ANCHORAGE, AK – Scientists say they have detected a slowing of our planet’s rotation, and predict the Earth will stop spinning altogether in as little as three years!
The slowdown will lead to steadily longer days and nights and could cause everything from disastrous floods and earthquakes to mass starvation.
“This is by far the most serious and immediate problem now facing mankind,” declared geophysicist Joseph Jankowski, who first observed the phenomenon.
Scientists have long believed the Earth’s rotation is slowing. It’s estimated that three billion years ago, a day zipped by in about 13 hours, while now one full rotation of the Earth on its axis takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds.
Old theories held that the effect was gradual, with the length of an Earth day increasing just .002 seconds per century.
But now new sophisticated measurements show that changes in the Earth’s rotation have become more dramatic than ever before.
“By summer of 2011, a day will lengthen to 38.6 hours,” revealed Prof. Jankowski.
And according to his chilling calculations, the Earth’s rotation will wind down to a dead stop by January 16 of the year 2013.
Incredibly, this will result in permanent day on one side of the globe and permanent night on the other!
“Those individuals unlucky enough to end up on the dark side of the Earth will find themselves in a grim, cold world of eternal blackness,” said the expert.
“Virtually all plant life – which depends on photosynthesis – will die within a few short weeks, leading to a halt in farming and the worst famines the human race has ever experienced.”
But life will be no picnic for survivors on the bright side of the globe, the scientist added.
“Imagine a spinning top slowly running out of momentum – before it stops it begins to wobble.
“The same thing will happen to our planet, causing the continental plates to slosh about wildly.
“The result will be massive tidal waves and earthquakes in which billions will die.”
What’s more, year-round daylight will throw the lifecycles of insects and birds out of whack. “The effect will snowball, disrupting the entire ecosystem,” said the professor.
“This could lead to mass extinctions all the way up the food chain.”
Several other scientists have cautioned against panic, calling for calm until the phenomenon can be “studied thoroughly.”
But Prof. Jankowski warned: “Governments around the world must begin planning for this inevitable catastrophe right now!”

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  1. im sorry to these scientist but are they Russian the simple fact is its not going to happen within 3 years most likley we will be hit by an asteroid or the moon will get to far from our gravitational pull and the world will become unlivable

  2. Dear All,
    I believe in the theory of Prof. Jankowski but this phenomenon will be after 2-3 Century even later . No chance 2-3 years such extra phenomenon are also prescribed from Sumerians 6-7000 years B.C. But it is time to think seriosly for this!!

  3. No to dupa blada hahahahaha ,nic tylko wyczyścić Colta CALL.0.45 i palnąć sobie w łeb ,,,krutko wówiąc koniec świata

  4. I cannot believe that I am even reading anything that Weekly World NEWS says. World will stop spending in as little as three years, come on people This is pure Bull. I will believe that we are headed for another Ice Age, Global Warming has pasted, Al Gore has already made his millions.

  5. acho tudo isso um saco! A quem interessa disseminar o pânico? Existe algo por traz de tudo isso!
    Que a Terra sofrerá modificações isso é certo…mas, em três anos? Tenham paciência…

  6. Hey, I don't know whether they are so sure about what they are talking. Read this carefully: 'Incredibly, this will result in permanent day on one side of the globe and permanent night on the other!'. I am not a physicist, but if the Earth stops rotating it will not be an eternal night to one side and eternal day to the other, what would happen is that a 'day' would last one year – the time the Earth translates around the sun – the night would be 6 months long, as well as the day would be 6 months long.
    And I don't believe this could happen, it stops rotating that fast.

    • if the earth stopped rotating even though it is orbiting around the sun the same side of earth will always be facing the sun, ie perpetual darkness one side and perpetual sun the other side,just like the moon now.

  7. It's only slowing because Planet X/Nibiru is approaching from the south and is interacting with our magnetic and gravitational fields and stressing the tectonic plates. As Nibiru passes up through the solar system and heads back south after orbiting around the top of the sun, whats left of humanity will enjoy a 3 day rotation stop and pole shift, then a return to a slightly shorter year as things smooth out again. I'm hoping for a latitude position a little closer to the equator so I can get rid of my snowblower.

  8. Interesting that this "news" story would be published on line like this, a test to see how people react. I agree with "Yooperdude" it is Nibiru and it is going to pass in a time that won't be expected so much confusion will mount do to fear, but eventually people will accept it all the go on with their lives.
    Chris W.
    Victoria B.C.

  9. You got it right, Yooperdude. And gunny46, there's a good reason why you didn't find any of those 134 with the prefix of "Professor", with the normal google links to average, mundane mentions any legitimate professor would have. Because as Yooperdude is saying, the slowing that's expected to take place will be rapid and abrupt, due to the presence of Nibiru in our vicinity of the inner solar system. Its gravitational mass will pull on our core, gradually slowing it to a stop. The interested reader should heed the warnings and prepare to go camping for a good long spell, make sure they've moved inland to a place at least 650 ft. above sea level, have a route map to "get out of Dodge" if they have to wait until the absolute last minute, and have a couple of months of nonperishable food they can haul with them. Not to mention a good supply of seeds and some knowledge on how to grow them.

  10. Pretty silly. But even if it were true. Big deal. The fauna and flora have survived huge changes on this planet before. We'd get along, and within our lifetime we'd all be tweeting to each other about what we were doing the day the earth stopped spinning, Just like with president Kennedy's death. As long as regular folks like you and me get some advanced warning from our respective governments we can prepare for anything.

    • This has to be the most unintelligent post I've read on the subject, based on the context of the conversation and the supplemental content in reference to the meaning of this discussion. If the planet stops rotating… Everything stops. What happens when a top stops spinning? It falls on its side. Why? because it has lost its energy. Our planet will lose its energy. For example, why is our planet warm and how does it sustain life? NOT JUST BECAUSE OF THE SUN. Let's not forget the molten rock that cooks beneath us every day. When that iron core stops rotating, its likes stopping the magnet in a small motor. Once you stop the magnet, you stop the energy. Earth quakes. Hurricanes. Mass world wide destruction. Also, by stopping the rotating of our core, you ELIMINATE our electromagnetic energy field around our Earth which PROTECTS US from cosmic radiation, oh like THE SUN. So to the person who said, "Hope i'm on the sunny side!" News flash, you'll be sunny side up like a fresh farm egg in just MINUTES after an Earth Stoppage. Continental shift. Tidal waves. Mass histeria. Satalites will not function, and not to mention, what happens to an entire side of a planet when it faces the sun forever? Or even three days? No one knows. Other than it being fried into oblivion. Because no one alive has experienced what may take place. The same Earth balancing that has taken place probably THOUSANDS of times before. The Great Flood was real. The ICE AGE was real! THE POLES HAVE SHIFTED MANY, MANY TIMES BEFORE!! Science and studies tell us all this! And what in the "universe" could have caused all these things to happen or just start? Hm. Maybe a stop in the Earth's rotation. Which happens every, mmm 26,800 years. When's the next cycle supposedly end? December 2012. PEOPLE: Wake up. Rest assured, it will happen again someday. And when it does, the last damn thing you'll be able to do or even THINK of doing because your life will have been struck back to a time that future history classes will call "the scavanger period," is TEXTING or tweeting! Trust me, you won't be TWEETing anything. And even if you could, it would probably read something like this: "@radiationburns5: My arm finally fell off today. It just ripped at the shoulder. At least the pain is gone. Hungry. Cancer is getting visible in my chest." Good day.

  11. It must be a conspiracy. Let's see…. oh, wait – three years from now would roughly co-incide with the American presidential elections… and that means that (gasp) Obama is behind it all!
    Stop the evil Americans from stopping our earth's rotation! Green Pea's, are you listening?
    * evil giggle *

  12. Hydroponic farms and buildings made of buckypaper will save you 100% from these things if something going to happen.
    Buckypaper is 150 times stronger than steel and 250 times lighter than steel.

  13. I nothing to hide already I consider that is better will warn about nibiru when it it will be visible last weeks and reaction is better even earlier though there will be terrifying, but sense? It will be even worse when all will begin, and cease to think only of the rescue (I hope has translated all clearly)

  14. The only thing "they" want is to frighten us more and more each day,so that in short the hole planet be screaming and begging for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…and it is almost already happening…

  15. when rotation stops, gravity stops too (for the time needed to flip poles into next stable variant t right here!
    this has been disproved. the moon doesnt spin and it has gravity. although still a theory, mass is believed to cause gravity.

  16. I am really looking forward to this. Just think, by summer of 2011, I go to work, 8 hours, then I have 8 hours for sleep; so 36 – 16 = 20 frekkin free hours to do whatever I feel like doing, like reading this fantastic e-zine, where I first learned about Batboy! It's gonna be great! Can't wait.

  17. I am really looking forward to this. Just think, by summer of 2011, I go to work, 8 hours, then I have 8 hours for sleep; so 36 – 16 = 20 frekkin free hours to do whatever I feel like doing, like reading this fantastic e-zine, where I first learned about Batboy! It's gonna be great! Can't wait.

  18. Wow, some big brakes on this baby. Remember Newton's Law. What is in motion tends to stay in motion. Who the pulled the brake cord? Friction of course is the answer to perceptual motion. so where is the friction coming from?

  19. This won't happen of course. If this is true I guess we should be worrying about 2012 right? And I think that half earth day and half earth night would cause a massive flood or earthquakes right?

  20. you all are morons. nothing is affecting our gravitational pull except the sun. IF the fake planet that you say is really coming is, it's STILL not close enough to have any effect on our planet yet! get real and learn some science yourselves and stop letting someone else tell you what's going to happen.

  21. I have done my own research and we have found that not only is the Earth slowing, but the Universe is expanding at a faster rate. By our calculations this flux in the universe will cause a rip in the space time worm hole and force the black hole out – causing the Earth to stop and start spinning the other way – causing a new black worm hole in the space time sheet my boss made me turn in today. So Prof. Jacmeoffski is half way right…. Now you have the black hole story!

  22. What a laugh. Some people will believe anything they read. Oh, there is a giant comet on a collision course with earth. But it will be 18 million years before it arrives. Hey, this is true – I'm psychic and can see the future….. 2012 will be a rather normal year. I promise.

  23. But people will tell you to ask for messages from fortune-tellers and mediums, who chirp and mutter. They 'will say, "After all, people should ask for messages from spirits and consult the deadon behalf of the living." You are to answer theme "Don’t listen to mediums – what they tell you will do you no good.." Isaiah 8.19-20
    I make fools of fortune-tellers and frustrate the predictions of astrologers. The words of the wise I refute and show that their wisdom is foolishness. Isaiah 44.25
    Disaster will come upon you, and none of your magician stop it… Keep all your magic spells. and charms you have used them since you were-young……. You are powerless in spite of the advice you get. Let your astrologers come forward and save you those people who study the stars, who man out the zones of the heavens and tell you month to month what is going to happen to you….. They will not even be able to save themselves… those astrologers, you consulted all your life. Isaiah 47.10-15

  24. How did you arrive here? I thought of an idea that seems crazy and search it. Sure enough other crazies like me,lol. Idea is slowing Earth rotation due to dams, lavies from global warming flooding of cities. Though what happens when you displace that much water from going where it wants to normally on a sphere that weighs 6 pounds per gallon? 3 feet x 6 pounds x melting iceland x 20 sq miles (gross under estimate of one bay vs hundreds etc) If you think of a rotating tire on car at 50mph that lost its weight; feels as if car is coming apart. On earth would think this would be at very least like an earth equake and mess up calculations from near earth collisions etc etc. Earth rotates at 18,000 mph. Also taking energy out of a rotating assembly with all our gizmos,water, and then populations globally shifting because of a natural event where people cant live, all of a sudden shifted weight etc or like a ice skater. Id rather not know when but prevention is method to madness. 9 or 10 billion is just way too many opinions. Hey btw its summer 2011 but wrong prediction. We create the future we want till its our time to move on.

  25. well then you may wanna reconsider getting a cat scan steve and the rest of you can read if you cant then stop posting.earth will have what we call a hick up and it will cause earth quakes bad massive high level devastation to buildings and other modern living areas.if your smart around after christmas you would get some living supplies it will be needed and what ever you do stay away from shelters that are under ground it will cave in on you. It is best to stay off the ground as from the level of water in some citys and do to earthquakes causing eruptions of a few volcanos localy located near some fault lines…. I was givin this info from a service member before he resently deseaced during a flood he responded to help people survive the damage being done. good luck the fact doesnt mean the world will end but shake you down so bad the population will fall at a high rate for those inside and out. good luck and may godbless….

  26. It's a well know fact, that because of all the oil being extracted the Earth is ceasing on its axis.
    When the oil is gone the Earth stops spinning.
    I think I might have a solution.
    If we were to round up all the whales in all the waters, grind um up and pump that back into the Earth. By the math I leared in anchorage, I calcalate the slowing of the slowing by no less then 3rpw(robolutions per wale) per day for the next 86.5 days then tapperingoff for 11 years.
    This will give us plenty of time to harvest more whales. I really hope this helps those of you that have been worried about this issue.

  27. I believe that in the year 2014 a super massive black bum hole will swallow the earth up, then fart it out creating the next few billion years of rotation …

  28. all are bull shitting , earth will not stop his rotation if it does ,the earth will be destroyed by it self . the way earth rotates now cant able to stop

  29. i actually don't think that it's possible. Its now 2-2-2013 and it's still getting light and dark, that means that the world is still rotating.

  30. Oh dear. Does anyone here realise that the Three Gorges Dam in China caused slowing of the Earth's rotation? Basic physics ladies and gentlemen, just on a large scale.
    And how many large dams are there across the world? All that mass……
    I wonder if Tap Vann feels rather stupid with his/her scaremongering story? "The World's only reliable news" I don't think so. Did you also call 2012 as the end of the world? Idiot.


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