Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez snuck down to Mexico yesterday to get hitched.
The duo flew south of the border to attend the wedding of one of Selena’s friends Shannon Larossi — a costume designer Selena met on the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place.”
Selena is  one of the bridesmaids  and is scheduled to sing at the nuptials – as is Bieber.

Sources close to the hot, young couple say that it will be a double wedding ceremony.  Gomez, who is reportedly pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby, supposedly felt that it was the right time and wanted to get married before they had their first child.
“Justin was actually the one that really wanted to get married,” said a source close to Selena’s limo driver.  “He kept begging her and she just felt that this was the right time.”
“They are the happiest couple in the world,” said Bieber’s perfume manager.  “He loves her and wants to spend the next eighty years of his life with her.”

Sources say that Bieber has repeatedly asked Gomez to marry him, but she wasn’t sure he was “the one.”  “There are a lot of other stars in the universe and I want to make sure I pick the right one,” Gomez reportedly told a friend of a friend.
WWN’s Foxington Delaware is in Cabo and will be attending the private ceremony.  A very, small select group of A-list celebrities will be attending, including:  Usher, Snoop Dogg, Jesse James, Jennifer Aniston,  Tim Tebow, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, David Spade,  Carrot Top, The Avett Brothers, Gene Simmons, Ashley Tisdale, Adele, Oprah with Sasha and Malia Obama, Ron Paul, Tiger Woods, Queen Elizabeth, Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin (if he doesn’t get thrown off another flight).

The couple plans to stay in Mexico through the New Year – on an extended honeymoon.


  1. ARE U SERIOUS? This obviously not true. I don't they are stupid enough to get marry now. And can you believe that shit saying Selena is pregnant and the comment about Justin was so desperate to get married? Eventhough they are madly in love with each other, they are not stupid enough to get married this young. I don't even want to believe that Justin's ego is that small to keep begging Selena for a hand in marriage.

  2. I don't think that's true because in interviews, selena gomez said that she won't marry justin bieber and j.b said that he wants to find the "right one", but he said that selena could BE "the one", but they said they aren't in a rush and aren't in any way planning to get married, if you don't believe me, search it in the internet. J.B and Selena are not married, Selena isn't pregnant and this is fake.

  3. justin you cant marry her please for me i luv u and me and you should be together you ad me no that we r made for each other and should be togrther for life your older then me but who cares please i love you
    katelyn bieber is the name

  4. You know this story is a lie because there’s no way the queen of england is gonna take time of drinking her tea and ordering her servants around to come to a wedding for two kids she hardly knows.

  5. i dont believe this shit,but if it’s realy true fine i wish them happy married life.but i no one thing for sure there’s no way the queen of england will come to the wedding of bieber,is he the only celebrity alife he’s two small for two come to his wedding and bye the way there are many celebrities before him and they are alot bigger than him!.

  6. this is just stupid,i actually think that this relashionship will end sooner or later cz anygirl will be senstive for this even if she is a star, and tink that justin isa big playboy…
    open your eyes girls,out look is NOT everything ! it’s what inside thar keeps a real relashionship!

  7. this is so chris brown and rihanna, hope he does not beat her, she should not think that she would be happily married because he is cute and famous, its not beuty that defines a happy marriage but trust, support, love and everyother good thing, a lot of people are not as their character,and a lot of peoples character are uglier than how they look


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