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I’m madder than a lactose intolerant Cheesehead! They’re finally kicking that Romaine Pollockski out of Europe so we can lock him up!

I don’t care if he made a bunch of famous movies, or his wife was killed by hippies, or his family died in the war: he’s a perv and should be behind bars with the other pervs so they can all do perv things to each other without us having to know about it too much.

I don’t know how many pollocks it takes to change a light bulb, but from the sounds of it, it only took one to change a little girl into his own personal sex doll! Maybe being practically a midget and all, that’s the only way Pollockski can get his dong dinged, but that don’t make it right!

I also don’t know what made the Europes change their minds and ship him back over here. I thought they went in for perviness and nude beaches and smoking dope on the street and so forth.

When the Europes decide Romaine Pollockski is too creepy to live with the frog eaters and Eye-ties and war losers, you know he’s one rotten perogy!

So now all his friends in Hollyweird are mad because their big genius friend is going to jail! No wonder: they’re all pervs, too. Every other movie they make is about some craggly old guy getting a beautiful girl half his age. Hell, if that were true to life, Mrs. Anger would be Michelle Malkin!

So have fun in American prison, Mr. Pollockski. Over here, our prisoners beat up guys like you, and worse. Even criminals have better family values than your pervy Hollyweird pals!