An alien spaceship has been circling the Sun for the last few weeks.  It’s   a huge, metallic mothership.
The above picture was released by NASA’s sun-watching Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, known as SOHO – and has become an immediate hit on the internet.
WWN has spoken to Dr. John Malley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials and he has confirmed that the ship circling the sun is from Planet Gootan.  “The Gootans have been planning an attack on the Sun – for the last five decades,” said Malley.

The Gootan ship is unlike anything ever spotted near the Sun and it can withstand the handle the blazing heat thrown off by solar flare activity and the incredibly high temperatures emanating from nuclear fusion generated on the surface of the star.
SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, is a satellite built to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind.
SOHO was launched on December 2, 1995.
Here’s a close-up shot of the Gootan ship.

The twelve instruments on board SOHO communicate with large radio dishes around the world which form NASA’s Deep Space Network are used for data downlink and commanding.

Why are the Gootans attacking the sun?
“We do not know for sure what the Gootans are up too, but we do know that they want to conquer Earth,” said Dr. Malley.  “It is incumbent upon the leaders of Earth to come together and prepare to engage The Gootans.   Time is of the essence.”

Here’s a video from SOHO:

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