Sources close to Taylor Swift say the pop superstar is pregnant.  Harry Styles is rumored to be the father.
The Swift Camp is denying this report, saying it is just a wild rumor.  But WWN has spoken to doctors close to Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles and they have confirmed Taylor Swift was examined by an OB/GYN in the hospital and that Taylor is, in fact, pregnant. “Definitely, Ms. Swift is with baby.  Taylor will have her baby about the same time Princess Kate has hers,” said a resident at the hospital.


A source close to the drummer in Taylor Swift’s band said that Taylor wasn’t sure if it Conor Kennedy was the baby daddy or if it was One Direction’s Harry Styles.   “There are about two dozen other men, boys, and roadies that could be the father,” according to the head of a One Direction fan club.
WWN, however, can confirm that sources close to One Direction are claiming that Harry is the father.  “Harry is already telling our pals in London that he has ‘super-sperm’ and is very proud that he was able to  get Taylor pregnant so quickly,” said a One Direction hair stylist.  “Harold is thrilled.”
Various members of The Wanted are trying to get Lindsay Lohan pregnant – just so they can keep up with One Direction and superman Styles.  “The Wanted will never catch up to 1D,” said a One Direction fan.  “They suck at everything.”
Taylor’s baby bump may look like this:


Harry and Taylor were even “practicing” being parents in New York last week with a friend’s baby:


They have already hired a friend (a father himself) to help take care of the baby after it’s born:


Though some continue to deny the truth, others are convinced the “Haylor” pregnancy is true because Taylor Swift has seemed VERY happy recently.


 John Mayer is extremely upset that he is not the father of baby Swift.  He is reportedly already writing a song about the baby – and has expressed to her staff (and family) that he wants to be the stepfather to Baby Tay Tay.  “John figures that Harry will dump Taylor and then he’ll step in and save the day,” said a source close to a friend of Mayer.  “John thinks he’ll be a better father than Harry.”

WWN congratulates Taylor Swift!  Rock on, baby…


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313 thoughts on “TAYLOR SWIFT PREGNANT”

  1. I think it is all a fake! If she's pregnant in that pic then where is it in the other pics? It's so stupid! I mean, doctors wouldn't just blurt it out if it was true; T Swift and people would be super angry and sue him. I can't believe people would believe this. If she really was pregnant, she would have one boyfriend; not constant diff. boys. She has not had good luck in boyfriends, lately. I feel bad for her.

  2. all of yous get over it if shes pregant shes pregnant and if shes not shes not ok ansd if shes not dont hate her its not her that said she was pregnant its the poparsi ok shes saying shes not i think she would know if shes preagnant and they are happy togather why would she use him to break up the band she has no reason to yous are just jealus becouses hes with her grow up your all a bunch of ediots

  3. Who comes up with crap like this? "Harry and Taylor were even “practicing” being parents in New York last week with a friend’s baby" that's the second stupidest thing I've ever heard.

  4. No she isn't. It's been 2 months since the article, I think it would be beyond obvious now. Especially in that tight dress she wore at the Grammy's.

  5. she is NOT pregnant. do u see her baby bump ANYWHERE!!!! its just like when ppl said she was dead. what a stupid internet hoax. UGH!

  6. That was really racist. I'm pretty sure it was also really sexist. Good job with your stellar comment — you've done well for yourself. I'm being sarcastic — you have some major issues you should spend time working on. But I do agree that Taylor Swift flirts — that seems true. I think she and Harry were only going around for publicity. I doubt they slept together. It probably will never effect you on a personal level if they did or not, though, so I wouldn't worry about that or any of the other people she may or may not have had sex with. You are a beautiful flower just trying to find your way in the world, like we all are. Try concentrating on that. Also, you could research the history of the Civil Rights Movement and maybe the history of ancient Egypt and the Persian Empire. I feel like this might help your perspective. Thanks for reading this. I meant the thing about you being a beautiful flower, by the way. Really. I hope you have a lovely day.

  7. Who would believe this. Ppl can be so stupid. And if you look closely at the picture of this so called "friend' they were gonna hire, the picture looks completely photoshoped with some random guy with a stroller. Then, it said for the baby bump picture "Taylor’s baby bump may look like this"… Idiots

  8. Really…. Come on people do you really believe this???? I mean really I personally know the drummer in her band and he grew up in my home town (which I will not state because he likes his privacy just like everyone else) and first off the drummer doesn't even let anyone know about his home life and you can barely find anything on him on the Internet so I am sure he is not going to blab Taylor's business what so ever because your personal life is yours. Please leave this sweet girl alone and stop trying to trash her name and make her look like a wh*re by saying it could be this guys baby and that guys baby because I know personally for a FACT there is NO BABY!!! Please stop trying to trash a girl that has worked hard to please her fans and share he beautiful talent with the world and just be thankful The Lord gave us such a beautiful, poetic woman that god has chosen to share he words through song and just be thankful for her!!!! Why do we always here the bad things about celebrities and not the good things, if you focus on negative all you will get is negative so I hope karma kicks this website in the butt! Oh and to whome ever writes this crap and does the photo shop on the pictures… Even my 2 year old would know that photo showing her supposed "baby bump" is soooo fake, and adding Lindsey Lohan to the story… Geese you could have came up with someone better than that, even that threw up red flags, but really what got me the most was why is a doctor goin to risk his very nice paying job to blab about Taylor Swift and why would the doctor himself tell a source because that's just giving it right away and risking his job! Please write about something worth writing about… like um poverty, hunger, war, now those are real things to talk about! Who ever runs this site needs to change it to fictional because no one believes this crap!!!!! Grow up and leave drama and rumors back in high school it's time to grow up and get in the real world boys and girls! Thank You…. Hope Karma gets you real good for this one!

    • I totally respect your views of Taylor thank you! I totally agree with you! I hope karma gets them badly.
      Lauren xxx 🙂

    • bbbbbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooooo ttttttthhhhhhhhhaaaaaaatttttttsssssss tttttttooooooo lllllllooooooonnnnnnnggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. If you are a SWIFTIE you will not believe it and I am a Swiftie…. Say I'm a swiftie in the comments if you do not believe this! If she reviles it herself to us then I will believe it!

  11. this is stupid! I could never believe this in my whole entire life unless she actually said it to the news. This is totally rumors and gossip. I mean the "baby bumps" are completely fake. If you want someone to actually believe something try and actually make it sound true!. I mean she's only in her twenties and has already broken up with harry sothey definetley can't be having a baby. And also just because they are walking with a friend does not mean that they hired him to baby sit the supposed to come not real baby!

    • That's right who could believe this, but they could have had a baby. Besides even thu Taylor is not hanging out with Harry she still loves British people, I wonder why?! What happened to Ed Sheeren and Taylor? I am one of Taylor's biggest fans.

  12. I am really loving the theme/design of your web site. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues? A couple of my blog visitors have complained about my blog not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox. Do you have any advice to help fix this problem?

  13. if your going to post your opinion you dont ahve to be completely negadave about it. Taylor has who knows whayt going on in her life and you have no idea so you need to close yoyur mouith cause you have no idea what she going theough how about you try putting yourself in her position that would be unthinkably hard eveen if you only no about half of whats happening.

  14. I saw her is concert about 2 weeks ago and she didnt look like she was gonna have a baby anytime soon!
    If she does have a baby, Harry Styles wouldnt be the father!!!!!!

  15. Even my photo shop skills are better, the person shouldn't use the spray thingy it makes look so fake. Otherwise, great entertainment! Thanks for the laugh. this is just because of fitness level


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