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I’m madder than a mongoose at a cobra convention! If those lie-berals hate Sarah Palin so much, how come they keep talking about her?

I heard how that computer thing called ‘the Puffy-Eyed Post’ is saying Sarah Palin plagiarized Newt Gingrich. First off, I had to look up what “plagiarized” was, and I was scared to find out, because knowing Newt, it meant Sarah was doing something dirty to him you gotta pay a hooker double for!

Boy, was I relieved when it turned out “plagiarized” just meant stealing someone’s words. They’re saying she copied parts of a speech he gave a few years ago. I think the mix up started because in her speech, Sarah shouted, “Screw political correctness” and that first word made everybody automatically think of Newt.

First of all, how can you steal words? Who owns them anyhow? The Webster family?

Second of all, I read the speeches and I don’t really see the big deal.  They both said Ronald Reagan was an inspiring leader who cared about freedom. Well, how many ways are there to say that, anyhow? Plus it’s true!

Third of all, Sarah Palin doesn’t have to steal anybody’s words. She’s one smart cookie and nobody’s fool! I don’t believe she’d ever steal
anything: words, taxpayer money, fancy clothes – nothing.

Shoot stuff? Sure. Steal stuff? No!

Besides, that Puffy-Eyed Post is run by some foreigner, so you can’t believe what’s in it.

Sarah Palin is our Alaskan Angel! Everybody needs to leave her alone so she can get all rested up and run for President in a few years time.

Only Sarah Palin can save us from the evils of the Teleprompter Kid and the Hair Club Vice President!