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So it turns out the Secret Service let two uninvited crazies with A-rab names into a White House party! And nobody even knew until the dingbats put pictures of themselves up on the computer machine.

But I can’t blame the bodyguards. How can they tell those crazies and crooks from all the INVITED crazies and crooks – like everybody who works for the Teleprompter Kid? I saw some weird looking guy in a turban, too. Who the hell let him in?

Hell, Obama himself is a big phony in a fancy suit with an A-rab name who isn’t qualified to be in the White House, either. So you can’t blame the bodyguards for being mixed up about who belongs there!

I hear the two A-rabs went to the White House because they wanted to get on TV –just like the Communist-in-Chief.

(Hell, I’m surprised the two of them didn’t land in the Rose Garden in a giant balloon – it sure worked for that other nutcase with the puking kid.)

Don’t they know that all they have to do to get into the White House is to get an old hippie terrorist to write them a couple of books, then give a fancy speech? Hell, after that, they could be LIVING in the White House in a year or two, just like O-Bow-Ma!

We shouldn’t worry too much about security, though. I hear Biden’s hair plugs are made from bulletproof titanium Kevlar. And Obama’s friends had already stolen all the pointy silverware.

Anyway, I hope you all feel better now! American is obviously safe and secure with Obama on the job!