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BAKERSFIELD, CA – College students, on a thesis roadtrip of area meth labs, uncovered something unexpected. The group ran into assumed-dead Doors frontman Jim Morrison.

Their shock doubled after an extensive sitdown with the Lizard King revealed among other things, that Jimbo fully supports a college football playoffs.

“The Bowl system is a joke”, said Morrison.  “It rewards a weak schedule, and favors power conferences”.

Reporters on the scene reported (since that’s what they do) that the 66 year olds college football knowledge was quite extensive, as Morrison opined on various hot-button topics such as, “Weis is a bonehead.  Can you imagine that fat bastard in leather pants”; “Tebow can’t handle pressure”, and “What’s with the Blue turf in Boise?  I thought it was the acid, but I saw it sober and I was like what the f***”.

Always the troublemaker, JM kept harping on the flawed college poll system.  “The BCS can bite me.  It reminds me of 8 track, and Janis Joplin.  They both sucked a lot”.

As to a possible reunion of the band, Morrison seemed more interested in football, “Love her Madly was originally about Mrs Paterno, but I’m thinking about doing an updated acoustic version, after seeing Lane Kiffin’s wife.  Rrrrrrrrr”.