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JUPITER ISLAND, FLA. – A singer has listened to her inner child and made an incredible addition to her home!

Celine Dion’s “heart will go on” and so will her deepest childish fantasies. Dion has constructed a titanic-sized water park in the backyard of her $12.5 million mansion.

Released photos of the water park show a twisty water slide, two Olympic-sized pools and a lazy river. Dion, husband Rene Angelli and their son Rene Charles aren’t even residents yet but once they are they will be the first users of “Celine World.” The pool-system is comprised of 500-000 gallons and the lazy-river has a feature that can push an individual around the pool.

Dion was fined for being a “water hog” in 2008 and her massive use of water led to a drought in the area and water restrictions in the area. Her project used 6.5 million gallons of water a year. To silence the critics, Dion issued the construction of six wells on the property.

Although the water park is amazing, the house on the property is nothing to laugh at. The house is a whopping 9,825 square feet which includes a 460 square feet master closet to accommodate any divas wardrobe. The property lies on 5.7 acres that contains an underground parking garage, a gym in the beach-side cabana and eight bedrooms split up in two guest rooms – among other things.

Dion won’t be worrying about money anytime soon. She signed a new deal with Caesar’s Palace that will kick off in March 2011. She’ll be performing 70 shows a year for three years and will bank $100 million from it.

Get a peek at the water park here.