WICHITA, KS – eBay has removed an auction of items put up by supporters of abortion doctor murderer Scott Roeder.
Scott Roeder has been charged and imprisoned for the murder of abortionist George Tiller. Tiller was shot and killed while he was serving as usher during Sunday morning service at his church.
Tiller had previously been shot in 1993 by another anti-abortion activist, Shelley Shannon, but survived.
An eBay auction went up Sunday night, aimed at raising funds for Roeder’s legal defense. The multitude of items included a prison cookbook written by Shannon, as well as a Bible with all of the pro-life passages highlighted.
The auction also included pictures created by Roeder himself, including a drawing of Tiller being decapitated, and another of a graveyard filled with headstones that read “Aborted Baby”.
The auction organizer, Dave Leach, said Sunday, “I really am hopeful that eBay can see that once this is up, that it is not a glorification of violence. If the auction stays up, it will only be because eBay has been shamed into recognizing the nonviolent nature of the items.”
However, eBay has pulled all of the auctions down. An eBay official said, “Our policy does not permit listings that benefit someone charged with or convicted of a crime.”

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  1. There is an overpopulation problem I guess…Like, we are depleting the soil in farmland to grow food. One day there won't be much soil that grows food easily anymore.

  2. Brought to you by people who believe they should impose their belief that the rapists of the 15 year old last week have an inalienable right to use her body to propagate their own kind of folks, because no contraception, no morning after pill, no abortion pill, and no surgical abortion procedures (very rarely used at all any more) should be available to any woman for any reason. This is the position of faith groups which say life from conception (even before implantation) on is "sacred." Imposing one's immoral stance on others is outrageous, and Roeder and his friends continue to insist they should be able to do that against all democratic societal norms.


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