LOS ANGELES – Miley Cyrus, who turned 19 on November 23rd, 2011, has done photo spread for Playboy!
Ever since Miley Cyrus turned 18, Hugh Hefner had been trying to sign her up to pose naked in Playboy.  Finally, with the approval of Miley Cyrus’ parents (Billy Ray and Tish), it’s a done deal – according to reports out of Arizona.
The photos were taken the day after her 18th birthday by Playboy’s top photographers, including Vlad Comito. The concept was approved by Hef himself, who says that Miley’s photo spread, will become a worldwide sensation.
The 84-year-old Playboy tycoon always thought the ‘Hannah Montana’ star – who caused controversy in 2008 by posing in just a blanket in Vanity Fair magazine for photographer Annie Leibovitz – would be a hit with readers of the adult magazine after she turns 18.
Hefner  said,  “We are excited to have her appear in the magazine. She’s a very pretty lady.”

Hefner, who thinks he still has three live-in girlfriends (even though they all moved out a year ago), also insists he can’t understand why some people are upset about Miley appearing in the magazine.  “Every woman wants to appear in Playboy,”  said Playboy CEO Sandra Piccoli.  “There’s a lot of  boys that grew up with her, and she is their fantasy girl.  And there are a lot of other men who buy our magazine because they love to see beautiful women.  Miley turned 18, so she is a legal adult and and officially  a woman.”
Playboy feels that the issue will be a smash success.  “If Miley wants to pose naked, as an adult, she has the right to do so,” said Piccoli.

Hefner is not surprised that some Americans object to Miley being in the magazine:  “I think it’s a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality.”  Many parents have complained recently about Miley’s new videos which seem racy.  There’s going to be even more complaints when they see her Playboy photo-spread.  Miley has agreed to pose completely naked.
Recently, Miley, has been accused of being too “slutty” – an artistic choice she made for her latest video.  Some may think that the Playboy photos may be a step too far for the young star, but she  will join a long line of celebrities to appear in the magazine:  Denise Richards, Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson have previously bared all for the publication.
There’s also concern because Miley is in talks to join the wild indie band, Moses Blue, on the road next summer.
Hugh founded Playboy in 1953, almost 40 years before Miley was born.  Insiders say the elderly Hef is losing some of his mental faculties because he’s started wearing suits, and shoes.  No more bathrobes and slippers.
WWN can confirm that the rumors about Billy Ray, playing a tuba, appearing in the background of some of Miley’s  Playboy photos are completely false, though they may be true.
WWN can also confirm that Billy Ray asked Hef if Playboy would dedicate an entire Playboy issue to him.  “I’ve always wanted to appear naked in Playboy.  I know it’s for guys, but I’m so damn good-looking, I deserve a spread and everyone deserves to be able to look at me naked!”
The Miley Playboy issue should be on newsstands starting one year after her 19th birthday:   it was supposed to come out 11.28.11, but has been postponed by Hef, due to pressure from Miley’s handlers.

Miley is a big girl now, she Can’t Be Tamed:

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759 thoughts on “MILEY CYRUS TO DO PLAYBOY”

  1. I'm a freakin chick and even i think she should do it, just to shut everyone up. ITS HER F*&*ING LIFE, get over it! I think its a good thing she did this, because now maybe people will actually understand that she is an adult, and makes her own choices. If her PARENTS are letting her do this, why should you care?? Besides, shes not a slut, and shes gorgeous, so why not embrace it? Im behind her 1000000000000000000000000000000000%

  2. this article is FAKE and Miley will NOT be posing for playboy. Now I know that you may not believe this but it is true. I am a huge fan of Miley's so when I read this I was quite upset. Because of this I looked the story on the internet and found the EXACT same story on a fake news site with the only difference being the day the magazine would be published. I then continued to re-read the article thinking about the quote they used from Miley's father and I thought to my self why would anyone excesially a celebity say that coming to the conclusion; they wouldn't it had to be fake. Then on top of that I proceded to look at this website in general discovering an article claiming Casey Anthony would be adopting a child..obviously not true as well. So for all these reasons and more this is a fake article and should be removed because it is hurting MANY miley fans and if Miley herself saw it I know she to would be hurt because this is NOT the kind of person she is or wants to be.

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  4. you no you say all these bad things about miley when if you could do all the stuff she does that you talk about you would do it to
    and think of all the other stars that people look up to and you say nothening about them
    and your all a bunsh of pu**ys cause you just want to f*** with her life
    she is 18 she can do what the f*** she wants

  5. Why Cant Everyone Just Get Off Her Back & Let Her Livee Her Lifee??
    She's Grown Now So Let Miley Do Miley.. U Cant Expect Her To B A Kid ForEver!!

    • Well People Talk About Brittney And Other Stars, So You Kinda Can't Help It. People Are Going To Talk… Stars Know That And /Or Should Know That Before They Try To Make Their Way into Fame… Just Saying.

  6. u know what i luv miley sure playboy isnt her best choice but u know shes young shes experimenting shell figure it out when shes older so shut up and leave her alone you stupid idiots]
    and fwi im 12

    • And come November the date will be pushed to February, then June, then November of next year. A very long pregnancy…

  7. I cand understand why everyone is curious about her role to kids as a model, and her choices.
    Beside all these ethic things, it is religiously forbidden, not for her only for everybody. damn it, what is wrong with you people, never read any of religious words in your life ?? whats wrong with you ??

  8. I agree, she is hot as hell…and she is nothing like Brit spears ..and thats why people are so scared to see her do it bc they do not want another britt

  9. She might look better naked when she's a little bit older in a few more years then do a magazine photoshoot then, but right now no.

  10. Well for some of you dumbass parents that say, "Oh well she was my kids role model." Just shut the hell up, God.. You know how society is now at days? Kids don't know what real music, or anything for that matter is anymore. Im 16 and i love my 50's-90's. Nothing of this year and it was obvious Miley was gonna start acting up, Demi Lovato cuts herself, Vanessa Hudgens has a sex tape and nude photos, Selena Gomez has a nude photo, etc. All these kids are bad! Maybe YOU parents should've had your kids grow up watching GOOD shows and knowing what really is good, Toy Story, Disney Movies,Rugrats, Kennen and Kel, Rocket Power, SPONGEBOB for Gods sake. Smh Parents you people need to wake up.

    • I agree to some extent. Many people don't know how to use proper English grammar anymore. Some can't spell either! 1) Make sure you put a comma after 'well'.
      2) "Parents that say,"(don't put a comma. Insert a colon there.)
      3) "Oh [comma] well she was my kids [apostrophe "s"] role model."
      4) Just shut the hell up, God..[Are you talking to God here or what?]
      5) You know how society is nowadays? (This is a fragment, so you consider revising this sentence.)
      6) Kids don't know what real music, or anything for that matter[comma] is anymore.
      7)Im (There should be an apostrophe here somewhere…) I'm*
      8) Capitalize the letter "i" when you refer to yourself. Like this: I
      9)"Nothing of this year and it was obvious Miley was gonna start acting up, Demi Lovato cuts herself, Vanessa Hudgens has a sex tape and nude photos, Selena Gomez has a nude photo, etc." (Revise this. It makes no sense.)
      10)All these kids are bad? So, you have the power to judge people because YOU think they are? YOU know what is GOOD? Very nice.
      11) *God's (make sure you put an apostrophe here)
      12) Smh? Is this a new word you made up, or is it a different language?
      13) Don't capitalized parents. Also, you might want to revise this.
      You need work on your apostrophes and your sentence structure. Also, no one can tell what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'. To determine so will be nothing more than your opinion; not fact.

  11. Dont worry when your son's balls drop (if they ever do), he will fall for her again after he notices how gorgeous Miley is when shes naked…..

  12. I have no problem and either should anyone else out of all the big name adult magazines Playboy is by far the more "Classy" one, with its photography. I would see it being more controversial if she chose something like Hustler or Penthouse

  13. I like how this is updated every month to just extend the release date out another month. This article was originally posted 54 weeks ago, according to the comments alone. I remember seeing this same article last year with the information saying it will be released exactly 1 month after he 18th birthday. FU "reliable news"

  14. thats whats wrong with parents these days. making kids think just cause they 18 they grown. NO YOU NOT, i laughed when i heard she told her parents its eather liam moves in or i move out. i dare tell my mama that i get smacked in the face… HMM DO I SEE A NEW LINDSEY lohan happening ooh yes i do

    • You, sir, are mistaken. Paternity has not been confirmed and is only a rumor. My bet is on her spiritual mentor Reverend Loveshade.

  15. Its a sad day when this is what little children looked up to and this is what she has become. what is this icon of a person incouraging our children to do?? shame on her.

  16. Is it good to have porn or is it bad for society?
    A lot of young people get perverted after watching porn, and that ruins their intellect. At least in some cases, if not all.
    And since pornstars often have unprotected sex, they also kind of send the message to people that unsafe sex is no big deal.
    So if possible, let me know what would be the advantages or disadvantages of porn?

  17. I doubt the people that say she should be ashamed because she's a "role model" are thinking about what they're saying. She was born to famous parents, and she became famous herself at a young age. She can't help the fact that children look up to her because of it. She's living her own life, and making her own decisions. You don't complain about any other 18 yr old girls that CHOOSE to pose for Playboy, do you? And if you do, you probably shouldn't. Its THEIR decision. Cut the girl some slack, guys. She's an adult.

  18. I can't believe the people all posting here lol. It's like a giant ball of stupidity.
    The website you're on is the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS if you haven't noticed.

  19. i don't care if the story is true or not..she's turned into a slutty celeb just like spears,carey and all of them..expose as much as you can or have to …no self respect..i'll be damned if i'd get relationshiped with a girl who shows herself ,whether she be famous or not..can you believe i met a girl and we became involved and almost married..til she tells me that she gets on cam to show herself on one of those cam sites and asks me if i can handle it?? that she won't stop cause she see nothing wroing with it?? needless to say ,i told her where to go and got out of that relationship real fast//do not trust ANYONE that says they love you ,but feels the need to show themeselves to others..yes..that person WILL in time do more than just show on monogamy a thing of the past or what!!are all girls my age(mid 20's )sexually/emotionally sick?

  20. All these haters. It's her body, and its her choice if she wants to let it be seen. Nudity isn't evil. Letting yourself be seen by the world isn't evil. It's time you ignorant feminazis started to understand – she has the CHOICE. Now you're chastising her for making her choice, and why? Because you're a prude who grew up in a "classic christian household" and who views the body that we're born with as the route of all evil?
    Here's a tip. Start paying more attention to your own lives and less to the lives of celebrities. Who knows, you may finally do something for yourself instead of sitting back and complaining because not every woman believes as you do.

  21. No, you're just a slackjawed idiot who can't accept her for who she is. To state that someone is going to cheat on you because they get a kick out of (or make a living by) showing their "ta-ta's" to an audience is a very closed-minded way of looking at things. But then again, you're probably one of those who believe that a naked person shouldn't be seen by anyone except their lover. You know what? We're born naked. It isn't a sin. It isn't evil. It's NATURAL. There is nothing wrong with people being proud of their bodies, or wanting to flaunt what they have. And if you can't handle it, I would suggest making that known to a girl at the beginning of a relationship, rather than just -hoping- she's someone who adheres to the classical christian outlook on nudity and sex being evil, and later finding out otherwise only to throw everything else away.

  22. wow, people that are gay for example "Ricky" don't see why people look at females!? Its a way of life so to speak. I mean come on, you use words that is not needed! Put yourself in her situation, she's beautiful if you was that good looken I bet you would definitely show off your body, but your not so you hound others to make yourself feel better.
    anyway have fun people
    ps Sun of ??? = sos for the dumb people he he. ..l.. ' ; ' ..l..

  23. La puta madre, no entendi ni una sola palabra.. No hablo ingles, igual se que quieren que pose para playboy. Yo apuesto a que no va a aceptar, aunque por tanta plata yo en su lugar me quitaria la ropa en menos de un segundo.. LOL !

  24. ¿que opinara el padre? Seguramente aqui habla de eso… Pobre hombre, su hija es una puta! Antes era su fan , pero hace tiempo se me cayo esta "idola". Igualmente le deceo lo mejor, y me quedare con el recuerdo de la vieja adolecente dulce, inocente y divertida Hannah Montana, aunque solo era un papel ..
    PD: Amo escribir tanto y que ninguno de ustedes (creo) no entienda un carajo 😀 aunque tambien odio yo no entender lo que dice este articulo, pero bueno… Ya buscare algo en español..
    Saludos cordiales desde Argentina.
    Jajajajajaja, estoy loca LOCA! XD

  25. Miley is a very sexy young woman. I will definitely buy the issue of Playboy she's in. I an really looking forward to seeing her bear it all!!!


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