DOWN SOUTH – Our worst nightmares have come true and a new show is being made in the likeness of the Jersey Shore!
It’s only the second season of the Jersey Shore, but the cast has already bestowed numerous priceless revelations onto society. The art of G-T-L is being perfected across the nation (that’s gym, tan, laundry for you rookies). Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s abs and Pauly D’s hair have become entirely separate entities. Creepin, the shirt before the shirt and the list goes on.
Jersey Shore has been such a hit, that it has given way to the idea of creating a spin-off show along the same lines. The producer of Jersey Shore is teaming up with Comedy Central to create the new party-going reality show. Oh the agony!
Sally Ann Salsano’s 495 Prods, is shooting footage for a proposed series billed as a more comedic, Southern version of her “Jersey” format.
The current working title is “Party Down South” and Comedy Central has emerged as its home. Comedy Central hasn’t exactly pumped out reality shows, but given Jersey Shore’s success, this idea could be a winner for the station.
“It’s no ‘Redneck Jersey Shore,'” an insider said. “We’re looking to have viewers laughing with the cast, not at them. We want a cast of funny people with stories to tell.”
The project is still at the very-early stages, so the network isn’t ready to comment officially. Programming executives soon will decide whether to continue, which could mean a direct-to-series order.


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