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AUSTRALIA – The Aussie sword swallower, Space Cowboy, has set a new Guinness world record!

Chayne Hultgren, also know as Space Cowboy, has swallowed 18 swords at the same time to set a new Guinness world record. By swallowing the 18 swords, each 72cm long, at an event in Sydney, Chayne broke his own 2008 record.

“It’s amazing – I’m really happy. It’s definitely one of my greatest achievements so fay,” Chayne said afterwards. Chayne is 31, and sword swallowing has been more of a career than a hobby for him. He has been practicing with swords since the young age of 16, trying numerous methods to perfect his art.

“I don’t just straightaway grab 18 blades and shove them down my throat – you’ve got to practice a lot and build up to it,” says Chayne. Watch the video of his record breaking stunt.