LIJANG, CHINA –  Three alien spaceships landed on earth today!  Two in China and one in the Indonesian Sea. 
Is Earth under attack?
WWN confirmed with the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials that three large alien spaceships from Planet Gootan landed on earth today.    According to eyewitnesses from the Kangean Island in the Bali Sea one large “purplish” spaceship appeared out of the sky and quickly dove into the sea, creating a large wave.  There were over two hundred witnesses that confirmed the spaceship sighting.
The first spaceship did not resurface again.
Here’s a shot from the Kangean Island in the Bali Sea. The ship went down approximately five miles from this spot:

Meanwhile, two other spaceships came streaking across the Chinese sky and seemed to be headed for a fiery crash into Mainland China, but the ships suddenly, and miraculously, landed in a field outside Lijang, China.   Thousands of Chinese reported the sighting to local authorities and the Chinese government sent troops to the area.
According to witnesses from Lijang, an ancient city in the northwest of Yunnan Province in China, the massive ship remained stationary for several hours, then there were several large booms.  “It seem like a big energy force came from the ships, and went off in many directions.  It scared my whole family,” said Yan Hu of Lijang.  “My family all huddle in our house and wait to die, but when we look up the ships were gone.”
Here’s the town near where the ships landed:

Where did the ships go?
“These ships are from Planet Gootan and are behaving in a manner that we predicted,” said Dr. John Malley, head of the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials.  “They have landed on earth and are now setting up base.  We believe that the energy forces that the locals reported, were actually Gootan soldiers exiting the spaceships and spreading out to all parts of the world.  We are very concerned.”

WWN spoke to our sources and they seemed very concerned.  “We thought that perhaps this was not going to happen, or perhaps we were all misinterpreting the data, but we can confirm that three alien spaceships landed on earth today.  It’s very exciting, but we are very cautious.”
Vladmir Putin spoke on a conference call to world leaders, including President Hu Jintao of China.  Putin said he would be sending a battalion of Russian soldiers to Lijang to investigate.    President Obama has taken a back seat on the alien invasion, allowing the Russians and Chinese to take the lead on the defense of the earth.
The Gootans have landed!!!   And the attack has begun!….
WWN will keep its readers updated… please keep alert and please report any Gootan sightings in the comments section.
We are the only news source reporting on the attack and will do our best to keep our reports online before the U.S. government takes it down.

189 thoughts on “ALIENS ATTACK!! (11.29)”

  1. what ever happens just know that show no fear and take pride, stand up for our world or the loved ones and for god, god loves his creation we are of his image and we shall not be scared nor loose faith just be prepared save up money

  2. Mate
    Are you for real
    What crack are you on?
    I do believe there are other life forms out in the
    Cosmos , although you have reached a new level
    Full on , stay of the crack and learn how to spell
    I bet you like brown butterflies

  3. Get real… Y’all are missin’ some parts up in the head… Since when is thuis crap-magazine sellin’? Are people really reading this kinda shit?

  4. Not to worry. Goontans are friendly. Their mission is to recruit blood donors. You see, Goontans are friendly cannibals.

  5. omg what are you all on believing this you really think that there are an alian race from the planet gooten seriously you are all being played by an idiot with a camera i believe in most alian things but this is redicoules

  6. I am sick to death of these aliens only visiting such places as America and China. Why not come to beautiful Australia. We are very multicultural down here. We would probably have a national Gootan Day in your honour (we have a national holiday for almost anything down here). Don't be shy you Gootans we'd love to see you, heck we will even throw you a barbeque lunch with a few coldies to wash it down. So come on down guys.

    • Don´t be silly my australian friend, they will land in Rio de Janeiro for the carnival, they´ll return for the Olympic Games and then for the Football World Cup. So, if you want to see them come to Rio, ha ha ha!!!

  7. I am sure that i spotted one early November 2012. A huge spaceship that looked like a medium bright star travelling across the evening sky of Zambia in a Northwest to Southeast direction. I alerted my family and neighbours and they all saw it.

    • I believe I saw that too, did it appear to be a red dot in the sky? Personally I do not believe we are under attack at all. And another thing, the day Felix Bumgartner made his jump I saw something like a shooting star but much much bigger and brief. I do not know if it was Bumgartner re entering the atmosphere but I highly doubt it was.

  8. Okay, so first off, people have taken a lot of time and effort to write up these stories, just for you to read, so the LEAST you could do is ATTEMPT to write something enthusiastic. Or are you all just STONE-HEARTED MISERIES? I find conspiracy theories very interesting, and you never know, they might not just be theories! I mean, we have trillions of miles of space that we don’t know anything about, who knows? There MIGHT be a planet Gootan, or a planet Lorien, but until such day as we actually know for certain, we can only hope.
    Don’t go busting up people’s dreams. Because people without dreams don’t have much.

  9. humans only live on the thin surface upon the earth , there could be huge base's within,,,,, history when looked at shows mankind sprang from nowhere time'wise. was we created to mine gold? (enki) planet x ext…. lets face it we know nothing …. our world looks screwed , aliens may be here to help or to take over; maybe to make sure we're wiped out! or looking for a new slave race……. seems too many sightings abductions and cattle mutilations also therapy as in " the forth kind" dvd…. in our past they built pyramids today man is unable to make just one(if reports are correct mars has some too odd uh) old tribes knew star system's in detail , of course we're not alone it seems… thing is when will politicians wake up and inform us all, and stop silly war games and look at the bigger picture…… the clock is ticking!!!

  10. How come I never see an alien space ship when I am dressed. They always show up when I am naked in the back yard. I am shy, by the time I come back with clothes on they have left. I think that is rude, to show up for a visit then leave so abruptly

  11. Did you really think we would believe that the American President would take a back seat while the Earth was under attack? We in my family believe in aliens but I think we would have seen more evidence of these ships considering their alleged size. While people are making up stories it is becoming increasingly difficult to sort out what is fake and what is real. But the story about these ships does sound a little like a couple of movies we have seen lately.


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