OLD BRIDGE, NJ – A New Jersey woman is looking to break an unusual record and has piqued the interest of Tonya!
Donna Simpson, who already tips the scales at 600 pounds, is looking to double her weight in a bid to become the world’s fattest woman. The 42-year-old says that she is set on reaching the 1,000 pound mark over the next two years.
“My favorite foes is sushi, but unlike others I can sit and eat 70 big pieces of sushi in one go,” she told London’s Daily Mail in an interview. “I do love cakes and sweet things, doughnuts are my favorite.”
Health concerns will certainly be at the forefront, but Simpson insists she’s healthy. Hard to believe when she can’t walk and needs a motorized scooter to move around. Simpson wears 7XL dresses and makes fast food such as hamburgers and french fries a staple of her diet.
“Donna makes my eating routine seem like a joke. She does, however, make 7XL dresses look good. Bigger is Better!” Tonya, the world’s fattest cat, said through her spokeswoman.
To reach this unbelievable goal, Simpson says she consumes roughly 12,000 calories a day – the average woman should only consume 2,000. Her food bill runs somewhere in the $750 range for the week and she funds her eating habits by running a Web site where men pay to watch her eat.
“This is a woman after my own heart,” said Tonya through her spokeswoman. “I love sushi! I love sweet things! I love doughnuts! Donna Simpson has brought a tear to my eye and she has my full support in her quest. Come to think of it, I would love to be with her on her journey because I certainly would never go hungry.”

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  1. This is completely ridiculous, here is a prime example of how stupid people are these days.
    Sure, she can fund her eating habbits with her website, what about when she goes into the hospital? That's when her and her "followers" will expect the American taxpayers to pay the bill.
    And she has children? How can she care for them, and how are they affected by her "goals"

  2. Think about your daughter and the issues she would have growing up……what if there are health complications along the way and you die before you reach 1,000 pounds???

  3. Wow… why doesn't she just OD, slit her wrists, or shoot herself? Is an early death worth having your name written in a book for the rest of your life (or until some other person who weighs more comes along)?? And WHAT is she teaching her children? That it's okay to slowly kill yourself for a little bit of fame? How can you possibly care for them in a proper manner? Or is that left for your husband to do? Octo-mom had social services all over her for having so many children… I hope that your local human services agency investigates you. You're behaving in a way that will lead to your death and will obviously have very negative impact on your children.

  4. (continued) What about the men who are paying for this because they find it attractive? It's one thing to like a curvy girl, but quite another to want to fatten one up or to find that sexy. I'm interested in what these men are like in relationships. In my opinion, encouraging someone to be so unhealthy is, in my opinion, abusive behavior. To these men, will it be so sexy when this woman's lifeless body is being lifted out of her home by a crane because there's no other way to get her out? And why the hell are you giving away your money to help kill someone?
    I'm sure that the people of NJ are thrilled to know that their tax dollars are going to pay for this woman's health care when she eventually declines. This seems to be yet another person abusing the system. She should have to sign a waiver that says that because she's choosing to act in a manner that will cause a decline in health, she will not rely on the government to care for her. But, that will never happen.

  5. (continued again) This woman is so selfish!! If you are okay with the fact that you will die from this, fine, that's your business. What about your children? And your husband? It seems that you're okay knowing that you will leave them behind (probably earlier than you would if you lived a healthy life), all to get your 15 minutes of fame? What about the taxpayers of the state of New Jersey? What about everyone who is going to have to help you when you can't help yourself? This woman's problem isn't just physical….It's mental.

  6. Its stupid people like these that cause the health care costs to rise. There should be legislation passed that if (when) she has medical complications (wont be too long) she would not be eligible for any help from taxpayers dollars. She is voluntarily doing this to herself and should face the concequences of her stupidity.

  7. Someone, please get this woman some mental health help. Does she realize the example she's showing to her daughter???? I agree with Celina – it's disgusting, but why does the media glamorize it?? God help us all.

  8. this is absolutely disgusting and appauling. The fact taht she is getting publically recognized for this is sad. She will no doubt die of heart failure before her goal is reached.

  9. thats soo bad for ur health i feel real bad for u ..i hope start to loss some weight soon u might not make it until ur 1,000 pounds..its just not health to be that big ..

  10. Forget about the book of world records she will be dead soon. The human body can only take so much. Instead of eating soooo verrryyy much think about the children who soon will not have a mother. Forget about the donuts and think about the children they are much more important than any bag of chips I have ever met.

  11. How sick can a human be, and to what extreme will they go to get publicity???? What about her young daughter, who will surely lose her mother very soon, due to an obsesive desire to be fat. How selfish!!!!! This woman is a burden on society and social security due to her twisted ego. This orgasmic obsession of hers should be illegal!!!!!

  12. There's no doubt she has mental issues. She can go ahead and kill herself, but what about her small children? They will be motherless in a short period of time.

  13. Leave Donna alone. This is her choice and it's not hurting anyone. Is it harming you? I don't think so. I may not agree with her choice, and there are her children too… but I met Donna and her husband… and they are good people. Not everyone can be "normal" size… and what do you care if she's fat or not? Are you the epitome of health? I doubt it. There's way too much societal emphasis on beauty and being the "perfect size". Maybe Donna will lose weight when she reaches her goal… maybe she'll decide not to weight 1000 pounds… but will your sick, nasty comments change her mind sooner? I doubt. You guys need to get a life. Leave Donna alone!

  14. Dear Donna,its good to see that how passionate you abt this challenge but you hav to b very carefull abt ur health as its a very dangerous thing if your body denies this.U should b vry carefull as u hav a daughter n ur family who cares for u. I wish u all the best for your goal and hop u will find success soon. If u are my girl friend thn i'll also help u in such thing coz i do personally like fat girls.if u find someone for me thn pls tell me abt her.

  15. The first thing you must understand is that there is no physical exercise that can reduce fat from a specific part of the body. When you burn fat for energy, as during an aerobic activity, fat loss will occur systemically, i.e., from all over the body. But since fat distribution naturally varies from person to person, depending on inherited genetic factors, some people will tend to lose abdominal fat faster while others may lose fat at say hips or thighs faster. So do not compare your abdominal fat loss graph with others.

  16. *Barfs*
    Huge fatty! You should be ashamed of yourself. Sorry, there is nothing sexy about being obese. All that blubbery fat blubber engulfing your body. Somebody should throw you to some cannibal tribe in South America. They could feed off of your blubbery fatness for months.

  17. First this woman does not weigh no 600 pounds, if you believe that then you need a serious reality check and here is how you can tell. Look at her pictures like my better half and I have done and believe us it took us awhile to look. If this fat pig was 600 pounds then 1 she wouldn't be able to sit in a chair, it would have broken, 2 wouldn't be able to walk. and 3. wouldn't be able to stand. It is plain to see that she does have more chins than a hong kong phone book but seriously people do not believe a word of this. there is no way she is 600 lbs.

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