When Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean 517 years ago, he used a map of the New World that could only have been prepared by aliens!
“The original map that Columbus used in 1492 has long since disappeared but a copy of it that was made in 1513 still survives and has intrigued historians and cartographers since its discovery in Istanbul 80 years ago,” declares Turkish researcher Mehmet Ali Yilmaz.
“It’s an incredibly detailed chart,” he continues, “showing many important geographic landmarks which hadn’t even been discovered in 1513 – like the Andes Mountains, the course of the Amazon River and Antarctica. It shows the southern tip of Florida, portions of Mexico and all of the Caribbean islands, Central America and South America.
“But the most incredible thing about this chart is that mathematical analysis shows it is an aerial view of the southern hemisphere taken from many miles above Earth, clearly showing the curvature and proving the world wasn’t flat.
“This copy of the Columbus map was found in 1929 by a museum official in Istanbul,” the researcher adds.
“It was painted on parchment by a 16th century Turkish admiral and mapmaker, Piri Re’is.
“In a note in the margin, Piri Re’is stated that he had consulted ‘about 20′ charts in compiling his map – including one which Columbus had taken with him on his 1492 voyage.”
After years of being ignored by professional geographers, it was an American college professor, Charles Hapgood, who finally recognized the significance of the Piri Re’is chart in the early 1960s.
“After analyzing it mathematically,” Ali Yilmaz says, “Hapgood determined it could only be an aerial view whose projection point was miles above the meridian of the Egyptian city of Alexandria, the site of an ancient library.
“And when he uncovered similar ancient maps, Professor Hapgood concluded that the original maps were made by space travelers and were then copied by scholars at the centuries-old library.”
But how did one of the maps fall into Columbus’ hands?
“Where he got it isn’t important,” the researcher says. “It’s where the map got him.”

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  1. See, the trouble is that neither Columbus, nor any other early brave voyager, had studied the operating procedures of the Galactic Positioning System(GPS). This would have made it always possible for a man to get from place to place without ever stopping for directions!
    They always come out with this stuff just after you need it!
    I used to need an alien map just to make it to my front door! Now, with the galactic positioning system, I successfully always lock myself out!

  2. Agreed, this map does exist. Whether Columbus ever had one similar is absolutely pure speculation, but let us assume that he had a map of sorts. Now come the credibility crunch. How does this bring us to ALIENS. Any airplane of today can fly several miles high!! That map may or may not be genuine and if genuine shows merely that it was drawn by a highly developed civilization. Such civilizations may have existed in the past although there is no proof of any, but aliens??? What a leap of the imagination. AH but then… it would be so nice if our fantasies could be true.

  3. Well, the Vikings had been at "the new world" long before Columbus went there… They would have been used to create accurate maps due to them beeing seafearers and because maps also is important in combat planning… Their ships was also often carried over land when there was benefits to that, and they would then have to put down what type of landscape was around where they would travel.
    Since they traveled by the stars they would surely understand the world could not be flat when they moved onwards and saw the position of the stars on the sky and the horizon would change, and most defenitly when the northern star no longer was possible to be seen due to dropping under the horizon… In a flat world, the northern star would have to be above the horizon at all times… And the fact that the starmap rotated around that star would probably made it hard to believe the earth was flat as well…
    From these positions I am sure there was people with enough mathematical understanding to figure out an aproximately curvature of the earth…

  4. How can you be sure the maps are not from Atlantis or at least from a "lost colony" of Atlantis? Why assume aliens? Unless Atlantis was an alien colony?

  5. people who don't believe in aliens are pig sh&*… or scared they need to wake up… watch chariots of the gods WAKE THE F*&* UP SKEPTICS ARE STUPID

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