Bat Boy, who is still getting over his loss in the 2020 election, was back in West Virginia today. He is just getting back from a three-week trip to Great Britain. He met with leaders of Parliament and this past Sunday he was invited to a private Christmas party with the Queen.

Unfortunately, they served a popular British dish called, bubble and squeak, and it didn’t agree with Bat Boy. It made his stomach upset and when his stomach gets upset, well… he gets upset. There was an incident:

The Royal Family was stunned that Queen Elizabeth was unfazed by the bite attack and even tried to bite Bat Boy back! That made Bat Boy have even more respect for her. In face, when Bat Boy left, the Queen hinted that she may have him back in six months to have him knighted. Weekly World News will certainly be there if it happens.

Richard Branson was kind enough to have Bat Boy flown back to West Virginia on a private jet, which Bat Boy loved. He hung upside down in the luxury bedroom suite on board.

Bat Boy did not rest at all. He wants to spread good cheer and hope around the world. So, he is out singing Christmas Carols around West Virginia. Everybody loves when he sings (screeches)!

There are rumors that tonight. SpyCat will be joining him on a special night o fChristmas Eve caroling outside his cave. SpyCat, who just had kittens only a week ago, was already leading carolers in C.I.A. headquarters. She even called in her penguin friends – who are also spies by the way.

From Bat Boy, SpyCat , PhD Ape P’Lod, Manigator, Bigfoot and the rest of the gang at Weekly World News, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

2021 is going to be off the charts!!

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