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Can you believe it? Good old George W. Bush just raised $100-million for his Presidential library in only 100 days! So much for the crappy economy! Bush’s new book depository in Dallas is gonna be built from solid gold bricks at this rate.

How’d that happen? I thought Bush was the worst President ever, and everybody hated him and was glad to see him leave.

One share of New York Times stock is now cheaper than a copy of their paper, and they might have to sell their big building. Hey, maybe Bush should buy it and put his library in there instead! So much for their eight years of Bush bashing. You’d almost think nobody paid attention to the New York Times anymore…

I dunno: Obama seems to like handing out new houses and free stuff to folks. Maybe he cut Bush a check, too! The Teleprompter Kid’s throwing money at everybody else, so why not? Sounds like the Bush library’s gonna be around longer than GM at this rate.

This news is gonna make that press secretary’s head come to an even pointier point. Keith Olbermann’s gonna burst a blood vessel, and the girls on The View are gonna be in permanent PMS mode!

Oh sure, they’ll joke that $100-million buys a lot of copies of “My Pet Goat”, and say a “George Bush Library” is like a “Michael Jackson Daycare” or an “Oprah Winfrey Fat Farm”, but let them laugh.

All those liberals are just jealous. Bush’s library just made more money in one hundred days than all Hollywood’s anti-Bush, anti-war movies made in eight whole years! Take that, traitors!