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CANADA – Trying to defeat the demons of Olympics past, Lindsey Jacobellis went for the gold in Vancouver – and failed!

Jacobellis will seemingly always be known for the “fall.” At the 2006 Turin games, she had gold in her hands and a finish line only a 100 yards away. Her closest competitor in the snowboardcross was Tanja Frieden of Switzerland, about 50 yards behind her. On the final jump of the event, in a move that many called hot-dogging, Jacobellis performed an unnecessary and risky Method. At the height of her move, she lost her balance, crashed, and watched Frieden fly by her for the gold. Jacobellis accepted a painful silver medal for her efforts.

Vancouver was to be Jacobellis’ redemption mission. Already a very accomplished snowboarder, having won 20 of 47 world cup starts and six gold medals at the Winter X games, Jacobellis had her eyes on the top prize. A gold medal in the snowboard cross that would certainly erase her demons from the Turin games.

Jacobellis found herself sitting pretty in second place after two qualifying runs and advanced to the semifinals with ease. Cue the next big stage meltdown for Jacobellis. Near the top of her semifinal run, she came off a jump, nearly collided with another rider, clipped a gate, and was ruled out of bounds. Jacobellis settled for fifth this year.

“Sometimes, you can’t control the things that you want to,” said Jacobellis in a press conference after. Once again, Jacobellis was all fizzle and no sizzle.

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