The rocket fired by NASA on Saturday failed to hit it’s targets.  The alien spaceships will be here within 40 hours.
Leaders of the major governments around the world are trying to deal with the financial crisis in Europe, while at the same time prepare for the alien spaceships that will be arriving on Earth in the next 40 hours.   World leaders are making preparations to head to safe houses and alien bunkers.
NASA launched several missiles over the weekend with hopes that they would take out the alien spaceships, but the spaceships proved to elusive and dodged the missiles.  Several experts at NASA that were monitoring the path of the missiles say that the alien spaceships, seemed to just “vanish” when the missiles got close.
“It was long shot, a gamble.   We don’t know anything about their spaceships.  It failed.  Now, it is clear to them that we are hostile.  We just hope that they are more evolved and are coming here for peaceful purposes,” said an insider at NASA.
Here’s one of the bunkers Russian leaders will be heading to:

And WWN got an inside look at the U.S. Alien bunker:

Governments around  the world have activated their Alien Defense Systems – and are ready to fire back if fired upon.
What should citizens do?
“We recommend going about your normal life,” said a source close to the State Department.  “If you alter your daily lives, the aliens win.  And we want them to know that we are peaceful beings.”
But what about the missiles we fired at them?
“Well, hopefully they can understand why we had to do that.”
Dr. John Malley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials is monitoring the situation by the hour.   He believes that the alien spaceships (which have been identified as ships from Planet Gootan) may NOT be hostile and he is hoping that citizens of our planet will remain calm and not make any aggressive first moves against the Gootans.  “That could mean the end of our planet.”
Let’s hope they are coming in peace…

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