PHILADELPHIA, PA – One of the NBA’s all time great is slowly losing control of both his personal and professional career. PhD Ape has offered to help!
According to Stephen A. Smith of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Allen Iverson’s life has become a train wreck and needs more than a prayer to turn things around. A sad turn of events that features one of the game’s all-time greatest and pound for pound was the best. Problems with gambling and alcohol are threatening to rob him of his legacy.
Reports say that Iverson has and will either drink himself into oblivion or gamble his life away. To add insult to injury, Iverson’s wife Tawanna, has filed for divorce and asked for full custody of their five children. She will also be seeking alimony and full child support.
Iverson’s problems are reportedly so bad that he has been banned from casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City. The one-time league MVP who put the Philadelphia 76ers on his back en route to leading them to the 2001 NBA finals is in need of a serious support group.
Help is on the way in the form of world renowned therapist PhD Ape. The therapist that has helped high profile figures such as Rosie O’Donnell and President Obama has taken notice of this nosedive and has reached out to Iverson.
“Iverson is one of the all-time great sports figures. Whether or not he’s loved is one thing, but he always put everything he had into the game,” said PhD Ape. “He’s lost his way and he needs a good support system to get him back on track. It’s emotionally and physically draining on an individual to reflect on the days of glory and not have that anymore.”
“If I get a chance to sit down with him, we’ll make small steps towards a better life,” he added. “I’ll let him know that what he did on the court will be unmatched. Now it’s time to move on and be a great father and a better person off the court. He’ll be fine.”


  1. Stephen A.Smith allegations are from envious sources in the NBA. They are Iverson's foes who never had the same accomplishements as AI. . They are the same ones who never received high profile celebrity status as A.I. They are the same envious ones who never had the same multi million dollar contract as AI.

  2. Stephen A smith is a blood sniffing hound who is envious of AI as well. He could only dream of his accomplishments that is why he drums up falsehoods about AI on almost a daily occurence. Its a great thing that ESPN fired his sorry behind. His rantings over the web are pathetic.


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