NEW YORK, NY – Two of today’s biggest media personalities exchanged some verbal blows!
What was intended to be a casual discussion and debate about politics turned into a heated confrontation with verbal assaults and sarcastic quips. Jon Stewart, host of “The Daily Show”, and Bill O’Reilly, host of “The O’Reilly Factor”, lost their scripts and got into their own agendas. Not to anyone’s surprise, Obama can be indirectly blamed for this. The tense moments unfolded when Obama’s performance in his first year as President was the topic of discussion and then quickly turned into a debate about the fairness of Fox News Channel.
While the debate was certainly spirited, it did not lack its moments of humor and light-heartedness. In one of the better exchanges of the night, O’Reilly asked Stewart if he would be “shocked” to discover that a “Democratic” poll found Fox to be the most trusted news channel on television. Stewart, not to be outdone, countered with, “Are you shocked that an Internet poll said I’m the most trusted newscaster in America?”
Stewart’s opinions lie in that he believes Fox News Channel has a tendency to cut away from coverage that doesn’t fit the network’s narrative. The network has an official stance as part news, part opinion entity and Stewart feels that certain shows such as Glenn Beck’s and OReilly’s are not news. O’Reilly countered by pointing out that Fox News Channel’s coverage of the Massachusetts’ recent special election return was the most balanced.
The exchanges kept going throughout the interview but no real feelings were hurt. The debate was between two great minds in today’s world of politics, news, and opinions. Both made great points and both got their share of jabs in. Check out the intense debate below.


  1. LOL – You go John…been watching that guy since day one…but now that the economy is so slow can't afford cable so I wonder do we hear any applause for the proleterians coming to power? Meaning the rich get richer, the poor make jokes.


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