ENGLAND – A terrible tragedy has occurred in the town of Bradford. A tragedy that might have a family member to blame!
Jackson Taylor, a nine-year-old boy from Bradford, has died from multiple stab wounds. Jackson died as he was being rushed to the hospital last night. Jackson’s sister was also rushed to the hospital due to a stab wound to the hand, but her injuries were not life threatening.
A 20-year-old man has been arrested and it is highly suspected that the individual is the brother of both individuals. Police are refusing to confirm the identity of the culprit, but neighbors of the family claim that it is the brother.
The 10-year-old granddaughter of Trevor Bairstow, Leah, went to school with the victim and attests to the fact that it was the brother who is responsible. “The boy went to Wibsey Primary School. He was a normal little lad. I used to see him playing out and about,” said Bairstow.
Dale Webster, 24, lives across the road from the scene of the crime and says that disturbances within the Jackson household was not uncommon. “I’ve seen police go into that house a lot in the past. And I think a mental health team have gone to the home,” said Webster.

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  1. yes when are the right people going to be held responsible? i.e. the mental health team and psychiatrists who are the supposed experts in the mental health area.If this boy was untreated,why was that and if he was treated why wasn't it successful and why was he out and about with the threat of this happening?The press do surface reporting and never dig down like they should to uncover the unpalatable truths when many so called crimes are due to lack of care.

  2. sick pig! how can anyone do this to a child? let alone your own sibling! i bet he looked upto his brother aswell n doted on him!!! life for a life is what i say….. R.I.P little man gone far too soon <3 xxxxxx


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