NEW YORK, NY – Elisabeth Hasselbeck has just she is expecting a child in August – and The View co-hosts have already forced her into bedrest!

Hasselbeck joined The View in 2003, and has since given birth to two children. Despite no health or show production issues, the recent announcement of her third pregnancy caused producers and Hasselbeck’s co-hosts to put her on immediate medical leave.

Hasselbeck, interviewed from her bedroom, said, “I know they’re all so concerned for my well-being, but the baby isn’t due for another six months! I’m getting a second opinion from my OBGYN tomorrow, because I’m not sure it’s necessary. They are such sweet ladies, though, aren’t they?”

Backstage on The View, co-host Whoopi Goldberg explained, “Oh baby, we just want what’s best for Elisabeth. And we think that a nice, long break from the show is the solution. For her, of course!”

When asked if this was merely a ploy to remove the seemingly friendless and only conservative host, Walters laughed. “Preposterous! We love her to death. Not that we want her to die! Who said that? Wait. What? Where am I…” Walters pretended to look around the room in confusion and began touching the walls.

Goldberg sighed. “Oh dear, you’ve confused her. She’s a bit… you know… these days.” She made a “cuckoo” hand gesture near her head, and gently guided Walters out of the green room.


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