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“Hey! For those of you who don’t know me, I go by Bugeyes. That’s not my real name, but due to the nature of my work, I can never reveal my true identity.

I believe there’s a covert organization out there hiding a huge secret. I call them the Men in Black Suits. I’m desperate to prove they’re real and hiding extraterrestrials right here on earth. I guess I caught the attention of some pretty important people be- cause Weekly World News invite me to be the Guest Editor of this month’s edition.

Since I launched, tens of thousands of MiBelievers from all over the world have joined in to find out the truth.

We’ve uncovered a ton of evidence that you can read about inside like eyewit- ness accounts, photographic evidence, re- dacted documents– just read on. There’s also a ton of stuff I think will lead us to the Men in Black Suits including info on Clive’s Tattoo shop, Wu’s Chinese Res- taurant, and even Baskin Robbins. We’ve never been closer to the truth! I need your help now more than ever to finally prove the Men in Black Suits are Real!