LONDON – Queen Elizabeth announced that Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant!
Kate Middleton is pregnant with Prince William’s first child.   The announcement was made by Kate with her friend Victoria Beckham standing at her side.
Beckham reportedly encouraged Kate to have a baby  because “it is one of the best things in the world.”

Royal insiders believed that Kate would get pregnant within the first two years of her marriage to Prince William, but everyone was surprised at how fast it happened.
“Prince William and Princess Kate recently spent over fifteen hours in the Royal Suite at Buckingham Palace,” said Royal butler, Thomas Hillstrom.  “They spent quite a lot of time ‘enjoying’ each other’s company.”
Here’s Kate on her wedding day:

Many in England are now speculating that Kate was pregnant at the time of the wedding, but lost the child.  However, Royal gynecologist, Dr. Fritz Barnwell,  said “Kate was definitely not pregnant at her wedding. We know this because the Queen had us test her to ensure that she was without child.  But today, at Prince William’s request, we performed pregnancy tests on Kate and we can confirm, decidedly, that she is one month  pregnant.”

Queen Elizabeth is thrilled to learn that she will have her first great-grandchild.  Prince Charles, however, is not so happy.  “What’s the point of having a baby, when the world is about to burn up.  We must all stop using fossil fuels, we must kill all the cows, and we must plant as many trees as possible,” Prince Charles said before getting onto his private jet in Los Angeles with twenty-five members of his staff.


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  2. ya, but the first time she got pregnant, she had a miscarriage in San Diego, and now she is pregnant again……eat that people..

    • I personally do not believe she is pregnant. I believe this was a hype since the Queen wanted a new heir and I believe that she i suddenly going to arrive in public with a baby and it is going to have been birthed by surrogate. After all if she really were preggers wouldn't she have a maternity line?

  3. That is just mean and none of that is true!!!
    I think she should have a great time with her kids and she is a really lovely princess!

  4. According to the story they just got married then, yet aren't they coming up on a 1 year? So right off the bat the story doesn't make sense. Next you have the Royal butler gabbing to the press.. really you all by that the queen would allow such talk from staff about the royals…. Come on people… Really????

  5. This is so fake it says on another website she can't have kids then in another they ate having children next year when William is not training for raf and they r trying when they have moved house do haha paporazzi lol if that's how u spell ot

  6. This is so fake…how can dat princess get pregnant while she just got married?? something surely fishy is going on

  7. huh! this is apparently 'the only reliable news'!
    yeah right. if she was pregnant it would have been in the papers…. she got married a year ago.. not five days………shes not friends with posh!!

  8. 'm a Science Student – and even I could have written a news report better. What's with "Moaning"? Does this idiot… "Frank Lake" actually think we can believe this / actually WANT to know about a couple making love?
    Weeklyworldnews, FIRE HIM…

  9. this is a hilarious article. laugh at it but dont waste your time discussing it. the writer must b laughing at us now.its all in jest.

  10. This is obviously not true! 5 days into their marriage is not 26th April 2012. Anyway even if she was pregnant 5 days after her marriage she would of had her baby by now and she has not so she is obviously not pregnant.

  11. "Queen Elizabeth is thrilled to learn that she will have her first great-grandchild" … First Great-Grandchild, what about Peter and Autumn Phillips' daughters, Savannah and Isla, what are they? just because they don't have a title doesn't mean that she is any less their great-grandmother…

  12. "The happy couple has not been seen for the last ten hours – but there’s been a lot of moaning coming from the Royal Babymaking Suite." Hilarious!! Thanx for the laughs!

  13. 1 great grand child this news site needs to do its research the queen had her first great grand child last year savannah and there second this year in march Isla Elizabeth Phillips, from parents Peter and Autumn Phillips please get your facts right and I'm not even a journalist and I know this

  14. Goodness. Are you mad at the world ? Why do you judge her like that? Do you know her perhaps PERSONALLY? Do you have any idea what she had to go through to set an example to the world, and that the whole world is watching her? Do you realise that she is the first princess that actaully LOVES her husband with all her heart !! What is wrong with you woman !!!! Get a live please.

  15. As a working person who tries to earn my living I bother don't bother who is pregnant or become Princess.
    I know to get a position you must be qualified after working hard in university and going to a lot of interviews or ELECTED!!!!!!

  16. I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous. Whether she is pregnant or not, this type of slanderous journalism is disgusting.
    I doubt highly that the Queen, of all people, would have demanded Kate take a test before her wedding.
    And the Butler who was quoted, if it is even a real quote, should be fired and never have the opportunity to work in that line of work ever again.
    This is a despicable report and should be removed from the site, or at least, edited.


    • your highness
      if it is a girl a lovely name should be princess Arousa Katherine and if a boy Prince Jamal William Phillip

    • Your Highness,
      well if you have a girl i hope you call her Diana, after all it could be her spirit being reincarnated, in fact likely so. She was not ready to give up her boys and this her way of being with them again. But whatever you do I wish you and Prince William all the best. I have watched Dianas wedding at like 3am and i got up to watch yours, you were very beautiful. And i am sure you both could feel Diana there with you.

  17. This baby is not the Queen's first great grand child. Princess Anne's son who married Autumn (a Canadian woman) has two children so this will in fact be the Queen's third great grand child.

  18. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The reason why they test her before they got married was that if she was pregnant then that child would not be a heir to the throne. Only after the marriage would a pregnancy occur, then that child would be a heir.

  20. Well said….couldn't have said it better myself….but I am going to scroll to the very top (well almost top) of the page and put my 2 cents in for all it's worth…which is pretty much nothing but hey I'm entitled to my opinion right? :0)

  21. Excuse me Sarah, who died and made you judge, jury and executioner? You are judging her looks which I personally think she is a beautiful young woman (and yes I am a female and no I am not gay..not that there is anything wrong with being gay). You are saying she could never handle motherhood….do you have a crystal ball that I am not aware? You state she is demanding…..I'm assuming (like you have done) that you are either a family member of hers or perhaps a close friend of hers to know this about her right? And then sentencing her by saying she has a hard time with her future children. Shame on you! You speak foolishly and without merit. Look, I'm sure we all wish we could marry into a royal family and live like royalty (I know I do) and when I first heard about Kate Middleton getting married to Prince William I said boy why couldn't that happen to me but I wasn't bitter. I said oh what a cute couple they make. But if you can't be happy for her or for them, why be bitter? I'm just saying live your own life without judging others.

  22. I thought Prince Charles was supposed to be an intelligent man. The more I hear from him and see him, the more disgusting he seems. No wonder Diana had so many problems. Living with that ogre must have been a trip.
    He is talking about planting trees, killing cows, and not burning fossil fuels as he takes off in his private jet??? What a bold-faced, ugly idiot!! Glad he's the grandfatherly type (sarcasm alert). Run Kate, run!

    • I totally agree with you Susan.
      Charles comes off as jealous of his son. He should be expressing happiness for Kate and William for their first child on the way, not express contempt as if to say "how dare you two conceive a child at a time like this".
      There will always be bad in this world, but good always out weigh the bad, otherwise, none of us would exist.

  23. Why is this writer so pent up with writing about what goes around closed doors… saying: "They spent quite a lot of time ‘enjoying’ each other’s company” and "but there’s been a lot of moaning coming from the Royal Babymaking Suite." This is disgusting to children and why on earth would people in their right minds want to hear these things? Just give us the news that she's pregnant – no need for these kinds of dirty details.

  24. What a load of rubbish. Firstly if and when she is or does become pregnanat, do they not know that the baby will NOT be the Queen's first great-grandchild. Do the British not know that Peter Phillips and his wife have a baby
    girl. Such nonsense is printed all the time. Why do they not leaver them alone and when the time comes it will
    be announced properly.

  25. jealous much?
    i think you need to get a life, it's stupid people like you who take pride in putting others down for no reason! And she obviously loves Will, so why should she be forced to marry "a local man, who will be around all the time"????? Are you out of your mind? If you think like that, then what about the husbands/wives of those serving in the army? should they just marry "a local man"??? It seems to me that you might be a "waste of air"! just my opinion, and most likely the opinion of the 89 others who disliked your comment!!!

  26. "Before attacking a member of the Royal Family one should learn to spell words such as "Duchess" and one should learn to capitalise "I" when referring to oneself."
    THANKYOU! you are amazing.

  27. I would have expected a National announcement, before a magazine article. As for Charles, well he is well known for his radical statements.
    As he married Diana, only to produce heirs and certainly never loved her. His wife Camilla, now sports a "Diana" style hair do, which was to me personally a very obvious change of hair style, after she passed away.
    If this article is fact. I wish both William & Kate every happiness. Both have taken time to know each other and not rushed into marriage, which I believe will see their love only become stronger.
    My fav. royal is Princess Mary of Denmark, but William & Kate are definiately just below them. Very today in their outlook, in most things and very informal. A most welcome change.

    • We are informed That Kate Middleton is not pregnant.
      We are informed that a Chinese Australian woman, Her name is Xiao Juan Holder( Her other name: Xiao Juan He, DOB 09/10/1963) might pregnant with Prince William's child in Sydney, Australia, currently.
      We are informed that they might plan to kill Xiao Juan Holder when Xiao Juan Holder 'll give birth to Prince William's child( if not abortion). Then They might lie to the world that the child is Prince William and Kate Middleton's 1st child.

  28. FIRST of all, ONLY Buckingham Palace will announce pregancies, births and deaths. SECONDLY, this is NOT her first great-grandchild. Her oldest Grandson, Peter Philips (Princess Anne's son) has 2 children with his Canadian wife, Autumn. Whoever wrote this article did not do their esearch

  29. You are very jealous,i mean who are you to judge you are just very mean to say that.You people that are talking about Kate she is a beautiful intelligent lady and you never gonna be a person like her and who are you to judge you are being just a stalker ok.If you gotta say something about her being pregnant,then why are you on this website that Is stalking.and just a complete little H-A-T-E-R .And you need to learn how to Spell Duchess and capalize your I's you little first grader.And don't worry honey you are NEVER gonna be in a Royalty Family and be like Kate,Ms.Know It All.Also,FYI It was on national news! Ha Ha In your freaky face,That's why she is going to have a beautiful kid (baby) unlike your kid(s),And beware of your karma because believe me honey It's coming better believe that and when It comes It's gonna be a type of karma that you wanna commite suicide karma! BTW All that up there you wrote is totally about you! So thank you very much…My Story Here Is Done.Point Blank

  30. Tracey Brand, the Queen loves her husband very much (just saying, no offence), so don't say that Kate is the first one to love her husband. Secondly, just to inform everyone that doesn't know, Prince Charles gets the thrown before William and Kate so your looking at a few more years until Kate and William get the thrown. Thirdly Ms. Doyle I'm not going to say anything rude to you because if I do then I would be doing the same thing you are doing towards Kate. Its not nice to talk about people rudely, but everyone is entitled to their opinions. I believe that some opinions are just best unsaid because if your opinion is going to upset someone, you should not say it. Lastly everyone that is saying rude stuff to Ms. Doyle should realize that they are being hypocritical. I am truly sorry if I have upset anyone with what I have said.

  31. It's brilliant! I think it its beyond good for Kate to be pregnant. The queen may likely die without seeing the royal baby so the sooner the better. I am not being disrespectful to Her Majesty it's just her age. I wish Her Majesty well and the newly pregnant Princess Kate! Thank you!

    • I hope that she is fitted to be called princess… as a matter of fact William have to guide her along everytime they attend any event together.. it's completely contrast from the Late Princess Diana.. I hope she I mean, Dutches of cambridge will shine that's all

    • Look at the queen mum she lived to be over a 100 year"s old maybe Queen Elizabeth will do the same?

  32. cant stand royal family all useless do nothing for our country , get rid of the polish thats why british cant work
    william isnt the father he has a low sperm count and cant get it up , kate had an escort sent to her place to do the job propaly

  33. What poor taste (disgusting really) for the writer to say that there was a lot of moaning coming from the royal baby making suite (or quite whatever classless person said it). I mean, grow up! Does someone stand outside of William and Catherine's bedroom listening for sounds of lovemaking or something? Again, simply classless.

  34. Frank Lake this article is hilarious! Yes, kate middleton is preggo
    and announced the new heir to the throne stood next to posh spice lmfao! I'm sure a butler sold a story about their sex scenes at the palace and that price charles absolutely quoted that resiculois quote! I can see why you aren't a top journalist, however, really dunny stuff there and the mere fact that all these people who have commented believe you is even better, I think you should write more, perhaps do British politics next, that will be an amusing read!

  35. I certainly would hope the press and news outlets learned their lesson with the Duke's mother, Diana, paid with her life as a result of the constant media & tabloid attention. Leave the couple alone do they can live free from the constant media frenzy. When there is something of importance from the lives of the Royal Family that the public has a need to know, the well trained and professional staff from the palace press office will make the appropriate announcement. Until then , leave them alone and allow them the courtesy to live their lives without the tasteless and insensitive hunt from all media outlets.

  36. Listen Madam if only you taken a minute to check your spelling…also remember that its rather disrespectful to make such awful judgements about a person you do not even know !Why don't you take your self for a psychological check up…. Firstly is none of your business learn to busy yourself with your life and be less judgemental about everyone else!

    • Your spelling is not so good either Madeira. I understand if people disagree with another persons stance on a particular issue however, when people such as yourself critisize others for incorrect spelling I would suggest that you at least use spell check before posting your judgement.

    • stir girl – The only word that Madeira misspelled is "judgment", which you also misspelled. So why don't you take your own advice and use spell check?

  37. Sarah Doyle are you best friends with her? Have you ever met her? O didnt think so…..have fun writting horrible messages online today im going to enjoy my life and all it has to offer…..So long you bitter twisted old hag

  38. are you sick. Learn to truly look at Kate and William Tey only have eyes and true love for each other. I am so sorry that you never been in love and so lonely, that the hate comes sputing out of your mouth

  39. No one is a prefect parent it takes time to be a good parent. kate and prince william We are happy for you. congrad. The queen will help as being the great grandmother. another ryal baby is great for the world. he or she will learn from their parents about history and will do the right thing when the time comes. Again congrads toPrince William and Princess Kate. will keep you both in our prays. god bless.

  40. Wonderful news about Kate & William we are very excited here in Sydney Australia. It is lovely that both Kate & Crown Princess Mary are pregnant at the same time. Xoxoxo

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  42. I understand what you are saying completely, however I need to point out that you have made a spelling mistake here… "one should loose one's aggressive tone". It is a common mistake but rather annoying to ones self:)

    • One should learn the difference between "lose" and "loose" before lecturing others on spelling:) There are way too many nasty and hoity-toity people trolling around these sites. I landed here by accident and had to laugh at "ones" comment. Now I'm outta here ( ooops, I mean out of here).

  43. I think that if Catherine has a girl, in light of the Queen who spent do many years as Queen she should name it Queen Elizabeth !!!. unless Camilla is the Queen then I would name her hear Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I don"t know if Prince William and Princess Catherine are expecting a child or children but if they are congrat"s to you both as having a child or children is a wonderful event.
    I am a true royal fan and watcher of the royal family every time there"s a special on t,v and i"m also a part of the common wealth an proud of it.
    I have read some of the comment"s some of the people have made on here and there just rude and uncalled for grow up an respect what we have as a nation .
    I hope that if Prince William and Princess Catherine are expectingand they have twin"s if possible then they would be blessed 2 x over .
    I don"t feel putting down anyone is right and it is uncalled for whether you live in England or another part of the world .
    It"s a wonderful thing if they are going to be parent"s i have a feeling that they will be wonderful at it as you can see how Princess Catherine and Prince William take to children .
    They are loving and caring people and i find they are doing a wonderful job with whatever they are doing .
    Their wedding was wonderful to watch i am so glad i din"t miss out on watching it on t.v although i wish i could have been in England to see it up close .
    I know i'M very happy for them if they are expecting if this is not another false alarm like one of the paper"s were trying to say they were befor.
    I"m curiouse on why some people hae to bash other"s even if they are the royal family they are human too just like you and i even though they are rich and are royal.
    Life"s to short to hate people just because they have money and they are royal yes the people pay for some thing"s in England but not for everything if i lived there i would be proud to know i helped out and not complain about everything .
    If i could have one wish my wish would be to meet the royal family but that won"t ever happen because i couldn"t afford to pay the air fare an stay there.
    So for now i just sit here an read the good thing"s that they do an for the bad thing"s people say about them they are just rude an need a life of their own.
    So for those people who put them down stop and take a look at yourself befor you go and bash them for they are like i said human just like you and i .
    I for one am sick of seeing people talking badly about them it's not their fault they were born into royalty it"s just the way it go"s .
    If we had a choice of who are parent"s were some would pick to be royal i bet but we don"t have that choice and some i bet would just wish they had money enough to survive in life.
    Whatever the case is be happy for Prince William and Princess Catherine if they are expecting a baby or baby's because they i know will be wonderful parent"s to their child or children .
    No matter what people think of them or the rest of the royal family they are doing good thing"s for their country and our"s
    Dana Terriah

  45. good to know dat kate is pregant but afterall they had sex to have their own baby why people are so jeolous about them….? right na prince william & princess kate enjoy happy life

  46. Congrats!! Xoxox! Why are people so jealous?? They had sex just like any other couple would!! And they were granted with a baby or two. Stop hating them and making rude comments about them. They are living a happy life. .

  47. How would you spell "judgement" Krys? If you read my comment you will see that I certaintly did spell it correctly. I'm curious as to how you would spell this word.

    • I have made a spelling mistake above. See if you can find it Krys:) Oh and I was actually making the point that Madiera's comment was hypocritical. Spelling was actually not the issue. If someone has an issue with what someone has said on this forum, then why not address the issue? Seems to me like some should develop an actual debate regarding the issue, rather than having to resort to unrelated verbal attacks to try and prove their point. Av a nooooice day.

    • Umm… The way you spell it…
      1. an act or instance of judging.
      2. the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion: a man of sound judgment.
      The way it's spelled in the dictionary and the way I was taught in school. I'm sorry if I didn't realize that it may be spelled differently.
      As for your second comment, "certainly" I can find it 🙂
      I was only noting that you criticized her for her spelling when in fact the only word that she mispelled was judgment, which you also mispelled (as far as what I was taught anyway).
      Now I know it's spelled either way.
      As far as the issue, I totally agree.

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