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I was happier than Lindsay Lohan at an open bar to see President George Bush – “W. the Great”— back in the saddle yesterday!

He was giving a speech to a bunch of businessmen, and while I wouldn’t say he gave Obama hell, W. spoke his mind about all the craziness going on these days.

Bush said therapy wouldn’t do terrorists any good, and he is so right. Just look at that Woody Allen fella—he spent thirty years on the couch, then ran off to France with his ugly stepdaughter! I guess that’s what passes for sanity up there in New York City.

Anyhow, I wish Bush had given a few more good speeches like that one for the last eight years!

Oh well, at least when he was in the White House, Bush killed a few terrorists. All the Communist-in-Chief can manage to do is swat a fly!

I’m surprised Obama didn’t set up the fly in its own little fly Gitmo: someplace warm with lots of dead dogs and garbage and no spiders to torture it.

And having those tofu-munching crazies at PETA attack Obama for killing the fly forces me to side with him, and I don’t like that one little bit!

Meanwhile, some restaurant is taking their ads off the David Bitterman TV show because of what he said about Sarah Palin and her daughter. That Olive Garden’s way too fancy for me, and I don’t care too much for greasy Eye-Tie food — but maybe next time the wife nags me to take her somewhere, I’ll spring for an early bird special!