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I’m madder than a Klingon at a peace rally! Now, I don’t much follow that Star Track show, but my grandson puts it on when his mom drops him off before her bingo. So I get stuck looking at it and I’ve got a pretty good idea what it’s about.

I hear a bunch of libtard writers are saying Obama is like that Spock guy. Well, I kind of see their point when it comes to him having funny ears and being a bit like a robot. But other than that, I don’t get it.

Spock seems way smarter than the Teleprompter Kid. I can’t picture him buzzing New York with his big spaceship, for one thing. And I’m not sure he’d bow down to a Romulan king, either. The Communist-in-Chief should’ve given that Saudi king the Vulcan death pinch!

Then again, America is getting to be a lot like Star Track because in both places, nobody has any money. And those fluffy Tribbles are just like all the goodies Obama’s doling out. There’s no stopping them, and they seem so harmless, but look out!

I hear that in Massachusetts they might start giving out free cars to welfare bums. No word on whether or not Ted Kennedy’s the one picking out the cars. Next they’ll be handing out lottery tickets, beef jerky and cigarettes, too, just so’s the welfare bums can same themselves some precious time.

And you and I, Mr. and Mrs. America, are forced to pay for it all, or else!

I tell ya: sometimes I wish I could get “beamed up” to another planet, cuz at this rate, Obama’s gonna wreck this one sooner rather than later.