RALEIGH, NC – A group of alien-like life forms have been filmed growing in a sewer in North Carolina. What are they?
Watch the video and judge for yourself.
Some say it is a bryozoa, which is a coral-like colony of tiny creatures.
What do you think?


  1. they are groups of tubifex worms that are mounting together. normally,they would be found at the edge of stagnant water or underground but they are just collecting in masses after getting into the sewer somehow. When one moves,it causes others to react to the movement,making the mass appear as if it had muscle function.It's actually just thousands of tiny worms together.

    • very interesting… and its great to have biological explanation, not just science fictional one 🙂

  2. Eh, I'm from Singapore ah. You all very funny you know? This is all is just TUBIFEX WORMS lah! This is what we call "Gkow Uun". It is just tubifex worms. I always go to fish shop and buy for my fish to eat. VERY CHEAP AH! One packet of tubifex worms only cost me 10 cents man! That is 6.6 cents USD! Anyway ah, I want to tell you all Americans. Don't be so paranoid. And childish saying that it is alien ah, blah blah blah. They are just worms. You know we all Singapore ah beng all laughing at you all? So scared or worms.

  3. Yo ah beng…..chill on the laughing at us americans, theres nothing wrong with having a little imagination, we just dont ever see this kinda thing too often. I cant believe you dudes in singapore have gross stuff like this all over the place, in a place where it is illeagal to chew gum, eh. crazy. Next time im in singapore, I thiln i'll pick me up a packet for 10 cents.

  4. USA sucks. They dont know anything about biology… Kyoto protocol still unsigned…
    Thank you for your kindness your hypocrits!

  5. FYI:
    tubifex is sold all over the place here in america, too.
    they come dried and crushed into cubes, as fish food.

  6. lol, ok then to much testostorone in here, and there is always a logical explination about something we have no understanding about. But its scary how we get so frightend about something new and unexplaned. LOL us humanoids are so funny regaurdless of what place we hail from.

  7. lol, i was just interested in what this thing was, and now i know, End of the descusion, but there is always going tobe some person who is going to say somehting that will bring a upheavel of reamarks about whos country is better etc. Lets just be friends HEHEHEHE


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