the way it aught to be. This goes for all U.S. currency, DONT CHANGE HISTORY.

  13. C'mon people. You are on the Weekly World News website. It is fake. This nation is not so stupid it would put Obama on a form of currency. Especially when 50% of the nation hates him.

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  15. Hah…Reagan, the beginning of our financial downfall. Once again, you give no information, facts, reasoning, etc. Just 'Obama is bad'. Some day, maybe in your children's history books, you'll see all the great things he's been trying to do for people like you and has been stopped by the Republican House. There is good reason the House has a 12% approval rating. Obama is already rated about 14th by non-partisan presidential scholars who rate presidents and you don't have a clue as to why. You're going to be embarrassed when you find out.

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  20. Obama administration wants to design American dollar.For this reason they chosen Dowling Duncan's (a British duo) design.The design was creative.So David Axelrod likes it and it was organised by Richard Smith.In the new design they want to put Obama on the penny.Uncle Sam is also need to update by uncle Barack.Republicans creat a problem.But speaker said every American need to carry Obama dollar.

  21. Current wants to style United states money.For this purpose they selected Dowling Duncan's (a English duo) style.The style was innovative.So Bob Axelrod prefers it and it was organized by Rich Cruz.In the new style they want to put Barack obama on the cent.Uncle Sam is also need to upgrade by dad Barack.Republicans design a issue.But presenter said every United states need to bring Barack obama money.


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