LONDON – Queen Elizabeth announced that Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant!
Kate Middleton is pregnant with Prince William’s first child.   The announcement was made by Kate with her friend Victoria Beckham standing at her side.
Beckham reportedly encouraged Kate to have a baby  because “it is one of the best things in the world.”

Royal insiders believed that Kate would get pregnant within the first two years of her marriage to Prince William, but everyone was surprised at how fast it happened.
“Prince William and Princess Kate recently spent over fifteen hours in the Royal Suite at Buckingham Palace,” said Royal butler, Thomas Hillstrom.  “They spent quite a lot of time ‘enjoying’ each other’s company.”
Here’s Kate on her wedding day:

Many in England are now speculating that Kate was pregnant at the time of the wedding, but lost the child.  However, Royal gynecologist, Dr. Fritz Barnwell,  said “Kate was definitely not pregnant at her wedding. We know this because the Queen had us test her to ensure that she was without child.  But today, at Prince William’s request, we performed pregnancy tests on Kate and we can confirm, decidedly, that she is one month  pregnant.”

Queen Elizabeth is thrilled to learn that she will have her first great-grandchild.  Prince Charles, however, is not so happy.  “What’s the point of having a baby, when the world is about to burn up.  We must all stop using fossil fuels, we must kill all the cows, and we must plant as many trees as possible,” Prince Charles said before getting onto his private jet in Los Angeles with twenty-five members of his staff.


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    • Well put Brenda,
      First time I've ever placed a comment ever.
      I can not help but feel an affection towards Kate & William – I always have.
      If she is indeed pregnant I am happy ….I'm sure that if Prince Charles could cast his memories back to his elation upon confirmation of mutual life he had created and future with that he would be overwhelmed with joy….
      if not…the mind boggles.
      I feel that there is a match made in heaven between Kate & Wiliiam…to the point where neither will be focused on the pessimism of the world, including 'pollution' I love them.

    • Well put Brenda.
      Can not help but feel sad for him that he's either forgotten or never experienced that joy beyond all other…
      The precious gift of life to love and nurture from conception until forever.
      …as for pollution ?…..a separate issue I believe. As is a life reflected on with regrets and pessimism.
      Kate and William exude a genuine love, loyalty, respect and commitment for each other.
      A love that sets a solid foundation and environment for lives created together.
      They may be rich in materialistic terms but this 'richness' will never surpass their true LOVE.

  1. You are all so funny she maybe pregnant but why does that have any thing to do with you also to everyone who is being mean towards sarah or kate If you dont have anything nice to say dont speak at all, Sarah doyle your comment was quite nasty and you should really not have said it you do not no her so why say

  2. In fact your wrong the royal family have a massive inpact on our country and also how do you no that william has a low sperm count

  3. Good grief. Never read a so fictitious news article. Definately pmsl 🙂
    For the over-creative journalist and editor – for your information Peter Phillips has two children with his wife Savana. As Peter is a Grandchild of the Queen that would make his children Great Grandchildren to the Queen.

  4. Wow that is so great that Kate Middleton is pregnant and about her divorce its pretty shocking to me become they were such a beautiful couples and i don't know what they are doing and they had such a big wedding in London and the people in London was so happy to see then together and I'll pray that they don't get separated from each other,they should thing what is right for them and wrong,thing about the child they'll be having soon,thing about that plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • wow that great to here that Kate Middleton is pregnant and is shocking to me that they going to have a divorce and that is not okay, i mean that thing wisely before u do something wrong,we like when u 2 are together…………..

    • They aren't getting a divorce you nitwits!!!! They are both happily married and will be forever. Charles seriously this world aren't going to come to a end. Clearly you haven't done anything to make the fossil fuels be limited!!!!

  5. You're an idiot……get rid of the Polish…who the hell are you? & what nationality are you? What's that got to do with the british not being able to work you moron!

  6. Obviously a spoof article but one day it will come true. Any offspring of that pair, of course, will be incredulously dense yet given huge amounts of undeserved wealth. A ghastly family with no place in the modern world.

  7. I agree its great that Kate & William are expecting their first child….I see that some of the info printed above is not correct…..Kate & Williams' child will not be the first great grandchild for Queen Elizabeth & Prince Phillip…it will be the 3rd one after Savannah & Isla (the 2 children of Autumn & Peter Phillips).

  8. There has been no official confirmation of a royal pregnancy in the UK, therefore this article is pure speculation. I would not believe everything you read online these days. Also people, question the source of information. This webpage doesnt have any real credibility, it appears someone has got way to exited and ahead of themselves.
    I do have to admit, kate does look pregnant though. Her figure is much fuller and her complexion is looking much more radiant. At this stage its just a guess, but we will have to wait for the royals to make an official announcement to know if its true or not. I do think that they will start their family next year for sure, once they have completed their over seas tour this september. Kate wont want to leave it later then 31 years old.

  9. saw mrs cambridge at the paralympic games (i am working there and so got in free to watch some events) and she does not look pregnant at all.
    Shes tall and super skinny with lines in her face, and her stomach is washboard. Dont trust all the pictures you see online.


  10. I found it interesting that Charles was not happy about being a grandfather. He is never happy when the limelight is taken from him. Charles, I found it interesting that you said everyone needed to stop using fossil fuels just as you were getting into your private jet. I guess you meant everyone butte you. Yes, I spelled it the way I meant it. Only a butte would say such a stupid thing. Maybe William and Kate will forgive you one day and let you see your grandchild. I'm not sure I would though.

  11. My little brother has just come back from Vegas and said that in all the papers are pictures and 'Congratulations'. Scrawled across every front page!

  12. if you look at the pics of her in singapore, she looks like shes had botox done – much fuller face and all. or maybe she is pregnant!
    kate is looking much healthier then on the royal wedding day. must be down to pregnancy, as that would be their first prioritynow surely?

  13. Congratulations on the pregnancy, to you and everyone involved.May Kate and William be blessed with God's blessings through out the pregnancy.Stay healthy and happy as you become parents.Many blessings ,all the best in the future.

  14. May the Good Lord protect that special Baby within your Womb and keep all mother Kate healthy as well and bless william as well as they enjoy together a Special Gift From You! Amen…

  15. I think if William and Kate our pregnant it is their special blessing from god and people and the paparazzi should leave them alone and let them be happy in privacy. Lol but that won't happen.

  16. This is truly a blessing for her and Prince William especially it's their first born. Since it's her first time to carry a baby in her womb, I'm sure this is a challenge for Kate, but I'm quite positive that she'll do great during her pregnancy. She just needs to watch out on her diet though so that the baby will remain healthy. When I had my first born, the doctors even advised me to take artificial sweeteners during pregnancy since too much sugar could be bad for the baby.

    • you dont believe this do you? Dont you think if she was expecting that the Royal family would make an announcement? I would take anything this rag has to say with a grain of salt.

  17. Did you check it this "Baby" will not be the queens frist great grandchild. she has two already but peter phillips and his wife. check your fact moron.

  18. I think, if prince William and Kate have a baby, will be nice so that ,they will have their own family and their child will support them in what ever they doing inside the royal family.And also to keep them when they are getting old.

  19. you people really should find a better source of information…the last paragraph should be a good indication that this 'news' is total bs. The queen already as great grandchildren…William's cousin has 2 children already!!

  20. If she were pregnant, she wouldn't be so anorexically skinny!
    When the female body has too low a body fat % the reproductive system actually shuts down, making her infertile. (This is because the body would never be able to carry a baby to term under such starvation situations.)
    One day we're all going to be reading books and magazines about Kate's weight loss and anorexia (starting just after the engagement), and thinking "why didn't we see it?" Just like we did about Diana

  21. 1 great grand child this news site needs to do its research the queen had her first great grand child last year savannah and there second this year in march Isla Elizabeth Phillips, from parents Peter and Autumn Phillips please get your facts right and I'm not even a journalist and I know this

  22. My opinion if this is a true fact why can't everyone be happy for newlyweds as well as the rest of the Royal Family
    They are like everyone else when people here good news .Give them the privacy that they deserve and need when the time comes I'm sure the world will know the truth and not fiction ,

  23. Well this is definitely a good news, especially after the "photo controversy". Everyone would definitely be excited to see the royalty's cute baby! But admit it, the fashion forward community is also looking forward to what Kate Middleton would be wearing. Are we all ready to see branded maternity clothes? Well I am!

  24. This is one very insightful article. It’s content that puts me in a pensive mood. You know you’re reading valuable content when it provokes thought in the readers. Thank you.

  25. Hey get a life.
    Firstly The Queen is already a great grandmother and butlers do not talk if they wish to kep their job.
    When she will 3-4 months will will hear, probably from Charles ' office . Give them a break!

  26. I, too, will believe it when I see them holding the baby. That will be some beautiful baby they will have if and when it happens.
    In the meantime, the Queen and Prince Charles and Camilla can go stuff it. And if it is true, which I doubt, without more confirmation, then I'm very happy for them.

  27. I am fairly sure that this is a joke story….. come on, a butler wouldnt talk like that, Prince Charles wouldnt say all that and…lol….. its a joke story guys, calm down 🙂

  28. I'm so happy for them. I sympathise with the morning sickness. All children are beautiful but their's will be gorgeous and most of all be happy and not to much pressure from the press.
    What is wrong with Charles…..what stupid timing to make that remark!

  29. It's wonderful news for Kate and William. They have every right to have a family like every other woman also has. So what that her/his parents are not going to want for anything and they are very fortunate at that, but all these not needed comments are rediculous, it's just jealousy from others who may not have been so successful in getting pregnant. William and Kate will make wonderful parents as they have both had excellent parents to follow. Well done to them both.

  30. Good for the lovely couple.However ,what proof do you have that it will be Willi's first child?Rumors have abounded
    about his attending gang-bangs in Switzerland and the French Alps.WWN needs to investigate…the public has a
    right to know.Dont forget prince Charles double timing with that horsy Camilla….as father as son

  31. Good for the lovely couple.However ,what proof do you have that it will be Willi's first child?Rumors have abounded
    about his partaking in more than just a couple gang-bangs in Switzerland and the French Alps.

  32. Big Flippin Deal. I'm not Subject of that God Awful Country so I could Care less, She's having a baby. Congrats, now move on to REAL news.



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