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I’m madder than Helen Keller at a silent movie!

Now everybody’s laughing at Sarah Palin because when she gave a speech, she wrote some words on her hand.

That’s pretty rich, coming from people who worship the Teleprompter Kid!

At least Sarah Palin wrote her words the old fashioned American way, with a Magic Marker. She doesn’t need some fancy, foreign made machine to do her remembering for her!

And I’m pretty sure Palin wrote those words herself, and didn’t get some longhaired hippie terrorist to “ghostwrite” them, either!

If Obama can win a bunch of awards for books he didn’t even write, and Al Gore can get a Nobel Prize for a slide show, I’m pretty sure Sarah Palin deserves at least a Pulitzer for those scribbles on her hand!

Those lie-berals get crazy about the stupidest things. They’re so desperate, they want to ban Super Bowl ads now. I’m so old, I still remember when lie-berals were the ones who told us, “If you don’t like what’s on TV, change the channel”?

Back then, of course, the lie-berals were the ones in charge of the TV! Now that we right-wingers have our own TV station and so forth, lie-berals want censorship.

Commie pinkos!!

Anyhow: I hope next time around, Sarah Palin doesn’t even bother writing stuff on her hand, and just gives lie-berals the finger!

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